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  1. Congrats. So I'm assuming you cashed out up in all of these games? Reading this really makes me wanna go play cards right now. But I have a limit on what I'm willing to lose per month, and I got the crap kicked out of me in early June. Hoping to redeem myself in July. Though this Sunday I did sit down for a little while at Blackjack.Only played one shoe, but ended up cashing out up $35. Didn't see the need to get greedy and try another shoe with that game.
  2. 46 divisions. So a little over 500,000 men. The Reds have a lot more where that came from. (When my war with the Soviets ended, their casualties surpassed 12 million) Be careful when trying to take their cities. Moscow, Kiev, Sevastopol. All of them are probably heavily fortified by now. I'd recommend surrounding them first and then hitting them from every direction with overwhelming numbers, preferably with panzer divisions. Edit: Oh. And if you happen to just show up at these cities and are able to occupy them without much of a fight, then just ignore my advice.
  3. Only if the drinking gods say so. If they're silent on the matter, don't worry about it. I'd hate for someone to take more shots than necessary, unless absolutely mandated by the drinking gods. Even then I'd be leery about listening to them. Those guys are usually drunk.
  4. Done. Done. Three times done.
  5. Outstanding. I'd appreciate a full report on the outcome of the campaign once the fighting has drawn to a close. Best of luck commander.
  6. Pony Queen Jace Yes!!!!! After having just now split the Soviet Union in half as Germany with my friends the Japanese (we didn't defeat them until 1952), I would be very disappointed if you didn't drive them back to the Urals. Not one step back!
  7. Cheers! (Drinks a shot of whiskey in your honour, and the hope your home becomes clean)
  8. Yeah! Not because of the cold. But because when I drove through Georgia a month ago I was delayed an hour because of traffic/detours. Friggin interstate repairs. Yay Drunk Thread Anniversary! In honor of this special occasion I will spend the day thoroughly cleaning the house while intoxicated.
  9. But not the U.S. What a disappointment.
  10. Yeah. It sucks. But honestly, if it wasn't for this one bug, the game would be great right now. If you haven't played since Utopia came out, I'd doubt you'd recognize the game from what it was(You now start out with the ability to colonize planets, terraforming has been completely reworked, government creation is far different) . They really have made some great improvements. So I do recommend that if you enjoyed Stellaris in the past, you should play it again once this problem is fixed. They've been working on a multiplayer update for the last few weeks, and I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the delay in the base game fix. Really hoping that once they get the multiplayer patch finished, they'll go back and correct these bugs. I know they've been receiving a crap-ton of complaints about them.
  11. I've had fun with it so far. It's definitely one of those games where you have to put in a ton of hours learning the minutia to even have a chance at winning. As you can imagine there is a lot of micro managing in this game, most of it revolving around building your factories and deciding what they produce for the war effort. Not to mention setting up your divisions, which took me a lot of trial and error to finally get the hang of. The Army Commands can be frustrating as well when you first start using them. The only two countries I've tried so far are France and Germany. I began with France and was defeated by Germany at least a dozen times before I was able to beat them myself. (The only reason I beat them that one time is because the war started early, when Czechoslovakia refused to surrender in '38. I was still defeated a few years after that by the Soviet Union. My current German game is going much better. It just turned 1944 and I've conquered France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Poland, and Lithuania. I've also made alliances with Italy, Vichy France, Spain, Yugoslavia, and Bulgaria. Currently at war with Great Britain, the Commonwealth Nations, and the USA. In December of '43 I just smashed a combined USA/British fleet in the channel (they lost 8 Battleships, 4 Carriers, 2 Heavy Cruisers, 8 Light Cruisers and 7 Destroyers. My losses were 2 Light Cruisers, 3 Destroyers, and 6 Submarines). With the channel open I'm hoping to launch an invasion of Britain before 1944 is out, as long as I can gather enough divisions without leaving the border with the Soviet Union too unprotected. They're currently invading Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan, so I should be safe from an Eastern Front for a little while longer. Edit: Blah. My invasion of Britain in 1944 was a complete failure. I sent in Rommel with 125 thousand men and 1100 tanks. All he had to do was secure one port so I could send in reinforcements. He was defeated before he was able to complete his objective, with total loss of the invasion force. My next invasion is set for 1946 and I am taking no chances. 450K men are ready and all they have to do is cut off Cornwall and starve them out until I can capture Plymouth. After Plymouth is captured Rommel can redeem himself by coming over with his army of 6,000 tanks and driving on London. Edit 2: New discovery for me. For sea invasions it is pretty much mandatory that you land on an enemy port with enough troops to capture it. I just tried to land 3 spaces away from a port with 450K men and attempted to advance and capture it. I am now down 450K men with nothing to show for it. Edit 3: Thrice! Thrice has Great Britain thrown off my invasions. I'm sorry but I have no other recourse. I cannot continue to send hundreds of thousands of men and thousands of tanks into invasions that have no chance of succeeding. As soon as a few of my nukes are finished that island will be glowing in the dark. TLDR: Don't play HoI IV if you don't like games you have to micro manage. if you have the time to put into learning the game though, then it's highly enjoyable.
  12. Crap. While going through my change this morning I found a coin that read "5 Groszy" on one side and "Rzeczpospolita Polska" on the other. It is dated 1990. Obviously this operation goes back a lot further than I had previously thought.
  13. So it looks like there was a hotfix released last Friday that is supposed to have fixed some of the smaller complaints I had. Mainly robots being counted as slaves and the AI wasting resources by terraforming planets repeatedly. But the main issue I have with it right now is the AI not expanding. Back on May 09, when the Adams update was released, there was a bug that made it so the AI couldn't declare war on anybody. On the 16th of May there was a hotfix that was supposed to fix the issue. But I've tried a few playthroughs since then and not once has any AI empire tried to expand through war, either against me or each other. They all just colonize their immediate area then stop. I've even left myself without a fleet and they don't declare war on me. What's the point of playing if there is no risk of losing? I'm going to start a new game now to see if the problem is fixed after this latest update. I'll let you know in a few hours. Edit: Yeah, I'm still running into the same problem. The galaxy gets filled up and then all the AI empires just sit around looking at each other.
  14. I'm just worried how the production for each country would be set up in such a game. I suppose the game could be made so that less industrialized nations at the time have a cap on what they can produce. Edit: And screw it. HoI IV is 50% off right now. I can't help myself. France shall not fall!
  15. Faith should've died, Anya should've survived. And her team only came in second during that cheer leading competition.