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  1. That's brutal. I guess they can hope that United, City and Liverpool will have nothing to play for by the time they face them, not that that's likely to change the outcome.
  2. 1. It just does, man. There's something about watching Bergkamp control the ball, dink it over a hapless defender and smash the ball into the corner of the goal that is just... art. Ok, do this with me: take off one ice hockey team's skates and let them play against a team with skates - who wins? Or with/without sticks? with or without bats in baseball? Take away cycles from cyclists or skis from skiers. Most (all?) equipment in sports is beneficial to the athletes. Now, what would happen if you allowed one football team to use their hands? They could carry, throw and knock the ball with their hands (as well as their feet), while the other team could only use their hands - which team (other things being equal) would win? You can disagree with the consequence that this makes the sport more artful, somehow, but I think the premise is sound. There are few other sports where you are prohibited from using the most natural/beneficial part of your body. It's sort of similar to why we're impressed by foot and mouth painters. In general, shit's hard for humans when they're not allowed to use their hands. And much like the way blind people can have improved hearing, there is something about watching players do things to a ball with their feet that seemingly defies logic, physics and sometimes gravity, that is just mesmerising. Add to that interaction between players and the evading of opponents hellbent on stopping them, and you get something very special that I haven't seen replicated in other sports. I say this as someone who's very fond of ice hockey and the NHL, and many other sports besides. I find most (well, at least a good few) sports entertaining, intriguing and engaging, but something sets football apart from the pack. It doesn't really matter to me personally whether football is the best sport or not, it just is. I'm just postulating some theories for why that might be the case.
  3. Trying to... nope. Can't do it. While football's simplicity is perhaps a necessary condition for its popularity, I don't think it's sufficient. Its relative paucity of scoring (goals) means that you get a statistical greater chance of upsets. It's a localised team sport, which means fans (often; not exclusively) have a geographical connection with their clubs (which isn't really the case with sports like motor racing and cycling), which again allows for history and traditions to develop beyond the scope of a single athlete's career. However, it also has room for individual brilliance (arguably to a greater extent than many other team sports). There is something about a sport where the players can't use the most naturally appropriate appendages for the task (i.e. arms and hands) which elevates the greatest feats of that sport to another level. Football at its best approaches art in a way that other sports just don't (figure skating is only arguably a sport).
  4. @BigFatCoward and anyone else not impressed with the Anfield atmosphere (or Liverpool fans in general): Seems like over 4000 former and current players, managers and fans disagree with you (in every category as well). At least the Toon are second, eh?
  5. These past three days is a perfect example of why no other sport can ever compete with football. Also really good to see a lot of teams playing attacking, free-flowing football and making it deep into European tournaments.
  6. No problem, and thanks for the explanation.
  7. No, that was more or less what I had inferred. So sort of like over and under par in golf. Thanks for the explanation.
  8. Potentially dumb follow-up: so how is someone on 7 points +2 and someone on 6.5 +1? Does this rating not operate with halves/decimals?
  9. I'm sure it's a dumb question, but what are the numbers in parentheses?
  10. Does anyone have a good website for following all the major (european) football leagues? I'm primarily interested in the PL, but it would be nice to have somewhere that devotes serious time and column inches to Spain, Italy, Germany (and France, I guess) as well. is the only one that seems to get close that I've found, but I'm sure there's something better out there. Anyone?
  11. Yeah, individually not great for him, although an olympic gold is nothing to scoff at - but overall, there are usually a few favourites to win each event, and an awful lot of them have gone our way.
  12. Two more golds and one each of bronze and silver for Norway last night (unless I missed something). We're having a very high conversion rate from favourites to medal winners in this Olympics. I absolutely love watching speed skating, and think it's a pity that it's not a bigger sport internationally. It is perhaps the most hypnotically aesthetically pleasing sport in existence.
  13. Don't know what's so hard to understand about Jordan's position. The rules of any game/sport are there to make sure the game in question is played in the right spirit and that one does not gain an unfair advantage by exploiting loopholes in the system or cheating (by diving, for instance). The rules are not the be-all and end-all of a sport. They are instruments implemented to make the game more enjoyable/fair. The offside rule was introduced to stop teams having one (or more, I guess) player stand way behind the opponent's backline that his teammates would then lump the towards at any given opportunity. It was (rightly) seen as teams exploiting the rules of the game (at the time) to gain an unfair advantage that had nothing to do with footballing skill or tactical nous. The offside rule has done a great job in preventing this type of play. So I find all of y'all's mindset to be slightly fascist with your slavish submission to rules. The rules are there to serve the game, not the other way around. Don't want to keep the argument going, really, just thought everyone was being borderline deliberately obtuse. I also think VAR is breaking up the flow of the game in a really unfortunate way. Linesmen are overall incredibly impressive at calling offsides. If you can get a system like the goal line technology one, where the result is instant, I'm for it. The way it is now, with a two minute stop five times a game, is not good. (in my opinion (which is correct))
  14. Yeah, it was bordering on disrespectful, but I guess mind games and showing off is seen as acceptable in XC skiing these days. But it looked liked it cost him nothing to keep up with the two others, and then he just destroyed the Russian in the second to last hill. His technique makes it look like he doesn't even have to try. Will be interesting to see if he can go on to dominate like Northug (or even surpass him).