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  1. It most likely have no impact, besides guarantee GRRM's bitter sweet ending. Bran will probably know who Jon's real parents are, but he will somehow fail to deliver that news to Jon. But i dunno, unless Jon dies he still has a pretty sweet deal going on with him being named KITN...not as good as King of Westeros, but Jon hardly cares about titles anyway.
  2. Why the ToJ showdown ever happened?

    The more i think about it, the more i suspect Varys is at fault for this showdown. He has a vast spy network, he can spread false rumours like no other right? Well you're Arthur Dayne, you receive word that uncle creepy is coming for his sisters baby...u have to fight him at this point, it makes total sense.
  3. Hooded Man of WF is 10000% Theon

    So the HM in Winterfell is 100 Theons. So this means that Ramsey invented cloning, and it all went horribly wrong.
  4. This has probably been discussed at some point, but general consensus that i see is that Roose only betrayed Robb after he started making imbecile decisions like: beheading Karstark and not marrying the Frey girl. So for this theory to work, we are going to make one assumption: that Roose is a capable commander. There's no real hard evidence that he is up there with the best of the best, but there isn't evidence that he is a bad commander either. First battle of the war that involves the Northern houses is the Battle on the Greek Fork. Here a capable commander would not have rushed with his small batch of men the vastly superior in numbers Lannister army. A capable commander would have taken advantage of the terrain, by going upriver and holding the higher ground. The Lannister could have still won if they attacked Roose in this position, but would have lost an immense deal of their own men. Knowing Tywin is a smart and cautious man, he would not have taken the bait, and would instead go for Harrenhall. But this would extend his army, possibly outspent their supplies, and the most important thing? Get trapped between two Northern armies, because Robb could have followed up shortly. Instead Roose, choose to reveal his position to Tywin, attack the larger army and loose a lot of Stark loyalist in the process. So my bottom line is, that Roose was planning to betray Robb from the get go, the Bolton - Frey - Lannister alliance that happened later on, was just luck on his side to further aid his plan.
  5. Why did Roose never remarried?

    The whole thing about Ramsey is inconsistent to say the least. I like what GRRM did with Ramsey - Theon relationship, but it makes zero sense that Ramsey is still alive after he obviously killed Roose's son. Roose has no use for Ramsey, he does however need a son with his name. Now if Ramsey didn't kill his son, thus obviously posing a threat to Roose himself as well (ending his line), i can see him keeping Ramsey alive as a back up plan if he doesn't get another son in the mean time. Killing Ramsey would not matter in the eyes of nobody, he could do it publicly and invoke whatever reason he wanted, nobody would be revolted over it. As for Roose marrying into the Stark family, that would never happen given the bad blood between houses. Don't even wanna get into how "inconsistent" with the Stark kings of old was to leave House Bolton alive.
  6. The 3 Smartest Characters, In Order, Are...

    While i agree that the book offers more insight to the way Jon thinks, how is he a fool in the show? Let's re-cap: - He was clever enough to deceive Mance, and everybody beyond the wall that he is on their side. - He was strong enough to sacrifice love for duty. Read duty as in sacrificing his love, to save a lot of people. - He was smart enough to get the willdlings to not only commit to fighting the WW, but also to fight in the Battle of the Bastards on his side. - His only real mistake was not executing/ exiling Throne when he was chosen as Lord Commander. I'm really curios, what do you think show Jon did to categorise him as a fool.
  7. Does fAegon annoy anyone else?

    Honestly f(Aegon) is not as bad as Lady StoneHart, now that's one absolutely pointless character. But more on point, you need not worry about things dragging out. People love to think that this will be a second dance of dragons, this will just be another Blackfyre rebellion, it will start strong then fall apart really fast. I suspect by the end of 1/2 of the next book, they will be squashed.
  8. Questions about Manderlys move to the North

    I like this theory a lot, its such a shame we know so little about the Stark Kings, especially since from the little bits we know they had a very different mentality from the current generation.
  9. Where does Danny land?

    Dragonstone makes absolutely zero sense. She has a extremely large army with tons of horses that need to be feed on top of the people in her army as well. They won't be able to make camp there, never mind the food aspect of it, the island will simply be to small for everybody to debark on.
  10. I think at this point, everything has been talked about at some point so don't worry about it. I think he will just have a heated conversation with Ned, but that will be the full extent of it. Would go something like this: Ned you know what these bastards did to your family, to Lyanna and you keep one hidden from me? Its Lyanna's boy, and she loved him, if you truly loved her you will drop this matter and never speak of it again. God's damn you fool, do you know what u have done? The boy is a bastard, i have raised him as a bastard, he is my son and anyone who argues otherwise will be accused of treason. Some more swearing, ends with Robert saying keep it that way Ned, or i swear yada yada yada threats. Drinks? Yeah sure, and their pals again.
  11. An idle thought re: the Greyjoy Rebellion

    Pretty much this, him rebelling with the kind of resources he had at his disposal was always a bad idea. Let's assume he would rebel right after or during Robert's Rebellion. Robert and company win the throne, Robert has a falling out with Ned. At this point the Greyjoy's are in full rebellion against the throne. How do you justify a rebellion to your banner man if you're Balon? Well you most likely promise them: "boys its back to the good times, we gonna raid, rape etc". Now where do you raid rape? Unless you go all the way down and fight the Tyrells, you're either stuck with Lannisters, Starks or Tully's. You attack the Lannisters, who are part of the newly formed crown power ( a integral part at that), you're gonna have the full might of the crown bearing down on you and squash you like a bug. You attack Stark lands, and they make peace with Robert, join their armies and again squash the weak armies of Balon. You attack the Tully's, again Starks join in, see above. To simply conclude, Balon is plain stupid.
  12. Euron's death foreshadowed?

    @Lost Melnibonean ah feking hell, i'l use the search function next time...really thought i struck gold with this one:))) @Ser Walter of AShwood: certainly something that GRRM loves to writte.
  13. who's excited!!?

    What do u mean exactly?
  14. Now let me start that i think i might be reading way to much into this, but hear me out: The last bit alone "Behind the dais a kraken and grey leviathan were locked in battle beneath the painted waves" , now this might not look like much now. But if we couple it with : It would seem that GRRM is alluding that Sam will kill Euron, maybe when he attacks Old Town. I'm quite conflicted on this one, on one hand i think Euron will die too soon, and i'm thinking why waste such a perfectly good villain that fast? But then again GRRM wasted Oberyn really fast ( tons of potential as well, but on the good side) and the story is coming to and end thoughts? Will Sam slay the Kraken as well?
  15. Ashara Dayne as Jon Snow's mother

    Exactly, GRRM has provided a lot of world depth...but its exactly that: depth. If you take a step back, and look at the books from a perspective point of view, you can see who matters who doesn't pretty clearly by now. I'm not saying that i guessed the main characters after i read the first book, but 5 books in..we can separate the extra's pretty easily at this point. On a side note, at some point i really have to read the Lord of the Rings books, i know they have a lot of world depth as well.