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  1. I almost bought that one from corey, id buy yours now.
  2. Becca, please take me of the wanted and the selling lists. Thanks
  3. Dance already sold unfortunately. Oh well.
  4. Ok,thanks. Hopefully this works out, I managed to get feast, but I wanted dance too but he kept dodging my question about owning rights to future volumes.
  5. Penny unwise, are you the one selling on ebay set 116, or a potential buyer?
  6. You have a target price?
  7. Becca, I sold my #120 set, thanks.
  8. Anyone put there hands on the new Anniversary editions? Any comments on quality? I'm particularly interested in anyone's thoughts on the UK one if they have gotten one yet before I buy!
  9. AFFC 273 IS SOLD,thank you
  10. Hey, just realized I put ASOS in that set. should be AGOT ACOK &ADWD, NO ASOS
  11. Hi becca, just checking if you saw this update, thanks
  12. Wrong thread, you can start a new thread for this set.this thread is for the signed limited illustrated books from meisha merlin and subterranean press. Which 4 books?the first 4? How much are you hoping to get? Thanks
  13. Hi Becca, I've got A Feast for Crows #273 up for sale. Also #120 matching for SP AGOT, ASOS and ADWD. Thanks
  14. I'll have to agree with becca on this.
  15. only 4 left now. here's the ebay link
  16. I have 5 copies signed if anyone is interested. Pm me. Thanks
  17. Well, if these are selling that high already then I'm selling mine! Forum members are always welcome to contact me off ebay for a little better deal.
  18. What has been the best price on those so far? They seem to be a different price every time I check on them!
  19. any one know how many copies in the first print run on this? Thanks
  20. There wasn't any damage to the box it shipped in either, not sure at what point it broke.
  21. Ultra limited
  22. Ok, I've alreadY sent them an email. Just waiting now
  23. Mine came in damaged! One of the ledges that supports the lid is cracked and hanging off its nails. Think they will replace or partial refund me?
  24. Becca, I'd keep the Jean Cocteau copy! Just got mine from the Jean Cocteau myself. And have a UK (un-signed) copy coming from amazon, it will be fun to compare side by side. Great way to get the feel of an illustrated limited at a fraction of the price, one you can read without loosing too much value on the book!