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  1. Worst of the worst

    People who are defending the slavers have to be trolling or downright racist. There is simply no valid excuse to make someone your slave, it doesn't even matter if you threat the slave "good" as in you don't beat or torture him, you just put him to work to do what you are too lazy to do. To be more on topic, apart from the horrible people mentioned, i think Varys is right up there with the worst of them. He uses children as slaves to do his bidding, not to mention has them mutilated in the process as well. You can argue that Illyrio supplies them without their tongues, but we don't see Varys complaining about it now don't we?
  2. Three word story (game)

    Year: 298 AC
  3. Bump for greater justice:)
  4. Olly didn't deserve that

    Oh and what do you propose, that Jon should send him home without supper? No i do not empathise with murderers, its not like Oli did it for revenge against a Wilding, so no there's no argument you nob.
  5. Sorry to go a little off topic, but Robb being crowned in the north was not a bad move at all. All it did was rally the forces around him even more, what lost the north was his poorly developed politics skills. Cutting off Lord Karstark head was nothing short of moronic, and then again not keeping his arrangement with the Frey's. He could have a wife in name, and a consort in his bed every night without any problems..Walder would not give two shits about his daughter honour as long as she was legally married to Robb. To be more on topic, yes having another voice of reason in Benjen in his camp would not have hurt at all. Benjen would probably be more harsh with him, and explain why honour must be sacrificed for the greater good ( The north being free and getting his sister back)
  6. Anyone interested in playing a game? I'm willing to moderate the first one, for does that are unfamiliar with the forum version, but know the table version and love it you can find a preview here:
  7. I would say pretty much just another plothole, these books are put under the microscope way to much The only explanation that we can think off, is that people are scared of the Boltons. They have a flaying tradition, and probably nobody dared to question Roses logic on that one, probably thought he and king Robb had some secret plan.
  8. Olly didn't deserve that

    So what? Doesn't matter it he saw his parents getting murdered by wildings, that doesn't give him the right to kill Jon Snow who is NOT a wilding. It doesn't matter if he is a kid, murder a conscious one at that, cannot go unpunished. Post like these pretty much show what's wrong with society nowadays..justifying murder..jesus fucking christ.
  9. Duel: Gregor Clegane vs Mag the Mighty

    True story. Mag would bat any man 1vs1 to the moon, mammoth or not.
  10. Little Things You Want in Season 7

    Please abide from spoilers. I'm hoping they don't just randomly make Cerci have a big army to defend herself against the Targ coalition out of nowhere.
  11. First i would like you to re-direct your attention to Lml thread: If you don't wanna read trough it (its a good read though) the main point is that the NW originally were undead heroes that fought against the others. They had to fight fire with fire because nothing else worked at the time. We don't really know how the conflict ended as the clues we have on it are scarce and contradicting tales at best. I would like to propose something: The Last hero and the Night's King are the same person. We know from the stories that The Last hero formed the NW and won the battle for Dawn. We don't really know how he did it though. I for one find it hard to believe that even if he and the original NW were turned into Undead to fight the Others to even playing field, they couldn't have achieved victory since they didn't have the numbers for sure on their side. Yes they had dragon glass, but that only works on the Others themselves, they would first have to go trough their endless hoards of wights who would not be affected by it. I do believe that instead they managed to force the Others into a truce, this is where the Night's King comes into play. We know that supposedly he was the 13th commander of the NW, but we have no idea who the previous other 12 were. Its my belief that trough the ages the tales got mixed up, and the number 13th was just the number of the company of undead heroes that fought against the Others in the war for dawn. So probably trough some guerrilla warfare (a tactic that the Children of the forrest loved to use) the heroes with the help of the Children forced the Others into a truce. The conditions i believe were harsh, they demanded constant sacrifices be provided to them, and that they have someone in their ranks to guarantee that the NW held up their end of the bargain..enter the "female other" that was supposedly the queen of this Night's King. Thoughts?
  12. Really? I would think Euron would not hire someone with a bigger D then him, his not that petty as i thought
  13. I can't wait for Conor McGregor to bless game of thrones, would be awesome to have him against a few Iron Born and fuck them up, wilding style. Have him stick around and make a new bro-mance with Tormund.
  14. @LmL that was a nice OP, well worth the read. Like you pointed out there are many gaps in the last hero story, i and many others do not believe that he simply imputed IDDQD and blasted trough all the undead army. So i like the idea of fighting "evil" with "evil" it makes sense for the humans to want to at least equal their nemesis in power. I do not believe though that the first NW was pledged to the green seers. I believe (tv show spoilers and all) that the children messed up and they created the Others in a desperate attempt for survival. So a little summary: men vs children, men win by landslide, children get desperate, they create the Others, it all goes horribly wrong and the Others now start killing everybody. A pact is then made between the Humans and the Children of the forrest, the enemy of my enemy type of deal, and the Children teach the Last Hero how to create his own Zombie army. This has to be the whole NW at leas at this point, even with a kick ass sword in his hands, i really don't see how he can win vs the Others almost infinite numbers without a army at his back. So my guess is that he turned the whole NW at the time into Undead soldiers and they did battle with the others. I have another theory, that after the events of the long night, this last hero is also the same guy that married the "female other" as a truce. He then turns evil yada yada yada.
  15. Most gratifying moment?!

    This, that scene was so well acted, there's numerous little things like that that i loved, one of them was the look on Davos face, it looked like he found hope again.