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  1. Even with Vic's fleet, I don't think Dany has enough ships, especially if she does convince the Dothraki to follow her. It also seems to me that we are not finished with Volantis, so I assume that at least part of her forces go overland, so they attack Volantis from the sea and the land. I agree that the storms have been build up to be a very large part of the story, i will almost be dissapointed if the Stormborn doesnt encounter some storms. I would love an epic sea battle between Dany ans Euron, fought in the middle of a storm, dragons and krakens in the mix. And the birth of the dragons are for me a textbook example of a Deus ex machina. But it is all about how you read the books, if Khal Drogon so a lot of foreshadowing for Dany bringing Dragona into the world, then for him it was not a DEM. I didn't see any foreshadowing for that, and when Dany walked towards the pyre, I really had no idea what would happen, I could have put down my book and speculated for day, but would not have come up with dragon birth or Dany developing momentarily fireproof ability. So for me it was as classic Deus ex Machina as it gets, just replace gods with dragons and it was a Greek classic. As a mimunum, all reader must see that Dany becoming fireproof was a DEM, even if you somehow predicted dragons, no one could have predicted that.
  2. Good catch! I would really like Aegon to be "real" so this makes me happy:) For all the Illyrio/dragon egg debate: I don't think Illyrio had any 'motive' for given Dany the eggs. If he had any idea she would hatch them, he would have kept her close by so he could share the power. I don't see that it reflexs on wheather Aegon is real or not, him showing up with a dragon egg wouldn't convince anybody, clearly they can be bought so anyone could get one if they have the money and connection. I think Illyrio gave the dragon eggs to Dany to win her friendship because he knew she would approciate them immensely. He gave her three because GRRM wanted her to have three dragons.
  3. I was just wondering about the statements that no one who meets Jon has seen Rheagar so they cannot compare. What about Alliser Thorne? He is from the Crownland, and fought on Rheagar's side. I would think he has seen Rheagar. When Lord Mormont sends Alliser to Kings Landing with the rotting hand, doesn't he say something about Alliser being the best one to send because he is used to court? I may misremember that part. But since Alliser was not pardoned, but had the chose of death or the Wall, I imagine he was somewhat high ranking in the Targaryan army, I don't think every knight from a minor lord would be executed or send to the Wall. Just remembered: Harrehal. Rheagar won the turney, he got to hand out the crown of beauty, he song and played his harp at the feast. Anyone there should have gotten a good look at him, and EVERYONE was at Harrenhal. There must have other Northren Lords there.
  4. I really don't have a clue:) I would love for Rickon to be crowned, but i don't how LS and the BWB would make it up North with the current weather situation. I am also not sure if it is Jeyne or Robb's crown she has, maybe the BWB frees a pregnant Jeyne and LS re-crowns her as the queen in the north. I just want that crown to serve a purpose!
  5. I want Aegon to be real, but I think I am very alone in that hope. In my head, Aegon and Dany are half siblings, not aunt and nephew. Being Targaryans, they might decide to get married and try to claim the throne together. I hope they fail, I am not a big fan of Targaryans, and I feel Westeros will be better of without them. But maybe they can go to Dorne and find a house with a red door..
  6. I think it raises an interesting question, that is found everywhere in the book and real life. Is someone following orders from a superior as guilty as the superior? Was Gregor Clegane the one to blame for the murder of the little princess, or does the blame lie on Tywin? Merrett Muttonhead and Petyr Pimple was following orders, they were not the ones organising the Red Wedding, although they could have warned the Starks and prevented it, so how guilty are they? Since this is fiction and my normal life morals don't really play in, and I am big North/Stark supporter, I am all for the hanging of some Freys! Hang them all! And we can't really expect the Brotherhood Without Banners to be too diligent in figuring out which Freys deserve it more than others. The Red Wedding waa chaotic, there is no knowing who was involved. Also, no one, characters, readers or even the author at times, can keep the Freys straight, so I don't blame anyone for going by "a Frey is a Frey" system. For Lady Stoneheart's ending, I want her to do something with Robb's crown. GRRM put it in her hands for some reason I hope, so she can crown new King in the North. I don't really want Arya or any of the Starks children to have to kill their mother's reanimated body, those children have been through enough. I want LS to feel like she has served her purpose, that it is time for her to go and be with Robb and Ned, so she passes her life into someone else.
  7. I have never liked the resolution of the Bran stabbing either. I wouldn't even call it is resolution, most of the readers still didn't think it was Joff untill GRRM told us so in an interview. To me, it reads as if Joff was a later idea, that GRRM had someone else in mind. For some reason that storyline didn't work out, so he made Joff the one, being already known by the reader to be sadistic, and being killed of soon so the plotline would be dead and burried with him. I am not sure who he originally meant to be behind it, but Littlefinger does look suspicious. Why did he lie about the dagger? That is another thing i hate about this plot: Tyrion knows that Littlefinger implemented him. Being dragged to the Vale, spending time in the sky cells, standing trial. That was all because of Littlefinger, and Tyrion knows. So when he returns to KL, as the Hand and with his own band of wildlings, what does he do? Nothing! Tyrion who sees insults everywhere and has as prickly a pride as father does absolutely nothing about it when he sees Littlefinger. Makes no sense to me..
  8. I don't anyone raped Ashara, I just never read the text like that. 'Dishonoured' doens't mean rape to me, I think Barristan would have used some much stronger language if the love of his life had actually been raped. Someone could have refused to dance with/drunkenly given her a kiss on the chin/made an inappropriate joke and Barristan would have seen it as dishonouring Ashara. In my head Ashara and Rheagar are the parents of Dany - I know, not a very popular theory - but I don't belive she was raped. The 'Stark' Ashara turned to could have been Lyanna, and the thing that Barristan wished had been avoided -by Rhaegar not singling out Lyanna - was that Ashara didn't talk Lyanna into being part of Rheagar's I must make some more magical babies obsession.
  9. I guess we just see the character differently. To me Tully words fits with every house, Eddard Stark himself was all about honor, duty and protecting his family. It think all the houses has those values even if they are not their words. Robb's looks are more Tully, true, but even Cat says he is his father son. I just personally think that young wolf is the perfect king in the north..
  10. I think Edmure makes the best lord of Riverrun! Why would you kick him out? I love both him and Robb, but I think Robb Stark as the lord of Winterfell and Edmure Tully as lord of Riverrun is the best way to go. Robb was clearly admired and liked by most or the lords in the Riverlands, I still can't quite believe they chose to become part of the Northern Kingdom. But that doesn't mean they dislike Edmure or that he doesn't have the respect and loyalty of the Riverland houses.
  11. I never noticed how freaking tall the Hightower is! This is my fourth re-read and only now did I pay attention when Jon tells Ygritte that Hightower is taller than the wall. That is impressive, the wall was supposedly build using magic and the help of giants, but the Hightowers managed to buildt the Empire State Building in Oldtown. No wonder the current lord Hightowers haven't descended for a decade, imagine those stairs!
  12. Waymar Royce - faces an Other, unprepared for the fact that such things even existed. Instead of freezing up, running away or hiding himself, he pulls out his sword and says: Dance with me then. Quentyn Martell - went in to the Dragon pit, and tried to tame Viserion. Brienne of Tarth - stepping out of the stable at the crossroad inn to face Rorge and his men.
  13. I recently got a new phone, and the game centre gave me a random username as I don't like to use my own: ThreeHeadedCrow. No idea where it came up wiht this name, It is a game about fish.. I just wanted to share:) I just finished a re-listen to ADWD, and I am getting more and more convinced that Quentyn is alive. I might be very influenced by my love of Quent, but the scenes jusy play out suspiciously...charater on fire, cut to unrecognizable character dying. Even dying wiht a smile on his face, very unlike Quentyn.
  14. I was just listening to the chapters where Joffrey dies and Sansa escapes. Sansa says she runs from the feast because the sight of Joffrey dying was too horrible. Do we ever find out what the plan was for getting Sansa out? Littlefinger couldn't have known that Sansa would have run, and if she had stayed another 10-15 minutes she would have been arrested with Tyrion. She clearly wasn't told that Joffrey would be murdered and that she should run when that happened, so I just wonder how littlefinger planned to get her out..
  15. Seriously?? A trial about a child murder is not about the murdered child? The murders stands accused of child murder, that is the whole point of the trial. In most violent crime trials there are also victim impact statements, to make the judge/jury emphatic to them. They are judging the accused of the crime he committed, they are not just at random judging his personality and life-story. And if anyone in this discussion is not objective when it comes to Theon, it is you! The rest of us are quite objective about Theon, but you seem to only put yourself in his shoes, not in the shoes of anyone around him. That is subjectivity, not objectivity.