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  1. Perception is everything. Jon had oaths of fealty to his king and oaths to Robert and Ned's families as their guardian. Just because Jon's choice of supporting Robert and Ned is justified (I am not ignoring the fact that Jon's heir was murdered as well that is why I said it was justified), does not stop him from being a blue falcon to Aerys. The issue on choosing to honoring which oaths is seen in Stannis speech about Robert and Aerys during the rebellion, Jon and the Nightswatch which is where we get another dose of the melding of the brothers-in-arms and the blood brothers and the loyalty expected. Me saying this does not mean that I think Jon should have kept his oaths to Aerys. Aerys broke the social contract between the crown and its subjects and thus had to pay for it. Blood of tyrants, etc. etc. etc. @ravenous reader pointed out that the first instance of a blue falcon is a symbol of betrayal. Both as the initial note of the betrayal of the Lannister and later as the betrayal of a sister by a sister. It is especially worthy to note that House Tully's words are Family, Duty, Honor and therefore makes Lysa's betrayal of Catelyn that much more sinister. Also in relation to Arya and Sansa, it should be noted that Lysa and Catelyn do not have the same relationship as Arya and Sansa and yet one sister did betray the other in both cases.
  2. Those are the same thing. Survival is a purely selfish thing. It is born out of the need to provide for one's well-being; physically or emotionally. But take her choice of going to tell Cersei about Ned's plan about smuggling them out of the city. That more accurately shows that Sansa is selfish and her motivation at the trial was primarily selfish. I personally do not believe that Sansa was protecting Arya. I think her entire motivation was protecting Joffrey so that he wouldn't hate her especially since she was the witness to his humiliation. And thus in protecting Joffrey, she was protecting herself. You know why I do not believe that Sansa was protecting Arya during the trial because the last few lines of her visit to the queen after Ned's arrest and being told she has traitor's blood, Martin points out that it wasn't till several hours later that Sansa realized that she hadn't asked about Arya.
  3. Well enough. Its been a long month and excruciatingly hot for us up here; living in a valley sucks. Midday isn't so hot but come 4 or 5 pm, it is 110+. Hmmm..... now that is interesting. If that is the case then the running wolf is a gerbil in a snow globe exercise wheel. That makes sense. When you put it that way then Ned and Davos would be parallel to each other. Should we be paralleling Varys and Garth? Oooooooo......nice catch with Jaime, the chair and Oathkeeper. That makes Oathkeeper a hidden dagger and it was put in the hands of a person rife with Blue Falcon/betrayer imagery.
  4. You know I was thinking about the Heart of Winter being impregnated but I am thinking that we will get that scene at the Eyrie. It, on several occasions been described as impregnable and in order to penetrate the Eyrie, one would have to smash through the Bloody Gate. Which the Bloody Gate is a euphemism for the hymen. @ravenous reader Thank you for mentioning the story. It is one of my favorites. That story for me relates quite alot to the series down from the elements to their very names as you know I tend to think that Veghar is cleverly hiding Vega. And @Unchained that is a good theory on the separation of two lovers or love being the cause of the long night. I did notice that the excess and obessive nature of love in the most general sense of the word is the cause of many downfalls and madness than good. Did you also consider the need to stay in a dream or better yet 'living the dream' element? The need to keep the dream alive can be considered a self-fulfilling prophecy as dreams in the novels can be prophecies while also being delusions that are being forced to be true. That could cause the Long Night as well.
  5. That right there is extremely plausible, it would be an inverse to Robb hanging the lookout from Lord Rikard Karstark killed the Lannister/Frey boys. And that would fit with Arianne's theme of 'there is always someone that tells'.
  6. This question is very interesting but not in the sense in the sense you mean as Brandon's bastard. Martin goes out of his way to show the oversight of everyone on the fate of common children. The Orphans at the Crossroads Inn, The Orphans of the Greenblood, The Pisswater Prince, "The Frey boy screaming at Arya because she dared to compare the death of her two brothers to him not marrying his princess." So what did happen to Wylla the Wet Nurse's baby? I think the answer is something we are overlooking because we are concerned with the "special" babies. I just can't by this. Howland was indebted to Lyanna and was also his friend. I tend to speculate that Ned and Howland became friends after surviving the ToJ and like Robert and Ned grew back together because of her death, I suspect so did Howland and Ned. And therefore I would think Howland would step up and care for his deceased friend and defender's child instead of the bastard daughter of Brandon Stark, whom he barely knew. And the green eyes, I thought were the mark of a dreamer and seer. Wyman likes power and to have a secret of this magnitude in his arsenal, why didn't Wyman use this to secure a match between Winterfell and White Harbor? Ned by this time had an heir in Robb and Wynafryd was already born to Wyllis.
  7. I think it would be ironic if she married someone representative of the Grey King or the Ironborn, since she is a mermaid. Someone like the Blackfish or even her grandfather's cousin Ser Marlon.
  8. You are forgetting about Wylla of Wyl, who is a folk hero in Dorne. I always felt that with this reference, the usage of Wylla as Jon's mother was pointing at Lyanna. Due to the speculation that she was the Knight of the Laughing Tree. Wylla Manderly to me is pointing at the Archon of Tyrosh's daughter, who played with Arianne at the Water Gardens and at Sansa due to the dying of hair.
  9. I was reading this chapter the other day as well. I thought that she may have been pregnant as well. Alternatively I thought she may be the bleeding star that heralds the coming of the Prince that was Promised/AA reborn. It would be interesting if she is both the bleeding star and the Prince that was Promised.
  10. Thank you. And @The Fattest Leech I await this argument eagerly. Quentyn, himself, is a symbolic greenman, dragon blooded, scarecrow, frog prince but it is another green dragon that gets him from behind. I agree that AA and NN are sacrificed in the process but there has to be a third person who further betrayed AA and NN. Nice catch on the stygian darkness. The river Styx was also the river oaths and promised were sworn on. Therefore the stygian darkness is not just a sunless sea but the wishing well as well. I agree that is crossing the boundary between life and death and we have the crone with lantern peering into the door of death and letting the first raven into the world, not unlike Quentyn and the dragons. But on the vein of the sunless sea and the stygian darkness and wishing wells, which is also associated with the dark mirror pool at Winterfell, I suspect that the boundary between life and death and forcing yourself through it can be thought of as going through 'a mirror darkly' or the shattering of a mirror and the subsequent bad luck. As to BR and Bran being the dragons, I could see that but I think they might represent Sansa and Arya. Viserion was said to hang from the rafters like a great white bat and Sansa was said to turn into a great wolf with bat wings and Arya seems to be the one that the scarecrow (whoever that may be, probably Aegon VI as he is the mummer's dragon on poles) will not see coming. I noticed that about the doors as well and the chains hanging off of Viserion as if he were an escaped 'prentice boy or the Umber sigil come to life. They escaped via the front door. Here is another curious thing as well. The usage of the word 'dog' as the password. I got the impression that the word dog was meant to signal impostors or traitors and given that we have several impostor Hounds running around, I thought perhaps that is connected. I have never really thought about the number 23. 12 and 16 are extremely interesting, as is number 6. Given the belief that the number 23 confers super maleness and the 23 chromosomes and the 23 keys and their holders could be connected to the sexual, fertility, penetration and rape themes associated with keys, axes and hammers. Nice catch on Theon being the key. I think Lady Barbery is like Quentyn. Theon is a broken sword and therefore a broken key. Quentyn didn't have the proper key for the lock and had to brake the lock with a hammer. The usurper thus is a person not using the right key but still getting the result they wanted. And it is interesting that she is clad as a mustelidae but the fire transforms her into a fox; an animal prized for its wits but hunted for its fur. And something for you as well. The mummer that comes back with Cleos Frey from Kingslanding using Edmure's voice to trick the Riverrun guards into releasing Jaime. Edmure's voice would then be a key as well but was used in trickery and betrayal; it is in the same realm as your killing word. Fantastic find!! The spiraling steps worn in the middle by feet, I have always found interesting. It is a theory of mine that it is a reference to the Parthenon steps, that are an optical allusion. They are straight from far away but dip in the middle when you actually walk the steps. And interestingly enough the name Parthenon is taken to mean "an unmarried woman's apartments". And therefore feeds into my theory about the serpentine steps, the association of the Maidenvault and the merging of the Athena and Persephone myths.
  11. I never thought of it like that but yes you are right. Take a look at this. Here we have another couple of symbols of greenseers. The hammer used as the key, rusty hinges, Archibald Yronwood (whose full name is used because Martin wants us to pay attention.) And something else, since we are talking about keys and burrow. We have the 23 keyholders of the Iron Bank and their underground vaults. And I believe that their dressing in brown and grey associates them with begging brothers and the beggar king and maesters being people holding keys to the fire of the gods.
  12. Hmm....that gives evidence that the Andels may have wielded magic at one point like Valyrians, First Men, and CotF.
  13. I definitely think so. And the axes are connected to greenseers. The Ironborn and their axes and the skingchanging. The naked woman hanging above the gates of the Mormont home holding a baby and an axe, and the Mormont women are said to be skinchangers of bears. And Areo Hotah comes from Norvos where they are known for ringing bells and dancing bears.
  14. They are Hands of the King. And two of those three examples are dead hands. And Ned and Tywin were both killed by AA symbolic people. Poor Ned had it the worse since it involved three AA people; Joffrey, Little Finger, and Ilyn Payne.
  15. And the long axes are crossed which means sacrifice and the crossing of the axes means barring someone entrance or in heraldry, a bar sinister.