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  1. If Daenerys somehow loses all her advisers who are counseling her against Mad King-like actions in the next season then yes, otherwise I doubt it. The books are a different story. In the books Daenerys still hates the Starks, Lannisters, & all the people who wronged her family over in Westeros. I wouldn't be surprised if George fucks with all of us and in the Winds of Winter and when Tyrion gets broguth before Dany she has him burnt alive on the spot without hearing a single word he has to say. In general Daenerys isn't an "evil" person but she is extremely naive & stubborn. When she finally came around to trying to work with the former slave masters, it was too late. Crucifying them was the dumbest thing she could of done. If she was gonna crucify them, she should of waited until they gave her a reason to AFTER she conquered the city. If we're gonna call The Masters evil then Khal Drogo was evil as well. He enslaved, pillaged, & plundered all across Esso, Which is just as bad, if not worse. "OH NO! HOW DARE YOU! HE WAS HER SUN AND STARS!" give me a fucking break...
  2. Varys would rather have the Mad King Aerys in power still, so that the realm stays divided so that when another Blackfyre Rebellion comes many of the high lords will side with the Blackfyes over the "Mad King". Hell Robert Baratheon isn't even a full-Targaryen and half the realm sided with him. If Robert Baratheon was to take over he'd unite the realm (which he did) which would not end well for the Blackfyres if they were to cross the narrow sea again. Hell Varys was fueling Aerys' paranoia and was creating a rift between Rhaegar & Aerys before the Rebellion. Varys wanted Rhaegar gone because he was well liked and would unite the realm once Aerys died. Hell even Tywin liked Rhaegar and was willing to leave Aerys for dead during the defiance of Duskendale in favor of Rhaegar taking over. Rhaegar or Robert = Stable Realm Aerys = Unstable Realm The whole point of Daenerys marrying Drogo was so that Viserys & Drogo would go to Westeros and reek havoc, making the realm unstable so that when the noble "Aegon Targaryen" comes across as everybodies' savior they'll flock to him. Varys & Illyrio don't give a shit about Targaryens or they wouldn't be sending Daenerys & Viserys to almost certain death.
  3. Gotta agree. Although, I'm bias as hell because i'm a big LF fan and I wanna see all his work lead to something for him that doesn't involve his death. No matter how you may feel about him you gotta admit he's put in work to get where he's gotten. I wanna see some bad guys survive, except the Sand Snakes & Ellaria Sand just killed them all please.
  4. Well that's disappointing...
  5. Well I'm pretty sure those 7 episodes are gonna be longer as well so the overall runtime of the season will probably match 10 episodes, they'll just be condensed into less episodes.
  6. Yeah its best not to dwell on it. It will only piss you off more. I found the way they handled Stannis in the show insulting. I just don't believe he'd burn his daughter. Sure he was willing to burn people, but I feel like burning his daughter was a level he'd never go to. I feel like in that moment he would curse his duty. I think him refusing to kill his daughter and getting taken by winter would of been a more fitting end. Not having him go out a pansy losing to Ramsay. Which I highly doubt will happen in the books.
  7. Yeah if HBO decides to develop a sequel series going 50+ years into the future where all the surviving characters from the GoT series would be dead is the safest bet. You could get new actors to play descendants of fan favorites who survive who we could either learn to root for or to hate. Only problem is who HBO could get to develop this series because D&D clearly are gonna want nothing to do with this world once these next two seasons are done (whether that's a blessing or a curse, depends on who you ask). Hopefully they can get talented people who are also fans of the source material and understand it's overall message and can create a whole new story based in that world to draw fans new & old into it. Which is a lot of pressure. And this time around they could develop the whole series overall in advance as apposed to D&D only developing the first 3 seasons than developing the rest afterwards, which caused inconsistencies & dropped storylines. A Robert's Rebellion miniseries is pointless at this point. The only prequels I'd be interested in would be The Dance of Dragons, Aegon's Conquest, the first Blackfyre Rebellion or the Ninepenny Kings which could lead into a GoT sequel series with more power struggles which could be the way they could properly introduce Young Griff into the TV universe. I just want a Targaryen Civil War damn it!
  8. because....reasons I guess? lol Like I said, they have mentioned other Tyrells in the show. So Mace, Loras & Margaery weren't the only Tyrells. They've only confirmed that Mace had only one son. Doesn't mean there aren't other Tyrells out there that aren't from the Luthor Tyrell line.
  9. Yeah even if she was raped (which I agree sounds like Anti-Targaryen propaganda), she'd still care for the child regardless, because it's still her child. She may have a little resentment sure but her love for it would trump that.
  10. Wondering how many people on here still play this as with the new DLC coming out they'll be updating it soon to include socities and other things. I've clocked in over 1000 hours just on this submod. I think I've played the base game for maybe 20 hours lol
  11. Honestly It could simply be that secretly Robert was afraid that Lyanna did in fact run off with Rhaegar but out of his blind intense love for her he decided to tell himself that Rhaegar kidnapped and raped her, and as the years went by the lie he had kept telling himself became his truth and the only truth he would be content with knowing. He would probably continue to cement this lie in his psyche by telling everyone he knew or came into contact with him the "truth" about Rhaegar & Lyanna. Eventually leading to others, who weren't close to anybody closely involved or simply weren't around at that time, hearing Robert's version and believing that.
  12. I have avoided making a thread for a very long time about this, mostly because it would essentially be me just venting unfairly when D&D have already thrown the lore & rules of inheritance out the window a few seasons back like it means nothing anymore. There are so many threads I could make to bitch about a multitude of things like Jon becoming King even though he is a bastard & Sansa would obviously be next in line since Rickon is dead & Bran is MIA, The North forgetting even though they hold guest right sacred and almost every northern house lost family members at the RW, which was a huge violation of guest right, Dorne, I don't even need to say anything about that one, or Euron's grand plan being to give Daenerys his "big cock" instead of using a dragon horn to take control of one of her dragons which would of been way better. I still cannot fathom why they didn't go with that. There's a lot more but this thread is for one I cannot stand and it's a pretty simple one as well they could of been avoided so easily. Despite popular belief, Oleanna is NOT a Tyrell, yes she married into the family and yes she could keep the last name after being widowed, but she was born a Redwyne and shouldn't be in line to inherit The Reach. Catelyn Stark didn't get to take over shit when Ned died, their son Rob did who actually was the next in line. There is no way Mace & Loras were the only actually Tyrells in the show universe, Margaery even mentions other Tyrells back in Season 3. I'm not hating Oleanna as a character or anything she is great, but this show prided itself on trying to stay true the to source material & realism to an extent up until Season 4, but ever since George has went back to fully focusing on the books D&D's mediocrity has started showing & their lack of caring about the world in general has taken the forefront. D&D could you actually stick to realistic land inheritance in this show or is even that too much to ask for anymore? Are you that cheap that you can't hire one more actor to portray a new Tyrell to take over, hell you could of introduced Willas or Garlan as a nephew to Mace since you established that Loras was Mace's only child. I get people like Oleanna and you could of had her there meeting with the Dornish but beside the new Head of House Tyrell. They're introducing Highgarden this upcoming season and if they don't introduce an actual member of House Tyrell my head may explode. The Cersei situation is much different she took over through no legal means, she took the Throne through force after her son died and House Baratheon was believed to have been wiped out at that point. House Tyrell is not wiped out. The Lannisters and Tyrells are two prominent families with the most living family members presently so neither should be anywhere close to extinction. I'm like 100% sure nobody is as bothered by this as me, but to me it's them insulting our intelligence & them simply being lazy. Anyone else care to share their thoughts about this?
  13. In the show Varys' little bird tells Jorah that he has a "Royal Pardon" and that "He can go home now." They made it seem like the boy handed Jorah his pardon and left saying nothing about stopping Daenerys' incoming assassination making it look like he decided to save her out of passion instead of being ordered to.
  14. Young Griff - Honestly Varys' motivations in Season 1 make no sense without Young Griff. Without Young Griff this means Varys and Illyrio were truly going to try and put Viserys (arguably a worse candidate than Robert) on the throne with the help of the Dothraki, which would never have worked, and after Viserys is killed Varys is willing to send assassins after Daenerys even though she is now the last living Targaryen (She's not but to Varys she is) on the off chance that Jorah would be in love with her and stop said assassination? They address this in Season 5 as Varys' reason for sending assassins being "He did what he had to survive" and yes Varys had to survive long enough to set plans in motion but that doesn't excuse allowing the potential end to the dynasty you are attempting to help retake the throne. Unless that "pardon" Jorah got in Season 1 was actually Varys telling Jorah to save Daenerys from the assassins coming for her but the way they explain it Varys left it up to chance which is stupid in my opinion and not in character for someone as intelligent and meticulous as Varys. I will admit that I like the TV shows version of Varys choosing to spirit Tyrion away as he'd be a valuable asset to Daenerys apposed to Book version where Jaime forces Varys to help him (unless of course Varys was just pretending he was being forced against his will to keep suspicions off of himself and actually was planning to free Tyrion before Jaime approached him about it). Still I think keeping Young Griff out of the show has messed up Varys' early show arc, and a mistake I think introducing another "Targaryen" would of been great, especially with the right set up. Plus it would of gave Tyrion something to do besides sit around Dany's city twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. We could of gotten to see the the river rhoyne and so much more of esso between the free cities & slaver's bay. Garlan & Willas - Being the lore purist that I am it bothers me greatly that Olenna (who is a Redwyne, not a Tyrell) has any say in the cementing of alliances for House Tyrell or the Reach. They should of cast Willas and/or Garlan, but as cousins since in the show Loras was Mace's only son and heir to the Reach. Not a fan of this whole "Women will inherit Westeros" when half of them are being putting in power just because the producers want a "familiar face" to be shown instead of casting new actors for character's that would realistically inherit said lands when GoT's budget is ridiculously high now, and don't even get me started on Dorne, that shit is a lost cause to me. For a show that's central conflict earlier was centered around "Rights of Ascension" and "Blood ties" they sure as shit have thrown all that out the window. I'd be behind Women taking over power roles in Westeros if they'd do it in a realistic way. Like they did with characters like Lyanna Mormont & Yara to an extent she doesn't exactly have the Iron Isles yet but she could realistically be getting them sooner or later (unless she dies of course) and it'd make sense, same with Daenerys. Cersei could realistically take the IT I guess, but there should be riots in the streets after she just blew up the sept with wildifre. Instead it's like Star Wars where everybody is standing in straight lines watching as she approaches her throne and yelling "Long may she reign" like they are all mindless robots. Although they may not know she did it and she could use this to her advantage as she could pass the blame onto her enemies and rally the people to her. Still there could be complete chaos in KL since a huge amount of people just died, including the King mind you. Sorry I just went off on a massive tangent lol