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  1. DJ doesn't just have the most (official (I still count Silva's win over Lutter)) title defenses in history, he has FOURTEEN wins in the division above his weight class. His only two losses were in that heavier division, back when he was still a part-timer, both to opponents who significantly out-sized him, one of whom is the best of all time in that division. Hell, DJ isn't even a particularly large 125er, regularly fighting bigger guys even in his own division. All-time, in p4p terms, only Fedor comes close. GSP, Aldo and Jones had awesome title runs but never tested themselves above their divisions. Anderson did beat a recent former LHW champion (in fact waxed him better than any of his LHW opponents ever had) but only has 3 wins at LHW, not FOURTEEN. Cormier has a whole bunch of solid wins in 2 divisions, but not even close to the number of title defences DJ has.
  2. Yeah, if Claudia doesn't sort her gas tank she's never getting another look at that belt let alone a shot at it. She looked so damn good in the early going too, but Andrade's pressure game just sapped her.
  3. Yeah, I get bored fairly quickly with a lot of guitar music these days - most of it sounds more like math than magic to me - but QOTSA are the perfect mix of heaviness, sex, weirdness, technical intelligence, heat, dancability, wry humour and adventurousness. They still have the magic. They aren't my only sunshine, but they're one of them.
  4. Rockhold's a tremendous kicker but his hands have never impressed me much. I haven't seen the Lyoto fight since it happened but my memory is Lyoto was easily out-striking Luke until that almost "accidental" clumsy knockdown, and then Lyoto was on the deck, where Luke is some kind of legit genius. He looked fine against Chris, but then Chris doesn't have great boxing either. Then Bisping waxed him standing, then Branch was on the way to waxing him standing until he foolishly decided to keep clinching against the fence. Loved Uriah Hall's comeback win, and his post-fight speech even more. I doubt he'll ever be champion, but I dig his slightly oddball intelligence. And I had it 7-5 GGG. Secretly happy with the result though, since rematch, surely.
  5. Yep, and then he somehow contrived to make a Star Wars movie that didn't feel enough like a Star Wars movie even though he leaned super hard on the template of previous Star Wars movies.
  6. Wait ... you haven't seen Wrath of Khan yet? Because if you haven't, and you enjoyed those other films, you have to see Wrath of Khan.
  7. Star Wars Episode IX: Return of the Meh Guy Sure, that's not even close to being witty, but the announcement of JJ "Half-Arsed" Abrams doesn't exactly inspire the expenditure of a whole lot of energy either way. Ah well, hopefully the kids still love it.
  8. Bones B sample also positive for Turanibol. To the surprise of maybe 2.5 people.
  9. Yeah, those pics he's posted of the damage are wince-inducing. Maybe this one will be the final straw? Or maybe the 209 is just too damn tough to give a eff about straw.
  10. Superfly delivered. Hopefully those highlights got shown around the mainstream sports shows to let folks know there is some sweet action from the lighter classes. GGG/Canelo has a lot to live up to. Cejudo was amazing. RDA was also utterly splendid. I mean, Neil Magny has recent wins over Hector Lombard, Johny Hendricks and Kelvin Gastelum - the dude is no joke - but RDA waxed him with ease. So much for USADA putting an end to RDA's awesomeness. I enjoyed the main event plenty, but I get why plenty didn't. There was personal drama and it was technically fascinating, but the Just Bleed crowd who expected the Nunes of the Tate and Rousey fights would have found it hard to love her more patient, strategic performance.
  11. 2017 is definitely bringing it with the run of sweet boxing matchups. May as well get cheeky and stretch it to include the first Ward/Kovalev scrap from the end of 2016.
  12. Yeah, I like Edge of Tomorrow a whole lot, but Groundhog Day is still the best. I mean, sure it's always fun to watch Tom Cruise being intensely desperate, but nothing's as much fun as watching Bill Murray be Bill Murray.
  13. Word, it's a goddamn magnificent rock record to be sure. I really dig how hard Josh has continued to embrace his inner Bowie too. So many of the melodies on this (and Like Clockwork) could've been penned by the Thin White Duke himself. The only one that's not really floating my boat (after about 15 listens) is Fortress. The rest are some kind of magic.
  14. Only the sexiest rock band on the planet.
  15. Word on the street is Canelo has packed on a dozen or so extra pounds for GGG.