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  1. We were discussing anti feminism and white supremacy. I notice that Ormond is not a moderator, so I can continue. Yes, Mormon males are supposed to attain their own planet by some sort of spiritual credit. I do believe that the function of their spiritual wives, who they may choose outside Earthly marriage is to populate the planet that they are the God of with spirit babies. Maybe they wash up as well? Brigham Young instigated the Meadows Massacre. There were a lot of descendants or "spiritual" descendants of Joseph Smith in that murderous group. They also were unfriendly towards First Nations peoples, and Feds with fire arms. Mormons were big on the idea of the mark of Cain on "colored" people, although they changed their racist policy in the seventies, probably because recruitment numbers are a factor in the planet allotment. I've witnessed some very dodgy treatment of women in that group. Strange, that the women have a very high use of anti depressants. Also, practicing gay people can be shunned, and it is very upsetting for them and their supposedly eternal family. I know of one patriarch who was suicidal over a gay son. I don't think these issues should be silenced or pushed off, do you? Yes there is some discussion about whether Joseph Smith (poor, ill, and the son of an alcoholic of no special heritage)was a prophet who improved on Christianity, while an angel told him the secrets of the universe in the Reformed Egyptian (sic) language. If interested one might look up the hat that revealed his information. Or one might be curious about the ancient submarine that ferried a tribe of Israel? To North America. People got upset about him spiritually marrying teenagers and married women. It's relevant because of the religious issues involved in American politics and the money that is now allowed to flow with dodgy checks and balances into politics, so people should know about the anti gay, propagandist and ant feminist agendas of people influencing policy.
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong. Mormons believe that men who get enough spiritual credits and converts, get themselves a planet that they are supposed to populate. Their wives are supposed to remain everlastingly pregnant. They choose their wives from those women that they choose from the last lifetime. Also, their 12 year old boy children are supposed to be priests, outranking any women, including their mothers. Women are subordinates, vying for a place on a heaven planet. They are to be kept busy, so they won't think about that. They are required to fight against anyone who does a little historical research about Joseph Smith and his fraudualant past and homicidal descendants. No, this is real, euww.
  3. Is there a study of dragonish coprolites in Oldtown?
  4. Usually when Trump denounces someone, it is right before he does a lot more of what he is claiming they are doing. Let's suppose he and his buddies start a far right television "news" network that uses even more outlandish and untruthful news entertainment that is worse than FOX.
  5. I think Sansa is also referred to as tall.
  6. The I.Q. Test is for the public. Why believe a serial liar and self promotor who vaguely refers to his own hugely smarts. He can't write well, his vocabulary isn't impressive, he makes knee jerk insults to people, pissing of those whose supports he needs, he coffeffees, can't do math, fails to succeed at business, and people who grew up with him won't do deals with him because of failed promises and bankruptcies. His own ghost writer is horrified by his obvious failings, at even basic attention. His wives check out after a while. He never fails to go the low road and enjoys dividing people. Oh yah, and he didn't do very well in school even with a lot of family backing
  7. It would be nice if Trump were invisible, inaudible and untweeting.
  8. Don't forget gun accidents. Lard brained people keep loaded guns in their drawer or under their pillow. Surprise, (!) their toddler shoots their preschooler, or they shoot their spouse, thinking they are an intruder, demented grandpa shoots the social worker, or they shoot themselves cleaning their gun for protection. But at least some crazy guy has the guns and ammo to commit a mass murder.
  9. And the Turtle Stew scene when Tyrion goads the vale knights and Lysa into accepting a challenge by combat.
  10. Isn't Puerto Rico mostly brown? Didn't they vote for Hillary? Therefore, Trump won't trouble himself, unless great photo ops are guaranteed.
  11. Tywin et al. I agree with your analysis. I was choosing to highlight some of the thoughtless malignity of many right wing positions through satire, even if it wasn't successful. I'm appalled by having a president who preys on race divisions, characterizes protests about racial injustice as disrespect to veterans, and who doesn't endorse liberty (including freedom of speech) and justice for all. The guy is a reality show poser, and a deeply dangerous and vindictive one at that.
  12. Moby Dick. Just call me for dinner.
  13. That's the new Trump base angle. More concussion in sports. No more sissy bike helmets. No more seat belts. Increase levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, mercury and lead in the water, acid in rain, cancer causing particulate in air, more children's cigarettes, incarcerate as many non white people as possible, don't do anything constructive about opioid use( like boring old harm reduction), deregulate financial and food industries, teach sub critical thinking skills and cult behavior, go after non fundamentalist scientists and teachers. Threaten dictators with nukes. Teach young people to dive, by using their gut and patriot instincts to jump head first into the shallow end in swimming pools. MAGA!
  14. Trump was also complaining about anti concussion rules in the NFL as being sissy. It takes a great man to encourage rules that will cause other people to develop brain damage.