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  1. The prize has been despatched. Hope it is well-received.
  2. ROUND SEVEN VOTING 1. Strolling I delineated rooms beyond count; palace a ghostly neglected terrain echoing Mazor's ruination. 2. Sarnath is dilapidated, ruins bemoan civilizations' past. Although gigantic, now the empty manse rots. 3. Sarnath's impressive dream residence! Behold: Civilization's proud architecture's gone. Nevertheless, truly exquisite mementos remain. 4. Serpentine inside, doors revolving..barbaric clue pointing at ginormous neglect..toward extinction. Maybe run? 5. Stunning if derelict, riddled by cobwebs. Palace announced grandeur—never to effect magnificent return. 6. Someone invited decorators randomly, because carpeted parlors are ghastly, no thrones. Entering madness realized! The final list. Vote for your favourite 3 in order of preference. Please vote by Tuesday 2nd May at 3pm UK time (BST) if possible.
  3. ROUND SIX RESULTS 1. The Bastards Giant Friend 1+1 +1+1 = 4 2. Lady Blizzardborn 1+1 +2+2+3+2+3 = 14 3. Raisin' Bran 1+1 +1+3 = 6 4. Castellan 1+1 +3+1+2+2+1+1 = 12 5. Fragile Bird 1+1 +1 = 3 6. Julia H 1+1 +3+3+3+2 +4 = 17 7. lil' ghost 1+1 +2 = 4 STANDINGS after Round 6 Julia H. 57 + 17 = 74 The Bastards Giant Friend 53 + 4 = 57 Lady Blizzardborn 43 + 14 = 57 Castellan 36 + 12 = 48 Fragile Bird 43 + 3 = 46 Raisin' Bran 40 + 6 = 46 lil' ghost 35 + 4 = 39 Julia H's grip on the Iron Throne strengthens after winning Round 6. It's going to take an impressive conquest to knock her from the summit. For The Bastards Giant Friend and the late-surging Lady Blizzardborn, it is achievable but may need all the sneakiness of Roose Bolton, all the cold calculation of Tywin Lannister, all the battle knowledge of Stannis Baratheon (in the books), all the passion of Robb Stark, and all the ambition of Daenerys Targaryen. Castellan has also made a late surge and found her mojo in recent rounds, climbing the standings strongly, yet it may be too little late at 26 points behind the leader. As ever, do check my tallies in case I made a mistake.
  4. Gonna count up round 6 votes and publish results but will wait a little before posting the final round in the hope that two more entries come in.
  5. Deadline Friday at 8pm BST That okay? Let me know if not. The prize is being readied
  6. FB, that's understandable. If the deadline were on Friday would that be enough time for you to get an entry in? Julia, extension granted. New deadline to be announced.
  7. Just over 8 hours, still awaiting most final entries. Shall I extend a day?
  8. 26 hours from the deadline. I can extend a couple days if absolutely needed. I'd like to be finishing the final round by next Tuesday,
  9. ROUND SEVEN THE PALACE WITH A THOUSAND ROOMS Lomas Longstrider visits Sarnath, now known by its Dothraki name of Vaes Khewo (meaning City Of Worms) to see what is left of The Palace With A Thousand Rooms. Tell us, using the given acronym, something that the esteemed traveller wrote in his notes on his visit. It could be a broad, general comment or observation. It could be something very specific. It could be something of what precious little we know, it will likely be something we don't know. Given that these are notes, it could be roughly written or it could be well written. The choice is yours. S I D R B C P A G N T E M R The deadline will be on Tuesday 25th of April at 10pm UK time (BST)
  10. ROUND SIX The Titan Of Braavos 1. Titan touts fearsomeness. I wanna bed lovely courtesan. 2. Towering tyrant frightens incoming wanderers. Bellows loud cacophonies. 3. Those thighs... feelings inside waxing... Braavosi lovin' contemplated. 4. 'Tween Titan's feet! Imagining workers building, lifetimes consumed 5. Titan's troops fight invaders with boldly launched catapults. 6. The traveller freezes in wonderment. Bravura, liberty, competence! 7. Tremendous, towering feature inviting. Welcoming, Braavosi, lost creatures Vote again for your favourite three in order of preference. I'll give you another week, then the final vote should only need a few days. Deadline is Tuesday 25th April at 10pm UK time (BST)
  11. ROUND FIVE RESULTS The Triple Walls of Qarth 1. lil' ghost 1+1 +1 = 3 2. Raisin' Bran 1+1 +1+1+2+3 = 9 3. Fragile Bird 1+1 +1+1 = 4 4. Lady Blizzardborn 1+1 +2+2+2+3 = 11 5. Julia H. 1+1 +1+3+1+2+2 = 11 6. The Bastards Giant Friend 1+1 +3+3 +3 = 11 7. Castellan 1+1 +2+3+3 +3 = 13 STANDINGS AFTER ROUND FIVE Julia H. 46 + 11 = 57 The Bastards Giant Friend 42 +11 = 53 Fragile Bird 39 + 4 = 43 Lady Blizzardborn 32 + 11 = 43 Raisin' Bran 31 + 9 = 40 Castellan 23 +13 = 36 lil' ghost 32 + 3 = 35 Perhaps reflecting the high standard all-round, Round Five was incredibly close-fought. Congrats to Castellan for winning the round, narrowly taking the most points but sharing the 1st place bonus with The Bastards Giant Friend. Despite this, Julia H managed to take the same number of points as her closest challenger, matching his giant steps to remain 4 points in front. Lady Blizzardborn matched the strides of the two leaders, drawing level with Fragile Bird in the process. Meanwhile, Raisin' Bran continues his upsurge in form with another decent haul in a hard-fought round. This time, lil' ghost rocks! Once again, do check my tallies in case a mistake was made. The Dornishman's Wife is tired and the Last of the Giants is sleepy. Still, onwards we must travel!
  12. Hey all, I've got all votes and all new entries now so I think I'll go ahead. Apologies to all for my lack of helpfulness today. What should have been a restful day turned into a hectic one and I am severely tired now and struggling to focus, so please do check my tallies when I publish results, though I may not correct any issues till tomorrow. No vote changes now, please. Any changes to your new entries must be delivered soon.
  13. 12 hours to go. I'm available again and will respond to your messages forthwith.
  14. Good choice! This wouldn't be popular, but I'd swap the bacon for anchovies!