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  1. Yeah, individually not great for him, although an olympic gold is nothing to scoff at - but overall, there are usually a few favourites to win each event, and an awful lot of them have gone our way.
  2. Two more golds and one each of bronze and silver for Norway last night (unless I missed something). We're having a very high conversion rate from favourites to medal winners in this Olympics. I absolutely love watching speed skating, and think it's a pity that it's not a bigger sport internationally. It is perhaps the most hypnotically aesthetically pleasing sport in existence.
  3. Don't know what's so hard to understand about Jordan's position. The rules of any game/sport are there to make sure the game in question is played in the right spirit and that one does not gain an unfair advantage by exploiting loopholes in the system or cheating (by diving, for instance). The rules are not the be-all and end-all of a sport. They are instruments implemented to make the game more enjoyable/fair. The offside rule was introduced to stop teams having one (or more, I guess) player stand way behind the opponent's backline that his teammates would then lump the towards at any given opportunity. It was (rightly) seen as teams exploiting the rules of the game (at the time) to gain an unfair advantage that had nothing to do with footballing skill or tactical nous. The offside rule has done a great job in preventing this type of play. So I find all of y'all's mindset to be slightly fascist with your slavish submission to rules. The rules are there to serve the game, not the other way around. Don't want to keep the argument going, really, just thought everyone was being borderline deliberately obtuse. I also think VAR is breaking up the flow of the game in a really unfortunate way. Linesmen are overall incredibly impressive at calling offsides. If you can get a system like the goal line technology one, where the result is instant, I'm for it. The way it is now, with a two minute stop five times a game, is not good. (in my opinion (which is correct))
  4. Yeah, it was bordering on disrespectful, but I guess mind games and showing off is seen as acceptable in XC skiing these days. But it looked liked it cost him nothing to keep up with the two others, and then he just destroyed the Russian in the second to last hill. His technique makes it look like he doesn't even have to try. Will be interesting to see if he can go on to dominate like Northug (or even surpass him).
  5. Big day for Norway. Gold and silver in downhill (first Olympic gold for Norway in downhill ever, I think), Gold to JTB in the 20 km biathlon, Gold and silver for two Ragnhilds in XC and biathlon respectively, and a bronze for Bjørgen in the XC. Was surprised to see Sven Kramer completely bottle it on the 10 000. I don't follow the sport as closely as I used to, but I remember him being untouchable. Has there been a big change?
  6. This. Amazing how some people are blind to Gini's impact. Yeah, the game was almost a mirror image of the Spurs game, where we looked in complete control in the first half and just fell apart in the second half. Here, we looked awful apart from the goals in the first half, but failed to score in a second half where we were in complete control. Rafa <3 Interesting to see how toothless Arsenal were against Spurs after looking so lethal against Everton, but maybe that says more about Everton than anything. Will be interesting to see how Mhiki and Auba get on for the rest of the season. Glad to see Huddersfield get a win. Would love for them to stay up.
  7. Here's hoping
  8. I know you're not trying to tell me Mahrez is as good as Coutinho. I know he had a stand-out season, but come on. Haven't seen enough of Fekir, but weird that Barca didn't go for him if he's as good for 1/3 of the price. How do you feel about Mbappe's transfer fee?
  9. This is where your Manu bias shines through. Three players as good as Coutinho for the same price? Care to name two you could have for £50 mil each? There's a reason Barca are playing this money for him, and there's a reason we're gutted to see him go, despite him doing it in the fashion he is. Coutinho is our best player, in my opinion. Has also been instrumental in many of Salah's goals. What's galling is that Liverpool is the club who took a chance on him when he was bombing in Inter. We've kept the faith with him through years of inconsistency and development, and at least some of the credit for the player he has become has to go to Rodgers and Klopp. As others have said, I understand wanting to go to Barcelona after five seasons and no trophies, but do it after the season. Don't shaft the entire team midway through. And if Barcelona and Liverpool agreed a fee now for a transfer after the season, his world cup performance wouldn't matter. I had a bad feeling that this would happen when Van Dijk was announced so early and with so much ado.
  10. Bobby is the man. His defensive work rate is unbelievable, his attitude is impeccable and his work off the ball creates so much space and really allows the three others of the fab four to shine. So underrated.
  11. Alright, shining some light on video came scores: The score for Heroes of Might & Magic II (1996) remains my favourite computer game score to this day. Paul Romero did a brilliant job reworking some classical compositions (notably Bach's Goldberg Variations for the Knight Castle) as well as adding some atmospheric originals for the different terrain themes. Discovering the game as a fairly young lad, the music really made the game come alive, and I would sit completely immersed for hours with the original campaign as well as player made maps. Those were the days. For film scores, I'd like to give a shoutout to Paul Buckmaster's work on Gilliam's 12 Monkeys, where he adapts Astor Piazolla's Suite Punta Del Este to mesmerising effect. The music supervision for the film is also spot on, with such gems as Fats Domino's Blueberry Hill, Tom Waits' Earth Died Screaming and Louis Armstrong's unforgettable What a Wonderful World. Still my favourite time travel film.
  12. How old (young) is Sandro? He looks 36.
  13. The Real defending on Suarez' goal just now... Wow. They're all just jogging back. No attempt to make up for lost ground or to get a tackle in. Abysmal.
  14. Ok, Migs has to go. That's just it. There can be no more excuses, no more chances. He lets in the three first shots Arsenal had on goal. And he nearly flubbed in that misfire from Ozil with his lettuce hands. And he lucked out when he got a free kick on that corner where he just jumped out about five miles from the ball and just waved his arms a little. Gomez is young, he'll hopefully learn from the mistakes he's making. He's also playing really well overall. I thought Lovren was really good today for the most part, an Milner and Can both proved me wrong for doubting them in this game. But Migs? I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, but he needs to ply his trade with Kettering or something. Even if Karius is somehow as bad as Migs, at least he might improve. Mignolet has to go. I don't think he should play another game for the club.
  15. He chose a good time. Still would have liked to see how the Pool game had played out had Mané not decided to try some plastopedic (pedioplastic) surgery on Emerson's face. I absolutely hecking love seeing Pep make snivelling fools of all the pundits, writers and shit heads who thought he wouldn't be able to hack it in the PL, though. Fills my petty, snide little heart with schadenfreude. Mourinho must be having sleepless nights.
  16. Imagine if Sterling could finish.
  17. De Bruyne. I'm so hard.
  18. Yeah, that penalty was a grey area one. Sometimes they'll be called, sometimes not. Inconsistency is the biggest problem with those situations. Can? That's odd. Thought he had a fairly uneventful game. But I guess there weren't that many standout performances apart from the front three. Gomez was struggling all night, but as you touched upon, it's a learning curve, and one that could pay off dividends in the future.
  19. That was an important win. Game was hanging in the balance a bit in the start of the 2nd half, and we still look shaky defensively (I swear Mignolet looks like he's half-thawed from being cryogenically frozen, that's how slowly he moves). But when teams choose or have to come at us, we look deadly on the counter, especially with Mané back. Salah gets the nod as MotM, but Bobby was unreal in this game. If he can improve his finishing, that would be amazing, but so much of his work goes under the radar. He's good at hold-up play, take-ons, has got great vision and brazilian trickery and an astounding workrate. I hope we go for a new keeper in January. If Migs is genuinely better than Karius and Ward, I despair. West Ham had one shot on goal yesterday.
  20. I had 23 points on my bench last round. I think my bench could rival my on-pitch team so far this season in terms of point. Had a shocker of a start. Happy with the win, but would have been a massive shock if out of two teams whose philosophy and tactics are so similar, the better squad didn't win. We needed a bit of luck to break the deadlock (although Sturridge's anticipation is fantastic - real poacher's goal), but it's conspicuous how much confidence is a factor with Klopp's Liverpool. It helps that any team chasing the game will leave more space to exploit, but Huddersfield never really gave it a go, but as soon as we had the first goal, it was as if all the players improved remarkably. Vision, dribbling, first touch, lay-offs, suddenly it all gels, and we look like the team from the start of the season. It's a psychological thing Klopp has highlighted before, and it's an interesting challenge to deal with. Happy to see that we work relatively well without Coutinho. I don't think losing him would be as devastating as losing Gerrard or Suarez was. He's a fantastic player who contributes with goals and assists, and his free kicks are world class, but it does feel a little bit like everything has to go through him when he's playing, and all the other players seem to look to him to do something extraordinary to break down the opponents. Without him, we look more like a team. It's harder to know where the threat is coming from. Also, while I don't like Milner in games where we have to defend against quick opponents, his set piece expertise makes him a valuable asset in games like this.
  21. Firmino was horrid. Even when shit he usually presses and runs around well, but not this game. And quite a few times the Pool wide players crossed the ball with no Firmino in the box to attack it. Sturridge is usually better at sticking around the box. I was hoping he would come on a lot earlier than 75th min. Solanki would've made a good target man as well. But I think playing too many aerial crosses would've played into Spur's counter attacking setup (which they executed with great efficiency whole game). Can didn't have a good game either. Losing the ball a lot and making some awful passes. Hendo and Milner had middling game. Lovren had his shot and he hasn't improved over the last 2 years. I think it's time to give Gomez a go at CB while Lovren gets his shit together. Gomez will no doubt make mistakes as well (as he already did this game!) but at least he looks like someone who will learn and get better and is worth the punt (IMO). Lovren and Klavan are too old to expect any big improvements. With Gomez, at least you have hope that he will get better with experience and age. Obviously the result didn't go for us over the last few games, so this result feels like a bigger problem than it actually is. I am not too fussed about the table. I never expected us to be challenging for the title this season, specially considering the recruitment, so I am not too fussed about where we are in the table. The bulk of the season is still ahead and top four is still within reach.
  22. He's played more than one game. With the way Mignolet has been playing, Klopp must have a pretty good reason for not putting in Karius, the keeper he brought to the club. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what that reason is.
  23. *rein Klopp is not a defensive mastermind. But Jesus Christ, Lovren and Mignolet need canning. Two years ago. Mignolet has made 13 errors leading to goals since he's been playing for Liverpool, which is three more than *any other PL player* in that timespan. Lovren can't be far behind (maybe, say, three). Let Ward have a go (I'm sad to say I don't think Karius is much better than Migs), let Gomez have a go at CB. If it's Gomez making the mistakes, at least there's a chance he learns from them. Plus he's quick enough to make up for the odd slip-up. Lovren and Mignolet are lost causes.
  24. I was starting to think I was the only one bothered by this. The dialogue is awful. Stilted, exposition-heavy and conspicuously constructed. It very much feels like one guy wrote everyone's lines, and he argues so badly for both/all sides that it's just cringe-worthy.