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  1. They had no right to choose a king. There hasn't been a king in the north since Torrhen Stark bowed to Aegon Targaryen.
  2. This is true. Robb can't go from being lord to king without first winning the rebellion. He can't claim the title of king until he has won independence for the north. He failed; therefore, he was not a king. He and the men who wanted to make him king were in the middle of rebellion. Any decree by Robb has no ground to stand on. The north lost and they have now made peace with the government in King's Landing so that puts an end to whatever decree that Robb Stark may have written. Robb Stark's will was written during a time when he had no authority to make those changes. He was hoping to win the rebellion so his will can have legitimacy and the power to back it up. None of which he got. In my opinion Bran is the heir to Winterfell but he's not Warden of the North unless the king in King's Landing says he is. The position of King in the North and the right of the Starks to rule the north as kings ended when Torrhen Stark bowed to Aegon. There is no such thing as King in the north.
  3. We can hope it stopped the wildlings. We can hope Jon stays down for good. They have the weather on their side. With a little luck the wildlings will die before they make it halfway to Winterfell.
  4. There's nothing to support warging. Those men were desperate to stop the wildlings from attacking House Bolton. Jon put those men between a rock and a hard place. I suppose they could let Jon and his horde leave the wall and then warn the Boltons but the Raven might not make it. I have to agree that the crows needed to stop Jon's insanity and it is too bad that they will pay for it with their lives. Jon is guilty of the highest level of treason. Those brave men who stopped him are guilty of rebellion. This is medieval times and punishment is harsh to say the least. Jon's madness led to this mess. I predict Bowen and company will get slaughtered for killing Snowflake.
  5. Proving one's identity is the first thing any potential supporter will ask of anyone wanting to claim the kingdom. It's not something that can taken lightly. Your claim is no good unless you can prove your identity. This is the reason why Viserys was the best candidate to reclaim the throne. He is known by many and he can easily prove his identity. FAegon cannot prove his identity.
  6. Only if the wildlings can take down the families that currently rule the north. Jon is not going much support outside of the wildlings. Plus, they're the only ones who don't care about him being a bastard.
  7. The Targaryens have been antislavery since Aegon the C. I can't see any reason why Braavos would oppose Dany. The Sealord was part of the plot to restore the Targaryens back on the throne. The Iron Bank may lose money from the slave trade but they do not represent all of Braavos.
  8. Dragonstone was already a Valyrian outpost before the Targaryens made it their home. Aenar Targaryen bought the island from its previous owners after his daughter foretold the coming doom. The castle was already there but that's not saying the Targaryens didn't build additions. The ironborn could not take the island because it was a Valyrian outpost. Nobody wanted to mess with the Dragonlords.
  9. Add the Goodbrooks and the Whents, please.
  10. That's why Dany didn't feel obligated to marry Q. I feel sorry for Viserys having to suffer all of the insults and hardships he has had to. Arrianne messed up with Myrcella. Her next move is crowning Aegon and that will bring the lions down to Dorne in a hurry. They won't be friendly.
  11. Reckless, irresponsible, aggressive, dumb, primitive, violent.
  12. IIRC, Greywind was shot with many arrows. He would make a rather drafty coat wouldn't he?
  13. LF needed to take down the entire house of Tully. It's not just revenge. It's about making himself lord of the riverlands and taking what was once Tully territory.
  14. The northmen are full of pride but let's see how much of that pride is left after the Others take Winterfell and zombify their majority. They will be crying for help from the south to save their bacon from the White Walkers.
  15. Gormon Peake supported the Blackfyres. I have no sympathy for them.