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  1. The Drunk Thread: Just Drunk Enough to Theorize

    Now it says rotting sea cow, but that thing has wings. I just don't know what's to believe anymore. Drove 1,250 miles last week to meet some family for a fishing trip. After three days of rain and cold, while only catching one trout, but with more than a dozen Yuengling drinken, I'd say it's been a good fishing trip.
  2. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    This sounds an awful lot like The Culling (which is pretty much The Hunger Games). The Culling is also still in development. You and 15 others are released from boxes with absolutely nothing. You then must find/craft weapons in order to be the last survivor. As the clock winds down poisonous gas is released forcing players to converge in the center of the map.
  3. The agony of pedestrian walking patterns

    I believe these rules should also apply in grocery stores. Anyone who is pushing their cart down the center or on the wrong side of the aisle is evil and should be banished.
  4. The Circle

    This was a book? I've seen previews of it in theaters, but I had no idea it was based on a novel. And why do you only mention Tom Hanks? No love for Emma Watson or John Boyega( Finn from SWE VII TFA) ?
  5. US Politics: Passing Gas In Public is Abhorrent Behavior

    Hey, you don't even have to kill anybody. Just go over there and hang out for six months. And if you're single you can put all of your stuff in storage and not have to worry about any bills. Just bank every paycheck. Don't forget that hostile fire pay (As long as at least one rocket is fired at the base you're on, you get an additional $225 a month) Not to mention the 30 days paid vacation every year, the additional 2 weeks R&R if you are deployed, and the free healthcare. It's all good as long as you can put up with all the cons.
  6. Star Wars: Episode VIII predictions

    You forgot having the mentor/father figure killed by a Sith.
  7. French politics: houlala!

    John Oliver did a piece about the French election yesterday. I'd like to pretend it was because he read this thread. Edit: Thank you Monsieur Triskan for the link. At the time I was too busy/lazy to do so myself.
  8. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Didn't the guy say in a speech that anyone who votes no is a supporter of the coup last year? And I can't imagine the crackdown on the opposition since then helped the no vote any. I'm actually surprised the referendum was as close at it was honestly.
  9. Attempted Coup in Turkey

    Not directly related to the attempted coup, but I wanted bring up that the Turkish referendum has started. No idea how it's going so far.
  10. What happened to Saturday Morning Cartoons

    Half the time I'd wake up too early, and have to watch an hour of hunting/fishing before the cartoons started.
  11. Smaller Things Even Less Worthy of a Thread of Their Own

    A random tale of cultural miscommunication. Paraphrased. I and six other Americans were sitting around the office one day when our British liaison, Tom came in. Being the nice guy he is, Tom asked if any of us would care for some Digestives. "No thanks", we all replied, "We don't need any". A short while later we asked him, "Tom. Why did you come into work and offer us digestives?". Tom: I just thought you all would like I snack. Us: What? How would medicine for stomach issues be a snack? Tom: No. Digestives. They're tasty biscuits. Us: Oh. Then yes, we'll try the biscuits you brought. (Tom goes to get the Digestives, as we wait for him to come back with biscuits. He eventually comes back with cookies.) Hey, we got there eventually.
  12. The Drunk Thread: Just Drunk Enough to Theorize

    People are throwing bottle sand at you? That's horrible! Not only would the bottle hitting hurt, but there's also a chance you could get sand in your eye. Not to mention the mess.
  13. The Drunk Thread: Just Drunk Enough to Theorize

    Shit. I'm almost 100% sure I've never made even one of your classes. First F ever. Extra credit maybe? I'm really good at making bad puns if that helps my case any. Edit: Booyah! I think I just found the loophole in your post. You said no one can get an "A" in your class if they miss one single class. Having never been to a class, I've missed more than one. Now where the hell is my "A"? I couldn't beer to get anything less.
  14. Board games!

    Is that the version where if the attacker roles three of the same number, that number of cards are drawn, and whatever territory is shown has all units removed? We call it Nukes.
  15. Video Games: Dawn of Waaaaagh!

    Yep. Towards the end of my play through and am nearing completion of my first ever ring-world. But every time I finish the second part of the project the game crashes. Edit: Looks like this one is over. I can't get by 01 June 2406. Lucky galaxy, I was about to start a large invasion with my fleet of 180K power.