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  1. 2015/2016 Debut Authors

    I've been struggling to find good speculative fiction debuts of late. I looked over my bookshelves and realized that I have been reading the same group other authors pretty much exclusively over the past few years. I think we talk about Bakker, Martin, Abercrombie, Erikson, Rothfuss, Lynch, Hobb, Abraham, etc. a lot on this website but I was hoping we could focus a few posts on some of the up-and-comers. Trust me, I've tried Googling this subject but to no avail. Maybe I'm not following the right blogs or website, but who are/have been the best speculative fiction debut authors for 2015 and 2016 (so far)? Feel free to talk about the stinkers as well.
  2. Web toons / Web Comics recommendations

    Unsounded is actually a really legit webcomic. The story is great IMO, the worldbuilding is top notch, but the art is the highlight here. Gunnerkrigg Court is also an amazing webcomic that I have been reading for years. The cartoonist has a publishing deal with Boom to print each volume in a nice hardcover. The Meek is also pretty solid, though it suffered from a really long hiatus. Freakangels by Warren Ellis was great: To name off some others: Dresden Codak Everblue: All of Evan Dahm's comics: Gone with a Blastwave: Lady Sabre by Greg Rucka: Lackadaisy Cats Super Effective All of Faith Erin Hicks' old webcomics: Warbot in Accounting: Turbo Defiant: Stand Still, Stay Silent: JL8 The Firelight Isle Crimson Dark: The Fox Sister Hinges
  3. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    Noami is described as a mix of Asian, South American, and African. She has typical belter features and is described as being nearly two meters tall. I'm pretty sure this would make her the tallest on the Rocinante, with the exception of possibly Bobbie. She is also described as having black curly hair. So no, not really. They got the African and curly hair. They skipped on the rest. Amos is repeatedly described as tall, meaty, burly,stocky, and broad shouldered. He ispale-skinned with recedingred-brown hair, but is mostly bald.
  4. [BOOK & TV SPOILERS] The Expanse on SyFy

    I am in the camp that both Amos and Naomi were miscast, but I can live with it if they couldn't find a competent enough actor/actresses that had the physical characteristics that the characters have in the novels. That being said, just for the sake of it, I was wondering if anyone had any casting suggestions for these two characters that they think could have worked better (i.e. more truthful to the physical characteristics in the novels)? If not, I don't think I could find any real reason to complain...
  5. The books coming out in 2016

    Will the movie adaptation also start Tom Hanks and Halle Berry :/
  6. Best recent fanatsy debuts (or thoughts on these books)?

    Late to the game, but I would rate as follows: 1) City of Stairs by Robert Bennett Jackson 2) Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown 3) The Shadow Campaigns by Django Wexler 4) The Grim Company by Luke Scull 5) The Rook by Daniel O'Malley 6) The Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey 7) The Powder Mage Trilogy by Brian McClellan 8) Age of Iron Trilogy by Angus Watson 9) The Flight of the Silvers by Daniel Price 10) The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison 11) The Broken Empire by Mark Lawrence 12) A Raven's Shadow by Anthony Ryan 13) The Faithful and the Fallen by John Gwynne 14) Chronicle of the Unhewn Throne by Brian Staveley 15) Dandelion Dynasty by Ken Liu 16) No Return by Zachary Jernigan The Expanse Series by James SA Corey, Abercrombie's new series, The Free by Brian Ruckley, Ian Tregillis' new series and Daniel Abraham's The Dagger and The Coin series are all great too but they are all old hands at this point. I am also very much looking forward to reading The Traitor Baru Cormnant by Seth Dickinson. I've enjoyed the first three preview chapters a lot.
  7. I thought the second book was pretty great.   Question for people that finished the book. Note, the question includes a spoiler.   [spoiler] I missed the significance of the last chapter reveal of Marius. I think he's a magelord. Am I wrong in assuming so? What was his significance; I can't remember from the first book. I did pick up that he was the mentor to the twin necromancers but other than that, I don't have a clue. [/spoiler]
  8. The books coming out in 2015

    When do we start the 2016 thread?
  9. The books coming out in 2015

    Are there any buzzworthy upcoming debuts in 2016?
  10. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    I'm half way through the Time of Contempt and I have never played the video games before. Can someone please explain to me what a Chosen One is? Thanks.
  11. Top 5 favorite fantasy series?

    Not sure how this is supposed to go, but if we art talking simply about my personal enjoyment of the series then: 1) A Song of Ice and Fire - For me, this is the series that has most interested me. The theories, prophecies, and back story is what takes it to a different level. His characterization is great; most characters are like Shrek, they have layers. 2) The First Law Trilogy - This series is a terrific bit of fun. The humor in it is great. Abercrombie also has this theme where people try to change themselves but ultimately don't. Again, I like the back story/ ancient history here. 3) Bitter Seeds - This could be argued to be science fiction but I view it more as fantasy. The author did such a great job of weaving everything together. Masterfully planned. 4) The Kingkiller Chronicles - Although I did not enjoy the second novel as much as I enjoyed the first, I don't think anyone can deny that Rothfuss is a truly great writer. I think his first page and last page of each of the novels are some of the best wordsmithing I have personally read. I like the idea of stories within stories within stories. Again, I really enjoyed the background and ancient history here. I also think that Mr. Rothfuss is an exceptionally great and likeable person from reading his blog and the charity that he puts on. It's always easier to like a book when you know the author is a legitimately good soul. 5) Looking at my bookshelves, I'd guess I'd have to give first place to Sanderson's Adolnasium universe, particularly the Stormlight Archives. I have many gripes about his Sanderson's writing. I don't think its near as good as the four series above. I also understand that he doesn't want to cuss (that it's against his religion) but I find his use of substitution cuss words particularly annoying and jarring. I do enjoy his magic systems though. Some are better than others but they most are pretty cool to read about. I also like the story behind the story here. Looking at the above, I noticed that I tend to like series with rich back stories / world building. Sometimes, I wish I got to read those "origin" stories instead but I think that might take the magic out of it, so to speak.
  12. Mark Smylie's new book postponed "indefinitely". wtf?

    He would have to be pretty foolish to have filed the rights under Archaia, the company he founded, rather than to himself.
  13. The Books That Have Just Come Out: New Release Thread

    Has anyone read Providence of Fire by Brian Staveley. I was underwhelmed by the first book in the series but it has good reviews on Goodreads...
  14. Any news on the audible release of Sword of the North? The non-audible version is like $100 something...