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  1. Hey. I hope you're ok. Anyway, hopen to see you active again since I really miss your input. :-)

  2. New picture courtesy of BBC!   LINK
  3. Fabulous news! Thank you for all your hard work, Ran and Linda!
  4.   AHH! Thank you! I was just looking for that clip.       "Do you think I might attract attention?" "'s just possible." (oh man. I love the Brig)
  5.   Honestly if you didn't fall in love with Baker with his very first episode then I'm really at a loss. Let's revisit:   Regeneration Crazies   (also, Brig: "here we go again....")
  6.   Also just because Tom Baker is THE Doctor--the definite article you might say.       *sigh* Adric. *sigh*   Nyssa....drove me up a wall.
  7.   Companions are hard because there have been so many over the years. I don't know if I could rank them, but a few of my favorites are:   --Jamie (2nd Doctor) --The Brig (because he's the BRIG.) --Jo Grant (3rd Doctor) --Sarah Jane Smith (3rd but mostly 4th Doctor. I ADORE 4 and SJ) --Romana II (though, that's largely because I think City of Death is one of the very best Doctor Who serials) --Tegan (4 but mostly 5) --Rose (10) --Captain Jack (though, I find I liked him a lot more in Torchwood than in DW, especially the 3rd season of TW) --Donna, Donna, Donna. Forever Donna Noble (10) --I prefer Rory to Amy and I prefer both of them to Clara but I'd really like to see the next companion not be a contemporary earth woman.
  8.   Oh fun!   1. 10 2. 4 3. 11 4. 12 5. 2 6. 6 7. 5 (it's a shame he didn't have better stories) 8. 9 9. 3 10.1 11. 8 12. 8.5 (a great performance but I was still very iffy on the whole "forgotten" regen) 13. 7 (to be fair, I've seen very little of him sadly so that's why he's so low)
  9.   Same. I think I've convinced myself to watch the first episode back, but if it's not any better then I'm out.
  10. Very nice job! It's interesting that these screams are coming from the mouth of birds. There are a lot of references to Bran-As-A-Bird throughout ASOIAF, especially in AGOT Bran II. From the way Bran is said to perch on the walls of WF, to it just being Bran and the birds who knows the secrets of WF, to the Old Nan Icarus story that Bran then "reenacts" (with Jaime Lannister's help) to some other ones, Bran is likened to a bird quite a bit. And later the basket Hodor carries Bran is a like a bird's cage. (and not so favorite mortals) Basically they are all up in everyone's business. As for Bran and Theon, it's a good argument that Bran is influencing Theon with his divine-ish whispers. But to what end? For Athena and Odysseus, it's to get the King of Ithica home (cause all manner of hell hath broken loose). There's an end game that Athena is in favor of, in other words. Bran may not have an end game given that he's new to this whole situation, so we have to wonder what Bloodraven's endgame is since he is directing Bran. There might be an argument somewhere that Bran has to help Reek transform back into Theon so that Theon could be offered up in sacrifice for his King's Blood. While blood is blood no matter what your name is, it would be poetic (not to mention tragic) that Theon's blood while he is Reek would not work (since identity is such a HUGE part of ASOIAF) but Theon having come back to himself as Theon is what allows his king's blood to work, for whatever purpose. Not quite sure it's what's going to happen since I tend to think that there is another figure who's King's blood is going to be useful for what most people ascribe to Theon but....always possible. That is full of awesome right there. There are some other Theban cycle parallels, not to distract from the purpose of the thread as a whole, though. You've got "Esgred" as the unintentional incest and I agree since she's obviously Asha. But I also think Asha serves as a bit of a Antigone figure. The Oedipus cycle (the most well known cycle at least) by Sophocles is three plays. After Oedipus's fall from grace and his blinding, Thebes is plunged into Civil War. You have two of Oedipus's sons--Etocles and Polynieces--fighting it out for the right to sit their father's throne. It's a very bloody battle and they end up dying on each others swords (naturally). The two brothers were supposed to share in the rule but....yeah, no, that obviously wasn't going to happen. It's not a perfect parallel but you could make the case that this akin to Victarion and Euron, both of whom have a good claim to the throne (Vic by way of birth and Euron by way of charisma) and are fighting for the Throne because Theon has "vanished" from the picture much like Oedipus who is very much alive but has left Thebes in order to pay for his crimes. Euron and Vic are probably going to come to some sort of blows, should Vic make it back from Essos. As for Asha, she's a bit more of an Antigone figure. Bold, stubborn, outspoken, she defies her uncle Creon's orders because she's not meek and passive. Sound familiar? Now in the play she's Oedipus's daughter but the parallels don't have to be exact for it to work. Her story is that she's defying the law in order to honor her fallen brother who is being denied his rights to a proper burial. When Asha learns that Theon is alive, might she not try to set him on the Seastone Chair (which is Theon's by right of birth over Vic and over Euron's charisma) in defiance of all her uncles? If Theon is a good prophet, Bran could help sit him on on the Chair since, generally speaking, if you serve the gods well you are rewarded. Tiresias is blinded for his impiety (by Hera) but given the gift of sight by Zeus; Odysseus has to wander the earth for a long time but is helped along the way by Athena. It adds to Theon being the "godly man" since Bran's status as Old God is becoming solidified. Isn't there an old grove of weirwoods on Pyke somewhere (Nagga's bones?)
  11. New costume looks good!
  12. S2 finale is excellent. Love the final confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty.
  13. Good casting. Looking forward to S4. Also, LOL at title of thread.
  14. Him being the Joker and coming back might actually cause me to be interested in S2 (which I pretty much decided I wasn't going to be watching...). I thought he was great in his one-off story, though I get why you don't want the Joker's backstory.
  15. 0:56 The Doctor is a Rockstar! There was a lot of fist pumping over that quote in your spoiler tag. :)