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  1. To add what others have said, it hardly matters anyway. It doesn't look like he will have anymore impact on the story, unless he saves Bran yet again.
  2. How exactly did you get that? In the show the opposite is really evident as far as season 1. Compare the equipment of the average Lannister soldier to what house Stark soldiers had at their disposal. I have to run, but i will build on this post a bit later. Could be interesting discussion since not only quality of equipment matters, training and moral/battle approach is going to differ region by region as well.
  3. So..we getting one? Or was that promo it?
  4. Interesting read, but like others said its just rumours based on rumours, that honestly leads to a shitty conclusion of Jon's story. Although it did remind me how awesome the Legacy of Kain & Soul Reaver series thanks for that:D
  5. How is this even a topic? Incest happens a lot in the world, and it happened A LOT in the middle ages and before that. Since these books are loosely based on that time period, how are some of you surprised by it? GRRM didn't invent rape, incest and all the horrible things that happen in Westeros and certainly he is not encouraging people to do them. He is simply portraying the story in a realistic matter, and not in a Disney put your hand in the sand and pretend it didn't happen/ couldn't happen view.
  6. Ok so before i make my list, i want to make it clear what discipline means in my view, and what kind of discipline is required to play the game. Discipline should be a combination of patience and ruthlessness. A player should know to wait for the perfect opportunity to make his move, and he should execute set move with ruthlessness. For example Ned had the perfect opportunity to check mate the Lannister when he could have taken Cersei and her kids into custody. Instead of being ruthless, his compassion got in the way of keeping his head. Edit: oops double post.
  7. My guess is that again he is mixing his apples with oranges. Dany is resilient, but she demonstrated time and time again to be impulsive and make hasty decisions. (some may be attributed to her being young though). Il come up with a top 5 list soon ( to lazy to think of more).
  8. I think you are confusing mental discipline with military discipline. Ned lacked the former and was excellent in the latter, and should not be ranked that high or anywhere in the least actually.
  9. I honestly hope they just disappear completely, even their death's would be a waste of screen time. Just pretend like they didn't happen, works for me.
  10. Odd choice, why is that? Mine would be..hmm..either Jon Snow or Tywin Lannister.
  11. Sorry for going off topic, but at some point the twist do have to stop. You can't keep it gray until the end, lines have been drawn and Cerci is evil whichever way you look at it. Its not a bad thing that the good guys will come and actually clean the bad away, probably temporarily though as the WW army is right around the corner ready to fuck everybody's shit up regardless of their good/bad nature.
  12. Stop using internet explorer.
  13. While i don't believe that Jon will ever be king of Westeros (unless the situation requires it), he will not remain a bastard till the end. GRRM loves a underdog story, and while he prides himself with crushing the hopes and dreams of fans, if you look at the true underdogs (main characters in the series) they are all doing quite well for themselves, and are close to getting what they always dreamt off. Jon could easily end up as a Stark, because of two reasons: either the Northern lords won't care ( highly possible) that he is a bastard, and name him one either way, Dany or Stannis is going to legitimise him in the end, because the situation will require for it. Rules are meant to be broken, and it simply won't matter that technically he is not eligible to become a Stark/ Targaryan.
  14. It all depends how hot she is, now this may sound very shallow but its exactly why it would work. The Lord that would get himself a wilding wife, a hot one, would be able to present her as : the wild beauty that he tamed...sounds exactly like the sort of reasoning that would work on the middle age mentality that you have in Westeros.
  15. Confirmed, The God Emperor of man from Warhammer is Bloodraven.