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  1. When did you host, dear Ser?
  2. Our theme suggestion seemed quite interesting.
  3. Interesting theory. I can believe that Illyrio lied about the eggs, but it is still a question how the eggs are related to Rhaegar and why Illyrio gave them to Daenerys (given his Aegon scheme). As for the dream, I always had the impression that Dany was looking at some alternative reality rather than her own future, as some readers apparently interpret the dream. I see several different possibilities for him, possibilities that I can't exclude, and I'm not sure either where his storyline will go - how could anyone be sure? But the connection between stone and the Starks is difficult to deny, and Jon's storyline is interwoven with dragon, fire and royal references, while he is also shown as the ultimate ice character. Where the writer wants to go with this, he alone could tell.
  4. I have no idea how Vermax could get into the crypts, nor am I very interested in it. As I said above, both the Vermax story and the ice dragon story could be totally metaphorical, just stories within the story, nothing to do with in-world history, yet, they may point towards something. The discussion above on the possible "stone dragon" connections of the Starks also refers to a metaphorical connection - the Starks are not actual dragons. (Not even the Targaryens are the same as the real dragons, for all the bonding between them.) All I'm saying is that there are textual connections between the Starks and dragons. It doesn't really matter if an ice dragon ever existed (unless the writer means to introduce one in the main story), it doesn't matter what Vermax did or did not do in Winterfell as long as it cannot be proved either way. What matters is how the mention of a metaphorical "Northern dragon" (ice dragon, dragon eggs in Winterfell) may serve the current storyline.
  5. Oh, yes, in-world, the ice dragon may well be just a story for children (although if fire dragons can exist, why not ice dragons as well?). Yet, why is this legendary animal mentioned at all in the books? It may well be a metaphor to help us associate ice and dragons, and, by extension, the Starks and the dragons. The same is true about the alleged dragon eggs in Winterfell. This is a quotation from the The World of Ice and Fire: The context is very interesting here. The story is presented and cast doubt on at the same time. An argument is presented (Vermax was probably male) but a counterargument is also mentioned (dragons could change sex) and refuted at once. In addition, the reader knows that Yandel's judgement isn't always correct. Now, if the rumour is true, it is theoretically not impossible that proof may still be found, since we know that dragon eggs can be preserved for a long time. But perhaps it is more likely that we will never find out whether this story is "true" or not. It looks rather like the writer is teasing the reader: "it may or may not be true, believe what you will". It may even be tongue-in-cheek reference to the R+L=J debate in RL. Or it may have a hidden, metaphorical (and equally tongue-in-cheek) meaning, with a male dragon leaving "eggs" in Winterfell - a reader's mind may easily jump to Rhaegar, "the last dragon". Whatever the purpose of the writer was, one thing is certain - that the mention of the story establishes a contextual link between dragons and Starks, and that is why I suggested this story as something that might help to "think about Starks as dragons".
  6. Well, there is the reference to the ice dragon multiple times in the books, there is also the story about a dragon egg being left in Winterfell.
  7. Bran and I have highly original ideas for that highly esteemed clue. @Castellan, the mule is very cute!
  8. 1) Invoking Winter's Sacred Power 2) Intrepidly, We Sew Prayerfully. 3) Dancing On 4) Death Offered
  9. And I still think they might be. You never know with Dolorous Gabe. I'm looking for hints everywhere, but I can't find them.
  10. Thank you. Weekends are generally better for me, too, though last weekend was exceptionally busy.
  11. Can we ask a yes-no question this round, too?
  12. Thanks... *sigh*
  13. 1) 2 2) 9 3) 1 4) 6 Does that mean that I'm late with my entry as well?
  14. Just a minute.
  15. That's a good point. I concentrated exclusively on the symbolic aspects, and I didn't look at the question from this angle. There is no way to tell it for sure at the moment though. On my own, I'd probably think it is the crown, because it seems to make sense, but when I start thinking about it, I realize the scene can work even if those petals come from a different flower. On the other hand, we can be sure at least that we aren't meant to think of fresh flowers. Maybe this question will be left open for ever. Oh, I see, thanks.