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  1. Thanks for your in-depth response.
  2. it was Cersei. Trying to make sure Bran never reveals her secret lover.
  3. I really hope this DOESN'T happen...But what are your guys thoughts on this? Is this possible???
  4. I think its pretty obvious with Bran being touched by the Night's King that the WW's will now be able to cross over the wall. Bloodraven having told Bran that the Night's King will now be able to follow you anywhere because he has been touched by the Night's King. It's only a matter of time before the second Long Night begins.
  5. i don't think Mance had all 100,000 wildlings in that one encampment, the battle was pretty short in the book too, sure there were mammoths and giants running around but nothing we didn't already see in 4x09. There was no need to make this a drawn out battle, this is just Stannis showing up (surprise) and Mance is taken captive. The child of the forest i thought was very creepy.