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  1. Given that the episode is named The Red Woman, I believe this'll show us Melisandre plays a crucial role in the aftermath of the Jon Snow events, but I don't see him being resurrected just yet.
  2. my favorite part of this entire episode was the first time Petyr looked at Sansa. i squealed. ETA: upon rewatching this episode, i noticed they left out the valonqar part of the prophecy in the Cersei flashback and i was a little irked by that.
  3. ^^ I agree with all of the above answers. Although tbh, it really annoyed me that he did lie to Jaime about that.
  4. just saw The Maze Runner with my brother earlier this week and i kept describing Thomas Brodie Sangster as "Jojen Reed" and my brother was like WHO!? (haven't managed to persuade him to read the books/watch the show yet). great movie btw. planning on reading that series after GoT. as an aside, i love figuring out who actors are and what other things i've seen them in to the point where my friends are like "how the hell do you know that!?" *sheepish smile* a game of actors...
  5. it's a toss up between the Starks and Daenerys. the feminist in me loves Dany and what she represents, but i also really love the Starks. buuuut as someone said earlier, it could also depend on my location.