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  1. BUMP! I heard Benjen is boycotting the next season of Game of Thrones in hopes that a canonically accurate anime adaptation will replace it.
  2. Sounds to me that BC is well on his way.
  3. *Symeon. And I didn't mention him.
  4. Excellent company to be in, to be sure. Thank you, AGiW. You might also enjoy our (extra heretical) other forum, The Last Hearth.
  5. Soon you'll be saying that Brandon the Builder was the Night's King.
  6. Welcome to the dark side. These Starks are not like other men, who trembled and froze and remember their origin as "the Long Night".
  7. Now THAT is a name! I'm already a fan, @Weirwood Ghost.
  8. Nice to see some sober discussion on this topic. GRRM wants the books to be finished, and is ever ready to soak in the adoration that comes/will come from them. But, he clearly has no interest in writing them and has realized he will be adored by show fans regardless. And, their forces far exceed our dwindling host.
  9. I have tickets to the real Ricky Gervais next month. Looking forward to it. Bastards Understand Moody People
  10. It's canon I tell you! A descendant of Brandon the Builder (aka, the Night's King) does not simply disarm the wielder of Dawn without wintery consequences.
  11. Way-against canon for any ice dragon to breathe blue flame. Not only is it against canon, it's against GRRM's other ice dragons and their constellations. But of course, Waymar's lightning-struck blade was also in fact shattered by the cold. The combustion of Orell's eagle, in my mind, is fiery because Varamyr-in-the-Eagle crossed a prism that focuses solar radiation like a magnifying glass. The Wall stands before skinchangers and proclaims, "You cannot pass." You are talking about what GRRM called the "Game of Mind" in The Glass Flower. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should! It's a good one.
  12. Very much so. Backdoor secretions sounds about right in my book. But unlike other emissions, the Others are a contagious power that have an independent life of their own. These are the makings of a miasma as the ancient Greeks understood them. What's more, we even have a sacred-grove violation event to fit that tragic device.
  13. Is there a difference? I suppose new information might illuminate benevolent intent, but I don't think it's necessary. We know that Mel is a fanatic. We know her judgement is impaired. We know she is willing to pretend she has more power than she actually has, and that she is willing to let spectators believe things that are not true so that she can push her agenda. I disagree regarding Mel being "alive" in any natural sense. As I've outlined here, I think GRRM has demonstrated that she is in fact a fire wight. A younger, more beautiful Lady Stoneheart, but just as dead and single-minded. Re: Stannis. Sure. She might genuinely believe he's AAR, but if so, that only further proves that she is a fool, high on her own bs. Even Davos is like, "Umm, Stan wasn't born on Dragonstone... this is awkward." Neither do I. She's a fanatic, and speaks like one. Trump claimed to know all the smartest people, and to have all the best words. In spite of such boasts, the truth is plain to see.