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  1. Tarly definitely said the gold was safe in KL. In the behind the scenes they said the gold was in the loot train. Just have to go with it at this point. Continuity went out the door a while back.
  2. I don't care if it's on stone tablets at this point.
  3. At this point I'm convinced he'll just give loose ends the D&D treatment. I hope not but......
  4. I was glad to see that Varys little birds stole Littlefingers teleportation technology. I kind of like the idea of Varys on a flying carpet Aladin style. Somehow Arya got a hold of a prototype. Maybe we could have had 2 dragons and a sweet pull out of Jon with Ghost be his side. Such a waste. Think I 'll just jump out window. Till next season later.
  5. My exact thought when I saw that.
  6. Ramsay got just what he deserved. Even though she rode away before he talked about starving his dogs but whatever. Stuff like her mad at Jon for attacking with the force he has and not asking her council. The whole time not saying one word about a fresh army of heavy calvary on the way. I'm going to chalk it up to bad writing. After last week it's apparent some things will never make sense.
  7. Blame Lady Mormont not spell check.
  8. Sandra is worse than ever. You think the knowledge of an army of fresh southern nights might help before hand? Damn. That is one well preserved Shaggydog head. Rickon, alligators and arrows have one thing in common. You have to zig zag. Poor guys in Bolton first wave didn't get the friendly fire memo. Wun Wun the last of the giants killed by an arrow in the eye. Outside of Sandra who is worse than the book version episode was fun.
  9. Penny is the worst.
  10. To all those that think the Blackfish is alive. No. It's apparent at this point in the season what you see is what it is.
  11. So Arya is just stupid. Best band aid - opium combo ever. What stab wound? Oh look fun time with the triplets. Drinking wine and telling jokes. So much better than Barry's pre attack speech. Glad to see Sir Robert get some play time. Tommen and Arya should just get married and have more autistic kids. Am I actually cheering for Carol. Thanks D&D. That is one sharp axe. Did I really just watch the Hound piss for 60sec. Thanks D&D. Riverrun almost made me skip forward but I forced my way through. Blackfish pointless death off screen. It's a bird, it's a plane no it's Dany. Where the hell is Drogon going? Arya Bourne running really good on the poppy and bandaid first aid. Faceless chick final brawl off screen. Thanks D&D.
  12. You sir win the internet tonight.
  13. The letter went to LF who with his powers of teleportation will save the day.