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  1. We're watching. Some of us just have nothing to say and enjoy reading other people's analyses.
  2. lol. This happened to me too.
  3. Lol at the people who think there's a right and wrong way to speak out against the horrors experienced by women in Hollywood. Women are tired. Women are tired of being harassased and assaulted and when they stay silent they're told "why didn't they speak up/why didn't they speak up sooner?" And when they do speak up they get told "this is not how you should speak up. speak this way or that way." Anyhoo, was rooting for Dunkirk and Nolan. Sad Nolan didn't get it. But McDormand's speech cheered me up well enough. Wasn't particularly invested this year since I watched literally two nominated movies.
  4. Well, that finale was definitely rigged.
  5. Well, to start with, the editing patterns in Survivor always favour male players over females. Especially in the early seasons, seasons in which men won were certainly edited to showcase why the men won; while seasons in which women won were edited to highlight why men lost. Think of Sandra in PI*, Natalie White in Samoa, Amber in All-Stars, Jenna in Amazon, etc. Australian Outback's outcome is still, to this day, seen as Colby's mistake as opposed to Tina's amazing win. With the exception of Micronesia, seasons where only women are in the finals tend to be more balanced in how the players are shown, but overall everyone seems to be somewhat blander. Marquesas comes to mind as one of the first seasons where this happened. SJDS is another one; they spent so much time focused on Josh and Jeremy in the pre-merge that we thought brilliant people like Natalie were non-factors. By the time we came around to Natalie, her story was all about avenging Jeremy and by then the season was in the toilet bowl. Sandra's story in PI was about avenging Rupert, and in HvH it was somewhat about avenging Rob wasn't completely about HER, but about the man she was attached to in the game. Correct me if I'm wrong but no male player have had a stories like these. Things like that are so glaring that I can't believe no one who has watched the show since its inception has not noticed. And when asked of these editing patterns, I believe Jeff alluded to that female player games aren't dynamic enough i.e. flashy. So production obviously has a preferred game-type they like to show us. They deem it as more entertaining. If these players are in trouble, it makes sense to want to keep them in the game. As to this season, there are things like this: Dr Mike said that one of the reasons he didn't believe there was another idol was because he had looked everywhere and nothing could be found. I think that's one of the reasons they didn't feel the need to follow Ben around. Its late in the game and they've looked themselves to no avail. But Ben, while looking, just happened to stumble yet another clue. I'm not saying women haven't found these things. and I'm not saying all male players who have found idols have had production assistance, I'm simply saying that some of these players, especially those who are favoured by the producers, have, from time to time, benefited from the favouritism. Also, I can't believe that a whole demographic of people don't go looking for idols. Sandra can't be the only woman in the history of the show who has actively sought an idol. *At the time it aired, PI was certainly Fairplay and Rupert's season.
  6. I agree there are too many idols. There are always rumours that the production team always goes out of its way to "assist" alpha male archetypes* whenever they're in trouble. They'll suddenly find a random idol, or the immunity challenge will be less about endurance (these challenges usually favour older women) and more cardio-related. Well, Ben finding that idol really pissed me off because the rumour just seems to have more strength now. Also, players can be complete jackasses and completely disregard social and strategic play and simply rely on the idols. Too many idols and they remove so much from the game. The game becomes too dependent on luck*. *Historically, far more men have found idols than women. It's a ridiculous ratio that I can't quote off the top of my head, but just from memory, the only women I know for sure with idols are Kim, Sandra and Parvati. Men: Russell (multiple times), Ben (multiple times), Mike, Ryan, Adam, Yul, Jeremy (multiple times), Tony (multiple times), JT, Malcolm, Tai, Joe(multiple times)...There has to be something there. But I still love the season. Still rooting for Chrissy to win.
  7. Werthead, your blog is amazing, by the way. Thanks.
  8. Thanks. Funny thing, soon as I read this reply and therefore became less bothered by it, they stopped mentioning it. I made the mistake of marathoning through the show. Now I'm on S5E1, but I feel like there's a lot of information I didn't properly process. I blame the show because every episode just made me want to watch the next one really badly . I'm going to pace myself now, mostly because I'm running out of episodes and I've become rather attached. Can't believe I'm only watching this in 2017. Also,
  9. I was also very confused by that. And the majority alliance didn't even vote together, Chrissy voted for someone random I think. Also, no one noticed a vote was missing from the last time they voted. I wonder if some of the did notice but said nothing out of fear of seeming too suspicious or maybe even "stupid." Lauren did a good job there; I just wish she hadn't told Ben about it. This season players have been using other people's secrets to get along with other players a whole lot. But maybe it always happens and I'm only noticing it now.
  10. I just found out Kosh I really like the show. I just have one major issue: I'm no astrophysicist so I could be completely wrong on this--it really bothers me that Io is apparently a stable Earth colony. Isn't that moon so small and so close to the much larger Jupiter such that the proximity is essentially turning the moon inside-out through volcanic eruptions? Every time someone mentions the Io colony I'm kind of bothered. But like I said, I don't have the scientific knowledge to back this.
  11. I'm still loving this season. I love Joe now, lol. Love Lauren still. Love love love Chirssy. Love all of them. Except Ryan. Never him.
  12. ^Dude, in season 1 they literally had trunks filled with canned foods for BOTH tribes, without the tribes winning a challenge. They were also given raincoats. I was watching the Australian outback and they all had the same raincoats/windbreakers, which were obviously supplied by the production team. Same thing in season 1. I don't remember them even having to earn fire. And I honestly don't enjoy watching people suffer like the one tribe in Fiji.
  13. I actually like this season. But then again, I have a tendency of speaking too soon. But again again, so far, this season feels a whole lot like pre-Nicaragua seasons, vintage somehow. The one huge glaring difference is how the women are edited in this one; they are more prominent and not side characters, like how they edited Sandra in PI and say Amber in All Stars. I genuinely like all the characters/contestants with the possible exception of Joe. I like that unlike Game Changers, the field isn't littered with advantages that have a long shelf life and therefore the potential to blow up all the same time. There was way too much 'stuff' in GC; at any point I couldn't tell you who had an advantage and who had an idol and who had a legacy and who had a vote steal, then it all blew up to screw over one of my all-time favourites. ugh. I would be pleased if any of the people in HHH won (with the possible exception of Ryan since I'm getting increasingly annoyed at how he's hogging all the screen time. I know it's not his fault. Survivor does this all the time; the meta-characters get more focus. I just feel like I've seen several different iterations of him and I'm over it by now. David. Spencer. Cochran. Even Stephen to some degree. It's repetitive and the characters themselves don't feel genuine anymore; it's like they know the cameras are there and they want to end up as memes, or to give a hashtag title). This is why I like Lauren, I think. Her deadpan is actually endearing. Plus she's efficient; I was really glad she was saved last week. I laughed out loud when the whole drama with Jessica and the secret advantage played out. I also like Chrissy and I find it interesting that in any other season, like MvGenX, Lauren and Chrissy (the two oldest women on the show, if I'm not mistaken) wouldn't receive as much positive attention as is the case with HHH (a silly silly silly theme btw). Even Denise wasn't really the focus of her season. It was more a story of how Malcolm lost. I hate it when Survivor does that. I'm really enjoying this season so far. I'm going to miss Alan. And Patrick. Even Simone seemed like she had the potential to have interesting dynamics with the rest of the cast. The casting department really did their job this time.
  14. Thank you very much.
  15. Hey guys, can short stories have chapters? More importantly, is this a stupid question? EDIT: Guess I'm asking when and whether its acceptable to have a visible break (that shifts through time and changes scenes quite drastically) in a short story.