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  1. Yep. Reminds me of this scene from Clerks. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQdDRrcAOjA But unlike those contractors, Jabba's slaves didn't even have a choice.
  2. I'm watching Return of the Jedi and Luke just blew up Jabba's yacht. And I'm pretty sure Luke just murdered a crapload of Jabba's slaves for no reason.
  3. A man walks into a bar.
  4. I really hope this doesn't end in fighting. Apparently both sides of the dispute are sending in more soldiers around Kirkuk. Even if this is just supposed to be a show a strength, that many armed soldiers that close together can easily cause an accident that leads to full scale war. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.com/news/amp/world-middle-east-41607823
  5. Edit: Blah, that was a dumb question. Something that does bother me (and it probably shouldn't) is how Jordan completely ignores things from his first book like they never happened. Specifically when Moraine uses a plain wooden staff as a conduit for the One Power.
  6. Random fact: This thread caused me to start a reread, and I'm currently on book two. In the paperback edition I have, Maradon is misspelled Marabon on page 158.
  7. You ever play their first game? It's hilarious.
  8. Show no mercy! Which is what I need to learn. For the umpteenth I am trying to to get the trophy in Stellaris for eliminating all other species in the galaxy. I'm just super bad at being the bad guy though.. She-it, I can't even bring myself to steal from people in Fallout/Elderscroll games. But it must be done if I want this trophy. I'm sorry for the untold billions who will die so that the Pure can dominate their galaxy. Edit: My first attempt has ended in failure. After one of the best starts I've ever had at this game, my extermination of the galaxy was completely shutdown after the Human Progenitors intervened. Stupid Fallen Empires.
  9. Anyone that does go hiking, please watch out for ticks. Last year I went on a U.S. Civil War Battlefield trip, and while doing the rounds in Virginia I ended up walking through a lot of wooded areas. After pretty much every battlefield I would find the little bastards crawling up my legs. Luckily only one was actually able to get embedded into my hip.
  10. Carthage always gets the short end of the stick. I've started multiple games of Rome II as Carthage in order to make them great, but I never get past the first few rounds. They're just too boring for me to play.
  11. Kinda like when I'm driving through a checkpoint and I'm expecting the person to say "have a nice day" and instead they say "drive safe", and my reply is "you too". Sadly, this has happened more times than once.
  12. I think that's a common one. Same as when people say "CAC Card". CAC (Common Access Card)
  13. It looks like Iraq did go through on its threat to shut down all international flights in and out of Iraqi Kurdistan. Domestic flights are still going though. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-41440747
  14. Yeah, the song was a better way to end the episode. But lately they've been trying to move away from the self contained episodes and instead go for season spanning plots. A conflict between Tweek and Garrison might've been an interesting (and potentially hilarious) thing to have in the background this season. Edit: But it's only been two episodes this season, and the score is 1-1 for shitty vs. entertaining. So for now I'm just gonna try to trust them and hope they keep the entertaining streak up.
  15. Tweek was the perfect character for this episode. North Korea sending a missile over Tweek's house in retaliation was hilarious. Though I kinda wish Tweeks plan at the ending would've been to get his own Twitter account and start a flame war with Garrison, instead of the song/dance number. And I meant I thought they could've taken the tweet jokes a little further. As in the timing of every single tweet could've been listed between 1 am and 4am. And the one time they showed a two part tweet, there could've been a 17 minute gap.