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  1. The tree is the same as the sun? I see the tree as having harvested the sun -- not sure that makes it equivalent to the sun though. Can you elaborate please? Well the tree for me is the keeper of secret knowledge, the path by which the secret knowledge is gained, and is transformed by the secret knowledge. Lann had secret knowledge, took the sun's fire (path), and was transformed by the knowledge. Now the sun is as well. It had secret knowledge, it was a path to secret knowledge, and it was transformed by secret knowledge. Climbing a tree is a typical type of path but the tree itself is the path. The sun is as well. The object can be a path to secret knowledge. That is why we keep seeing lucky penny women sacrificed as a way to get heroes. The Lucky penny woman is a path, a keeper, and is later transformed by the secret knowledge.
  2. Yes you are right! I agree that Lysa probably practiced selective breeding. She wanted revenge on her father for making her abort her first child and she directed her hate for her father towards Jon Arryn. In all honesty, Cersei saying that made me want to vomit. And something to consider, Cersei is in a sense castrating Robert with the loss of his heirs. And we know that the sacrificing of fertility is often times a precursor to obtaining secret knowledge i.e. the Maesters in the Citadel and even Varys's mummery. I have a lot more for you tomorrow on the names topic. But I have to gather my thought. Just know that it is brilliant and it is a theme. The name Lorian comes to mind as falling out of favor, and Manderly's curse about Rhaegar Frey, saying that he is "smirking worm that wears a dragon's name," and Walder Frey's children trying to find favor in him by naming their offspring Walder or Walda.
  3. Hey, Unchained. Thank you . I have never come across that story. But that is super interesting. In terms of Greek River God stories, the only one I am familiar with is the story of the cornucopia where Heracles wrestled the river god and took his horn as a trophy. Now The Grey King serving as the forging of the water Lightbringer is incredible. Thinking on that, that could be why the Night's King is linked with the Grey King and Lady Stoneheart. He would be a broken sword and a broken sword can still kill. And it could be we are thinking of the same thing. My first theory is mostly geared towards examining the head water locations of each fork. Take, for example, the head waters of the Green Fork originates in the Neck, with Greywater Watch as the dominating feature there. Greywater is a term for water that is contaminated with chemicals. It has a related term, Blackwater, which is for water contaminated with biologicals such feces and urine. It is apt that Bronn is of the Blackwater and on the show, they keep making fun of 'shit heap' he comes from. Now not to digress. The water from the neck is then transformed green due to the color leeching into the water from the moss. But this act of changing something grey to green is a whitewashing motif. I don't really know where to go from there. And currently, with all the dead bodies in the Green Fork from the Red Wedding I would call it a Black Fork.
  4. This is fantastic. I couldn't put it better. This is partially why Tyrion symbolically climbed that burning ladder/Tree during his wedding to Sansa. In terms of Lyanna, while I am tempted to say Blue Blood= nobility or royalty and therefore Jon is royalty, I feel that is just a superficial interpretation. Now the blue blood splashed across the sky and being the eyes of death is the realm of @LmL and therefore would be another image of the comets raining down upon Planetos. Lyanna is Nyssa Nyssa bleeding blue blood, ichor or blood of the gods since the blood of the Others is blue and they are considered Gods by some people; the people of the frozen shore, Craster being a Godly man. Death is a god according to the Faith and technically if R'hllor is a god than the Great Other would also have to be a god. Thank you. And yup. Your insight of the word blue written in red blood in Tyrion's sky cell clued me into it. That too was dried blood. The other half was why the Penrose (note the name) was given a few marriages to the royal family and the death of Ser Courtney Penrose by Stannis and Mel's shadow baby. And it is very interesting that a family that has this motif of writing has a Dragon Princess ghost writing for her husband, Lord Ronnel Penrose. Mel's shadow baby killing Ser Courtney Penrose is an elaborate theme of books of dried blood being burned. EDt: and it is blood washing out blood in that scene so it would be Arya washing the blood out with more blood on the staircase. Theon's skin is like parchment; his blood like ink. His fertility has been appropriated by another. Yes they are. These kinds of promises are not pinky promises between children these are promises that when sworn to be kept is accompanied with "cross your heart and hope to die" at the end. And with the burning of his skin, Asha is invoking a ritual here. She is thinking that her brother is better off dead so I have to wonder if her brother will die because of this. It is interesting that blood of Ironmen is brown like mud. It mostly boils down to intent. I could see Bran becoming Littlefinger. He was becoming moody, spiteful, and resentful of his handicap before the Reeds came to tell him he needed to go North. He was even punishing the Walders from time to time. I see that spitefulness against his lack of martial prowess to be one of the coalescing factors of why Littlefinger is the way he is. Melisandre talks about using those things to steal someone's identity and weave a glamour: Nice catch. I was thinking more along the lines as trophies (like the Blackears), good luck charms (Davos and his fingerbones), and the outward expression of DNA that people place value on. Take for example Jaime's examination of Pia after the mountain punched her. Pia's charm was in her fair face till the Mountain punched and knocked out her teeth and he says she isn't so pretty anymore. Now to Mel's use of such things. Personally, I think she is wrong with the assumption that the wearer's essence does not change only his seeming. Martin is clearly pointing to warging humans here with dead man's boots. And we know that warging does change the warg and their other half. And a hank of hair alongside cloak is pointing at Huzzhor Amai with his cloak made from the skin of the skin of the hairy man. Exactly. It would be funny if George made Patchface, a debt collector and a fool because the deadline for filing taxes is in April and the first day of that month is April's Fool's Day. And you know thinking in terms of the image of Penny Tree with blood blossoming out and the suckling babe, it can be considered a leech. That's another link to swords drinking blood and light etc. etc. and the second interpretation of why Mel used leeches in the ritual with Stannis to kill the other kings instead of just pouring some blood in a fire and saying some words.
  5. Panting, she squatted and spread her legs. Blood ran down her thighs, black as ink. Her cry might have been agony or ecstasy or both. And Davos saw the crown of the child's head push its way out of her. Two arms wriggled free, grasping, black fingers coiling around Melisandre's straining thighs, pushing, until the whole of the shadow slid out into the world and rose taller than Davos, tall as the tunnel, towering above the boat. He had only an instant to look at it before it was gone, twisting between the bars of the portcullis and racing across the surface of the water, but that instant was long enough. He knew that shadow. As he knew the man who'd cast it. Absolutely! And I love every word in this. Well, I have two. The first one I have is the theory that the symbolism of the location of the head waters of each fork of the Trident corresponds to one of the forgings of Lightbringer. The second is related to PHI. It corresponds to the meandering of rivers. Since the Trident is said to have meandered away from underneath the Crossroad Inns, I thought this was significant. In real life, rivers meander according to a measure of 1.94 which is PI (3.14) divided by PHI. I thought at first the meandering away from the Crossroad Inns was just a bit of world building on George's part but a bend in the Red Fork is the location of the Inn of the Kneeling Man; complete pun there with the Inn of bending a knee at a bend in a river. And bends in rivers is where meandering takes place (a wrinkle if you will ). Now, this is unremarkable in and of itself but Hot Pie (PI) is there now. It may just be a coincidence and the meandering of rivers is just a bit of world building but the River of time speech by BR to Bran, the river full of bodies and river water being blood, makes me think otherwise. That last part is related to something that I suspect in concern to Riverrun. I suspect that Martin is hinting at Riverrun being ......"and the rivers of Egypt ran red with blood" Old Testament symbolism. Partially due to Edmure believing the comet has Tully Red but the Blackfish says it is blood and the Tully Red comes from the color of the red mud of the Red Fork. So in a roundabout way, the Red Fork is the red because of Tully blood. Sometimes my mind runs away with me. This is my favorite scene because it is so overt with the bloody staircase. And what is incredible about the 'bloody steps' and the staircase that when it is laying down on its side like a felled tree, it is a footpath of step stones. So this comment brings in the Stepstones on the broken arm of Drone where the first men meandered their way into Westeros. And thank you for the compliment. For Arya, it is since she wants a burning sword to kill those very same people on her list. And yes it is, exactly like that. And here is something lemon juice also takes out ink stains. Those same men were also called copper shadows. And look at this And the brothers of the NWs also consider themselves sharing the same black blood. Here the brothers are doing the reverse of Arya. They are washing away grudges but she is invoking the same motif in order to up hold those grudges.
  6. yup. Nice pun. And it is also a downward spiral into a pit of darkness. Eating from the tree of good and evil is called the Fall of Man after all. I hope D&D put Euron's armor on screen. I wonder if it could stand up to dragon fire. Oh and one thing I wanted to say about the spiral staircase being blood. It is hinted at by the proverb of "Bricks and Blood built Astapor, Bricks and Blood, its people." DNA is after all the building blocks of life.
  7. Well, the way I interpret it is that it is penny tree. The tree is piercing the ground and red leaves is blood blossoming from it. As to the sun, I would say it is sun rays but in the context of sacrifice and the acquisition of secret knowledge, it is Lann's stealing of fire to paint his hair blond which would make it the same as the tree. Does that make sense?
  8. That I have no answer to. Captain Nemo from Ten Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, was named as a reference to Odysseus. Odysseus used the name when he killed a cannibal cyclops. The cyclops wanted to know the name of the man who killed him so he could call down a curse on him. Odysseus said his name was Nemo, Greek for no one. However, in the Latin transliteration of Nemo it is meant as "I give what is due". Basically saying that the cyclops was due its death for eating the washed up sailors and hoarding the sheep. Btw Odysseus is also the one to come up with the Trojan Horse, a wooden gift horse that was filled with betrayal and poison. Edt: I think I do have an answer. Nemo was named for Captain Nemo in the sense of no one but as in a no one is an anybody type of philosophy. The movie wanted to pass on a feel good message about family and by naming Nemo, Nemo they were saying hey this can be anybody's kid. And since fairy tales were meant to be life lessons there you go.
  9. long time no see! I missed you. Sorry, I have been absent and I hope you aren't too mad at me. I have been walking the spiral staircase, its relation to PHI and the Fibonacci sequence, for a long time and I am glad people are starting to get a bit of an inkling of it. the staircase is extremely esoteric so I will do my best to explain how I see the spiral staircase. The spiral staircase basically boils down to blood. @LmL like you said yesterday bleeding stars are produced from the puncture of the god's eye but also should be considered a blossom of blood. One thing about the PHI and the Fibonacci sequence is that rose petals spiral out of the center on average according to Phi. And that is also why there are many instances of blood blossoming or being considered blossoms throughout the novels. Now the reason why I consider the staircase to be blood is that of the classic molecular arrangement of DNA as a spiral ladder. In relation to the burning of the spiral staircase, burning sacrificed blood is the basic component to a magical spell. Just look at Sansa burning the blossomed moonblood from her red flower on the mattress to prevent her marriage to Joffrey. The burning of the library is also an acting of burning blood since living history is written in blood per Rodrik the Reader and the inky pages of the books in that library were at one time living history so they should be considered history books of dried blood. There is also another reference in the episode that many do not realize is a reference to this and it is Bran's words to Littlefinger; "Choas is a ladder". When something is "spiraling out of control" it is in chaos. And Bran did climb and didn't cause chaos but exposed it. And RR you are corrected on Dany spiraling and in that scene was spiral downward into a pit of darkness with the Undying. EDT: I also suspect that Martin's taking of eyes, teeth, scalps with hair, fingers, skin, bones, ears, is connected to the physical loss of identity, or the loss of someone's DNA. All of those things are used to identify people. And why they are sacrificed. I also suspect it is a nod to Ten Thousand Leagues under the sea. Captain Nemo aka Captain "I give what is due" in Latin and Captain No One, whose ship is the Nautilus. P.S. the reason why 'no one' collects what is due to the Many Faced God is because it is a nod towards Nemo.
  10. Perception is everything. Jon had oaths of fealty to his king and oaths to Robert and Ned's families as their guardian. Just because Jon's choice of supporting Robert and Ned is justified (I am not ignoring the fact that Jon's heir was murdered as well that is why I said it was justified), does not stop him from being a blue falcon to Aerys. The issue on choosing to honoring which oaths is seen in Stannis speech about Robert and Aerys during the rebellion, Jon and the Nightswatch which is where we get another dose of the melding of the brothers-in-arms and the blood brothers and the loyalty expected. Me saying this does not mean that I think Jon should have kept his oaths to Aerys. Aerys broke the social contract between the crown and its subjects and thus had to pay for it. Blood of tyrants, etc. etc. etc. @ravenous reader pointed out that the first instance of a blue falcon is a symbol of betrayal. Both as the initial note of the betrayal of the Lannister and later as the betrayal of a sister by a sister. It is especially worthy to note that House Tully's words are Family, Duty, Honor and therefore makes Lysa's betrayal of Catelyn that much more sinister. Also in relation to Arya and Sansa, it should be noted that Lysa and Catelyn do not have the same relationship as Arya and Sansa and yet one sister did betray the other in both cases.
  11. Those are the same thing. Survival is a purely selfish thing. It is born out of the need to provide for one's well-being; physically or emotionally. But take her choice of going to tell Cersei about Ned's plan about smuggling them out of the city. That more accurately shows that Sansa is selfish and her motivation at the trial was primarily selfish. I personally do not believe that Sansa was protecting Arya. I think her entire motivation was protecting Joffrey so that he wouldn't hate her especially since she was the witness to his humiliation. And thus in protecting Joffrey, she was protecting herself. You know why I do not believe that Sansa was protecting Arya during the trial because the last few lines of her visit to the queen after Ned's arrest and being told she has traitor's blood, Martin points out that it wasn't till several hours later that Sansa realized that she hadn't asked about Arya.
  12. Well enough. Its been a long month and excruciatingly hot for us up here; living in a valley sucks. Midday isn't so hot but come 4 or 5 pm, it is 110+. Hmmm..... now that is interesting. If that is the case then the running wolf is a gerbil in a snow globe exercise wheel. That makes sense. When you put it that way then Ned and Davos would be parallel to each other. Should we be paralleling Varys and Garth? Oooooooo......nice catch with Jaime, the chair and Oathkeeper. That makes Oathkeeper a hidden dagger and it was put in the hands of a person rife with Blue Falcon/betrayer imagery.
  13. You know I was thinking about the Heart of Winter being impregnated but I am thinking that we will get that scene at the Eyrie. It, on several occasions been described as impregnable and in order to penetrate the Eyrie, one would have to smash through the Bloody Gate. Which the Bloody Gate is a euphemism for the hymen. @ravenous reader Thank you for mentioning the story. It is one of my favorites. That story for me relates quite alot to the series down from the elements to their very names as you know I tend to think that Veghar is cleverly hiding Vega. And @Unchained that is a good theory on the separation of two lovers or love being the cause of the long night. I did notice that the excess and obessive nature of love in the most general sense of the word is the cause of many downfalls and madness than good. Did you also consider the need to stay in a dream or better yet 'living the dream' element? The need to keep the dream alive can be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy as dreams in the novels can be prophecies while also being delusions that are being forced to be true. That could cause the Long Night as well.
  14. That right there is extremely plausible, it would be an inverse to Robb hanging the lookout from Lord Rikard Karstark killed the Lannister/Frey boys. And that would fit with Arianne's theme of 'there is always someone that tells'.
  15. This question is very interesting but not in the sense in the sense you mean as Brandon's bastard. Martin goes out of his way to show the oversight of everyone on the fate of common children. The Orphans at the Crossroads Inn, The Orphans of the Greenblood, The Pisswater Prince, "The Frey boy screaming at Arya because she dared to compare the death of her two brothers to him not marrying his princess." So what did happen to Wylla the Wet Nurse's baby? I think the answer is something we are overlooking because we are concerned with the "special" babies. I just can't by this. Howland was indebted to Lyanna and was also his friend. I tend to speculate that Ned and Howland became friends after surviving the ToJ and like Robert and Ned grew back together because of her death, I suspect so did Howland and Ned. And therefore I would think Howland would step up and care for his deceased friend and defender's child instead of the bastard daughter of Brandon Stark, whom he barely knew. And the green eyes, I thought were the mark of a dreamer and seer. Wyman likes power and to have a secret of this magnitude in his arsenal, why didn't Wyman use this to secure a match between Winterfell and White Harbor? Ned by this time had an heir in Robb and Wynafryd was already born to Wyllis.