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  1. I feel like out of the main characters, Arya's not such an essential one to be there in the end. This doesn't mean she'll die though - I feel like if she was supposed to, they'd had already killed her off in Braavos. As much as I hate to admit it, I think the closest person to a real life threat right now is Bran. There's a big possibility he'll die after crossing the Wall, being used only to break its magic against the WW, but I'm not sure either. It would be pretty lame to kill such a powerful character, but this is Game of Thrones.
  2. (Not really relevant to the topic but) I think maybe Jamie's death will be more dramatic. Considering how mad in love he is with Cersei in the show, I don't doubt he'll do something like killing himself after he kills Cersei. Or just give up on living, not really trying to fight the Mountain if it does come to a fight.
  3. I think the dragons won't travel the entire route with Daenerys and the others. I believe they'll go to the nearest land to rest but they'll still keep up with the fleet. Especially considering how in the series Drogon sometimes vanishes yet returns to Daenerys seeming to know her whereabouts.
  4. It'd be really interesting!
  5. Yep, I was afraid they'd kiss too. I think that makes much more sense!
  6. I agree. The story's coming to an end. I'm pretty sure Jon has told Sansa what the real threat is at this point. The North needs a leader who's able to fight the WW now, it's not really the time to play politics. What'd be the point of her being the "Queen in the North" if Winterfell would soon be destroyed by the WW? Just for the sake of power, or birthright? The role the leader of House Stark will play is bigger than politics. I don't think Sansa's so petty as to fight Jon for this.
  7. It was great! The KL sequence was especially epic because of the music. This episode in audiovisual terms made me think: hell yeah, this is why ASOIAF was made into a show!
  8. What I don't get is why would she give him a Valyrian name if she didn't want Robert to know he's a Targaryen? Did she know Ned would have to change it anyway but told him the name just for the emotional value of it?
  9. Yeah nvm I made a major mistake lol
  10. Yeah... I don't buy this "I love Sansa" thing. To me that's what interesting about LF: he wants power and at this point he won't allow his feelings (if they do exist) for anyone to be a weakness of his. If Sansa comes along with it then fine, if not so be it.
  11. That was and probably will be the only moment in which I wished I was Sam
  12. Honestly just for the feels and my immediate reaction after watching it, I gave it a 10. Especially considering how bad the other episodes were in comparison. Once I rewatch it I can make a more rational analysis though. But for now: almost made all this shitty season worth it, finally!!!!!!!!
  13. I agree... I know teleportation has been a thing this season, but I don't see how Arya could be in the Riverlands by the next episode
  14. I sooo hoped Sansa would have killed him herself right then and there too. I feel like it'd be more satisfying
  15. I think Bran will cross the Wall, allowing the WW to come south. May not be a "big reveal", but kind of unexpected for show watchers only I think.