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  1. That was awesome. Then shortly afterward as she was congratulated by the other skiers, "How did that happen?" Even now, hours later, she probably still doesn't believe she is the Olympic champion.
  2. I don't watch much snowboarding but the men's slopestyle is the best event I've seen so far and that kid Gerard was a lot of fun. I particularly loved that the last thing he did before he dropped into the course for his final run was to yell good luck over his shoulder to one of his fellow competitors who was also a buddy of his. Like, "Well, I'm down in 12th place and about to do my last run of the final in a sport where you can break your neck if you mess it up so I better switch on and focus hard because here I go in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 oh look, there's my buddy Carlos who's going after me, 'Hey Carlos, good luck brother!' ... and I'm off!" Then after messing up all day this one is the near-perfect run and he wins gold.
  3. Of course my lord, as you say. * Backs slowly out of the room bowing as low as possible while praying not to be struck down by sith lightning *
  4. Dana never needs any more justification than "because I wanted to" to green light any given match up, but I suppose the fact Yoel had not been planning to fight for another couple of weeks gives him a little leeway on the weight thing, especially since he essentially stepped up to save the main event.
  5. Bummed that Rockhold couldn't do it, I really wanted to see him get it just so I could see a fresh challenger for Rob. Luke's striking defense is still so bad though he probably wouldn't have been much of a "challenge" for a killer like Rob anyway. Even more bummed for Mark, but y'know ... dude's almost 44, was fighting a 26 year old giant and probably got paid twice as much as the next highest paid guy on the card. Stoked for Izzy Adesanya though. The most important thing was to see if he could remain composed in the big show and he passed that test with ease. Now just have to see if he can sort out his TDD. Given that Yoel just got beat by a one-legged version of Rob maybe they use the weight miss as a (very justified) excuse to skip him and bring Weidman in as a fresh challenger.
  6. Before I watched The Last Jedi I was anti-capitalist and pro-animal. The Canto Bight section was so half-baked I left the theatre and immediately spent all my savings to buy stocks in a horse-whip company.
  7. It really does feel like they went ahead to the shooting stage with only a second draft completed or something. The slow speed chase and the Canto Bight strand of the story in particular feel like half-developed ideas at best and the flow through those parts of the story is frequently frustratingly clunky. That said, three of my favorite individual parts of the film came out of that branch of the story - the Holdo maneuver, BB-8 teaming up with DJ and Leia skywalking YES I LIKED LEIA SKYWALKING, ANYBODY WANTS TO SAY SOMETHING BAD ABOUT HOW OUR PRINCESS USES THE FORCE THEY GOTTA GO THROUGH ME?!?! ... Sorry, don't know what came over me there.
  8. Not yet, but by the time Marvel had ramped up to 3 per year I was skipping most of them, so the night is young.
  9. Sounds like somebody is a little jealous that the new guy is getting all the attention these days.
  10. This Rockhold/Romero battle is so fascinating to me, not just on a technical level but as a meeting of two of the most quietly intriguing personalities in the game. Also stoked we'll fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinally get to see Israel Adesanya in the UFC. For NZ fans it's felt like an endless wait. Now just got to cross everything and hope he goes ok. Any news on how that went tech-wise? I missed it.
  11. I'm with you 100%. It's not just his higher pitched tone that's off, it's the accent. As a non-American myself I'm not the best at picking apart the nuances of Murican accents - but Ehrenreich's sounds more East Coast to me than Ford's. The way Ehrenreich says "scam", for instance, comes across as one of the New York accents or somewhere like that, although the actor grew up in Cali. Either way, Ford's sounds very different to me.
  12. So far, I agree with you. A character's soul is in their voice, so you can recast and get away with not looking identical as long as you get the voice right, and Ehrenreich's Han doesn't even sound close to Ford's Han. I hear you, although I doubt anything a story like this could show us would damage the character we fell in love with in the OT more than The Force Awakens showing us Han Solo ended his days as such an abysmal failure he died separated from his wife with his own son's lightsaber driven through his guts. 1,000,000,000 points for the Cowboy Bebop reference.
  13. None of the other nominees in this thread killed Han Solo therefore they cannot be rated as more despicable than Kylo Ren. I don't make the rules, that's just how the universe works.
  14. The first season after he left held beautifully and had some of the show's best episodes, but the second post-Iannucci season was the weakest so far. Richard Splett remains the funniest sitcom character of the decade though. https://www.splettnet.net/
  15. Veep has been incredible. 30 Rock was insanely brilliant. Curb Your Enthusiasm is ludicrously amazing. What unites those three and Seinfeld was the absence of schmaltz. They're basically a bunch of hilariously terrible people insulting each other. That's the recipe for pure comedy dynamite right there. I mean, I like cuddly sitcoms like Parks & Rec and New Girl and Brooklyn Nine-Nine too, but when it comes to weapons-grade American comedy firepower you just can't beat Seinfeld, 30 Rock, Curb and Veep. (Disclaimer: I haven't watched It's Always Sunny In Philidelphia or Arrested Development yet.)