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  1. You are still an elite player as far as everyone sees it. I offered shadow a cookie and it was impolitely declined. Now I offer it to you I will take this in the complimentary fashion it was intended with the strict proviso that you never use this term again
  2. PASSAGE THREE RESULTS 1 Secretly tallies bare threads Answer: Arya Stark Author: jezzie_bell Points: 14 Faves: Julia Total: 15 2 Lonely rider overtaken. Dark. Answer: Jon Snow Author: Julia H. Points: 23 Faves: a free shadow Total: 24 3 Lowlifes' revolt orchestrated death Answer: Jeor Mormont Author: Castellan Points: 18 Faves: - Total: 18 4 Lord...Reserved...Outplayed...Decollated. Answer: Ned Stark Author: rocksniffer Points: 9 Faves: N/A Total: 9 5 Soft tones breed treason. Answer: Roose Bolton Author: Raisin' Bran Points: 18 Faves: - Total: 18 6 Stubbed toes betoken troubles. Answer: Theon Greyjoy Author: Ser Not Appearing Points: - Faves: Raisin' Bran N/A Total: - 7 'Sword!!!' told (believably) to... Answer: Catelyn Stark Author: a free shadow Points: 23 Faves: Castellan, Jez Total: 25 FINAL STANDINGS 1 a free shadow 44 + 25 = 69 2 Julia H. 40 + 24 = 64 3 Raisin' Bran 35 + 18 = 53 4 Castellan 33 + 18 = 51 5 jezzie_bell 31 + 15 = 46 6 rocksniffer 29 + 9 = 38 7 Ser Not Appearing 21 Congratulations to the champion voyager a free shadow a shadow has been cast across the entire game, letting nobody see any light. Julia battled hard but could not quite manage to break out. Raisin' Bran gave everything to the cause and Castellan was continually unlucky. Talented newcomer Jez brought style and humour to the proceedings while rocksniffer taunted the frontrunners before trying to reach his rock-bottom goal but was thwarted by the busy and forgetful Ser. Well done all, the Others have been fought off and a new dawn is breaking. a free shadow can claim whatever northern title is desired and has the opportunity to bestow northern lands and a fancy new title to all the voyagers. What is next?
  3. Apologies for the delay. I am lacking two votes although I suspect one isn't voting. I will give it till tonight when I get home in around 6 hours, then I will finish the game regardless.
  4. Heh heh! I have to have a little fun while hosting
  5. a free shadow has just guessed every author of the R3 clues correctly Whilst we await the final remaining votes to come in, do feel free to have a go yourselves. You won't be able to change your favourite vote after learning the authors though.
  6. I think that might drive you insane to be honest
  7. Very vaguely hinted at all three themes in the very first post
  8. I want to say, you all did wonderfully well with the tricky four-letter acronyms in the last round. I think the standard of clues was exceptionally high. That is currently reflected by the voting so far too.
  9. PASSAGE THREE ANSWERS 1 Secretly tallies bare threads Arya Stark (Arya lists the people she intends to use Needle on) 2 Lonely rider overtaken. Dark. Jon Snow (Jon rides from CB to join Robb's army but is chased and brought back by his friends) 3 Lowlifes' revolt orchestrated death Jeor Mormont (the lowlifes of the NW target and kill Jeor in their mutiny) 4 Lord...Reserved...Outplayed...Decollated. Ned Stark (Ned: reserved Lord played the game and lost his head) 5 Soft tones breed treason. Roose Bolton (Roose talks very softly and surprisingly, then plots against the King in the North. 6 Stubbed toes betoken troubles. Theon Greyjoy (toes become stubs for this highly troubled character) 7 'Sword!!!' told (believably) to... Catelyn Stark (Lady Stoneheart hears Brienne say a word, confirmed by GRRM to be “sword”) Theme: characters who have spoken the words “winter is coming” on page. Well, my first hints were references to myself being in Winterfell awaiting winter whilst you were voyaging. I then reminded stalwarts and informed newbies that I once did a theme about characters who had said “words are wind”. Then I had the narrative suggest winter being on its way or already here. A number of players did get it. Right, battle begins and will end once all votes are in for favourite clue. Please vote ASAP, let's be done with this battle.
  10. Right, counting up points before publishing answers. No more changes please.
  11. That would be wonderful! It's crazy that the great Roger Deakins has never won an academy award! The train robbery sequence in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford is one of my favourite pieces of cinematography from any film.
  12. I've had a strange day, so I am going to reduce that 6 hours I announced to 5 hours. In other words the Others are quickening the pace and will be here in around half an hour. I think someone has refused to answer the call. At 10pm UK time I will count up points and then publish the answers. Then the last battle will begin. Light the beacons and ready the dragonglass.
  13. 6 5 hours. Can we all be finished and here within 6 5 hours?
  14. Welcome to Winterfell, those that are here already. A certain someone is still a long way away but fortunately the Others have been held up too, for the Wulls and co are giving them a helluva fight. This gives our straggler a last chance to get here before our battle begins. It will be sometime today.
  15. I looked into the actress thing myself because you're right, it would be a significant point. IMDb has a different actress credited as "female replicant". I completely agree with what you said about the depiction of a racist, misogynist society. The New Statesman published an article claiming it has feminist undertones.