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  1. Well I looked at the link Zorral posted. If it does happen, at least there is a rally already planned not 18 miles from where I'm at.
  2. On a sidenote, how is the NFL Erotica going along? Can you somehow include the term "Half-and-Halfback"? I'd like to feel like I contributed.
  3. There is a spoiler thread if you can't help yourself.
  4. Spoken like a true Sith.
  5. Will finally be seeing it tomorrow morning. My self imposed exile shall soon be over.
  6. Hit episode 52 of Naruto and decided to take a little break. Instead I've been watching a show called Soul Eater a friend recommended. On episode 10 now, and I'm really glad our sun and moon are not like that. Because it's just freaky.
  7. You wouldn't even need a federal holiday. Just start holding the elections on weekends.
  8. You know what's nice to think about? All of those people who went to bed last night resigned to a loss, but will wake up with a shocking surprise in the morning.
  9. To victory! (Drinks a shot of jack)
  10. He doesn't. Having regret would mean admitting he was wrong. I don't think he's capable of that.
  11. Celebration drinking it is! I'll drink a shot for you.
  12. And with 1030 votes in that moment is gone. Damn I miss it. Please come back. ------- Ugh. Don't know how to quote from previous threads. But that feeling is back!