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  1. Illyrio could be an evil liar
  2. My first impressions were vis=vice, a tip off that Visaerys was not a good guy Illyrio=ill , also not a good guy and yes, Sansa was without: skills, maturity, sense, later a wolf, a husband, a plan, a trustworthy companion, family that she knows of
  3. And there’s moontea.
  4. To prove that dragons are not pushovers.
  5. Catelyn was Hoster’s heir until Edmure was born. Who was that little girl baby, who was married off for her lands? I forget. Shireen is Stannis’s heir. Alayne is LF’s heir. Rhaegar was disinherited. The rules are flexible, and then there is the right of conquest to consider.
  6. I played D&D. i thought the Stark children were Robb, warrior, Sansa, queen in chess, which is not the same, Arya, rogue assassin, Bran, magic user, Rickon, barbarian, Jon, Ranger Mance Raydar, bard Dany, magic user/ high charisma Melisandre, necromancer Ned, paladin Jaime, chaotic warrior Brienne, lawful good warrior Barriston Selmy, lawful good paladin Cersei, chaotic evil enchantress Tywin, lawful evil warrior Bronn, neutral warrior There is a start...
  7. Worst fostering...Ramsey to Lysa. Best: Sansa to Highgarden, Arya to Tarth, Cersei to Dorne, Jaime to Starfell
  8. Perhaps mental health facilities in the U.S should give their clients a choice of Prozac or an assault rifle thereby pleasing two different well monied lobbies
  9. Sweet Robin to Ned and Catelyn as soon as he was born
  10. Dany is still only 16? She’s doing pretty well for her age and is inclined to show mercy to children. More than Robert. And puts a lot more effort into ruling, while Robert in his prime did not. Naturally she makes mistakes, as we all would with very difficult problems. So far, she doesn’t have good advice. Her duality may come because of how she has been treated and because her role models were Viserys and Drogo.
  11. Those of us who caught on to the many clues about R+L=J have had time to a lot of re-reads, discussions and other media. If the books are finished, readers after us won’t have years and years to speculate and some readers will take the coming proofs very naturally. The Red Wedding was well foreshadowed and didnt have decades to wonder if the Frey’s would really be so vengeful as to commit that massacre. The writing time lag makes this theory seem mainstream. i still believe Bran, Lyanna’s crypt, and yes maybe even Sam and Gilles research will spill more beans.
  12. Only Varys knows for sure that Tyrion killed Tywin. Tyrion and Varys fled KingsLanding at the same time. Varys movements were unaccounted for. If Yarys ends up dead in the next book or two, then it would be difficult to prove that he didn’t kill Tywin, if Tyrion put that idea forward.
  13. While Joffrey is impulsive and violent all on his lonesome, it would be easy to manipulate him. Say, “Your father, The Great King Robert”,was a real man, a strong king, and he would have had an acknowledged traitor beheaded, despite all that womanly oversoftness.”
  14. Some of the nobility were engaged as infants or even married as children, however consummation was rare until physical maturity. (But it still occurred)
  15. Well, if Varys is dead, he could always blame Twywins death on him, as revenge for Kevan.