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  1. Indeed, I considered including Eddard and Joffrey and even Robert on the list because their deaths are very strongly associated with bells ringing. In the end, I decided to go with some more obvious bell associations, also excluding the most obvious ones (Bella and Jinglebells) though.
  2. Remember, the Book of Ancient Knowledge needs to be found. So yes, the bell is ringing now, but you can hardly hear it at the moment - as soon as it started ringing, the trapdoor on which you were (unwittingly) standing opened, and now you are faaaaaaaaaaaalling... Ouch! You hit the ground with a thud, but, luckily, you have fallen on something soft. (But where are you?) Unfortunately, you also find yourself surrounded by people. Strangers. You stare at them quite scared. But panic not, my friend. One of those locals needs your help and can give you help in return. So who is that person? Can you find them? 1. Bound northwards, break nearby virtual silver chain. 2. Religiously fanatical wife. Rebuffed repeatedly. 3. Bride/nurse broke nation. Voluptuous/slender curves? 4. Rivers flow. Waters run red. 5. Brave northerner butchered. Noxious validation: "suitable chastening". 6. "Revenge" fulfilled whereas revenge robbed. 7. Bedmaid notoriously bedded. (Nuptials vitiated.) Storm coming. 8. Rabbits for wolves! Reply refused. 9. Between nuptials, bedtime - nincompoop very suckily captured. Theme: ??? Yes, there are nine clues now. To be honest, I made two clues simply because I couldn't choose between two characters. That's the only reason. I don't know how that will affect you all. A warning: There may be a couple of somewhat obscure characters on the list this time. But you don't need any extra books besides the five main ones to have the necessary information about any of the characters. (So no Duncan the Tall, for example.) Help options: You can ask your character to help you twice in the usual ways (yes-no question, random information, spying mission). In addition, there is a secret character behind every character this round. Besides the two help requests from your own character, once you can also ask for secret help. It means you can ask one of the secret characters to help you. (You choose a clue and request secret help from the secret character behind the subject of that clue. It doesn't matter whether you have solved that clue or not. It can even be your own clue if that is what you want.) However, in this case, you cannot specify what kind of help you want. The secret character will send you one word, and it's your job to decide what to do with it. There will be two theme prelims because I think you may need it (although I may be mistaken). Deadline: Friday December 15th, 8 a.m., Central European Time.
  3. ROUND FOUR AUTHORS AND SCORES 1. In Round Four, Jon Connington formed a secret alliance with rocksniffer. 2. Tyrion Lannister received a clue from Julia H. 3. Areo Hotah loyally guarded Dolorous Gabe's safety and interests. 4. Maester Cressen's wisdom and knowledge served Castellan. 5. Khal Drogo and his mighty army rode with a free shadow. 6. Daenerys Targaryen and her dragons supported Raisin' Bran. 7. Patchface entertained jezzie_bell with his songs. 8. Penny befriended Ser Not Appearing. Name / Score Guessing points Theme points Bonus points Favourite clue points Total rocksniffer 21 21+41=62 Dolorous Gabe 12 1 13+71 =84 Castellan 21 4 1 26+66=92 A Free Shadow 21 4 5 3 33+57=90 Raisin’ Bran 15 15+40=55 jezzie_bell 21 4 1 26+60=86 Ser Not Appearing 9 1 10+9=19 STANDINGS 1. Castellan: 92 2. a free shadow: 90 3. jezzie_bell: 86 4. Dolorous Gabe: 84 5. rocksniffer: 62 6. Raisin’ Bran: 55 7. Ser Not Appearing: 19 Round Four brought fierce competition between a free shadow, jezzie_bell, castellan and rocksniffer. The round was won by a free shadow, the first player to submit a perfect set of answers, who also secured three favourite vote points with her mysterious egg fry clue. With this, she jumped ahead to the second place in the race for the Book of Ancient Knowledge, while Castellan took the lead. Not far behind these two players, jezzie_bell is approaching with great determination (the first player to recognize the theme this round); and all of us should keep an eye yet on Dolorous Gabe, the Father of Acrophilia.
  4. Quentyn was intimidated by the stories about Dany (which distorted the truth). Lyanna wasn't courted by any frogs, as far as I can remember.
  5. ROUND FIVE ANSWERS 1. Warrior incognito. Positively infected. Now dyed. Company man. Answer: Jon Connington, who is still haunted by the memory of the bells ringing during the famous battle. Other guesses: No other guesses. Explanation: Seems unnecessary. 2. Wailed illustrations prompt insight: “Nephew’s dumbness caused misunderstanding!” Answer: Tyrion Lannister, who, as a slave, wore tiny bells that tinkled with every step. Other guesses: Brynden Tully, Kevan Lannister. Explanation: Tyrion presented Joffrey with a rare and valuable book, but the brat brutally destroyed the book using Widow’s Wail, his new Valyrian steel sword. The scene led Tyrion to the realization that Joffrey had sent the assassin to Bran with the Valyrian steel dagger, for which Tyrion had later been captured by Catelyn Stark. 3. Watcher in principality: I'm nonnative, dutiful, capable, modest. Answer: Areo Hotah, who still remembers the sound of the famous bells of Norvos, his native city. Other guesses: Pyp. Explanation: A watcher / guard in Dorne. Personality description. 4. Wise input pointedly ignored; no dinner call merited. Answer: Maester Cressen, the wise man who wore a fool’s cap with bells in the last hour of his life. Other guesses: Jorah Mormont, Masha Heddle, Arianne Martell, Aemon. Explanation: Stannis did not heed Cressen’s advice, he didn’t even invite the old maester to the late night dinner and meeting. 5. Man unto egg fry. Answer: Khal Drogo, who wore bells in his hair signifying his power as a warrior. Other guesses: Quentyn Martell, Aegon Frey, Ser Duncan the Tall, Varys. Explanation: Reference to Drogo’s pyre, in which the dragon eggs were “fried” so the dragons could hatch. 6. Woman's incidents prevaricated, intimidating neobatrachia desiring courtship. Mom? Answer: Daenerys Targaryen, who also wore bells in her hair, imitating Drogo. Other guesses: Lyanna. Explanation: There were wild (false) stories told about Daenerys, giving second thoughts to Quentyn the Frog, whose intention was to marry her. The last word refers to Daenerys as a mother symbol, as Mother of the Dragons etc. 7. Witless iambic prose invokes necromantic dancing. Curiously mantic. Answer: Patchface, who, as a fool, wore bells on his hat. Other guesses: No other guesses. Explanation: Reference to Patchface’s song about the dancing shadows and to the fact that his songs seem to predict certain events. 8. Well, I'm penniless (ironically). Naive, deferential, credulous me. Answer: Penny, the dwarf, who, as a slave, wore tiny bells that tinkled with every step. Other guesses: Sansa, Tyrion, Tycho. Explanation: Although her name is Penny, she is penniless (irony). Personality description. Theme / Key word: Bells. Some of these characters (Jon Con and Areo) have important memories (good or bad) relating to bells. Others wore bells either as a sign of slavery (Penny and Tyrion) or as a sign of their power (Drogo and Danny) or in a "fool" status (Pathcface being a real fool, while Cressen, symbolically "the wise fool"). The theme hint: Somebody refusing an offer: Bella offered to ring Gendry's bells for him, but Gendry refused this offer. Another hint was the phrase "(the voice) somehow rings a bell with you". So as you are sitting in that tower, you look up and see this huge bell (yes, it's a bell tower) looming over your head. You know you should be quiet, but you are suddenly overcome by curiosity. Mesmerized, you slowly approach the bell, cautiously touch it at first, and then .... you ring it! What will happen next? You will find out ... soon! In the meantime, please, vote for your favourite clue. Do not be tempted to vote for clue #2 (Tyrion). If we can do the voting in about 8 or 9 hours, I can post the results and start the new round tonight (my time). If not, I will only be able to do it tomorrow night because I won't be at home on Saturday during the day.
  6. I've received an extension request today, which I have just seen. It means I'll be back with the solution tomorrow night my time (in about 24 hours), as I'm going to have another long day at work tomorrow and afterwards I'm going to a concert. In the meantime, you can improve / complete your guesses or work on your next clue if necessary.
  7. As you are sitting quietly in that tower, you accidentally overhear part of a conversation through the door. Someone has apparently refused an offer. The voice somehow rings a bell with you, and you think you may have an acquaintance somewhere here, who may help you get a step closer to the solution.
  8. Two theme prelims.
  9. Hm... Several of you are doing quite well solving the clues and the theme, though the bonus five points are still up for grabs. As a reward, I will tell you that it is possible to pair up the characters of this round from a certain point of view. (It does not mean that they necessarily are partners in any way in the novels, it is more about how they relate to the theme.) The characters of Round Five have signed up to help you and sent you their raven messages. Your acronyms: RFWRR BNBNVSC The deadline: Wednesday, December 6th (9 p.m., Central European Time).
  10. I need to add a few things to my last post to really start the round: You can ask your character for help twice, as in Round Three. One preliminary round. Deadline: Wednesday, December 6th, 9 p.m. Central European Time.
  11. Well, almost all of you realized that you needed some useful disguise in order to appear to be someone else (while Ser Not Appearing simply disappeared from the storeroom). So now you are walking down a long corridor, dressed as one of the servants, carrying a large plate full of delicious food and drink. You stop in dark corners, where no one can see you, and sample the food and the drink. After all, you have seen other servants do the same (although they may have been your fellow-players in disguise). Anyway... you don't really want to spend too much time serving food, so you decide to slip away quietly. When you notice a "Do Not Enter" sign, your heart starts beating faster. Perhaps this is the way to the Book! Of course, you enter... and find yourself face to face with the most frightening giant bear / lion / mammoth/ wolf / kraken / dragon / spider (you choose) you have ever seen. There is no time to think - you drop the plate and RUN! Down the corridor, up the stairs, through a door and up the stairs again. Finally, the beast seems to have given up chasing you, and you can look around to see where you are. Well, it's a tower, with a good view of the neighbourhood (swamp). There is no way you will go back the way you have come - the beast might still be there! So once again, you need to find an alternative way to go... There must be a key word somewhere.... ROUND FOUR CLUES 1. Warrior incognito. Positively infected. Now dyed. Company man. 2. Wailed illustrations prompt insight: "Nephew’s dumbness caused misunderstanding!" 3. Watcher in principality: I'm nonnative, dutiful, capable, modest. 4. Wise input pointedly ignored; no dinner call merited. 5. Man unto egg fry. 6. Woman's incidents prevaricated, intimidating neobatrachia desiring courtship. Mom? 7. Witless iambic prose invokes necromantic dancing. Curiously mantic. 8. Well, I'm penniless (ironically). Naive, deferential, credulous me. Theme (key word): ???
  12. ROUND THREE AUTHORS AND SCORES 1. Is constancy paramount? I overcame pledge, loved, attacked, sang. Mance Rayder sang for Castellan in this round (or perhaps Castellan sang for him). 2. I can provide information.... Or perhaps, lavender after-shave? Varys gave advice to jezzie_bell on the choice of perfume and the art of finding out information. 3. Trainee recites, evermore. Arya Stark danced with rocksniffer (and rocksniffer danced with her). 4. In certain play, I opt past lass and study. Sarella, or perhaps Alleras, invited Ser Not Appearing to the Citadel (and kept him there as a fellow novice). 5. Illegitimate cawing precipitated illegal offing. Planned lure and slaughter. Bloodraven whispered secrets to Raisin’ Bran through the weirwood. 6. In change, piously, iron offerer promised learning at separation. Jaqen instructed Dolorous Gabe in the use of magic. 7. In cold pursuit, incurred one pyre, lost adjacent skulls. Rattleshirt noisily shadowed a free shadow wherever she went (so she is probably happy to get rid of him at last). 8. Issued challenges. Plant image of playful laughter atop shield. The clue for The Knight of the Laughing Tree was laughingly prepared by Julia H. Name / Score Guessing points Theme points Bonus points Favourite clue points Total Castellan 21 4 25+41=66 jezzie_bell 15 4 19+41=60 rocksniffer 12 4 1 17+24=41 Ser Not Appearing 0 (1) 0+9=9 Raisin’ Bran 15 4 1 20+20=40 Dolorous Gabe 21 4 5 1 31+40=71 A Free Shadow 12 4 2 18+39=57 STANDINGS 1. Dolorous Gabe: 71 2. Castellan: 66 3. jezzie_bell: 60 4. a free shadow: 57 5. rocksniffer: 41 6. Raisin’ Bran: 40 7. Ser Not Appearing: 9 The winner of Round Three is Dolorous Gabe, who was the first to solve all the clues and the theme, and received a favourite vote as well. At the moment, he is the player closest to the Book of Ancient Knowledge. Another perfect set of solutions was submitted by Castellan, who is also looking for the Book with great determination, and is nearly as close to it as Gabe. Raisin’ Bran, jezzie_bell, a free shadow (author of the most popular clue) and rocksniffer all made significant progress in the quest this round, and Ser Not Appearing remained true to his name. Please, check your scores.
  13. So, now you know what to do in order to safely get out of the storeroom in the castle: Look around, perhaps you can find some nice disguise in which you can look like one of the castle personnel (or simply use your magical abilities and glamour yourself) - it may give you a chance to search the castle unobtrusively. In the meantime, keep working on your new clue (if necessary) and don't forget to vote (the KotLT clue is not eligible). Deadline: Wednesday, November 29th (tomorrow) 9 p.m. Central European Time. Also, if you have a super theme idea, you may as well share it with me.