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  1. Young Griff - Honestly Varys' motivations in Season 1 make no sense without Young Griff. Without Young Griff this means Varys and Illyrio were truly going to try and put Viserys (arguably a worse candidate than Robert) on the throne with the help of the Dothraki, which would never have worked, and after Viserys is killed Varys is willing to send assassins after Daenerys even though she is now the last living Targaryen (She's not but to Varys she is) on the off chance that Jorah would be in love with her and stop said assassination? They address this in Season 5 as Varys' reason for sending assassins being "He did what he had to survive" and yes Varys had to survive long enough to set plans in motion but that doesn't excuse allowing the potential end to the dynasty you are attempting to help retake the throne. Unless that "pardon" Jorah got in Season 1 was actually Varys telling Jorah to save Daenerys from the assassins coming for her but the way they explain it Varys left it up to chance which is stupid in my opinion and not in character for someone as intelligent and meticulous as Varys. I will admit that I like the TV shows version of Varys choosing to spirit Tyrion away as he'd be a valuable asset to Daenerys apposed to Book version where Jaime forces Varys to help him (unless of course Varys was just pretending he was being forced against his will to keep suspicions off of himself and actually was planning to free Tyrion before Jaime approached him about it). Still I think keeping Young Griff out of the show has messed up Varys' early show arc, and a mistake I think introducing another "Targaryen" would of been great, especially with the right set up. Plus it would of gave Tyrion something to do besides sit around Dany's city twiddling his thumbs doing nothing. We could of gotten to see the the river rhoyne and so much more of esso between the free cities & slaver's bay. Garlan & Willas - Being the lore purist that I am it bothers me greatly that Olenna (who is a Redwyne, not a Tyrell) has any say in the cementing of alliances for House Tyrell or the Reach. They should of cast Willas and/or Garlan, but as cousins since in the show Loras was Mace's only son and heir to the Reach. Not a fan of this whole "Women will inherit Westeros" when half of them are being putting in power just because the producers want a "familiar face" to be shown instead of casting new actors for character's that would realistically inherit said lands when GoT's budget is ridiculously high now, and don't even get me started on Dorne, that shit is a lost cause to me. For a show that's central conflict earlier was centered around "Rights of Ascension" and "Blood ties" they sure as shit have thrown all that out the window. I'd be behind Women taking over power roles in Westeros if they'd do it in a realistic way. Like they did with characters like Lyanna Mormont & Yara to an extent she doesn't exactly have the Iron Isles yet but she could realistically be getting them sooner or later (unless she dies of course) and it'd make sense, same with Daenerys. Cersei could realistically take the IT I guess, but there should be riots in the streets after she just blew up the sept with wildifre. Instead it's like Star Wars where everybody is standing in straight lines watching as she approaches her throne and yelling "Long may she reign" like they are all mindless robots. Although they may not know she did it and she could use this to her advantage as she could pass the blame onto her enemies and rally the people to her. Still there could be complete chaos in KL since a huge amount of people just died, including the King mind you. Sorry I just went off on a massive tangent lol
  2. Endgame roles for all major characters (TV only)

    It's a question of who's death would serve the story in any way, or what makes sense for the character's based off of what they've done and what kind of character they are. Green - Survives, Red - Dies, Blue - Unsure Jon Snow = Dies fighting the WWs or survives and rules the North and/or the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys = Dies in fight with WWs or Survives and rules the Seven Kingdoms. I lean more towards her dying north of the wall as they foreshadowed it all the way back in Season 2 when she was in the house of the undying and got to see Drogo and her son north of the wall. Tyrion = Survives. I just don't see any possible reason to kill off Tyrion after everything he has been through. I believe he'll go on to prove his father and everyone wrong and become one of the most prominent Lannisters in history. Rightfully getting & ruling Casterly Rock against his father's wishes. Sansa = Sansa isn't a warrior so I don't see her dying. Arya = Arya would be in green as well if she wasn't a warrior, but she is so it's up in the air whether she'll survive the series. Gendry = Will be the new head of House Baratheon and will probably be LP of the Stormlands. Jaime = Might die after killing Cersei, against the WWs, or he'll survive and rejoin the Kingsguard, possibly under Daenerys or Jon Snow if one takes over. Fitting that Jaime would begin his KG service under Aerys and end it under Aerys' daughter or grandson. Cersei = Is killed by Jaime after she decides to try and burn Kings Landing to the ground. Davos = Could die against the WWs but I see him surviving Littlefinger = You could say that LF will finally get his, but will he? The man may have a weakness in Sansa but I feel like it'd be naive and too cliche for LF to get taken. I believe LF will survive in the books and that may be part of George's "bittersweet" ending. They defeat the WWs and save Westeros from them but a lot of characters we really like will die to make this happen, but rhe man who started it all will live on and never get the justice he desevered like so many people in real life history have. Joseph Stalin, Christopher Columbus, etc all got to live out their lives and never paid for their crimes, and those are people and actions we actually know about. Not many know what LF truly did. Varys = Isn't a fighter and his death wouldn't really have any impact I expect the spider to survive the series. Theon = Theon is a wild card. He will most likely out live his sister and may end up ruling the Iron Isles as he is a changed and much better man then he was at the beginning of the series. Yara = I don't see Yara surviving the series to be honest. Brienne = Survives, no reason to die. Podrick = Podrick's has been a pretty minor character Bronn = I see him surviving the to finally get that castle and wife. Sam Tarly = He has an important part to play in the war to come, but he's not a fighting so I dn't see him dying. Gilly = Lives. The Hound = Could die fighting WWs but it's a 50/50 chance. Beric = Dies fighting WWs and dies for good Thoros = Could die but if you want to keep a Priest of Rhllor alive, it'd be him. Melisandre = She dies. No reason to keep her around after bringing back Jon Snow. Jorah Mormont = I doubt Jorah will find a cure for greyscale. I feel like he'll try but will ultimately decide to return to Daenerys and will die fighting the WWs Ellaria & Sand Snakes = *Sigh* do I even need to explain? Euron Greyjoy = Dies against Daenerys or Theon. If Euron was actually a cool character in the show I'd argue for him sticking around but nope get him out of here unless he suddenly shows up with the dragon horn this upcoming season. Can't believe they didn't give him the Dragon horn in the show that could of given him an edge over Daenerys.
  3. why was Ladystoneheart cut out

    I think we can give up on LSH being introduced in the show. With 2 seasons left and around 13 episodes left I doubt they are gonna be bringing back anymore dead characters.
  4. R+L=J confirmation? Who/how?

    Baelish may have his suspicions but that's probably as far as it goes, and to your point of Dawn, that'd be a nice reveal. I also feel like they have to introduce Howland in the show, why else point him out to the audience during the flashback sequence? When it comes to Jon's name though, they'll probably never reveal that in the show because the casual audience has known Jon as Jon the entire series and it may confuse some of them, but in the books this may be revealed along with the fact that he is a Targaryen. I doubt Ned would have Stark-Targaryen engraved on Lyanna's tomb, Robert most likely would of seen it upon visiting Lyanna's tomb at the beginning of the story.
  5. R+L=J confirmation? Who/how?

    He might not believe Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna, but that does not mean he makes this incredibly out of nowhere assumption that Jon is their son. Jon looks completely like Ned's son. Nobody could make that assumption unless they were there and saw Lyanna give birth to Jon. Baelish most likely wants to continue to believe that Jon is Ned's because he thinks the worst of the Starks and wants to believe that Ned dishonored Catelyn. Not even Varys knows about R+L=J because he was also too busy to notice during RRs and he was Aerys' spymaster. Baelish and Varys will both have major face palm moments the moment they realize it. It'll be funny that Ned Stark, the most honorable man in the Seven Kingdoms, fooled everyone. I still believe they need to introduce Howland Reed present day because was a good friend of Ned's and was actually there when Jon was born and could lend the most credibility. This is how I believe it will happen in the books and they should go that route in the show. Ain't nobody gonna listen to some little cripple coming from north of the wall saying "Jon is a Targaryen!" and if they do this show's writing has hit toilet levels of bad. Bran's vision of the TOJ was for the audience, and Howland Reed should be who reveals it to Jon. Or Bran tells Jon, Jon doesn't believe him, then Howland Reed shows up and confirms it for him or vice versa.
  6. R+L=J confirmation? Who/how?

    Why does everyone assume LF knows about R+L=J? He was bed ridden during RR's after getting into a duel with Brandon Stark. Sorry folks but despite popular belief Baelish does not know everything. Also to the "motherless bastard born in the south" comment LF makes. EVERYONE KNOWS JON WAS BORN IN THE SOUTH. Everybody assumes Ned had Jon with a lady in the south (Ashara Dayne, etc) during Robert's Rebellion so you are stretching if you are saying that line is complete confirmation that he knows.
  7. Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    I have a feeling Cersei is far too proud to give up the throne, plus she just indirectly sacrificed her last child for it, she'll die sitting on it like she was willing to back in Season 2.
  8. Who will resist Dany in Westeros?

    Why would Cersei burn down KL with her inside of it before Dany arrives? I see no reason why she would. The Starks aren't going to be coming South in full force anytime soon and all the other houses that aren't with Cersei or Jon are behind Dany. I have a feeling Dany and her army will be outside of KL when Cersei blows it up. Or Jaime will kill Cersei before she can, repeating what he did during RRs.
  9. Did Catelyn Stark know about Jon's parentage ?

    The only person I could see Ned telling that wasn't present at the ToJ would be Benjen, seeing as Lyanna was his sister as well. Maybe Maestar Aemon seeing as he'd be Jon's Kin but I doubt it Aemon probably would of already mentioned it to Jon if he knew. Cat certainly didn't know and I doubt Ned was ever gonna tell her. Though TV Ned was eventually gonna tell Jon himself, after he has joined the Nights Watch of course, wanting to wait until Jon has already forsaken all claims and inheritance. I'm not sure if he was ever going to tell him in the novels.
  10. Arya and Edmure

    Nope, I think everybody and their mother knows where Arya is heading. I think what they'll do is set it up like Arya is gonna be the one to take out Cersei but then they'll bring in the twist of it being Jaime that does the deed, probably after a scene of Cersei sitting on the Iron Throne yelling "Burn Them All" as Daenery's Dragons are breathing fire on the city and Jaime gets some Aerys flashbacks. In the end I honestly believe Jaime should be the one to take Cersei out, we all know George loves history repeating itself and I believe 100% Jaime will be the one to take out Cersei in the books, I doubt they'll stray that far from George's character's book fates. It'll bring his character full circle, he'll once again save the city of KL from total destruction, except this time people will actually know what he did, or they may go full on tragic and he'll die saving the city and nobody will know, just like before. He has always been on the verge of becoming a full fledge hero but they always rope him back to Team Cersei. Killing Cersei will be his moment, before he either takes his own life or joins Daenerys. Whatever they wanna do there.
  11. Faegon, sure it'd be a waste of sceentime in the long run if he turns out to be a fraud but hey it'd spice things up, and it would of made Varys character much more complex than what he is right now in the show. They could of easily made this show last like 10+ seasons if they would of kept most of the side plots.
  12. In the books Stannis was investigating Robert's children with Jon Arryn and fled to Dragonstone upon Jon's death and began to prepare for the coming war as he probably suspected Robert would be killed soon as well. It seems in the show Stannis was already on dragonstone and had no clue about the Jaime-Cersei incest. Robert dying meant that a war would erupt too early because Varys and many others already suspected or knew his kids weren't actually his. This included Renly Robert's youngest brother who would without a doubt press his claim upon Robert's death. Varys tries to avoid war because like Illyrio says in the dungeons. "What good is war now? We're not ready" Varys and Illyrio wanted to start a war, but not at the time and between the people that it did, as Dany had just became pregnant with Drogo's child. Until Daenerys gave birth to Drogo's child, the alliance between The Dothraki and Viserys would not be set in stone and they couldn't invade. They probably had a plan for which houses they wanted to set against one another to inflict as much destruction on the realm as humanly possible for Visery's landing. And the North was probably not involved in this potential war at all, but with Jon Arryn's death they had to adjust as Eddard would be coming south and entering the game. In the books Varys' 'for the realm" shtick is a sham in my personal opinion but in the show it seems D&D have made that Vary's main motto so my theory gets very confusing when it comes to the show. Varys and Illyrio have been planning this for years, the only think they didn't anticipate back when they began plotting was you guessed it...Petyr Baelish. Varys soon enough got wind of what Baelish was trying to pull but Varys failed to stop Baelish's plan from unfolding. With Faegon being cut from the show a lot of the earlier season decisions by Varys make no sense imo
  13. Greatest disappointment of season 6?

    Arya's storyline. It was already mediocre in Season 5 but Season 6 took her storyline down to the bottom of my list. They gotta get her back on track because her story is so inconsistent and one note.
  14. Why didn't Jaime take Ned captive?

    Well Jaime was planning to take Ned prisoner he tells his men "Take him alive, kill his men" I think Jaime didn't take Ned with him because the Lannister soldier stabbed Ned in the back of the leg and Jaime probably thought he couldn't keep Ned alive with that wound and probably thought he was gonna die so he just booked it. Right afterwards Jaime rode straight for Casterly Rock to his father, he was probably going there to try and put as many leagues between him and Robert as he knew Robert would be furious if Ned died and he had something to do with it.
  15. How do you feel about the return of the targaryens?

    When did I say Tywin and co were "good" monarchs either? They are just as bad, they know how to manipulate people and know how to rule through court intrigue but they aren't "good" people which is their fault. Tywin was not a perfect ruler, his fault was that he was too blind to see what his family was actually doing and just "expected" them to fall in line. There has not been a single "good" monarch in this story yet, they all have their faults. Honor in this world won't get you very far and that is another lesson some seem to forget. The Stark's honor bound way doesn't work in the south and this has been shown many times over. Which is why Jon should never become King nor do I think he will. He's Ned Stark 2.0 he'll be dead like a week after being crowned because there will always be ambitious and ruthless schemers in KL who will easily out maneuver him. You pretty much are picking your poison at this point. None of these people are fit to be good rulers on their own, not Daenerys or Jon. none of them. Only by collaborating and uniting their certain skills can these people successfully rule a Kingdom. Spend too much time looking for a single "perfect" monarch who is both honorable and who will also successfully scheme behind people's backs in court and your Kingdom will already have collapsed, because honorable people distaste the "Game" and all those who play it as Varys once said..