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  1. Fabulous news! Thank you for all your hard work, Ran and Linda!
  2.   Same. I think I've convinced myself to watch the first episode back, but if it's not any better then I'm out.
  3. Very nice job! It's interesting that these screams are coming from the mouth of birds. There are a lot of references to Bran-As-A-Bird throughout ASOIAF, especially in AGOT Bran II. From the way Bran is said to perch on the walls of WF, to it just being Bran and the birds who knows the secrets of WF, to the Old Nan Icarus story that Bran then "reenacts" (with Jaime Lannister's help) to some other ones, Bran is likened to a bird quite a bit. And later the basket Hodor carries Bran is a like a bird's cage. (and not so favorite mortals) Basically they are all up in everyone's business. As for Bran and Theon, it's a good argument that Bran is influencing Theon with his divine-ish whispers. But to what end? For Athena and Odysseus, it's to get the King of Ithica home (cause all manner of hell hath broken loose). There's an end game that Athena is in favor of, in other words. Bran may not have an end game given that he's new to this whole situation, so we have to wonder what Bloodraven's endgame is since he is directing Bran. There might be an argument somewhere that Bran has to help Reek transform back into Theon so that Theon could be offered up in sacrifice for his King's Blood. While blood is blood no matter what your name is, it would be poetic (not to mention tragic) that Theon's blood while he is Reek would not work (since identity is such a HUGE part of ASOIAF) but Theon having come back to himself as Theon is what allows his king's blood to work, for whatever purpose. Not quite sure it's what's going to happen since I tend to think that there is another figure who's King's blood is going to be useful for what most people ascribe to Theon but....always possible. That is full of awesome right there. There are some other Theban cycle parallels, not to distract from the purpose of the thread as a whole, though. You've got "Esgred" as the unintentional incest and I agree since she's obviously Asha. But I also think Asha serves as a bit of a Antigone figure. The Oedipus cycle (the most well known cycle at least) by Sophocles is three plays. After Oedipus's fall from grace and his blinding, Thebes is plunged into Civil War. You have two of Oedipus's sons--Etocles and Polynieces--fighting it out for the right to sit their father's throne. It's a very bloody battle and they end up dying on each others swords (naturally). The two brothers were supposed to share in the rule but....yeah, no, that obviously wasn't going to happen. It's not a perfect parallel but you could make the case that this akin to Victarion and Euron, both of whom have a good claim to the throne (Vic by way of birth and Euron by way of charisma) and are fighting for the Throne because Theon has "vanished" from the picture much like Oedipus who is very much alive but has left Thebes in order to pay for his crimes. Euron and Vic are probably going to come to some sort of blows, should Vic make it back from Essos. As for Asha, she's a bit more of an Antigone figure. Bold, stubborn, outspoken, she defies her uncle Creon's orders because she's not meek and passive. Sound familiar? Now in the play she's Oedipus's daughter but the parallels don't have to be exact for it to work. Her story is that she's defying the law in order to honor her fallen brother who is being denied his rights to a proper burial. When Asha learns that Theon is alive, might she not try to set him on the Seastone Chair (which is Theon's by right of birth over Vic and over Euron's charisma) in defiance of all her uncles? If Theon is a good prophet, Bran could help sit him on on the Chair since, generally speaking, if you serve the gods well you are rewarded. Tiresias is blinded for his impiety (by Hera) but given the gift of sight by Zeus; Odysseus has to wander the earth for a long time but is helped along the way by Athena. It adds to Theon being the "godly man" since Bran's status as Old God is becoming solidified. Isn't there an old grove of weirwoods on Pyke somewhere (Nagga's bones?)
  4. S2 finale is excellent. Love the final confrontation between Sherlock and Moriarty.
  5. Him being the Joker and coming back might actually cause me to be interested in S2 (which I pretty much decided I wasn't going to be watching...). I thought he was great in his one-off story, though I get why you don't want the Joker's backstory.
  6. The Great Game is still my favorite episode of the series. And I really loved Magnussen (though mind vault stuff was a bit...weird...but I accepted that this was what it took to make Magnussen truly formidable against Sherlock). I like Moriarty too, though. I think Scott's chemistry with Cumberbatch is off the charts. I love when those two interact. I'm the rare exception then. I like Irene Adler in the show but I don't really need her back.
  7. Really love the trailer and the first look at the Sherlock Xmas special.
  8. NOT HAPPY that we didn't get our visions on the Dothraki Sea and Dany's internal conflict as seen through her "interactions" with Viserys and Jorah (and to a lesser extent Quaithe). Those are SO important. But of course, Dany hasn't struggled with her identity all season, like she is supposed to be doing.
  9. Makeup is a thing. :) There's no need to actually change her. True, but she had been flying him fairly frequently. No I need to pretend it didn't happen that way. Oh wait, it didn't in GRRMs world. That makes me feel better. Sort of.
  10. Does anyone else think that based on all those cliffhangers, D and D are almost TRYING to let GRRM get WoW out in the next 10 months? Like this is it. Either he gets it out or we really start being spoiled (the stuff that is off the book map so far doesn't seem like legit spoilers so...?) Anyway. It's a 5/10 for me. I don't mind all the cliffhangers but none of the plots actually felt like they were earned, especially For the Watch and The Walk of Shame. Jon and the the men of the Night's Watch never really had words (only strong looks) about what he was doing with the Wildlings and Cersei never really showed how terrible a ruler she really is, using her body to get men to do what she wants. LIKED --"I'm glad the end of the world is working out well for someone..." Ah, yes. That's the Jon Snow brand of humor I so love. --"Go on, do your duty." I actually thought that scene was well done. At least Stannis's character assassination is over. --I really loved Sansa's outfit this episode. --Arya killing Trant was EPIC. That was incredible. (the lead up the scene not so much...but the actual scene? FAB) And now she's blind. Glad they are keeping that. --"Does he always talk this much?" *Jorah nods* The entire Daario/Jorah/Tyrion scene was actually good. Funny. --"If I ever kill you, your eyes will be wide open." That's my Bear!!!! --Davos's face when he learned Shireen was dead. ARG. Heartbreak. MIXED --Ok, I'm glad that Sam is going to Oldtown because I think that's going to be a major plot line in WoW...BUT. Why is Sam asking? No. The show needs to have Jon TELLING Sam to go. It's part of those "hard decisions" Jon has to make that show that he's killed the boy to let the man live. Sam is terrified of going to Oldtown, of being a Maester because of all his childhood trauma at the hands of his father. It should be Jon's direct order, to show that while Sam is his trusted friend, as LC he doesn't have the luxury of friends. --We actually got the jump off of Winterfell! But...tell me there was a huge pile of snow to catch Theon and Sansa? Also...where are they going? Stannis is dead, the Baratheon army defeated. Where...? --Of course Daario and Jorah are going off to find Dany together. OF COURSE. Because nothing says comedic gold like messy love triangles! God. I need to drink now. --So Dany hasn't tamed Drogon? She can't fly him at will. Golly. Glad that is exactly how it is in the books. NOT. But Drogon "go away mom" was kinda funny. --The Walk of Shame was well done, including Cersei's meeting with the Sparrow. But...Lena looked "too good." Cersei's is supposed to realize during this walk that her body has been worn down by age and childbirth. She's supposed to realize that she's not half as beautiful as she once thought. Also, the "shame! shame! shame!" got a little tedious DISLIKED --Why doesn't Mel wear Red anymore? Maybe that's nitpicky of me, but what is with all the purple this season? She's not the Purple Woman. --RIP Seleyes? Maybe I'd be sad over this if the show hadn't done it's hardest to make her as unlikable as possible. Not that the books fair much better, but she's not *that* bad in the books as compared to the show. --Um. Mel left Stannis....why? Because men deserted him? Because religious zealot Mel would simply say that their faith is weak and that all Stannis needs is her Lord of Light. --OMG. Mel has the same transporter as Littflefinger?! WHAT IS THIS BLACK MAGIC --Brienne spent 90% of this season staring at WF from different angles and when her big moment finally comes....she turns away and doesn't see the candle (that one would be hard pressed to see in daylight anyway...) in the window. God that's just silly writing. --Hey guess what I don't need! A scene of Meryn Trant BEATING LITTLE GIRLS. I don't need a reason to hate him, D and D! We already do! Arya doesn't need more motivation to kill him. He's on the list. He goes down. STOP WITH THIS. --"You want a good girl, but you need a bad pussy." JESUS. Can we all collectively agree to forget Dorne FOREVER? --RIP Myrcella?!?!? The hell?! I mean, yes she's going to die in the books but that was the single dumbest death. So let me get this straight. I'm supposed to believe that they recast Myrcella because she has such a big role to play...and she did jack squat all season. PLEASE. They recast her so that they could age her up and have her make moon eyes at Trystane. --Jaime does his best Darth Vader impression. "I am your father!" "I know." OH FOR THE LOVE OF...."I am 100% being okay with being a bastard of incest, dad!" --How in the name of sanity did Tyrion, Jorah, and Daario get away from the Sons of the Harpy????????? --"Only the Unsullied can keep the peace in Meereen" SO WHAT SHOW HAVE THEY BEEN WATCHING CAUSE THE UNSULLIED DID NOTHING TO KEEP THE PEACE IN MEEREEN ALL SEASON EXCEPT GET THEIR ASSES HANDED TO THEM. --Varys is in Meereen and just randomly gets into the Pyramid to talk to Tyrion. Okay. Is he secretly Reznak or the Shavepate?! --Uh. The Dothraki Sea has changed a wee bit, no? Funny cause in the books it has also changed except Show!Dothraki Sea seems to be blissful and not suffering from DEATH cause you know...WINTER IS COMING. --No Visions on the Sea. Those are so so so so so so important for Book! Dany. Where is my "remember your house words..." where is my "dragons plant no trees..." WHERE. Whatever. Show! Dany hasn't been Book! Dany all season. Why am I even shocked. --OMG the Dothraki became Native Americans?! --Please tell me I misheard and that Jon Snow's final word was not "Olly." Please tell me that is a thing that did not happen. WHERE THE HELL IS GHOST PUPPY?!
  11. Honestly, this episode was just weak and it's not just because I'm comparing it to last weeks greatness. My list of complaints are many. Some of them are because I've been a book reader for so long; and some are because this was just straight up bad TV in a lot of ways. Overall rating: 7 most for costume, set, and Meereen (aka: Jorah and Dany held hands---I'm going to ignore grayscale since the writers only care about Jorah having it when they want to make him Sad! Bear. Because this is the second or third time he's touched someone with no consequence) LIKED --The BFFness that is Davos and Shireen. 'Tis a lovely thing. And now it's burned and dead. --I do love the outdoor shots of Braavos. --Mace Tyrell randomly bursts into song. Well, points for surprise? --Bored Tyrion is excellent. --I have a lot of feelings about Jorah Mormont. My bear. My good sweet bear. And Dany's face watching the man who is basically her best friend about to die for her. Ugh. Right in the heart. SHE TOOK HIS HAND (he has greyscale??) BUT SHE TOOK HIS HAND AND I AM NOT OKAY. --Dany closes her eyes. Drogon appears. "Mommy! I will save YOOOOOOOU" MIXED --Jesus emcee? Sure! Cause I can't figure out on my own that two men are going to fight to the death. But I couldn't stop laughing at how Jesus-y he looked. --Dragon's first flight: OK LOOK. This is not okay with me. Why does Daenerys Targaryen hop onto Drogon's back? Because he is FIRE MADE FLESH and SO IS SHE! Because she rips off her tokar, her floppy ears, looks into her dragon's eye and *decides* that she is a dragon. She has chained and strangled her inner dragon all through ADWD and her hopping on Drogon's back is a loud proud declaration that she is Daenerys Targaryen and she is NOT a Harpy but The Mother of Dragons. So NO. It is not this silly "damsel in distress" thing they got going on here as the Sons swarm around her and there is no other recourse. My Queen is better than that! The show hasn't even tried to show how much struggle Dany really had ruling Meereen, how conflicted she was all the time. They never explored the psychological effects of chaining her dragons and how it wasn't just a literal but a metaphorical chaining as well. Nope, they had her randomly feeding men to her dragons instead of almost being scared to go see them. BUT....BUT. It was still Dany's first flight and I've waited 5 years for this moment. So....I take it with a lot of cringing. just leaves Jorah, Tyrion, Melisendre, and Daario just there with a bunch of Sons of the Harpy? Rlly? DISLIKED --Stannis and Shireen, OBVIOUSLY. Ok, I admit, rather freely, that Shireen is going to be burned in the books. Mel will probably burn her to bring back Jon. That's fine; that's the path GRRM has chosen. However this nonsense was just that...nonsense. So 4 episodes ago Stannis gave the most passionate speech I think we've ever heard from him about how Shireen is his child, two weeks ago he sent Mel away for even suggesting that they hurt Shireen. And then this week...yeah, let's burn her? No. It doesn't make narrative sense for Stannis to go from point A to point Z without a layover in point B-Y. How did he get to that emotional point? HOW?! Just because of the lack of food? Cause in ADWD, they are at that point and know what Stannis says: "pray harder." Those he burns are traitors or his enemies, not his own men and not his own family. If Stannis were to arrive back to Castle Black (where Mel and Shireen are in the books) it would be just right after Mel sets Shireen ablaze. That's Stannis's tragedy. He's also just off by a bit. And then to have it be Selyese, who all season has been Queen Burn-All-The-Things be the one to suddenly turn into the considerate parent who doesn't want her daughter burned? Nope. And the topper here are D and D who after the show said that this was handed down from GRRM--which doesn't make sense given what we know about TWOW thus far and Theon's spoil chapter. Isn't Stannis telling his men to die trying to put Shireen on the Iron Throne?! So how is this not just pure fan fiction for the sake of shock value?! --Dorne. What. The. Fuck. Dorne. What is this mess? There was no point in Dorne this season. They should have just sent Jaime to the Riverlands to tangle with the Blackfish and not this mess. Alexander Siddig is so underused it's appalling. So Doran, who in the books has this huge "Fire and Blood" plan, not only gives up his Lannister hostage, but also sends HIS ONLY SON TO BE A HOSTAGE TO THE LANNISTERS IN KING'S LANDING?! And yes, let's put a 15 years old on the Small Council. GREAT PLAN. Such good plans! --And suddenly Ellaria is all regretful about her revenge? WHY?! How did she get to that point? I know she's supposed to Arianne-stand-in but Arianne had a really loooooooong chapter that painstakingly detailed how she went from a princess bent on securing the IT for Myrcella to being repentant and lonely and remorseful. It comes down to "show don't tell" on this front. From the acting to the costuming to the horrible fight scenes to the cheesy dialogue, Dorne has been an absolute mess. I feel the overwhelming need to go read AFFC to burn this version of Dorne from my mind. --Olly is trying to burn Jon Snow with the power of his MIIIIIIIND. *rolls eyes* Honestly, the reason why the "for the the watch" moment is so powerful is because it's not some scared little kid leading the attack but seasoned men who are hardnosed and refuse to do anything new, refuse to budge to what is best for the realm, preferring what is best for them and their traditions. --Why was this episode called "The Dance of Dragons..."??? Yes there were one or two mentions of it but other than that....? --So Ser Meryn likes young girls because...? Look, I don't need a reason to hate this guy in order to applaud Arya when she kills him. I know she's going to kill him and I'm already fine with it because killing him--without the creepy pedo vibe--is totally in character for Arya Stark. Meryn has been on her list for a long time. She kills people on her list and is becoming very good at it. Arya doesn't need any sort of extra motivation. Her trailing Meryn and giving him the evil eye was enough.
  12. Tyrion had to, though. If there's one thing this episode did very well (and it did a great many things well) was showing that Tyrion is incredibly smart and intuitive. We've always known that, but cast in front of a new queen he's never met, who is contemplating killing him, Tyrion shows the kind of moxy and quick thinking that he's famous for. What does that have to do with Jorah? I *strongly* suspect that Tyrion knows Jorah has greyscale. Now, admitedly Jorah and greyscale was a stupid writing choice on the writers part in the first place, but there it is. Tyrion doesn't tell Dany why Jorah can't be by her side--only that he can't. Something that makes no sense given everything Tyrion just told Dany about Jorah's love and devotion, not to mention that a ruler should not kill those who are so devoted to her. It's a major disconnect between that and "send him away." So what's the rationale? Tyrion knows that Jorah is sick. And he can't have Jorah being Patient Zero and infecting half of Westeros, not to mention possibly infecting Daenerys herself, the queen Tyrion is trying to win over and advise. ETA: and why not just tell Dany that Jorah is sick? Because again, Tyrion is a smart cookie. He can tell that when Dany is hesitating about what to do with Jorah, and how she's a mix of happy and mad to see him, that telling Dany that Jorah is sick will only make her cling to him instead of doing what she must. Tyrion knows that Dany is a fan and a supporter of the down trodden, of those in need. Telling Dany that her greatest friend and the man who loves her is dying....not the best way to keep the queen out of harm's way and away from the sickness because Dany would never said Greyscale! Jorah away from her side.
  13. Ok, without any hesitation this episode was 10/10. This episode is going to keep me watching GoT. I haven't been enjoying too much of this season but that episode is what I've been waiting for all year long. DAMN. That was good. That was beyond good. The things on my disliked list are small and very nitpicky but everything else was so damn solid. LIKED --The opening conversation between Dany and Tyrion GAVE ME LIFE. OMG. I picked up aGoT 11 years ago for the first time and have been waiting--oh so patiently waiting--for their first real conversation. I don't even care right now that the show got there before GRRM. The snark, the back and forth, Dany trying to be stern and Tyrion being....Tyrion. YES YES YES. This is why so many people are excited to see what GRRM is going to do in the books with Dany and Tyrion. The little man speaks sense; he knows how to advise. He can be the kind of Hand Dany NEEDS. As someone who loves Jorah a rather crazy amount, both book and show version, it hurts to see him banished once more, but Tyrion does have some good points about the kind of ruler Dany needs to be if she does intend to go home again. --"I'm terrible?" "I've heard stories." *followed by* "To see if you're the right kind of terrible...the kind that prevents your people from being even more so." Yes. THAT'S IT. That is GRRM's stance on heroism in a nutshell. I honestly believe that GRRM wants us to question what being a hero means, especially in high fantasy literature where you have figures like Frodo and Rand A'Toth running around as heroes in the most cliche manner. Does being a hero mean that you always take the "good" path, make the moral choice in every decision, some how stay on this side of good without ever crossing over into the more darker territories? Or does it mean that in order to save and change the world, you have to get your hands dirty? Sometimes you have to make the harder, amoral decision? Sometimes you have to crucify 163 slavers and sometimes you have to burn cities to the ground. "Dragons do not plant trees..." but if the soil is rotten, there is no point in even trying. Is a revolution necessary to effect lasting change that is for the betterment of all? That's Dany's story. And I *love* that Tyrion manages to get to the heart of it in a matter of moments. You can be destruction, but from destruction comes rebirth, life and a chance to start over. Tyrion gets that this is Dany's dichotomy. And if that's how GRRM views heroes, then what does that mean for our popularization and celebration of said heroes. --"Whoever Ser Jorah was when he started informing on you, he is no longer that man." I think I literally fist pumped and yelled "YES" at the top of my lungs. "He worships you. He is in love with you I think..." and then Dany's flicker to Jorah's face in acknowledgement, remembering just how devoted he really was. I also thought Emilia did a really nice job conveying that Dany is having a hard time sending Jorah away. --"Let me fight for her, and I belong to you." Kbye. I'm having feelings. --Getting a sort-of Cat of the Canals chapter. It's my very favorite AFFC chapter and probably my favorite Arya chapter. Maisie is doing really well with her lying game and becoming No One. --"All lies!" (yes, Cersei. Including that one). I think this was one of Lena's best performances, and I've never really found her in line with Book! Cersei. I like seeing her miserable and down and out and desperate. --"And leave a feast for the crows..." Book shout outs makes me happy. --"He always comes back..." Foreshadowing is obvious! --The Hardhome set was all sorts of pretty to look at in that rustic, living on the edge of the world sort of way. Also really appreciated Jon's meeting with the Wildling leaders. He's a great commander and I'm glad the show is doing him justice. Also, I hate Thenns. --Wun Wun does not have time for this shit!!! --That was without a doubt the best battle of the season and is only beaten out by Blackwater, and that's only by a small fraction of an amount. HOLY GOD. That was AWESOME. The one on one between Jon and the White Walker--DAAAAAAAMN. That's...big. That's just huge. Valyrian Steel shattering the White Walker...not sure how that stacks up with canon in the book, but I do think that it makes sense since, post-World Book, we learned that VS is made in part with blood magic. And blood is akin to fire, so of course it shatters ice. --The Night's King sees you Jon Snow. He sees yoooooooou. I love that the show is really starting to explore the fact that Jon is very important to this story overall, not just to NW. Also, those White Walkers are dressed like members of the NW. As someone who believes that the Night's King = Brandon the Builder = The Last Hero and who became the NK by entering into a marriage pact with an Other woman only to be cast out of the Nightfort by his own men and then traveled to the Lands of Always Winter to become what they did...yeah, this excites me. --Dead Wight Children are CREEPY --Westeros. Is. Fucked. MIXED --I loved that Theon confessed about Bran and Rickon (and major kudos to Alfie Allen) but Sansa yelling about how she'd do the same thing to Theon that Ramsey did to him, didn't quite feel in character for me. Well, not in Book! Sansa character at least. I guess for post-rape Show! Sansa it might. --The wheel speech. Still pretty cheesy but in context comes across far better than I thought it would. --The wights are a little too walking-fast-style zombie for how I pictured them, but they are also scary. DISLIKED --I find Olly to be dull. I'd rather "for the Watch" come from hardened men without sad sob stories but I fear that Olly is going to lead the charge. It should come from those men who are resistant to change because "this is how it's always been." It's far more weighty and in line with Jon's themes in the book and Westeros's view on the world. --It is bothersome that all the Wildlings wear the same costume, as if they are a unified people. Even when Mance was in charge, they were not a total unified front. I recognize this is insanely nitpicky.
  14. I have a hard time taking that review seriously since it states up front that they've never read the book. Outlander didn't lie; the person should have just done some research into what the novels entailed. Also, everything Dr. Pepper just wrote about how no one could think this show was simply some of sort of time traveling romance given the Pilot episode alone.
  15. 1. You mean because the scenes were brutal and harsh and uncomfortable? Like actual rape is? That's what you're gripping about? That it was realistic and true to how traumatizing actual sexual assault is? The camera and story didn't just allude to it and leave the horror of it to the side, instead it challenged the viewer to watch the horror unfold because, lo and behold, rape is harrowing. 2. Except not. Jamie had to go to France, there was no question that they needed to escape. There was no choice in the matter. And if you think his mind was 180 changed, then I suggest you watch that final scene again and keep an eye on Heughan's face because as he's hugging Claire you can see that while he claims he's happy, Jamie is obviously not quite sure how he feels. The cutting out of the brand was used to show that he's going to survive but this is just the first part of survival. He's not suddenly "all better."
  16. How exactly was it handled terribly? Outlander dealt not only with a rape that was really a season in the making, part of a narrative that has been ongoing for some time, but actually went to the next logical step to show how the survivor has to negotiate their own life now that they are living post-rape (something TV neglects to do...a lot). Jamie did not simply get up, kiss Claire, and move on with his life, sound of body and sound of because everything was okay now that he was away from Black Jack. It showed how people who actually go through something as harrowing and traumatizing as rape feel after their sexual assault. Maybe instead of just saying it was handled terribly, you unpack that statement and say WHY (and not just because someone brought up GoT and compared the two and your first instinct seems to be defending GoT at all costs) In other news: I haven't popped into this thread all season but in brief, this opening season was just phenomenal from start to finish. All the actors (especially Heughan, Balfe, and Menzies) have been stunning to watch. The rich depiction of life in the Scottish highlands, the costumes, the narrative that wavers from intense to light just when the audience needs it...all fantastic. Can't wait for S2.
  17. GRRM's world is realistic but it actually shies away from that. If GRRM really wanted his world to be 100% real, the NW would be full of boy being raped by older men. It doesn't stretch my imagination at all because the books never go into it; it's another excuse of the show to have a violent scene. It was also just rather filler-y. If it wasn't Gilly and Sam's first time (which I thought it was...) then again, what was the point of the scene if these two are already having sex? This is an hour long show that is trying to cover 2 books (AFFC and ADWD). So taking 10 mins (or so) for a scene that is pretty pointless is just that...pointless. I guess, but it's just the shows excuse to get some boob action and again it's about the economy of time in an hour long show. Was it necessary? No. What is more necessary? I don't know...Doran, maybe. Since we've barely seen him for any significant amount of time, certainly not enough to understand or get to know him like we do in AFFC.
  18. I guess I'm giving this episode another 8, but I was thinking about giving it an 9. The stuff I didn't like is stuff I haven't liked all season but the stuff I liked was very good. But I'll hedge my bets and keep it at an 8. LIKED --Jorah seeing Dany again and putting on his helm to go fight. Oh there goes my heart--shattering into a million little pieces. I have been waiting since Storm of Swords came out (so very long ago) for their reunion. HOWEVER. HOW-BLOODY-EVER. Did D and D READ ADWD????! No really. DID THEY?! Cause fun fact: Dany...?! Seriously misses Jorah throughout it all. She thinks about how he should be there, what good advice he gave. Yes, it's coupled with "he betrayed me.." but it's coupled with "he loved me too." This to say nothing of her hallucination on the Grass Sea in which it's Jorah who helps her remember who she is and what her words are. So her whole "get him out of my sight..." NOPE. But, I'm a sucker and Emilia played it really well and you could tell that for one heartbeat she was VERY GLAD to see him. For that alone, I'll put their reunion in "liked" and not "disliked." Now, GRRM...Write like the wind. Give me my real reunion. --"I'm Tyrion Lannister." Well. I didn't see THAT coming. I thought he'd give himself one of his fake names. --Jon "I Care Not What You Have To Say, Alister Thorne" Snow. Really Jon's stuff are the best bits this season. Kit has really grown as an actor and the show writers are taking their time with these plot lines and showing how the brothers aren't overly thrilled with their new LC. --I love when the show remembers that GRRM wrote a very large, breathtaking history of Westeros. Egg mentions are phenomenal. Now just mention Dunk! --GHOST PUPPY!!! HE IS MY FAVORITE PUPPY!! (and he got bigger!) --Iain Glen's FACE OF PAIN during the auction. My insides. THEY HURT. --Loved the scene between the Queen of Thorns and the High Sparrow. Two great actors playing off one another. SO GOOD --Likewise, Queen of Thorns and Littlefinger's conversation was also well done. --Cersei being taken. I wish the show was doing more with Cersei's terrible attempt at ruling and how unhinged she is becoming (like burning the Tower of the Hand in AFFC) but I did like her being taken by the High Sparrow. MIXED --I hate pretty much all the WF stuff, but I have to admit that Alfie Allen is doing a really great job this year. --Aemon's death and his funeral pyre was wonderfully done, but REALLY? No mention of TPTWP?? Nothing about Daenerys and Aemon's idea that she is TPTWP?? Really?? I may not even believe that Dany is TPTWP (I think it's Jon) but at least put it out in the universe that other people are starting to interpret the prophecy differently from Mel. However, I'm glad they gave Aemon his "I dreamed I was old" line. :'( --I liked Ghost Puppy (best puppy!) but was there a *point* to Sam getting beat up and the NW brothers almost raping Gilly? I mean obviously it leads to Sam and Gllly's first time but why with the unnecessary prelude involving attempted rape? Why not just have Sam and Gilly (two people who clearly love and desire each other) just have sex after mourning Aemon and coming together because of that? --Meereen in general. While I enjoyed (sort of..) Dany's moment in the fighting pits, I have a pretty big issue with how this show is handling Meereen overall. D and D like to make Dany out to be nothing but a badass--a woman with some dragons who sets things on fire with those dragons while uttering cool catchphrases. They haven't done a bang up job over the past two seasons of showing how insecure Dany is, how internally she is struggling with her rule, her decisions, and her own nature. GRRM wrote it best when he has Dany think: "and who would ever dare to love a dragon?" That's Dany. She is scared that she is a monster, like her children. She's not just a badass who feeds people to the fire of her dragons. She's decidedly more complicated than that and this show is reducing her to just someone who makes bold proclamations without any of the internal flavoring that is Book! Dany. I know TV is a visual medium but it's their job as writers to give Emilia moments and lines and stories that show how complicated Dany is. DISLIKED --Sansa, covered in bruises, begging Theon for help. I knew they'd take this opportunity to make Sansa's troubles all about Theon and his redemption. Book Sansa who is learning to play the game...I miss you (and I was never your biggest fan) --Tommen becomes Joffery 2.0 threatening to kill everyone? *sigh* I know I know...they aged him up and needed to give him something more because of that. --Super convenient poison is super convenient! How lucky that it kicked in right when the Sand Snake (I have no idea which one she is because they are all so cliche and boring) was undressing and giving everyone their boob shot of the night! I am also really tired of the Dorne storyline not having Doran. Come on. You hired Siddig! USE HIM
  19. But I think that's part of the problem: they are using rape as a way to make interesting character development. Book Sansa has just as much interesting character development as she learns to really play the game--all of which happens without a sexual assault. Her WOW preview we got from GRRM shows how adept she's becoming and it she does it all without having to be raped. People are claiming that now Sansa is going to be seeking revenge hardcore but...she didn't need motivation to take down the Bolton's. She has all the motivation she needs after the Red Wedding. That's why I see the rape as gratuitous and more in line with D and D's now trademark torture porn.
  20. And this is what bothers me most about the WF/Sansa scene. I hated the rape aspect as a whole, but from an objective standpoint it is part of GRRM's world, rape in general and marital rape specifically. But during a time when we're supposed to be focused on Sansa's trauma, heartache, and pain...they went to *Theon* and instead we focused on how Sansa's rape was affecting him. That's a big no-no for me. Theon being affected is fine as we know Reek is likewise affected in the books by fAyra, but choosing to let his angst over the scene be the audiences focus and not Sansa's is very disconcerting. There are ways to show the scene that would avoid seeing the rape (like the scene ultimately did) but keep the focus where it belonged--on Sansa.
  21. This is such a hard episode to rate. I really enjoyed most of the first 35 mins or so and then they went to WF. In the end, it's getting an 8 with the understanding that I'm pretty unhappy about WF/Sansa's story. LIKED --Arya and the House of Black and White. The lying game was well done as was the hall of faces--seriously spooky. --"Possibly the least charming man I've ever met." (or: why BQ really loves Jorah Mormont...a lot.) I'm glad they're keeping the spirit of the Jorah and Tyrion dynamic from the books alive. I would hate for them to become bosom buddies; theirs is a fun relationship because it's so snarky. Also: the return of Iain Glen's FACE OF PAIN! --"This song really is all about the ending" I feel like that line is supposed to be pretty meta given that this is "A Song of Ice and Fire" --The Queen of Thrones and Cersei. More of that please. --The trial scene was well done; even though I knew what was about to happen, it had a feeling of intensity. Also, Jonathan Price! --Sansa's wedding outfit was lovely. MIXED --Jorah describing his belief in Daenerys. Oh heavens. I melt. BUT Book! Jorah remains a cynic and a pragmatist throughout the series, even if he does have that much belief in Dany. The book purist in me (and someone who adores Jorah, cynicism and all) is slightly irked by that. --The LF and Cersei scene was good but Aidan Gillien's need to impersonate Batman is still annoying and gets worse every season. DISLIKED --Obviously, the ending. At this point, I am pretending that nothing is happening at WF; Sansa isn't there; Ramsey did not just rape her. They are so far off the book map that I feel like I can call it hogwash and be justified in doing so. It feels very much like Sansa's rape is only for sensationalism, to be gasp worth and tweetable. At this point D and D have no clue what to do with Sansa (except they know they don't want to do what GRRM is planning based off what we do know is coming in WOW) and so they go for the horror and cheap gasp-worthy moment. --I still cannot with what they did to Ellaria. I get that they wanted an Arianne figure without actually casting Arianne and while in the books Ellaria is more a minor figure, her speech about vengeance and how useless it is is powerful and perfectly fits with the war-soaked narrative of AFFC. Reducing her down to another Dornish woman looking for revenge and taking away her speech/ideas from the show narrative as a whole leave a very bad taste in my mouth. The show and the books are great at demonstrating how bad war can be, but where the books go further is that GRRM inserts characters who speak about the futility of it all (Meribald, Ellaria). It'd be nice if the show did too. --The Sand Snakes and the fight between them and Jaime/Bronn was almost comically bad. --The writers are making Cersei too competent. She's supposed to be really floundering. --Not nearly enough Doran! Come on. Stop teasing me with Siddig.
  22. THANK YOU. Yes to all of this. If Dany's already using the dragons to put the fear of God into the Slavers then why hasn't she unleashed them to take care of the Sons?? They have completely done away with all her internal conflicts, something that makes Dany not only controversial but worth talking about!
  23. So far I've gotten several people telling me that they thought of me. Glad to know I've got my Jorah-cred. As for the Slavers..yeah I don't know. Wouldn't the Slavers just kill a man infected with Greyscale.
  24. I'm just sitting here going, "not in the books...not in the books...not in the books..." I'll just keep telling myself that for the next 5 episodes....(and potentially the rest of the TV series)