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  1. Oh, how I despise Jaime. And Arya's storyline. And pointless filler with Tyrion... And almost everything at this point.
  2. I doubt they'll do LSH, even if they do, I don't think they will do her justice. Look at resurrected Jon. He's just Jon with a bun.
  3. hey if dogs can disappear and Littlefinger can teleport ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Burn it down Cersei! I agree that it's probably Cersei.
  5. They mentioned the Brotherhood without Banners so maybe we'll at least hear about Gendry if we come across them? Idk, I doubt s!Gendry would have returned to them after they've sold him away(was he going to KL?). But he's gotta get off that damn boat.
  6. I think it's just bad writing and the need to pass on exposition as quickly as possible.
  7. Ugh no Dany no, not Euron and his 1000 fucking ships please. So, it's canon then? Coldhands is Benjen?
  8. Lol , build me a 1000 ships.... in the next 20 years I suppose.
  9. Ok, I have a question. When we see the (for some reason all female) COTF creating the Other they are at a green field. When we see Bran see the wight army and the Others they are clearly at the same tree and field but this time it is in the lands of always winter (or somewhere in the true north) . But this must mean the land of always winter didn't exist (wasn't at least cold and snowy) before COTF created the Others. I had thought that the land of always winter had just ... always existed? I really don't like that for some reason.
  10. I'm not that fond of time travel loops to be honest. I'd be kind of disappointed if GRRM confirms it in TWOW (lol if he ever finishes it). I never feel all that satisfied with them. Tsubasa probably ruined me tho, ahah.
  11. I hate that Summer got a blink-and-you'd-miss-it kind of a death. At least focus on him a bit more. He was just a blur that jump into the picture, whimpered and died. Less budget on walking dead zombie extras, more budget on poor Summer. I guess it's too late though.
  12. I think it was just that D&D had no further role for her so they killed her off? If you bring back Rickon, Osha is likely to come back or the viewers might wonder where she is. But they had nothing for her to do/hadn't included her in the story and they cannot think anything better to write other than kill her off. And obviously since we are not yet getting it, we should be very subtly reminded that Ramsay is a mean mean man.
  13. I hated that. How many days/weeks has it been? And only now he is remembering Shireen and Stannis? I find it bizarre that Davos hasn't thought to ask about them in detail, especially Shireen, until now. If I remember correctly when Davos first asked Mel in Season 5 about them, she just shook her head. But now Brienne tells him she herself has killed the king. So he didn't die in the middle of the battle. You would think Davos would question Mel further about their fates since he learns they clearly didn't die in the heat of the battle.
  14. I've completely lost interest in Arya's story as well, that's just depressing.
  15. oh god no, what, are they gonna tease us through the season with the Tower of Joy? ugh Varys' birds are talking, Shaggy's dead, Osha is gonna get raped, Umbers are traitors and I am sick of Tyrion and his nonsense. I just wanted to see Lyanna and baby Jon :c