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  1. Way-against canon for any ice dragon to breathe blue flame. Not only is it against canon, it's against GRRM's other ice dragons and their constellations. But of course, Waymar's lightning-struck blade was also in fact shattered by the cold. The combustion of Orell's eagle, in my mind, is fiery because Varamyr-in-the-Eagle crossed a prism that focuses solar radiation like a magnifying glass. The Wall stands before skinchangers and proclaims, "You cannot pass." You are talking about what GRRM called the "Game of Mind" in The Glass Flower. If you haven't checked it out yet, you definitely should! It's a good one.
  2. Very much so. Backdoor secretions sounds about right in my book. But unlike other emissions, the Others are a contagious power that have an independent life of their own. These are the makings of a miasma as the ancient Greeks understood them. What's more, we even have a sacred-grove violation event to fit that tragic device.
  3. Is there a difference? I suppose new information might illuminate benevolent intent, but I don't think it's necessary. We know that Mel is a fanatic. We know her judgement is impaired. We know she is willing to pretend she has more power than she actually has, and that she is willing to let spectators believe things that are not true so that she can push her agenda. I disagree regarding Mel being "alive" in any natural sense. As I've outlined here, I think GRRM has demonstrated that she is in fact a fire wight. A younger, more beautiful Lady Stoneheart, but just as dead and single-minded. Re: Stannis. Sure. She might genuinely believe he's AAR, but if so, that only further proves that she is a fool, high on her own bs. Even Davos is like, "Umm, Stan wasn't born on Dragonstone... this is awkward." Neither do I. She's a fanatic, and speaks like one. Trump claimed to know all the smartest people, and to have all the best words. In spite of such boasts, the truth is plain to see.
  4. Cool. Mel is definitely a fire wight. That's pretty much canon as far as I'm concerned. And Orell's eagle definitely flew quite close to a barrier that, we know, blocks skinchangers and little/nothing else. Fire wights cannot and do not cause animals to burst into flame.
  5. Preach. Forgive the intrusion, but I've been hard on Mel lately, particularly in this thread. I'd really like to hear your thoughts on this theory, fellow Heretics (in particular @JNR and @wolfmaid7), when or if you have the time. Regarding the veritas Wolfmaid is attempting to cast upon Melisandre of Asshai, I'd just like to point out that the first time we meet her on the page, she's pretending that Stannis is "the son of fire" and is giving him one of those cheap toy lightsabers (not even a licensed replica) at the world's most awkward birthday party.
  6. This is sort of how I see it too. More in this post.
  7. First of all, I totally understand your skepticism. All of your reservations are well placed, and quite rational. I'm sure other skinchangers have tried before Varamyr. And, I think they would have been driven mad, like Varamyr. Wildlings are full of superstition, and curses for the Wall. No doubt such experiences would have fanned those flames of contempt. Regarding Orell and/or Varamyr attempting such surveillance before, I think we can assume they did not. Neither Varamyr nor Orell were from the region. Craster seems to have been the only wildling who didn't mind living close to the Wall. Orell and Varamyr were from more distant tribes. They were recruited by Mance Rayder and followed him south only recently. We don't know much about Orell's early life. I assume he was from Ygritte's tribe, but I really can't say. We know far more about Varamyr, and we know that he used his abilities as a skinchanger to make himself into a petty lord of sorts. Villages payed him homage, and he forced women to have sex with him by intimidating them with his shadowcat. So, while we don't truly know, I think it's safe to say neither Orell or Varamyr ever attempted to send an animal host across the barrier of the Wall before. Also, we know that Haggon warned against the adoption of birds. Other animals were considered more preferable. So it might be that birds were rare for skinchanger-employment. Again, it's impossible to say, but surely any non-flying animal hosts would have been hard pressed to attempt such crossings. Regarding you last point, gathering intel does seem like the most basic and obvious use to we modern readers with our modern concerns... but we see in the text that it is a far more fluid relationship. Bran slips into Summer often because he likes to run and hunt. He slips into Hodor when he wants strength. Varamyr slipped into a shadowcat for the purpose of raping women. The uses are many and varied. And it has been a very long time since any King Beyond the Wall has mounted an assault against the Night's Watch. Not exactly. Here's the passage you're thinking of: A Dance with Dragons - Bran III There is a difference, in my opinion, between a raven retaining a fragment of a long-dead skinchanger and an animal that is being inhabited by a living skinchanger. I am not arguing that host-animals can never cross the Wall. I am only saying that the Wall is a barrier that blocks the connection between host and skinchanger quite absolutely (see Jon and Ghost). If one attempts to violate that firewall, say, by sending one's consciousness over the Wall inside of an eagle, there are severe consequences. No lasers, but yes, I do imagine an extreme amount of cosmic radiation incinerating the host animal as the result of a magical ward. Imo, we see a similar case when Euron's mate blows the Valyrian horn. The horn didn't shoot lasers at the dude's lungs, but clearly the magic caused him to burn up from the inside. Rather than view this cosmic radiation (see the real world's starry winds of winter) as attacking the animal in question, I think it blocks and attacks the bond that exists between the host-animal and the skinchanger. Jon experienced what this is like when passively disconnected from his wolf. Varamyr experienced what this is like when actively connected to his eagle. No worries. Glad you liked it! It would be far easier for me to respond if you posted in the thread at the Last Hearth, though. Happy to here, but I'm there more often and the Hearth works better on mobile (not to mention, our servers don't crash the way westeros.org's tend to do).
  8. LOL! ditto! and deal. T'would be much easier for us to do so at the Last Hearth, though.
  9. Will be happy to get deeper into it with you on the morrow, but I don't think that GQA needs be evil to have done great harm to the North. I could write a whole essay on how bad Catelyn Tully was for the North, and Jon Arryn, but I don't think they were necessarily bad people with bad intentions. The road to hell is paved with good intentions, they say. Alysanne's intentions were clearly to weaken the North. But given the rise of the ice zombies, that might not necessarily be a bad thing. Then, of course, there is no question that she and her husband had what was perhaps the best tenure of any of the rulers of the Seven Kingdoms in history. So, I give her a hard time, because I'm straight up Team First Men, but I do wonder if her damage to the north will prove to be a prescient admonition, in terms of ASOIAF's magical geo-politic.
  10. Big time. And I wrote this theory with GQA's actions 200 years ago weighing heavily on my mind.
  11. Sure. But if there's no connection, there's simply no connection. Certainly both Jon and Ghost left their wifi on, but the Wall would not allow the connection to take place. If Jon had attempted to "override" that wall, then Ghost would have suffered the same fate as Orell's doomed eagle.
  12. My argument is quite not the latter. This theory isn't incompatible with an Aslan angle, but I do view it differently. I view the Wall as an electromagnetic force that severs the warg-bond. When trespassing, in a changed-skin, you will experience Varamyr's EMP. That being said, I am very much on board with the idea that the "realms of men" is a very clearly delineated space, and that north of the Wall is a very different realm. Narnia, Oz, through the looking-glass, the Underworld...etc. The weirwood Gate was once the only gate, so I was speaking of it in that way. Granted, such a treatment is dated, and now, quite archaic, but nonetheless powerful in my opinion. Using one of the tunnel gates, added in more recent periods, is no different (imo) than flying over the Wall. Such trespasses are, well, trespassing. And the trespasser did not request permission to cross. (See Samwel's request at the Black Gate) Thus, in foregoing that protocol, I believe that Borroq would have been inhabiting some nice fresh strips of bacon had he attempted to cross Castle Black's gate while within his boar. What makes the weirwood gate beneath the Nightfort necessary, imo, is that it was and is the only way to truly travel, trade, and/or make sacrifices between the realms. Thus, the warden of the Black Gate is the gatekeeper of the realms of men, as well as the gatekeeper of the realms of ghouls. Any beast can lumber through the tunnel at Castle Black, just as any bird can fly over the Wall. But in order to enter the gate of yore, one must be granted permission from the Wall itself. Remember Bloodraven's quote? "For men, time is a river..." The trees are not moved by it, but men are. The Wall has frozen that river. And again, we find a tree that was not moved by it. To traverse the weir is to be accepted by the Old Gods in a way that Orell's Eagle was not.
  13. If you're familiar with my posts regarding the Wall, you know that I believe it blocks wargs, rather than Others and ice spiders. If anything, the Wall should feel as comfortable to the Others as your favorite chair feels to you. It's ice, they're ice, spiders climb walls and Others walk lightly upon the snow (aka, ice). We might see the Wall stop an Other on some long night, but I won't be holding my frosty breath until my eyes turn blue. In the course of five novels, we've seen the Wall block one thing and one thing only: the warg-bond. A Storm of Swords - Jon XII With the Wall between, Jon could not sense Ghost. Just before their reunion, Jon had gone to the north side of the Wall to watch Mel's nightfire ritual. [The passage above, quite literally, explains in great detail how the Wall separated Jon from his intimate connection to the Old Gods, but I digress...] If my interpretation is accurate, and the First Men have been duped into protecting an artifact of their own oppression for 8,000 years, the implications are many. I've thumped my BtB=NK bible enough so I won't do so again here (at least not yet LOL). This post will focus on a more practical implication of my hypothesis. Ladies and Gents, it's time to revisit the mysterious combustion of Orell's Varamyr's Eagle... Read the full theory: http://www.thelasthearth.com/thread/1556/wall-melisandre-orells-eagle
  14. The show isn't canon. Only the books are. And even the show has yet to reveal the identity of Jon's father. And yet, we are told that each was a "Stark" associated with Winterfell. One is named Brandon, and Old Nan said the other might have been named Brandon as well. And... they each lived during the same generation. Then there's Brandon the Builder's choice of construction material. Who in their right mind would build a Wall made of ice to stop beings made of ice that ride upon ice spiders? Spiders climb walls, and we've already seen Others walk upon the snow... and snow is, of course, just another name for ice. It would be like building a wall of flame to stop dragons, or a wall of pig excrement to stop Trump. It's silly to think that the Wall was built to stop the Others from coming south. It wasn't. The only thing it blocks is wargs... I have no idea. Health and longevity aside, I don't think GRRM has any desire to write the remaining novels. If he did, he would. Clearly, he favors television production. That's where his interests are now.
  15. http://thelasthearth.com/thread/825/weirwood-ghost The rhetoric of America's Orange Joffrey is nothing, if not a reminder that building walls creates Others. To end such divisions, one must literally end such divides. And when we hide our greatest fears on the other side of a wall, we only make them more powerful and give them a life of their own. [Pretend the devil is blue, ok? (we have better emojis at the Hearth) LOL]