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  1. I agree wholeheartedly.
  2. Great link. Thanks.
  3. Yup, same as everyone accepting Cersei (a person with no claim to the throne) having herself crowned.
  4. I agree with all the points you've made but would add this too: in the lead up to the Battle of Blackwater Bay (season 2, episode 5), Tyrion met with the pyromancer and found out they were making and stockpiling wildfire for Cersei, and the meeting ended with him saying something like "from now on you'll be making wildfire for me." There was no scene in which Cersei found out about Tyrion having gone behind her back and usurped her pet project. Yeah right, as if Cersei would pass up the opportunity to confront Tyrion and get back at him. Then, in the lead up to the Sept being blown up, it was implied that Cersei didn't know for sure that there were stockpiles of wildfire under King's Landing because we saw Qyburn telling her that it wasn't just a rumour and was "much more". So, it went from Cersei having the pyromancers working for her, to her not knowing for sure what the deal with wildfire is??? Adding to the poor writing was the fact that Tyrion said Jaime told him that the Mad King had a plan in place to burn King's Landing to the ground by having wildfire positioned under all the major buildings BUT he didn't tell Cersei, the sibling he was closer to? While the episode in which the Sept was blown up was spectacular, it was (like much of the last two seasons) all special effects and style over substance. The writers were too focused on wowing the audience regardless of whether this created plot holes or made sense. The North remembers (and so do some viewers). It was indeed as you said, a lazy cop out of an outcome.
  5. There were plenty of scenes on Dragonstone in which they could have shown the women...
  6. I assumed that too but I think it's really weird that we didn't see any Dothraki women at all this season. It wouldn't have cost much to have had a few in the background in some scenes.
  7. All she's missing are the horns LOL
  8. And a related question, who are the highly sexed Dothraki men having sex with on Dragonstone? ;-)
  9. True, but what I thought were the dumbest parts of the whole Sam cures Jorah story were: 1. Jorah sticking his diseased hand out when Sam was collecting the bowls. He hadn't lost his mind so why have him pull that horror movie classic and risk infecting someone? All for a cheap thrill... 2. The Archmaester giving Jorah a day to sort out his affairs. So, we are supposed to believe that Sam literally cured him overnight? Or are we to believe that Jorah was still there for a few weeks after being given just one day and no one actually made sure that he'd left?
  10. On a positive note, I have really liked Sansa and Dany's costumes in season seven. Cersei's gowns have been superb but I think they are a bit too "Disney evil queen" and I'd prefer a more subtle approach.
  11. Where are the Dothraki women and children? Did Daenerys leave them behind in Essos?
  12. And in terms of ASOIAF, I think Daenerys and Jon/Aegon being co-rulers, is consistent with their respective character development and it fits into the theme of building a better world.
  13. I agree with most of what you've said but I think that Jon being the man of honour he is and recognizing that Daenerys has earned her place in the world, will say that he already bent the knee and will not go back on his word. She might then insist they become co-rulers (that's assuming they win the game).
  14. That's exactly what I thought: they are show offs and gold is one of their house colours. This is what the designer said: I chose to make it in silver with just wisps of gold to try to show her isolation, her mental disentangling from her family. Personally, I don't think the design communicates what she was trying to say at all.
  15. I couldn't agree more. I got hooked on the show because of the characters and their relationships/feuds. All the supernatural stuff is not my thing. I would have been ok with it if the White Walkers and Wights remained as they were in the early seasons (ie faithful to how they were in the books) but I really hate the way D&D have changed them and given them a leader with amazing powers. For example, wasn't it enough that the White Walkers were bigger than humans, super strong, brought the cold with them, had some bizarre icy weapons that shattered ordinary metal and were able to raise the dead? Why also give them a king who can enter Bran's visions, shake the ground by touching it with his hand and convert human babies into White Walkers? Now he also has a blue fire breathing dragon. There is no way they can make the living get away from them or defeat them without plot holes or plot armour. I can live with some minor plot holes for the sake of drama and suspense, but when it renders the whole scene or story ridiculous, I can't.