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  1. Unless we have a power cut or a meteor strike or a rogue escaped zoo animal turns up in my back yard there's no way I'm missing that one. Heck, even if a rogue escaped zoo animal turns up in my back yard it'll probably just have to wait there patiently until that scrap's over.
  2. I loved how after the main event they did a bunch of post-fight wrap stuff and cut back to the cage and GSP is still in there, what seems like 10 or so minutes after his interview with Rogan,alone, just drinking it all in. Being back in an Octagon, a massively defining feature of his life, and not just any Octagon, but one in the legendary surrounds of MSG. DJ is the next fight I want for TJ. CoGar - my favourite BW - unfortunately just got waxed inside 2 rounds on his first attempted defense, so hasn't earned any kind of rematch. Cruz at least has the win over TJ, and is the divisional GOAT, so if he gets past Rivera will be the deserved #1 contender. Even so, DJ vs TJ at 125 is the most mouth-watering match-up for both The Snake and The Mouse. Especially since TJ isn't even a very big BW.
  3. Almost the entire event delivered in spades. Not the most dramatic night in MMA history, but surely in the top dozen somewhere. So stoked for Rose, especially after the crazy revelations on the MMA Hour a wee while back about what she and Pat had been going through. And GSP man. There are reasons not to enjoy some of his work, sure, but there are no reasons to deny his greatness.
  4. They don't seem too concerned with the arcs from the previous films. I mean, what they essentially did with Han in The Force Awakens was act like his 3-movie OT arc didn't mean jack, just so they could go the absolute laziest, boringest route possible with the character and reset him back to exactly where he was at the beginning of Episode IV. Similar deal with Luke really.
  5. I consider GSP the GOAT and am intrigued by the odd circumstances of his return against Bisping but it's still only the 4th most fascinating match-up on 217.
  6. Good call, definite shades of Anderson when he was still in his physical prime and much more of a pressure fighter (as opposed to the counter fighter he intelligently evolved into as he aged beyond his early 30s)
  7. They promoted it as a muay thai fighter vs muay thai fighter, but Till really seems to have embraced that Machida/Thompson/McGregor side-on-hands-low karate style. Kid looked massive too, I don't remember Cowboy ever looking that small. Not even against Robbie.
  8. If Paul Felder can beat Raging Al it'll be a big step up for him. Al's been short of fights lately but also has great results against generally better opposition than Felder. But yeah, a mouth-watering bunch of drama coming up on those two cards. Even Johny Hendricks' battle with the scale will be riveting.
  9. DJ doesn't just have the most (official (I still count Silva's win over Lutter)) title defenses in history, he has FOURTEEN wins in the division above his weight class. His only two losses were in that heavier division, back when he was still a part-timer, both to opponents who significantly out-sized him, one of whom is the best of all time in that division. Hell, DJ isn't even a particularly large 125er, regularly fighting bigger guys even in his own division. All-time, in p4p terms, only Fedor comes close. GSP, Aldo and Jones had awesome title runs but never tested themselves above their divisions. Anderson did beat a recent former LHW champion (in fact waxed him better than any of his LHW opponents ever had) but only has 3 wins at LHW, not FOURTEEN. Cormier has a whole bunch of solid wins in 2 divisions, but not even close to the number of title defences DJ has.
  10. Yeah, if Claudia doesn't sort her gas tank she's never getting another look at that belt let alone a shot at it. She looked so damn good in the early going too, but Andrade's pressure game just sapped her.
  11. Yeah, I get bored fairly quickly with a lot of guitar music these days - most of it sounds more like math than magic to me - but QOTSA are the perfect mix of heaviness, sex, weirdness, technical intelligence, heat, dancability, wry humour and adventurousness. They still have the magic. They aren't my only sunshine, but they're one of them.
  12. Rockhold's a tremendous kicker but his hands have never impressed me much. I haven't seen the Lyoto fight since it happened but my memory is Lyoto was easily out-striking Luke until that almost "accidental" clumsy knockdown, and then Lyoto was on the deck, where Luke is some kind of legit genius. He looked fine against Chris, but then Chris doesn't have great boxing either. Then Bisping waxed him standing, then Branch was on the way to waxing him standing until he foolishly decided to keep clinching against the fence. Loved Uriah Hall's comeback win, and his post-fight speech even more. I doubt he'll ever be champion, but I dig his slightly oddball intelligence. And I had it 7-5 GGG. Secretly happy with the result though, since rematch, surely.
  13. Yep, and then he somehow contrived to make a Star Wars movie that didn't feel enough like a Star Wars movie even though he leaned super hard on the template of previous Star Wars movies.
  14. Wait ... you haven't seen Wrath of Khan yet? Because if you haven't, and you enjoyed those other films, you have to see Wrath of Khan.
  15. Star Wars Episode IX: Return of the Meh Guy Sure, that's not even close to being witty, but the announcement of JJ "Half-Arsed" Abrams doesn't exactly inspire the expenditure of a whole lot of energy either way. Ah well, hopefully the kids still love it.