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  1. Can you really not name one successful thing that you don't like? Popularity doesn't necessarily equate to quality. GoT broke through a wall surrounding public consciousness - I would argue on the strength and hooks of the first three books - into the realm of cultural phenomenon, a place where everybody tunes in because nobody wants to miss out when everyone else is talking about it. As a result, most people don't care about the storytelling. They care about the talking points. This is why GoT gets away with such nonsensical and slapdash storytelling. The majority of viewers don't give a shit as long as there's something to talk about and they're blinded to its flaws due to its position in the realm of cultural phenomenon.
  2. I can't quite decide whether to give it 3/10 or 2/10 Characters seem to do things and say things simply for the benefit of the audience now. Nothing is grown organically or told in an interesting way.
  3. 6/10 Best episode in ages. The battle was excellent but I cannot just ignore my myriad issues with all the Winterfell scenes.
  4. Think of the deadline as another thing that needs to be worked out.
  5. This isn't the first time I've reference the theme in my own clue and failed to get the theme I blame this nasty virus!
  6. So bizarre that they decided to have characters talk openly about accents when there is hardly any consistency over accents and from where they derive. I don't really care much that accents are all over the place but drawing attention to it was silly.
  7. Thoroughly enjoyed that! Olenna - "you're in love with a monster" Jaime - "I stopped having character depth a few seasons ago don't worry about it"
  8. This genuinely made me laugh out loud
  9. Exactly. Nothing is being set-up properly. Bran's development into what he is now should have been handled much better. The same goes for Arya, whose development into what she is now was nonsensical. The show runners just don't care about the details. As others have pointed out, it's like they're adapting some cliff notes and just padding out scenes with expository dialogue. They're not telling a proper story.
  10. It was way too long and so were a few other scenes this episode. Nothing was gained from such length. There was a lot of tedious, aimless posturing and pontificating. Several times I thought of this.
  11. I gave it 3. Again there's no storytelling going on here. It's just characters talking for a very long time about what they intend to do. I was nearly expecting Archmaester Slughorn to finish chastising Sam by announcing that he gets awarded 50 House Points
  12. This is basically it. Nothing means anything, except that everyone wants either justice or revenge and ultimately that gets them killed.
  13. Tyrion has done absolutely nothing to be Dany's Hand. He made a mess of Meereen and his strategy in Westeros has failed miserably. Show-Tyrion is now basically an all-round good guy who is terrible at what he should be doing best. Give me Book-Tyrion over this any day. Give me "the greyest of the grey" (as GRRM called him) who will certainly do a much better job as Dany's Hand than the show's useless 'nice guy' imposter.
  14. I wouldn't worry about that, personally. GRRM isn't going to have long-winded chapters of people petitioning one-another. Chapters always have characters actually doing things and there's always something bubbling underneath.
  15. Can Ser borrow your wings? Theme? Hahahahahahahaha.... Shadow does not give us themes, shadow gives us nightmares!