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  1. I concede that my argument is flawed on several levels. And I'm willing to consider that hopefully, the episode did more good than harm in general and that to hush it all up would have, in a sense, been shadier by a mile.
  2. The thing is before tribal, Varner says in one of his confessionals, that he knows something about Zeke he's going to reveal. I bet a producer asked what that thing was and Varner probably answered. I know that for me personally, that was the confessional in which I suspected that maybe everyone didn't know Zeke was trans. If the producers are any good, they at least suspected what was about to happen and they did nothing to discourage it. I know these people sign up for all kinds of crap, but I don't think anyone signs up to have their humanity questioned so callously. That's why I blame the show; they could have stopped all that and allowed a vote to happen, that way they wouldn't need to go/edit around the open vote. I don't know, maybe I'm just naive enough to believe there's a certain line you don't cross, even with reality TV. The show, in that instance, should have prioritised Zeke's choice in coming out to his peers and a million other people who watch the show. But guess what, they've just now done the thing Zeke was trying to avoid, because my guess is no one is going to remember Zeke without remembering that tribal council.
  3. You know, the strange thing for me is that I always knew Zeke is trans. Last year when he had the confessional about coming out to his dad at 15 (IIRC), I immediately assumed it was about being trans. So I also always assumed that everyone else knew, especially the cast. The one thing that pisses me off more than anything with regards to Varner is that he presented the whole thing as though Zeke owed everyone an explanation/or just something in general. As a cis person, I don't go around introducing myself as such, and to place the burden of "absolute honesty" on trans people is especially bigoted when you consider that people actually get killed (and "correctively" raped) and rejected for being/coming out as/living openly as trans. Even without the extreme implications of coming out, I just hate that Zeke's choice in the matter was completely removed. And somehow, I also blame the show because I feel like they also outed him for ratings.
  4. I'm also worried about the bolded because she genuinely seemed to have forgotten volunteering for the balance beam; and she genuinely seemed to believe that Brad chose her for it, and that Hali was worse than her at everything. Anyway, Cirie is on 98 days now. I'm happy about that. JT was so hilarious. So arrogant and condescending so his downfall was all the sweeter. Sandra, Jeff Varner and Michaela is one of my favourite alliances of all time. All huge characters, all golden TV, all having fun playing and it shines through. When Sandra looked to the was beautiful. So far I'm liking this season more than the last two combined.
  5. I think it's becoming clearer that Tocantins and Kaoh Rong had very similar endings; but at least J.T. is entertaining, and he actually seems like someone who has a personality, so I like him as a player (for all the wrong reasons though).
  6. I have no idea what just happened. But I think, overall, from the little that I could understand, that J.T screwed up big time, again. Edit: Also, Cirie is sitting on 90-something days right now. I want her to make a hundred days so badly. I think she'll be the fourth or fifth player overall. I want that milestone for her.
  7. I honestly think those people are bitter at her for getting rid of Tony. I, on the other hand, might be an even bigger fan now because she got rid of Tony, I'll throw in Ciera's vote-out as well. Ciera came into this with a huge amount of arrogance, from what I saw of the pre-season press. Both votes were the best possible outcomes in my opinion. Here's to hoping Sandra and Cirie makes it far. Wouldn't mind losing Debbie and Ozzy back to back. Also, does anyone else think these "advantages" are getting more ridiculous every season? I mean, it's not as bad as last season when Jessica didn't even know what the advantage was (if I remember correctly), or when Adam could steal someone else's reward...but jeez, they're really bad in my opinion. I think the advantage just basically told Sierra there will be a merge at Final 13, and possibly something "game-changing" at Final 6. And does anyone else think the theme is ridiculously ridiculous? Why why why?
  8. Straczynski/Wachowski Sense8 on Netflix

    I bet you all wish you were me right now, because I'm only watching the Christmas special now.
  9. I get that. But given her screen time, words spoken, and overall importance to the plot (all relative to Denzel and perhaps even the other characters in the movie), her role lay more on the leading side as opposed to the supporting, IMO. And my understanding of the movie was that it was about the two characters*; given, I went into the movie without having watched/read any version of the play at all. *I would liken the situation to "Room" last yer; it made no sense, at least to me, why the kid was getting attention only in the supporting category while Larson got lead credit, or the Vikander situation. The lines between the lead and support were very thin, such that it was a story about two people.
  10. She was kind of the lead female. Naomie Harris in Moonlight was more supporting. IMHO.
  11. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    Thanks.I miss this place too. Just too busy job-hunting, and life in general. Nice to know I was missed. ______ I think one thing 'Good Fight' made me appreciate is how alive that universe is. The characters are so distinct, and so enjoyable. I was very skeptical when it was first announced but not so much now. As soon as I saw The story is also good IMO.
  12. The Good Wife 2: The Good Fight

    There are two episodes. I thought they were both good.
  13. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Those are really good. Thanks a lot for sharing. And thanks for the advice.
  14. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Good luck!
  15. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Thanks, and congratulations on your poems. Were they published online or was it print?