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  1. Yes. Craster is a Stark. That's why his kids were desired by the white walkers. Genetic compatibility.
  2. Dumbest POV character: Sansa - she ran off to the worst person she could possibly tell her father's secret plans to leave King's Landing to. Dumbest character, Non-POV: Brandon Stark - he rode to the Red Keep at the capital and threatened to kill the son of his lawful king. This dumbass Stark deserved to get executed.
  3. The only ones I can see going west are the ironborn. I guess this is like the theory that ancient vikings were the first to see the Americas.
  4. If Ashara is alive she is Lemore. I think R+L = little griff/false Aegon. Quaithe is Shiera Seastar.
  5. Oh no. It is not canon in the books. It is possible but only one of many other possibilities. There is Brandon + Lyanna, Ned + Ashara, Mance + Lyanna, etc.
  6. Thank you for bringing this to the discussion. Jon's and Stark's supporters seem to want to hold guest rights sacred and at the same time they downplay the importance of oaths. Jon is still wrong even if there were no oaths involved. For many, many reasons. (1) he let Mance Rayder go free instead of giving him a well-deserved appointment with the chopping block, (2) he sent his agents to take Arya away from her husband, (3) #2 is taking sides with northern politics, (4) #2 is also an act of war, (5) he was about to cause more problems if he rode out with the wildlings to turn a feud into all out war. Robb was as much on the wrong as the other participants of the Wot5k. To call your banners and bring death and destruction to save the life of a man who confessed to treason? That was irresponsible. I put some of the blame on Cat because she put justice for her son ahead of her people's safety. I can really sympathize with the lords or the river land. They felt the pain for what Cat did. And for what? For one little boy that got crippled. I can understand Walder Frey's dismay at the Tullys and the Starks because they made Tywin Lannister mad and he took it out on them. Robb was a good battle field general but he would have made for a shitty ruler. I can say Jon has some good qualities as a leader in some specific cases, but he would have made for an even shittier ruler than Robb.
  7. You're making a lot of assumptions that are, in my opinion, incorrect. The Targaryens are not widely despised. Only Robert despised the Targaryens. I would bet most people would call for the return of Targaryen rule if they could. The lords will absolutely care whether Aegon is fake or not. That's the whole basis for his claim. His identity. Their world functions on a system where power is inherited. So if he's just a pretty Tyroshi, yeah, they would care. They would not support him. Why do you think Doran Martell wants more information. Because he wants to know if Aegon is the real deal or a lying poser. The people would support Dany because she is a Targaryen. Add her dragons, which proves who she is, and more than half of the nobles will automatically support her.
  8. No he ain't. Heheh. This is an interesting discussion. I wouldn't count on George bringing him back whole. I think he comes back in the form of what Varamyr Sixskins called second life. He lives on as an animal. My hope, Jon comes back as a donkey, mule, or ass. But he will probably come back as a big direwolf. The alternative to direwolf, he comes back as an Ice Wight.
  9. Correct! Some had to be bribed to fight. Many opposed their great lord and stayed loyal to the king. Many more are tired of the Starks, Baratheons, Lannisters, and Greyjoys by now and these will flock to the side of Daenerys Targaryen. The Baratheons didn't even last more than one generation. Their incompetence has been proven in the eyes of the people. The people would welcome the return of Targaryen rule.
  10. I am on board with this. Both of them.
  11. I will pray that you're correct.
  12. And Sandor got over this paralyzing phobia in ten seconds! Arya is just plain out creepy and gross. The FM are evil and so is Arya. Preston Jacobs (Youtube reviewer) came out and called her insane.
  13. Most of the fault for the plot holes and bad writing can be blamed on the show's writers. They started moving away from the text in Season 1, when they killed Mago just to give Jason Momoa a good send off. That's the kind of amateur crap that ruins a good story. Season 2 started off kiling Silver (Dany's silver horse) and Rakharo. The gap between George and D&D have gotten wider and wider. Even seemingly minor changes to the characters with Catelyn (leaving out her sharp as a razor blade line, "it should have been you") and Sansa (writing out the part where she betrayed Ned's escape plans to Cersei). It's shit like that that slowly ruined the story. They should have stayed faithful to how George Martin wrote the characters instead of making up their own. I remember watching the scene in King's Landing between Jaime and Tyrion, right before the Red Viper fought Gregor. That story with cousin Orson and his beetles. It was awful to waste screen time on something like that. I would take the Sand Snake attack on Myrcella over cousin Orson's story any day. So you waste time on Roz, cousin Orson, and then you complain there's not enough time to do Quentyn Martell, Belwas, Aegon, and Stoneheart. It's just very bad decisions made by the production team and it is all coming back to haunt the show now that the end is nearing. This show will remain popular, but it will fade very soon after the final episode. Good shows are remembered, cherished, and attain timeless appeal because it has a good story with great characters. They become classics because they have tight plots, well-developed characters, and good stories. They're character-driven, not event-driven. You can't retroactively go back and bring Viserion, Barristan, and Stannis back to life. I know that. But at least try to have a tight plot and good continuity.
  14. Excellent posts. The great majority of people in the former Slaver's Bay are much better off now than they were before Daenerys Stormborn came to town. They're even better off now than the current common people in Westeros. Objective evidence. It is a fact that Daenerys improved the lives of many people when she took down the slave trade. Given that track record of success at making positive changes to improve lives, Dany is my pick to rule Westeros.
  15. The writing was bad. Really bad. One of the worst episodes. The only good part being Jon bending his crickety knees. There is no logic at all in the show. I know this is fantasy, but guys, this is too much. How fast does a raven fly? How fast can Gendry run?