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  1. Agreed!
  2. Bran and the three-eyed crow. Dissecting the symbolism on closer inspection of this passage, we can appreciate that the greenseer awaking (i.e. representing the opening of the 'third-eye') is a world-shattering event, as evidenced by the thrice-repeated incantatory 'He's awake, he's awake, he's awake' and the shattering bowl like the hatching of an egg, e.g. reminiscent of the cracking of Drogon's egg which 'broke the world'. Moreover, it's suggested that a greenseer awaking is responsible for the 'hammer of the waters' (the basin of water dropping on the floor and shattering). Hi RR I love your take on the symbolism, I particularly like that passage of text from Bran III AGOT, and had an alternative take on the potential symbolism I'd like to share with you. The serving woman accompanying Bran reminds me of the acolytes from the Cult of the Starry Wisdom singing to the stars atop their scrying tower in Braavos. My reasoning for this is that the black haired women positioned 'atop a tower' with a 'bowl of water' sounds to me like she was water scrying, perhaps trying to glimpse Bran’s future, connect with him psychically or maybe heal him in some way. As for the 'singing' to the stark stars, I think there may be a word play/anagram of the word ‘serving’ rearranged as ‘versing’. This translates as a singing/versing/serving woman atop a tower with a bowl of water, which I think may be a good match for the scrying quote from the Arya chapter. I’ve yet to flesh out this idea thoroughly but thought it worth a post considering you had analysed that particular piece of text. And speculatively it may also add some mysticism to @GloubieBoulga's take on this passage of text that the Three-eyed crow was a woman, a versing woman who sings the song perhaps? Anyway, as I say, more research needed and would love to hear any further ideas on the subject. Anyone who hasn't caught up with the conversation between ravenous and @Unchained should check it out up thread, some great theorizing/chat going on, the quotes I've highlighted doesn't do it justice. Anyway, some more word play in the hope of adding some support to this line of thought....... COINS -- SCION The coins – scion pun is another potential word play/anagram which seems to fit rather well with the conversation you’ve been having up thread regarding children being exchanged as some sort of payment. It seems you have already uncovered a lot of impressive examples where this word play could work, more than my brief research has uncovered, so I thought you may like this idea. Here’s a couple of brief examples that may support this notion…… ---------------------------------------------------------------- I love your idea that the ‘prince that was promised’ is more accurately a 'price that was promised'. Although this next piece of text isn’t a literal sacrifice of a child it is a good example of a ‘prince’ [scion] being used as payment to settle a debt. I hope these ideas may 'serve' as inspiration and I will continue to look into this line of thought myself in the hope of fleshing it out and adding to the already awesome chat. Cheers
  3. Agreed, House Blackwood are awesome. For me I would add Houses Piper & Vance. After they went to Kings Landing to seek vengeance on the Mountain and his raiders only to be denied by Ned, they followed and helped Beric and his crew anyway. They are always mentioned in relation to Beric's party as a pain in the Lannister's backside and continue to be major players once the BWB is formed, scheming alongside the brotherhood. Plus Karyl Vance and Clement Piper were the two river lords who convinced Jaime to...... a] release the prisoners from the Red Wedding, which could lead to a potential ambush/rescue b] to attend the Bracken & Blackwood siege with a small retinue, thus ensuring they knew his location and subsequent vulnerability enabling the BWB to find him easily and take him captive. The Vance maester is also a confirmed BWB informant. All very sneaky and it worked perfectly. Furthermore Houses Vance, their castles, and all their family members are a nod to one of GRRM's favourite authors, Jack Vance........... HOUSE VANCE OF WAYFARER’S REST Their sigil is Quartered, a black dragon on a white field and two golden eyes in a golden ring on a black field. The dragons in the sigil refer to one of JV’s works ‘The Dragon Masters’ and the ‘golden eyes’ to his ‘The Eyes of the Overworld’ series. The name of the castle, ‘Wayfarer’s Rest’ is another literary nod to Vance’s work, this time the ‘Liane the Wayfarer’ short story. There is no obvious link to be found around Lord Karyl Vance himself, but he has three daughters that we have yet to meet in the series, they are only mentioned. Liane, Rhialta and Emphyria. Liane Vance is a reference to the afore mentioned ‘Liane the Wayfarer’ Rhialta Vance is a nod to the short story by JV, ‘Rhialto the Marvellous’ And Emphyria Vance is an inspiration from Vance’s novel ‘Emphyrio’ Some cool nods, but why not have a secondary house if you have some more! HOUSE VANCE OF ATRANTA Their sigil is Quartered, a green dragon on a white field and a white tower on a black field. Again the ‘dragons’ in the sigil refer to JV’s ‘The Dragon Masters’ and this time the ‘towers’ represent Vance’s novel ‘The Last Castle’. The name of the castle, ‘Atranta’ is a nod to a land in one of JV’s novels ‘Bad Ronald’ of which they later made a film BTW. The blind Lord ‘Norbert’ Vance is again a reference to the novel ‘Bad Ronald’. Norbert is a main character from this book. What about his sons? ................. Ser Ronald ‘the bad’ Vance is funny once you realise this is another play on the novel ‘Bad Ronald’. Ha! Nice one George. Ser Hugo Vance's association with Jack Vance is slightly different. This a nod to JV’s [I think] three Hugo awards, rather than a book/novel itself. And of course George is no stranger to a Hugo award!
  4. Hey there @ravenous reader Awesome job with the first poetry thread, it was a resounding success and extremely enjoyable reading. I look forward to the development of this new version and to reading more of your great ideas/thoughts. Seeing as we have previously discussed your green sea/greensee - weirwood net catch, plus my hills connections, I thought this an apt poem to leave in your new thread.
  5. Agreed, the northern tribes/Hugo 'Big Bucket' Wull/Winterfell battle is right up there as one of the arcs I can't wait to read in TWOW. We need more of 'the Wull'
  6. Hugo Wull has some great dialogue...... I so hope we get to see Hugo Wull lick Bolton blood off his lips. More Big Bucket Wull please George. And of course Nimble Dick.......
  7. Hey RR. Great post, and I particularly like this video clip that @Durran Durrandon and yourself have highlighted. Nice spot with the silver seaweed, love that, there were also a few other things I noticed that reminded me of asoiaf. The seals and lighthouse at the beginning of the clip reminded me of the skinchanging House Farwynd and their cadet branch House Farwynd of the Lonely Light and their ability to take the form of seals, the little girl in the clip also shape shifts into a seal. The orbs of light throughout the clip made me think of the Shee/Sidhe and the tales of them travelling throughout their realm, following or watching mortals in the form of wind/rustling leaves/elements. The raven watching from the tree had me thinking of the many ravens in the novels and especially the greenseer Bloodraven watching events unfold from the eyes of the weirwoods. The white tree sitting atop the hill/hollow hill was reminiscent of BR's cave with the entrance allowing one access into the underworld, and of course the white tree on its own screams weirwoods. At one point there was a young boy and his dog who join the aquatic realm via a well, much like the wells in the books offer a route into the underworld, additionally the white dog has similarities to Ghost the white direwolf. They then emerge into a cave that is full of roots much like BR's cave and of course High Heart. Finally the giant that is awakened made me think of the giants that wake from the earth in the books and when he strides out into the open sea it's like he is like the Titan of Braavos. All very cool, thanks for posting the clip. Wow, this is a truly beautiful tune, great find, thank you for posting this link as well. I've been researching some of the creatures one would find in the aquatic mythologies and of course the Each-uisge is one of the legends I have read about. There are other legends that are extremely similar to the Each-uisge, those being the Backahasten and the Kelpie. The name Bäckahästen means brook horse; and is the name of a mythological horse from Scandinavian folklore. She would appear near rivers in foggy weather, and whoever decided to ride on her back was unable to get off again. The horse would then jump into the river, drowning the rider. Basically the exact same story as the Each-uisge. In Celtic folklore shape-shifting horses are called kelpies, and it is thought that Bäckahästen may in fact be a kelpie. When reading I actually came across another creature from Scottish mythology by the name of Ashrays, or Water Lovers, which seem extremely similar to the Others and/or ice dragons in a number of ways. They are completely translucent water creatures that are often mistaken for sea ghosts. Furthermore, they are completely nocturnal and when they are captured and/or exposed to sunlight Ashrays supposedly melt and leave only a puddle of water as remains. That all seems very much like when Sam kills the Other and additionally the description of ice dragons...... And then the ice dragons..... Add to this the short story George wrote, mainly the pool of water left after the Ice Dragon had died....... Hmmm, ghostly, nocturnal, translucent water creatures that leave a puddle when killed.....the Ashrays description certainly caught my attention. Anyway, great to see you posting again, interesting as always.
  8. Same thing, only not under water but under a sea of trees, a sea of grass - the green sea/see/seer. Hi LynnS. Great shout, I love that connection! @ravenous reader was to my knowledge the first to spot this link and has posted in depth about it [if anyone is interested in reading further, it was in the nennymoans thread if I recall correctly] it's a cool catch by the Three-eyed 'Raven'ous. There's also a really neat passage of text that our friend @Tijgy highlighted that directly links the trees to the green sea, which is as follows....... I also love that passage of text, awesome. Anyway, I know RR would be pleased to sea see this being discussed on the forum, great stuff LynnS!!
  9. Definitely a cool catch, multiple skinchangers or whatever. Love textual evidence of Bloodravens presence, although tend to think there should be textual descriptions to back the idea, the gaunt pack of wolves hunting down foes is certainly one of those instances. Love it.
  10. Tom Petty -- Free Fallin' -- Bran's coma dream
  11. Great shout. RIP Tom Petty.
  12. Yes that would help. You do realise I'm praising your find, it seems like you think I'm arguing the matter, I'm not at all. Just simply pondering the presence of multiple skinchangers without Arya noticing as all the other instances suggest the skinchanger can feel someone else being there. It's a cool catch. Exactly, I'm sure it does. Perhaps wolf dreams are a way of going unnoticed while one skinchanger is asleep.
  13. Oh definitely, but in all the instances we are given the skinchangers can feel each others presence, as you say, but no hint of it here. I do agree with you about BR's presence, just wondered why there was no hint of his presence to Arya. As I say it may be because she was asleep, which is interesting regards wolf dreams, perhaps the ability to sense another presence dissipates as the human mind is asleep? This is the only occasion I can think of where another presence isn't mentioned at all, although I do agree with you that multiple skinchangers are there. It opens up another way of searching for BR throughout the wolf dream sequences.
  14. Arya I, Storm I think the author was signaling to us that Bloodraven was guiding Nymeria... Nice, good catch. While I do agree, it also throws up an interesting question of how many consciences can be present or influencing a direwolf whilst their master/other half is sleeping. We see this scenario play out as a wolf dream through Nymeria's eyes while Arya is sleeping, so it is reasonable to suggest that Arya's conscience is present throughout the scene. But as you suggest the text hints at the fact Bloodraven is present too while also influencing Nymeria via the repeated description of 'packs of gaunt wolves hunting down foes'. George is careful in his descriptions during such scenes so the repeated text linked directly to Bloodraven really does back up your idea. When Bran skinchanges the raven in BR's cave he could sense another presence, so perhaps the fact Arya is sleeping and only able to view events through Nymeria's eyes enables BR to be there without Arya knowing? Or perhaps he's skinchanged the entirety of the pack, George playing with the hive mind idea, thus being able to control Nymeria while actually hosting in the other wolves? Anyway, nice catch, I like it.
  15. Foo Fighters The Pretender -- FAegon Miracle -- Birth of the dragons Skin & Bones -- Bloodraven