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  1. ^Dude, in season 1 they literally had trunks filled with canned foods for BOTH tribes, without the tribes winning a challenge. They were also given raincoats. I was watching the Australian outback and they all had the same raincoats/windbreakers, which were obviously supplied by the production team. Same thing in season 1. I don't remember them even having to earn fire. And I honestly don't enjoy watching people suffer like the one tribe in Fiji.
  2. I actually like this season. But then again, I have a tendency of speaking too soon. But again again, so far, this season feels a whole lot like pre-Nicaragua seasons, vintage somehow. The one huge glaring difference is how the women are edited in this one; they are more prominent and not side characters, like how they edited Sandra in PI and say Amber in All Stars. I genuinely like all the characters/contestants with the possible exception of Joe. I like that unlike Game Changers, the field isn't littered with advantages that have a long shelf life and therefore the potential to blow up all the same time. There was way too much 'stuff' in GC; at any point I couldn't tell you who had an advantage and who had an idol and who had a legacy and who had a vote steal, then it all blew up to screw over one of my all-time favourites. ugh. I would be pleased if any of the people in HHH won (with the possible exception of Ryan since I'm getting increasingly annoyed at how he's hogging all the screen time. I know it's not his fault. Survivor does this all the time; the meta-characters get more focus. I just feel like I've seen several different iterations of him and I'm over it by now. David. Spencer. Cochran. Even Stephen to some degree. It's repetitive and the characters themselves don't feel genuine anymore; it's like they know the cameras are there and they want to end up as memes, or to give a hashtag title). This is why I like Lauren, I think. Her deadpan is actually endearing. Plus she's efficient; I was really glad she was saved last week. I laughed out loud when the whole drama with Jessica and the secret advantage played out. I also like Chrissy and I find it interesting that in any other season, like MvGenX, Lauren and Chrissy (the two oldest women on the show, if I'm not mistaken) wouldn't receive as much positive attention as is the case with HHH (a silly silly silly theme btw). Even Denise wasn't really the focus of her season. It was more a story of how Malcolm lost. I hate it when Survivor does that. I'm really enjoying this season so far. I'm going to miss Alan. And Patrick. Even Simone seemed like she had the potential to have interesting dynamics with the rest of the cast. The casting department really did their job this time.
  3. Thank you very much.
  4. Hey guys, can short stories have chapters? More importantly, is this a stupid question? EDIT: Guess I'm asking when and whether its acceptable to have a visible break (that shifts through time and changes scenes quite drastically) in a short story.
  5. As someone from the southern half of Africa, I'd like to read that some time.
  6. Or maybe I'm just frustrated with Netflix right now. Perhaps I should point that. Some might still enjoy the show.
  7. ^^Agreed that the cast is way too large this season, or maybe there simply aren't enough meaningful scenes with core characters from previous seasons, so the newer, supporting characters just feel like frivolous filler. And again, I really hate that although it's only a few days/hours in-universe, I'm deep into the season and
  8. I'm on episode 5 and not enjoying it at all because it feels like a thematic/conceptual bottle episode. The riot has really stunted the show's growth.
  9. Lol. That seems to always be the case. I read an article that suggested that Capheus running for political office was ridiculous. I don't know if it's because there has never been mention of the character receiving formal tertiary education, or what. But the one thing I definitely connected to this season was the water struggle. I live in the City of Cape Town, a fairly affluent region in the context Africa, yet we are currently facing a severe water crisis, to the point where there are currently water warnings and restrictions. Couple that with the really low standards we generally have for political leaders, I find the Capheus story line believable. Just google our president, that should give you some idea of how little we've required from our leaders. Capheus is actually sincere in his quest for good, which would go a long way for a lot of people.
  10. I agree with Kalbear. And as someone else said in the other thread, it's refreshing that the relationships between the main characters and their immediate families and friends, with the (plot-driven) exception of Sun and her brother, are not filled with unnecessary angst. I'll probably do a very bad job of explaining what I mean but I'll try, anyway. With Wolfgang and Nomi, their issues with their respective families are more tangible than is often the case with most TV shows. Wolfgang's dad drank excessively and was abusive; I can't fathom any type of father-son relationship other than a toxic one. Nomi's parents are bigots, and their daughter is trans, so a toxic relationship is the only logical type that can be born from this. It's not all vague, never-fully-explored things where writers manufacture "false" conflict between characters to give the illusion of the plot going forward, as is often the case in shows like Grey's Anatomy. In GA, often times the conflicts can be solved by five lines of dialogue like: Sister 1: "You know that guy you're sleeping with, I have a huge crush on him." Sister 2: "I'm sorry about that. I didn't know. Do you want me to stop sleeping with him?" Sister 1: "No. That would be selfish of me. I just wanted you to know that you did an un-cool thing. I'm a little mad, but I'll get over it." Sister 2: "Cool. Just let me know when you stop being un-mad." Sister 1: "Coolio." ...but instead you get a whole season of unnecessary angst that ends with a patient's care being severely compromised, because the 2 sisters never talked to one another, and when they did they both brought up some petty crap like how the other one always finishes the milk in their house but never replaces it. That kind of stuff is absent in Sense8; and when the conflict does happen, I personally feel it is "necessary." Nomi's parents are bigots so the relationship she has with them seems realistic to me. Also, since we already have Lito's, Amanita's and the photographer's parents being tolerant, it makes sense to me for the show to have at least one of their LGTB+ characters be rejected by their family, because I think it's important for the show to highlight that a large percentage of the community still faces rejection from family. And on a whole, the sensates have good relationships with homo sapiens characters: Kala/her dad/her mom; Sun/the prisoners/her teacher/the handsome detective man; Wolfgang/Felix; Capheus/Jela/his mom/Zakia; Will/his old partner; Riley/her dad/her stoner friends; Nomi/Neets and family/Bug; Lito/Dani/Hernando. The only sensates who seem to have purposefully removed themselves from the homo sapiens world are the older ones who sometimes pop in to guide "our cluster." Moreover, continuing from my GA weirdness, thus far, the people of "our cluster" do not go out of their way to isolate themselves (yet) because it makes them "dark and mysterious" and therefore more "interesting", a trope I personally feel is somewhat lazy and overused. [This, of course, with the understandable exception of Wolfgang]. Will specifically told someone that on the day he graduated (is that what cops do) he was reminded that the main reason he wanted to become a cop was to save people like Sarah (I think that was the missing girl's name). I'll agree that without realising it or intending to do so, Kala's father may have pushed her to marry Rajan. But I would hardly see their relationship as troubling. Count me in as one of those who didn't think that Kala cheated. I mean, does it count if the sex was in the sensate state? I'm honestly lost here. Someone mentioned that this season they were supposed to have heightened powers; one thing that stood out with the Lila-Wolfgang interactions was that Wolfgang spoke about how real it felt when Lila touched him [in the sensate state]. He then asked if it was because she was sitting on the other side of the table and therefore geographically closer than his cluster had ever been. I can't quite remember the answer but after she gave it, he was able to replicate/reciprocate the heightened feeling when he touched her. That's one of the reasons I don't think Kala and Wolfgang's coitus counts because I'm not sure Kala can achieve this degree of "realness" yet. The emotional cheating is the bit that, IMHO, should raise the question of morality and such. I honestly don't know if I'd be (more) appalled if Kala were a male character emotionally cheating on a female character; I'd like to think I wouldn't be. From the previous thread: I agree that Sun felt unconditional love from her mother. However, I feel that much like Kala and her dad, there was a sense of unintended obligation and that's why I felt that the first time Sun felt completely free was in prison because there, nothing was expected of her. For example, when she lost one of her matches, she misunderstood the cause of her mother's tears; and being the elder child, a girl child, I expect she must have always felt a sense of duty towards her mother that wasn't present with her prisoner friends. She blames herself for Joong-Ki's villainy, especially because she promised her mother that she would take care of her brother; there's a burden that comes with that. And I personally feel parents shouldn't make those kinds of dying wishes, it arrests the (burdened) child's development IMHO. But I get your point, Helena, and I concede. Sorry for the ridiculously long post.
  11. Troy Barnes - Community GOB - Arrested Development
  12. I also loved this season a lot. My biggest regret is that I watched everything in one night and now it's all swimming in my head incoherently. But a few things did stick in my mind. So far I think Wolfgang, Will, Riley and Nomi have the most obvious archetypes.From Season 1, I've suspected the Riley is something of the 'Mother' of the group, the same way I think Kala would be something like the 'heart/purity' and Will would be the 'father/protector.' It always amazed me that each of the sensates has a unique skill which, when a sensate sibling is in trouble, only they can apply. Lito is the best liar, Nomi is the magic hacker, Wolfgang is the courage*, etc. It's all just a theory (and I'm not a writer so these ideas are all very vague even in my mind, and so, so poorly defined). But this season I became even more invested in the theory when it seemed that Whispers As to why Whispers might want a collection/better understanding of sensates: Why part of the ending of the last episode made sense to me: *More nonsensical ramblings: I initially thought Sun and Wolfgang had the same kind of role because they're both pretty good in a fight but that ended up being too simplistic because often, when Sun fights, it's born from fear and necessity, while Wolfgang wouldn't shy away from a battle he didn't necessarily need to instigate. And I agree that Wolfgang is still the darkest of them, while Sun has been described as having the "heart of a baby bird." Weird side note observation: It amazes me that each sensate has a defining skill/trait/personality quirk that is unique to them and the others have traits that subtly mimic that. For example, Capheus loves cheesy action movies, Lito acts in cheesy action movies, Sun's life (and I suppose Wolfgang's) is a cheesy action movie. I love this show. I agree that it's sappy and all that, but there's just something about the characters that draws you in, and you start believing all kinds of stupid stuff. It brings tears to my eyes at odd times too. I think at this point Sun is my favourite; the actress does a really good job with very little dialogue. Every time one of her prison friends is kind to her you can see a certain sort of softness to her face, and it makes me sad that prison was the first place Sun felt that kind of love and acceptance. I'm another one who likes that all the sensates have healthy, loving, stable relationships with people outside their cluster. And it seems that going forward, Also, I suppose I'm in the minority of people who really liked the soundtrack.
  13. I finished the season. Now I'm just filled with regret. Going to take a nap now.
  14. I think the out-of-the-blue Michaela reaction is a result of poor editing. I somewhat get the sense that she and Zeke were closer than was ultimately portrayed. There was a moment when Zeke expressed a desire to take Michaela to Final 5; granted, that may be because he realised she was a potential goat in a final tribal council situation, but the moment was still there and he wasn't given the chance to elaborate. And I'm inclined to believe there was more to their relationship than what we were shown. They were both wild cards going into this; they must have, IMHO, bonded over that at some point. The season started out really well for me but it quickly turned into a replay of Season 8 (All Stars). All the people I was interested in watching, with the exception of Cirie, Michaela and Andrea, were booted pre-merge. I doubt anyone will be foolish enough to let Cirie anywhere near final tribal council, and Andrea seems like a goner already, so I guess we've descended to a point where Sarah winning the season is the best possible outcome. My heart broke as I was writing that. I blame the casting department because IMHO, they cast 5 genuine game-changers (Cirie, Sandra, JT, Ozzy and Tony) and filled it up with either Probst's favourites or people who answered the casting call. When they did this in Season 8, we got the lesser known players resenting the actual favourites; we had Jenna Lewis actually saying that people like Hatch and Tina had their chance and needed to move on, or something like that. The same thing is happening in Season 34, I believe. And, the production team seems really desperate to have a season at the level of Heroes vs. Villains. At every turn Jeff is talking about how "this is Game Changers etc." Even the challenges are designed to remind the castaways that they're not on any ordinary season, no, they're on GAME CHANGERS! Ugh! Further, there are too many idols and advantages IMHO, and ridiculous twists (like the one that took out Malcolm and the one that subjected us to an entire 5 minutes of Chochran even though he's not even on the season). One of the reasons Heroes/Villains worked so well is that with the exception of Danielle and Candice, the show brought back characters and players we'd previously genuinely enjoyed watching. So even though the Boston Robs of the world and the Ciries were voted out pre-merge, we still had players and characters like Sandra and Russell to enjoy. Second Chance was another all-returnee season that worked well because, again, with the exception of people like Spencer and Stephen, everyone came in with something to prove; it was like a reverse of Heroes/Villains but it worked because although the players weren't necessarily our favourites (IMHO), they were all at the same level. And we kind of had the extra investment of having voted them in. In Season 34, however, we have two players (Brad and Troy) that the audience rejected from the Second Chance ballot. Ugh! Sorry for the rant. This is the only place I can do that.
  15. I concede that my argument is flawed on several levels. And I'm willing to consider that hopefully, the episode did more good than harm in general and that to hush it all up would have, in a sense, been shadier by a mile.