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  1. Wouldn't it be fair to say that this thread is often even less helpful than the 'be as unhelpful as possible' thread?
  2. My experience in this area is that you have to use specialist beer traders to do such things for you and even then sometimes they simply can't source the beer you're looking for, for whatever reason. Guess I'll just have to visit Halifax, Nova Scotia and find the brewery.
  3. First: 3. Brienne's longing looks definitely beat incest! Second: 5. Built loving life doing Brienne intimately. Third: 7. Unexpected confession: “Revengeful undead waits there". Fourth: 8. Brilliantly leads legions. Dies, but immortalised.
  4. Round two? Sniffer, mine's the Tom Waits For No One by Good Robot. I'm not even joking, if any of you wonderful Stateside people can find this beer and get it to me in perfect condition I will pay handsomely. Actually, also if anyone knows how to source the Game of Thrones inspired beers by Ommegang brewery, Cooperstown NY that would be good information.
  5. I voted for the Sam clue but I consider the Irri clue and the Jory clue to also be of exceptional quality! The overall standard was very good.
  6. Seems unfair that Ser Not Appearing, Raisin' Bran and Ser Not Appearing get to play in a triad. But then I realise that means Raisin' Bran is really playing on his own.
  7. In fairness, Robb wasn't exactly happy about it even though it got them passage through the Twins. I liked Aemon for #1 too though (was my prelim guess even though my excellent partner disagreed) and agree that the words don't quite work properly for Euron, however he was my first thought I think because it highlights facets you associate with him, even if the adjectives give the wrong impression. We went for Arya too but i must admit it never quite sat right with me. I preferred our prelim answer which was Catelyn. I remember that. It was a lovely clue. Sometimes even if everybody is going to get it you can play for votes. For the record I only strive to achieve great clues, with a good balance of difficulty. Tricky but comfortably fitting the subject best. I thought a decent number of these clues achieved that. A couple arguably didn't but I think the standard overall was excellent.
  8. My understanding is that it's referring to the Robb-Frey betrothal rather than the Robb-Jeyne marriage. We did initially think the answer was Edmure though.
  9. Great theme idea. Plus some truly great clues. I'd say there are at least four outstanding clues in this round.
  10. I know, right! He got to the liquor store without me. I have rights, like, to get my own liquor too, thank you very much.
  11. A great choice
  12. I'm not there.
  13. Had to look up that reference
  14. Stay safe. Drink lots of fluids.
  15. First: 5. Betrayal makes faceless assassins increasingly irate. Second: 9. May juries rest, tyrants undone, anonymously. Third: 2. Beyond Mercy, Faceless Assassin Invites Infamy! Fourth: 6. Murdering jihadist returns to uncle's abduction.