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  1. Becca, please take me of the wanted and the selling lists. Thanks
  2. Dance already sold unfortunately. Oh well.
  3. Ok,thanks. Hopefully this works out, I managed to get feast, but I wanted dance too but he kept dodging my question about owning rights to future volumes.
  4. Penny unwise, are you the one selling on ebay set 116, or a potential buyer?
  5. You have a target price?
  6. Becca, I sold my #120 set, thanks.
  7. AFFC 273 IS SOLD,thank you
  8. Hey, just realized I put ASOS in that set. should be AGOT ACOK &ADWD, NO ASOS
  9. Hi becca, just checking if you saw this update, thanks
  10. Glod--how much are you asking for the SubPress FFC?



  11. Wrong thread, you can start a new thread for this set.this thread is for the signed limited illustrated books from meisha merlin and subterranean press. Which 4 books?the first 4? How much are you hoping to get? Thanks
  12. Hi Becca, I've got A Feast for Crows #273 up for sale. Also #120 matching for SP AGOT, ASOS and ADWD. Thanks
  13. I'll have to agree with becca on this.
  14. only 4 left now. here's the ebay link