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  1. "Let's get out of here before one of those things kills Guy!" Hard to disagree, Sam Rockwell is marvellous! Alan Rickman's wonderful Alexander/Dr Lazarus runs him close though.
  2. It's definitely on my list, sniffer. I'll let you know when I get round to it. My list is growing faster than my reading! I enjoyed the series. I don't mind slow moving plots as long as I can see it's going somewhere interesting. I felt like it got better after the first episode; the stylisation was less annoying, the characters were lots of fun, the dialogue was well written and the cast were mostly excellent.
  3. The night was dreamless
  4. Hahaha I love Galaxy Quest!
  5. I've tried my best to make something great but I don't think it's great. My best effort by far was using the wrong acronym haha. We shall see. At this stage your 8 point lead is a fair reflection I think. It's been a good battle! Re: guessing authors; I've noticed that certain people do have similar telltale signs, which makes it easy to mix them up and obviously newcomers can make things interesting, but some do have very unique signs, not always evident but often are.
  6. Gaining 8 points on the Bird in one round will be a tough ask.
  7. Are punishments not more fun if they can double up as mildly sadomasochistic erotica? Is this not one of the founding principles of our sacred club so devoted to the common fig?
  8. What are the consequences? Does the guilty party have to consume 100 figs whilst rocksniffer talks avidly about wasp endosperm secretions?
  9. Maybe one day I'll learn to read properly. After creating a masterpiece for Cersei using the CERSEI acronym I now find out I've been doing it wrong
  10. You have a fairly unique style, which is a good thing. It might not work every time but it is a welcome expansion of variety in the game.
  11. First: 5 Second: 6 Third: 3 Open to considering changing for late entries, though they'd have to be good cos even the ones that didn't get into my top 3 are great.
  12. It's interesting. I like to think I'm usually quite good at guessing who wrote each entry but I got most of these wrong. I got Lady B as 4 and RB as 3, but I had FB as 1, H'H as 5, sniffer as 6 and Castellan as 7. I was pretty confident of these guesses too, until votes and comments suggested otherwise.
  13. LOL For some reason my entry in every round up until this one came really easily. I only had one leftover for Mel and nothing else for any other round (apart from a jokey alternative version of my Daario entry). Got a few leftovers this round though.
  14. I'm finding the Dany round a struggle, I must admit. I have submitted an entry but I'm hoping to improve upon it.
  15. First: 4 Second: 1 Third: 5