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  1. 30 is on the high side for the lighter weight classes and Aldo - who started so young and was old school in both his sparring and weight cutting methods for a long time - probably has more miles on him than any top level fighter below MW except maybe Frankie. In fact even though Aldo is younger than Frankie he started his career before Frankie and has more fights. But even Old Man Aldo had a significant speed advantage over spring chicken Max. What was notable though was how hard he was breathing by the end of R2. In his rematches against both Frankie and Chad - his most recent 5-rounders - Aldo finished strong. Even in R5 against Frankie he looked like he had gas to spare. The other two things which were notable were the lack of leg kicks and the lack of takedown attempts. In the past when he's fought strikers (and even some wrestlers, like Lamas) he's always scored multiple takedowns and done so with an accuracy only matched by GSP, and he's had those leg kicks restricting his opponent's mobility. Between gassing early and the decision not to use two weapons which require a higher energy output I have to wonder if he had flu or some other health issue. I rate Max highly and thought he could beat the champ, I just didn't expect Aldo to look so uncharacteristically limited in his defeat, especially since it's not long since his utterly masterful display against Frankie.
  2. As much as I was rooting for Max it was tough seeing a legend like Aldo go out like that. When it happened against Conor it was so quick it left many, many questions unanswered, but being taken out by the younger lion felt like a legit passing of the torch. Almost as if time isn't some imaginary construct but catches up with all of us. But that can't be right. Can it?
  3. I like Gus a lot, but that turn-your-back-and-run thing isn't just a bad look, it's bad technique. If DC couldn't teach him that I guess nobody can, but I really hope he evolves away from that nonsense. As for today, I rate Aldo second best all time after GSP and feel like it's fairly important to the sport to have at least one Brazilian champ in the men's divisions, but I find myself rooting for Max today. It just feels like if he wins it freshens up the division, his style is more fan-friendly and we're more likely to get 3 fights a year out of him than Aldo.
  4. Weidman was pretty shady about it. When he thought it was illegal he appeared to tell the doctors he couldn't continue, then Dan tells him it was legal and suddenly Chris is all good to go. Moose meanwhile was all class, telling his team not to celebrate, telling Weidman he would do a rematch, no problem. How can you not like that guy. He gives a fun interview these days too. I was going nuts at that. No wonder his coaches abandoned him after the fight.
  5. Best Game of Thrones Podcast: The Joffrey of Podcasts (Hon. mentions: Bald Move, Game of Owns, Cast of Kings, Post Show Recaps) Best History Podcast: Hardcore History (Hon. mentions: The History of Rome, The Thomas Jefferson Hour, 12 Byzantine Rulers) Best Film/TV Podcast: Kermode & Mayo (Hon. mentions: Slashfilmcast, The Treatment, The Flophouse, The Watch) Best Interview Podcast: Bullseye with Jesse Thorn (Hon. mentions: WTF with Marc Maron, Fresh Air) Best Comedy Podcast: Who Charted? (Hon. mentions: Keith and the Girl, Comedy Bang! Bang!, Never Not Funny, My Brother My Brother and Me) Best Science Podcast: Infinite Monkey Cage (Hon. mentions: The Life Scientific, StarTalk) -
  6. He didn't seem like the greatest guy around, but was easily one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. Anytime I heard one of his songs it would put me in a better mood. Not sure how many musicians spread joy better than he did.
  7. I decided against buying the GGG fight, but I kind of regret that now. If he actually does end up in the ring with Canelo there's no way I'll miss that one. p.s. This forum is so screwy sometimes. It re-loaded this quote box from ages ago and there's no way I can find to delete it.
  8. Dan's been on Joe Rogan's podcast a number of times now too. I realize Rogan is an acquired taste for some, but if you have what it takes to deal with Rogan it's fun to hear Dan in a looser environment. I believe the episodes are 328, 378, 413 and 847 although I'm probably missing a couple of others.
  9. Watching David Luiz this season has been almost as much fun as watching the likes of Costa and Zlatan. He doesn't have the same streetfighter charisma they do, but he has something.
  10. 3 seems about right for Zlatan. Not sure what Mings will get, but in the moment I was figuring 8-10.
  11. Not so sure about that, they just cut hot LHW prospect Cirkunov (4-0 UFC) and established up-and-comer Krylov (6-3 UFC) a couple of weeks ago and no division is more desperate for new blood than 205. Of course technically neither are "Russian" per se, but their names both end in "ov" so I count it. Meanwhile I enjoyed most of the main card. Difficult as it was to see my man Hunto lose, it was a good scrap, with Hunto trailing blood all over the shop from his gashed shin, Overeem showing off his smarts with some damaging kicks and Hunto showing he's much more than just a left hook, mixing in hard body kicks and a bunch of hellbows from various angles, a couple of which visibly stunned Overeem. Then the girlfight was short but sweet with some nifty technique, Dadbod Dan Kelly kept things intriguing against Rashad with his unorthodox, trip-heavy striking game and Lando and Teymor put on a FOTN show in the co-main. As for the main, I fully expected another draw but I had no issue with the scores which gave Tyron the fight. The media scores apparently were something like 5 for Tyron, 5 for draw, 5 for Wonderboy, so if they ever fight again they should just save us fans the trouble and just flip a coin.
  12. Oh goooooooooood, Khabib was so messed up by his weight cut they canceled the fight. Because why would the Just Bleed gods want us to have nice things?!?
  13. Protect yourself AT ALL TIMES Holly. I mean, you've had, like, 50 pro fights, how do you not get that yet? I'm sure I remember Big John McCarthy saying the official end of the round is when the referee steps in, not when the hooter sounds. That the hooter is only an indicator for the ref. So "after the bell" may not be as concrete an idea as we often think. Buggered if I can find the reference but I think it was after Aldo/Mendes II. Either way, the fan reaction to that malarkey means there's a chance that when Cyborg comes back from suspension she could even go into a fight with GDR being the "face". Who would have thought that could ever happen?
  14. Willian wasn't surprised at all, he was turning away to help Sideshow Bob celebrate even before ball hit the net. The way he'd been standing over the ball, rather than standing off, ready to run up as normal, was a significant part of the ruse. He knew exactly what was up and played his role perfectly. How the hell did Liverpool still have 11 men on the pitch after Milner's shocker of a studs-up slide with over half an hour to go? Liverpool aren't victims of inconsistent refereeing any more than any other side is. It all comes out in the wash.
  15. That David Luiz/Willian trickery was so damn Brazilian it hurt. Mignolet wouldn't have got near that even if prior to the kick David Luiz had walked up to the post and sprayed a big X on it right where he was going to spank it.