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  1. As do I . And yup I putter around a bit, get a little lost but I eventually find my way. Sometimes I wait for others to catch up as well. Rather than setting up these dichotomies, GRRM wishes us to see Arthur Dayne as he sees him -- ambidexterous -- symbolically, honor and infamy in one. This relation is illustrated graphically by the mud flats -- a faeces analogy -- at the Quiet Isle, which with the tide turn up precious red gems together with pale corpses: Exactly! Both hands are toilet paper. By the way that quote is related to Dolorous Edd's quote about gods and dogs pissing on him which George is also pointing out that dog is god backwards.
  2. Yes, that seems right, and there's a good chance George is thinking of the DNA helix, Jacob's Ladder, and that type of thing. I like the idea about always taking the right door turning Dany's trip into a spiral... it makes sense. I mentioned to you that the HOTU is effectively a "shadow tower," being a palace of shadows, and having a non-physical tower which Dany seems to climb but which is not visible form the outside (it's a low, flat building). This is why this place confuses me, symbolically - the Undying seem like such clear parallels to the Others, but the shadow tower and serpentine stairs symbols are dragons and darkness... and the description of it: Anyway I am just not totally sure what is happening here. I'm also not exactly sure what the shade trees and warlock wine represent in the context of the weirwoods and the ice / fire dichotomy. Its a twisted tree that has fallen on its side. And George is absolutely thinking of DNA helix, Jacob's Ladder, serpentine stairs and libraries as LEGACY. It is the embodiment of his phrase "we dance on the strings of those you came before us". The preservation of legacy (the strings that unites families, regions, and Westeros together) can become twisted and corrupted and setting fire to them unties them. Btw, George makes a contestant note that some men have a hard time climbing the serpentine stairs. in the red keep unless they are accompanied physically by a woman. To me this points to mitochondrial DNA which is inherited via the female line (which the creation of mitochondria is hypothesized to be created via cannibalism). Tyrion has this problem, Ser Loras and Maester Cressen has the problem of climbing the stairs in the Sea Dragon Tower (Nagga reference and the inherited legacy of that story) to go into the dragon's mouth to meet with Stannis in The Hall of the Painted Table (The painted table being a reference to writing and the Talking Trees of the Summer Islands that go into your craving of trees- and leaving them with bloody tears and bloody faces-you mentioned in this essay and the last one).
  3. I think its Martin's way of pointing out a gross oversight in worship i.e. if the blood and flesh are holy then why isn't the piss and shit as well which he points out by equating blood and flesh with piss and shit.
  4. Thank you. I like her name because it reminds me of the biological hypothesis, Red Queen. And Rhaenys is an example that contradicts Aegon V's constant thing about that to keep his lords in order all he needed were dragons. Which is not so much, given Rhaenys's rejection by Great Council and her son's rejection as well. And that pairing is a manifestation of the pun between 'hoary' and 'whore'. Before the existence of the sept, during the Dance there was a brothel named the House of Kisses which became prominent during the liminal period of The Moon of the Three Kings. You know I tend to think that the Mel prefix is related to the name Melissa. The name is Greek for Honey Bee and there is the curious story of Ellyn Ever-sweet and the other instances of honey, honey combs, bees, the Mountain using a bee keeper and his wife as traps to kill Berric.
  5. Thank you. Btw we have another red dragon in the ASOIAF, Meleys, The Red Queen, ridden by Rhaeneys Targaryen. Rhaeneys was married to the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon and she was nicknamed the Queen who never was. Meleys had scarlet scales and pink wings and copper claws. Meleys died in battle versus Vheagar and Sunfyre and Rhaeneys was just a burnt corpse at the end.
  6. Alright then I will table that for future discussions. I do have one thing to say about Lady Stoneheart looking at Oathkeeper. Wouldn't you consider that the Heart Tree at Winterfell looking at itself in the black pool? In this case the black pool/dark mirror is frozen in the form of the blade of Oathkeeper.
  7. Alright then. Speaking of the courtesans and by extension the Queens of Silver Sea, are you going to add Huzhor Amai to LB characters being born from the sea?
  8. Aren't they also mermaids? Donella Manderly, a mermaid marrying Halys Horwood and becoming Lady of Hornwood. Thus a tree woman. And Asha being IB and closely associated with the sea can also technically be considered as Lady of Deepwood Motte which considering that Deepwood is near the coast its name literally means a grove of trees deep in the wood, is rather ironic.
  9. Hmm....I tend to think that the frozen blood is Dawn as it is described as milkglass and blood has also been equated as milk. Especially the blood of a craven.
  10. @LmL So for more women who turn into ash trees, we should include Lord Rowen's daughter. While she was already a maiden of the tree in this case a golden tree, she can be considered an ash tree because she was struck by lightning. The lightning being Dareon's voice per Maester Aemon saying that his voice is honey poured over thunder. And as Dareon was sent to the wall for her rape then she falls into what we suspect of AA and NN. Btw I enjoyed this and I have more to add.
  11. That was @ravenous reader who caught that.
  12. Now that is an interesting theory on Baelish. That seems like he would make a play for Riverrun. It is the site of the formation of his obsession but I don't put it past him to go North afterward as it would mean the greatest insult to Brandon Stark, his eternal enemy. Thanks for the vids. I will check them out tomorrow when I have time.
  13. Dunstonbury is a clever way of hiding a reference to House Dustin of Barrowtown where the first king is buried.
  14. ah ok I understand now. I was confused for a moment. Hmm....I can see Baelish and Manderly on opposing sides of that issue. The situation would be like the comment Tyrion made about how droll it would be to set Myrcella against Tommen. Some would side with Sansa and others with Jon and either Baelish or Manderly would prosper.
  15. Not a ridiculous notion that Manderly and Baelish will team up. But I wonder how that would work? I feel like the team up would have to be extremely specific like Manderly being married to Sansa which I don't put past him since he asked to marry another mermaid/greenseer symbol person, Lady Donella Hornwood nee Manderly. But I don't see it ending in a very good way for either side like Joffrey's assassination ended with both parties satisfied. Honestly it seems like they are mirrors to each other. Manderly and Lady Dustin mirroring Baelish and Olenna/Sansa which also mirrors Varys and Illyrio. If you look they mirror quite well. Varys and his status as a eunuch corresponds to Olenna and Lady Dustin. Sansa has the Tully half fish thing going so that makes her a mermaid like the Manderly granddaughter and they both color their hair. Illyrio due to their physical appearance mirrors Manderly. Baelish and Manderly are associated with lamprey eels meaning that they are slippery characters. And Baelish, Manderly, and Illyrio can be counted having been masters of merchants. But poor Davos if this is the case with Rickon. A pointless journey for the onion knight. ????????