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  1. Congratulations to @a free shadow on a wonderfully played game and the victory! Oh, and on the new Northern title and lands as well! So the Others are defeated! to everyone! I can actually see the new day breaking now. Special congratulations to our newbie for all her contributions to the fight game. Last but not least, a million thanks to our really awesome host for taking us on this exciting voyage!
  2. Experience and careful observation of your fellow players from game to game, I guess... Or something much more mysterious that only a free shadow can do.
  3. Wow. I have a couple of guesses myself, but to guess all of them correctly... That's uncanny. Well done.
  4. Did someone say next game??? Welcome to the club! We must learn to carefully scrutinize every single word you utter here.
  5. Wait, wait, wait, are you bringing Others to Winterfell??? BLOW THE HORNS!!! 3 TIMES!!!
  6. I'm here, enjoying all the wonderful things that Winterfell has to offer. Fireplace, mulled wine, good company... it is quite pleasant to spend a few hours in Winterfell (for the time being at least). Oh, and we mustn't forget to visit the hot springs while we are here! (I was just about to start a voyage to circumnavigate Planetos when I received the summons, so I feel I'm entitled to some compensation.) By the way, have you seen Abel with his harp? We need some music and songs.
  7. I remember a game - perhaps it was rocksniffer's - where extra points were awarded to the player who first sent the correct set of answers.
  8. I think so...
  9. Are you now the King-in-the-North? Did you need to remove us all from Westeros so you could get elected take the northern throne? Still... if the Others are coming, humans must stand together. I'm on my way to Winterfell! I don't know how fast I can get there though, the North is very far away from the Summer Isles.
  10. Wun Wun went skating? I told him not to do that, but he didn't listen. Be careful, he might be angry now,
  11. I thought of the Rainbow Guard, too, but it seemed hopeless to link the clues to them (with the exception of the Renly clue). I'm proud that I actually reached the (alternative) conclusion that the riddle might mean simply "white", but then I thought it was reference to the Kingsguard and got a bit confused by the fact that there were more than two Kingsguard members among my guesses. Eventually, I had to accept the fact that it was easier to solve the clues and the theme than DG's riddle. BTW... Has there ever been a riddle game on this forum? Would there be any interest in such a game?
  12. Our host is too good at hiding clues... Well done to @Dolorous Gabe for hiding and @jezzie_bell for finding the extra clues!
  13. I'm sailing the Summer Sea and exploring the Summer Isles.
  14. Good news!!!