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  1. Yeah, that penalty was a grey area one. Sometimes they'll be called, sometimes not. Inconsistency is the biggest problem with those situations. Can? That's odd. Thought he had a fairly uneventful game. But I guess there weren't that many standout performances apart from the front three. Gomez was struggling all night, but as you touched upon, it's a learning curve, and one that could pay off dividends in the future.
  2. That was an important win. Game was hanging in the balance a bit in the start of the 2nd half, and we still look shaky defensively (I swear Mignolet looks like he's half-thawed from being cryogenically frozen, that's how slowly he moves). But when teams choose or have to come at us, we look deadly on the counter, especially with Mané back. Salah gets the nod as MotM, but Bobby was unreal in this game. If he can improve his finishing, that would be amazing, but so much of his work goes under the radar. He's good at hold-up play, take-ons, has got great vision and brazilian trickery and an astounding workrate. I hope we go for a new keeper in January. If Migs is genuinely better than Karius and Ward, I despair. West Ham had one shot on goal yesterday.
  3. I had 23 points on my bench last round. I think my bench could rival my on-pitch team so far this season in terms of point. Had a shocker of a start. Happy with the win, but would have been a massive shock if out of two teams whose philosophy and tactics are so similar, the better squad didn't win. We needed a bit of luck to break the deadlock (although Sturridge's anticipation is fantastic - real poacher's goal), but it's conspicuous how much confidence is a factor with Klopp's Liverpool. It helps that any team chasing the game will leave more space to exploit, but Huddersfield never really gave it a go, but as soon as we had the first goal, it was as if all the players improved remarkably. Vision, dribbling, first touch, lay-offs, suddenly it all gels, and we look like the team from the start of the season. It's a psychological thing Klopp has highlighted before, and it's an interesting challenge to deal with. Happy to see that we work relatively well without Coutinho. I don't think losing him would be as devastating as losing Gerrard or Suarez was. He's a fantastic player who contributes with goals and assists, and his free kicks are world class, but it does feel a little bit like everything has to go through him when he's playing, and all the other players seem to look to him to do something extraordinary to break down the opponents. Without him, we look more like a team. It's harder to know where the threat is coming from. Also, while I don't like Milner in games where we have to defend against quick opponents, his set piece expertise makes him a valuable asset in games like this.
  4. Firmino was horrid. Even when shit he usually presses and runs around well, but not this game. And quite a few times the Pool wide players crossed the ball with no Firmino in the box to attack it. Sturridge is usually better at sticking around the box. I was hoping he would come on a lot earlier than 75th min. Solanki would've made a good target man as well. But I think playing too many aerial crosses would've played into Spur's counter attacking setup (which they executed with great efficiency whole game). Can didn't have a good game either. Losing the ball a lot and making some awful passes. Hendo and Milner had middling game. Lovren had his shot and he hasn't improved over the last 2 years. I think it's time to give Gomez a go at CB while Lovren gets his shit together. Gomez will no doubt make mistakes as well (as he already did this game!) but at least he looks like someone who will learn and get better and is worth the punt (IMO). Lovren and Klavan are too old to expect any big improvements. With Gomez, at least you have hope that he will get better with experience and age. Obviously the result didn't go for us over the last few games, so this result feels like a bigger problem than it actually is. I am not too fussed about the table. I never expected us to be challenging for the title this season, specially considering the recruitment, so I am not too fussed about where we are in the table. The bulk of the season is still ahead and top four is still within reach.
  5. He's played more than one game. With the way Mignolet has been playing, Klopp must have a pretty good reason for not putting in Karius, the keeper he brought to the club. I have a sneaking suspicion I know what that reason is.
  6. *rein Klopp is not a defensive mastermind. But Jesus Christ, Lovren and Mignolet need canning. Two years ago. Mignolet has made 13 errors leading to goals since he's been playing for Liverpool, which is three more than *any other PL player* in that timespan. Lovren can't be far behind (maybe, say, three). Let Ward have a go (I'm sad to say I don't think Karius is much better than Migs), let Gomez have a go at CB. If it's Gomez making the mistakes, at least there's a chance he learns from them. Plus he's quick enough to make up for the odd slip-up. Lovren and Mignolet are lost causes.
  7. I was starting to think I was the only one bothered by this. The dialogue is awful. Stilted, exposition-heavy and conspicuously constructed. It very much feels like one guy wrote everyone's lines, and he argues so badly for both/all sides that it's just cringe-worthy.
  8. Hah, I'd missed that they lost to Sevilla, somehow. I sit corrected.
  9. The whipping boys who had drawn Sevilla and Spartak so far? Cool story, bro.
  10. Alright, Nostradamus.
  11. Fucking De Gea. Also fucking our long range shots. Nasty bit of business from Lukaku on Lovren, but well enough disguised that I suspect he won't be retroactively punished. ManU have got this game exactly where they want it. Pool with possession, not creating much (one proper chance), running out of patience and getting frustrated. Feel like ManU can turn it up a notch in the 2nd half and give us trouble.
  12. Got tickets for Avs - Rangers at the MSG. Was my first time seeing an NHL game in the flesh. It was fun and action-packed, and great to get to see a Norwegian being an actual star of an NHL team. Apart from Zucca and Zibanejad, though, the Rangers looked pretty unimpressive. Both their goals (and all of their good play) came in PP, and Avs just looked more incisive, switched-on and dangerous every time they were on the attack. Also, the constant barrage of ads, techno music and celeb spotting was weird as someone used to European football. It's weird to see athletes standing on the ice just waiting for a TV commercial to end before they resume play, and the silence after each piece of loudly blared music was embarrassing. I'm sure there are other hockey stadiums with louder and more energetic support than a blasé NY crowd, but still, I couldn't help but think that all the surrounding hype detracts from the actual sport. It feels much more like entertainment and less like a sporting competition. I also wanted to take a knee during the US national anthem, but being a foreigner and given the limited space on between the seats and the next row, I chickened out. All in all a fun night, though.
  13. Giovinco still tearing it up for Toronto?
  14. I think you're all overlooking Trent Alexander-Arnold.
  15. Yes I've been raving about him for little over a year to my fellow 'pool fans. Obviously he could fizzle out, but he's got technique, vision, composure and a knack for scoring goals. Obviously I'm counting my chickens a little, but it's nice to have youth players that are genuinely promising, rather than Spearing, Pacheco, Flanagan, Nemeth and a bunch of other less-than-stellar academy players over the past 15 years I've forgotten about. I think Everton have got some very exciting kids as well (Davies, Lookman and Calvert-Lewin in particular). Woodburn became our youngest ever goalscorer last season, TAA scored a worldie of a free kick on his European debut, and Gomez had a weak foot assist against Arsenal. It's too early to say for sure, but I'm gonna enjoy these prospects for their undoubted potential. Isco is on his last year - does anyone with an intimate knowledge of La Liga or Real know whether there's any chance of him actually turning down Real and going somewhere else? Surely playing time won't be an issue if he keeps playing like this?
  16. Ben Woodburn - the most aroused I've been by a 17 year old for quite some time. Love that he and TAA apparently have a got a training ground rivalry (of the friendly sort) with free kicks etc. Excepting Gerrard and Fowler, I can't remember being this excited about Liverpool's youngsters. It's what I imagine Arsenal fans felt about their youth 5-10 years ago, when they would routinely embarrass other sides in domestic cups. In addition to Woodburn and TAA, there's Grujic, Ejaria, Solanke, Gomez - all players you can envision having an impact this season.
  17. Maybe not, but 50 miles adds one hour via car (without accounting for London traffic) each way, so that's potentially two hours less family time each day. Might not be a deal breaker, but not necessarily insignificant.
  18. The other thing to note with Benitez is that he's very reluctant to leave (or stray too far from) the northwest. His kids have grown up there and he doesn't want to uproot them, and he also doesn't want to be away from his family, from what I've been given to understand. So whereas West Ham could be a possibility, I think it unlikely. His geographical immobility has contributed to the fall of his managerial stock, and might also give an impression that it is lower than what is actually the case. I don't for a second think the Newcastle job was the most prestigious he was offered, just the best one within his range. Good family man, Rafa. YNWA
  19. Football fans having pops at each other's clubs is pretty inevitable. But do stick around, I think you'll find that this place is saner, more considered and less bellicose than most. It's the only reason I come to these forums anymore, having lost interest in the books long ago and never having been impressed by the tv show. Dead horse flogging to follow: Fuck international breaks.
  20. Klopp knows what he's doing.
  21. Seems to me Stoke have had a very good window as well. Zouma is an upgrade, and Jese looked very hungry against Arsenal. Choupo-Moting also gives them something, and Fletcher on a free is nothing to sneer at. Not sure they're gonna miss shit-for-brains Arnautovic.
  22. We'll see. I judge transfer windows by how good and well-balanced the team looks at the end of them rather than how many players they brought in. Man U weakened two other clubs, one of them a direct rival, and addressed the biggest weaknesses in their own team. They also didn't lose any players they didn't want to lose. True. I wasn't following football that closely last season, and while Monaco's meteoric rise registered with me, I don't really know many of the players that well (apart from Mbappe). Don't really know Danilo or Ederson either, and £50 million for Kyle Walker seems like questionable business, at best. But they've obviously got an impressive squad. I think it's a case of quantity over quality with Everton, although I might be wrong. It reminds me a little of Liverpool's summer 2014 window, when we brought in Balotelli, Lovren, Markovic, Lambert, Origi, Lallana, Moreno and Can. Out of those, only Can and Lallana can be said to be successes, but it took a couple of seasons for them (and Moreno?) to come good. Rooney has started well, and I was impressed with Pickford last season (but you could argue that it's easier to look good as a GK for a shit team), and Gylfi will obviously give them an added threat on set pieces, but I still remember him "flopping" at Spurs. Also, they did lose one of the deadliest strikers in the league. I somehow doubt Sandro is gonna fill his boots. Huddersfield I think might have done some very shrewd business. To be fair to him, he turned Chelsea down. And looking at transfers by club, Jesus Christ, Chelsea have a bloated squad. Outgoing transfers: Juan Cuadrado - Juventus, £17.3m Christian Atsu - Newcastle, £6.2m Asmir Begovic - Bournemouth, undisclosed Dominic Solanke - Liverpool, fee by tribunal John Terry - Aston Villa, free Alex Davey - released Fankaty Dabo - Vitesse, loan Bertrand Traore - Lyon, £8.8m Nathan Ake - Bournemouth, £20m Tammy Abraham - Swansea, loan Kasey Plamer - Huddersfield, loan Bradley Collins - Forest Green, loan Charlie Colkett - Vitesse Arnhem, loan Ola Aina - Hull City, loan Mukhtar Ali - Vitesse, undisclosed Ruben Loftus-Cheek - Crystal Palace, loan Nathan Baxter - Woking, loan Alex Kiwomya - Doncaster, free Josimar Quintero - Rostov, loan Todd Kane - Groningen, loan Nathan Chalobah - Watford, undisclosed Lucas Piazon - Fulham, loan Marco Van Ginkel - PSV Eindhoven, loan Ike Ugbo - Barnsley, loan Jay Dasilva - Charlton, loan Kurt Zouma - Stoke, loan Mason Mount - Vitesse, loan Nemanja Matic - Man Utd, £40m Izzy Brown - Brighton, loan Jamal Blackman - Sheffield United, loan Michael Hector - Hull, loan Tomas Kalas - Fulham, loan Matt Miagza - Vitesse, loan Bekanty Victorien Angban - Waasland-Beveren, loan Mario Pasalic - Spartak Moscow, loan Lewis Baker - Middlesbrough, loan Why any young player would ever go to Chelsea in hopes of getting playing time is beyond my comprehension.
  23. Didn't he play for Juve before Barca? I guess it's not unheard of for players to return to a club, but it's not like it's his childhood club or anything. As Baxus pointed out, Grujic is not a new signing. And what's becoming increasingly apparent with Klopp is that he'd rather wait a year for the right player than panic buy a stop-gap solution. I do think we need a better keeper to win the PL (and potentially other trophies), and getting VVD would be a massive boost to our defence. But I don't necessarily buying anyone who's going is a better solution than sticking with what we've got for the next season. But if we get Lemar and VVD, I think you'd have a hard time arguing anyone (in the PL) other than Man U have had a better transfer window.
  24. And for the first time in a long time, I'm excited to see what a team of our "kids" would look like. ----------------------------Ward-------------------------- Flanno---------Gomez-----------Klavan-----------TAA -----Woodburn-----------Grujic-----------Ejaria-------- Ings---------------------Solanke------------------Kent The team would probably include a couple of other oldies, but it's a pretty exciting line-up.
  25. Pardon double post, but wanted to reply to this. So fucking annoying, and I feel a dreaded sense of deja-vu of going into an international break on great form and then having one or more pivotal players injured, messing up the team's rhythm and momentum. I look forward to when the World Cup Finals will inevitably include every nation in the world, eliminating the need for qualifiers.