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  1. Well, that was an important win. Can't be dealing with being 4-5 points off the top after just two games. Also first time we didn't lose to Palace at Anfield in four years, so that was a nice duck to break. Shots / on target stats were 23/13 - 4/1, so I think it's fair to say it was a deserved win. Some of the attacking play is scintillating, and with slightly more clinical finishing, this could and should have been a rout. I'm very taken with Solanke. Sturridge did very little today, and I'm pretty sure Solanke would have sunk a couple of those tasty-looking Robertson crosses. Robertson looked a bit shaky and nervous the first couple of minutes (understandable), but really got into the game and was one of our best players in the end. Firmino's work goes under the radar. He looked really sharp today and has excellent linkup play. Better centrally. I thought Gomez did very well. He's no Trent Alexander-Arnold (who looked hilariously mopey about being left out of the matchday squad), but he did a solid job and is getting closer to full fitness and sharpness with every game. Doesn't offer as much going forward but is more composed defensively and arguably has superior positioning. Klavan is a weird one. Overall his play is really good, I think. He reads the game well and is comfortable on the ball, and has and underrated passing foot. But he's not very imposing physically, and got pushed around too easily by Loftus-Cheek in the run-up to Benteke's massive chance. Definitely a good backup at CB, but shouldn't be a starter. Matip was great today, and kept just picking Townshend's pocket. Midfield lacking a bit in creativity without Coutinho (and Lallana) and with Hendo in particular still looking a bit rusty.
  2. Also, I assume he's not guaranteed a place in the team? I'm not gonna pretend I'm intimately acquainted with Brazil's national team affairs, but I imagine there's enough good players that he has to perform for his club to be safe. Yeah, missing a World Cup at 25 when you're maturing into a world class player is not ideal. Also, you have to be wondering how much fucking Joorabchian is Grima Wormstongueing the poor boy. He's always seemed very level-headed and down to earth, Neymar's opposite number. This isn't really like him.
  3. That's interesting. So a normal standalone C in Bosnian is pronounced TS? And I'm worried that Lukaku is going to be a really good signing for Manu. He just scores a lot of goals and is still young, so if he realises his potential, he could be crushing it for up to a decade. Here's hoping he falls out with Mourinho or starts smoking meth. I also struggle to believe how much Chelsea have strengthened one of their fiercest rivals, directly or indirectly, over the past few seasons. Absolute showers.
  4. I agree that it wasn't a howler, but he was undeniably involved, and I seem to remember him getting skinned once or twice as well. But he's so young and has time to learn, and I think there's few better for nurturing young talent than Jurgen. Hopefully we'll be better defensively against Hoffenheim.
  5. Touché What is the correct pronunciation? And stress? Always good to get these things right. Amen. While none of the goals yesterday were explicit blunders on his part, a top class goal keeper might have kept one out. And he keeps inspiring precisely zero confidence in his defence with his appalling box control and handling. He seems to be a bit better with his feet now, but I wouldn't be surprised if he proves me wrong there shortly. I keep telling him it needs to be "two more than the opposition". The front three were the only ones who get a passing grade for that match. TAA and Moreno did alright as well. TAA was involved in Watford's second goal, but offers a lot more going forward than Clyne, and his set piece delivery was so good we actually looked threatening from corners. Big fan of his, think he'll improve massively this season. Everyone else was below par. Doesn't make sense to call out individuals. The team as a whole just looked unprepared, half-assed and dysfunctional. Midfield improved for parts of the second half, but for most of the first half, we looked outmanned, outworked and outgunned. Annoying that we didn't put the game to bed with several close calls on 2-3. And it's becoming such a pattern that we concede "messy" goals, where the ball is pinballing in and around the penalty area and never cleared properly, inevitably resulting in an opposing player getting a head, chest or a toe poke to it. Salah and Mané are going to be very hard to handle for opposing defences this season, but we need to sort out the defending.
  6. Sorry for the double post, just wanted to point out that my last post wasn't a double post after all. WOOHOO PREMIER LEAGUE STARTS TONIGHT
  7. Sorry for the double post, but this should hopefully lay the matter to rest (at least for this season).
  8. I instinctively agree with you, but it's weird, isn't it - we basically think employees have too much power. How dare he go work someplace else where he might achieve more and make more money! It's obviously different from a normal job, and I guess part of the issue is that it's easy to conflate the club as its ownership (which usually doesn't merit much sympathy) with the club as its fans (which usually does). Athletic Bilbao must be a fun team for locals to support. Who is your top 3 in the PL? It's hard (and perhaps futile) to compare different positions, but for the sake of the argument. I guess Sanchez is in there, and probably Hazard. Aguero, too. I agree that Coutinho hasn't been as good as those three, but after them, I think it's less clear cut. De Bruyne, Alli, Eriksen, Özil, they're all in the same bracket, in my opinion. Different strengths and weaknesses, the best player might be the one who's the best fit for their team. Kane is arguably better, although it's apples and oranges. Watching Coutinho in parts of last season and in this preseason, he seems to still be improving and developing, and I expect him to be closer to the best in the league this season (provided that he stays).
  9. Might be frustrating even when Lovren hasn't stubbed a toe. Agree on the ABBA format. Just confusing and weird. Penalties are a toss-up anyway. Just leave them.
  10. Agreed, LJ. Although he definitely adds an aerial threat that we're missing (much more than we should be, considering Origi's size), which can come in handy against deep defences. Excited to see how he performs this season and if he can hang with the fluid one-touch interplay that Klopp clearly wants to see.
  11. Heh, I remember seeing the highlights. Just struck me more as a PSG collapse (but I didn't see the whole game). Yeah, I much preferred the players who were playing in the 2nd half (Matip, Salah and Firmino excepted). That Woodburn goal was wonderful and Solanke looks so impressive (much more so than Origi, who continues to underwhelm (he also looks to me like he doesn't really care - might be a case of appearances deceiving)). My preferred solution for Milner would be as captain of the 2nd stringers, for cup games and whatnot. I think he does a capable job both as LB or CM, but I don't think he should be first choice for either (although I get that that depends on Moreno improving defensively for LB). ETA: I forgot about Robertson. He looks like a slightly worse Moreno so far. Not passing a verdict until Klopp's had a chance to work with him, but have not been particularly impressed with what I've seen thus far. Also, his penalty prowess is quite an asset. But as a pure midfielder, he ranks behind Gini and Can for me. I hope so. I like Moreno, but he needs to sort out his defensive positioning, and if it hasn't happened yet, will it ever? Agree that we need VVD. Gomez looks promising, but has also made numerous errors while playing at CB (particularly giveaways). Lovren, while improved, keeps making crucial mistakes. Matip's passing has been slightly off in pre-season as well, hope that's just a bit of rust. ETA: Also, Flanagan is the worst player getting regular first team action by quite a distance. His passing is awful, he over-commits to challenges and must be in the squad solely on the merit of being a Scouser.
  12. Didn't see it. I'm quite ill-informed on all things not Liverpool, so I could very well be talking out of my arse. Just speaking anecdotally based on however many games I've seen him in (not that many). It will be interesting to see how we look versus Bilbao today. Coutinho and Hendo (to a lesser degree) are our main creators in midfield, so it will be a good test to see if our front three will have the same impact without one or both of those pulling the strings further down the pitch. This is a good chance for Gini or Can to stake their claim for a place in the starting 11 come Aug 12th. Grujic, Woodburn and Ejaria also stand to get some minutes to prove themselves Klopp. None of them have looked quite ready for first team action in pre-season so far, but Klopp & co are probably better judges than me on these matters.
  13. Really interested to see how this plays out. Could have a real impact if used correctly. Agreed on Neymar seemingly being a bit overrated. Maybe he will prove us wrong at PSG, but I've never really experienced that wow factor watching him that I get when watching Messi, Cronaldo or Suarez.
  14. Has anyone posted Kondogbia's fantastic OG yet? It's amazing.
  15. Careful, now.