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  1. Sansas ending

    If the Iron Throne ends up being a constitional monarchy of sorts, then Sansa as queen would have to be good at ceremonial functions, and have heirs. Check. Queen Victoria had less going for her than Sansa. Elizabeth ll has been a conscientious and dutiful queen, in a hereditary figurehead role. If she had more power, then Sansa would have to choose excellent advisors, like Elizabeth l did. If Sansa is a queen consort, then she has the chops. I don't think she wants to have any of these roles, but it would make for a bittersweet and ironic end. It would be more fun for Arya to come into her own, and there is some symbolic support. For what it's worth, I could see Aegon and Sansa on the throne if it exists, and Dany leaving them to it, to join Jon and Arya in the battle of the dawn. She's a rescuer not a ruler, but she has leadership abilities. Dany doesn't care for ceremonial. She would need to slay a few self lies to abdicate to her "nephew", but who knows? And Jon has it in him to lead battles negotiate a peace accord. Martin will probably choose something messy!
  2. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    You also want to make widows? Okay. The dragons may end up being used like a nuke. Dragons are natural and dangerous in this story. I like dragons too. Especially Pernese ones:) If they end up just being out of control rampaging weapons, it might take a a lucky shot or even Dany herself to stop it. Or they may be used as mankinds best hope. It depends on how these amazing fantasy animals are used, and I don't think that is known. I have wondered if Drogon was going to be Dany's Nissa Nissa. in this story, Ghost and Lady are not portrayed as worthy of abuse or death. I admit to a bias towards canines as pets! I have never had a huge winged pet lizard! It would please my sensibilities if Theon still has it in him to do something to redeem the amount of fictional degradation he has received. Although he already rescued Jeyne Poole. The author shows him to be an archer. The author also warns us that life is not a fairytale, so we will see.
  3. There are no religions in the story?

    No, I don't think there are indications that there will be an anthropomorphized God. Yes, there seems to be magical elements that can be used for good or ill, much like use of science or technology( or religious faith) It depends on the sensibilities of the user. Doesn't Martin sound like a classic existentialist, like Sartre? So, what I understand is that you must make ethical choices in a world where there are no obvious answers, or choose someone or some institution to make those decisions for you, which a certain abdication of responsibility fraught with the potential for abuses? i thought that Martins Seven was meant to fictionalize a representation of the Catholic Church. The Seven also seems to embody natural good archetypes, and stages of development, in a Jungian way. A writer should have a feel for this, or he might understand it outright or from study of mythology. The High Sparrow has the feeling of the Reformation, or Puritans and Oliver Cromwell. The weirwood nature hive has a feeling of a Druidic system, but it also has a feeling of a form of the collective unconscious. See Jung again! Rh'llor has the feeling of Zoroastrianism or Manichaeism. Martin is a grey thinker. i don't think Martin admires zealotry, fundamentalism,blind faith, unethical acts for religious reasons, black and white, or unreflective thinking. I think he writes to difficulty, ambiguity and struggle in the pursuit of the good, however, he shows you the ease of bad acts or unintended bad consequences. He messes with our "sure thing" certainty, assumptions and judgements. We can choose to be vengeful, greedy, compassionate, generous, kind, thoughtful, all without a deity. We can sometimes atone for our inevitable and frequent mistakes. We can try to change our direction, like Jaime, or we can be Little finger. Some people are like the Mountain. Martin is a big fan of history. People often don't get what they deserve in terms of fate. There are messy, tragic, aweful events, huge mistakes and personalities, that he borrows from liberally, and creatively. The POV's that we have of history or religion contain huge amounts of bias and fantasy. And reliably, all men must die, but they may still have an impact of some kind. It speaks to angst. I don't think his writing is shallow.
  4. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Yes, those are great points. I'm sorry. My overreaction was similar to what I would have thought if someone had celebrated Lady's death because of Stark hate. It's fiction, and yes, I hope people give their opinions. Lets just say a lot of bad things happened because of Theron's mistakes, adolescent callowness, need perspective, and evil counsel. Theon could bulk up a lot given time. Mentally he already is breaking good, but he has a long way to go. I don't recall which fingers Theon still has. Does anyone know how many fingers for a bow or crossbow? I believe Theon could adapt more than he knows yet, but he may not have access to an Occupational Therapist! However, there are a lot of Iron Born who know a thing or two about missing fingers because of their axe throwing games! Maybe they do have smaller bows for hunting, isn't the longbow specialized for war??and meant for standing? The shorter version could be that maybe Theon will be sacrificed for some purpose. My wishful thinking is that he will recover more than he has, from his nightmarish descent. Moat Caillin and the flaying of his countrymen was pretty far down in the Reek hole, but he was dressed up. Martin does write horror, however.
  5. Snow, it was still creepy. Sweetrobin is a creepy kid at this point, at least, I don't remember any heart SR posts:)
  6. Sansas ending

    Nice, YOVMO! I don't think Sansa is a completely passive observer., however. She lies a lot. She told on Ned, in a huge mistake. She decided to back Cersei and Joff. She spoke out to try to save Ned. She told Lady Olenna about Joff. She considered pushing Joff off a wall. She tried to trick Joff into leading the Vanguard. She dissed him. She did save Ser Dontos. She was down with the escape plan.She judged the hound to be someone who wouldn't harm her. She turned down Tyrion sexually and also refused to kneel.She rallied the ladies into singing a comforting hymn when Cersei was drunk and threatening her with ser Illyn in the middle of battle. She got Sweetrobin across the precipice, and she mothers him. She is going along with Littlefinger, and keeping her mouth shut for now. I think Sansa has done more than most conventional women can do for the Westeros world as presented. Her choices are very limited. I do think we are meant to feel her hopelessness against events. Yes she is one to watch. I think that whoever she marries next will have a good chance of dying, whether it's Harry, SR, Littlefinger or Aegon. Yes, it will be interesting to see what kind of control over her future she ends up with. I don't think she will believe in fairytales in the same way as she grows up, whether she is a queen or not! i do think she will survive, because that is the remarkable thing she has done.
  7. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    Okay, perhaps Barbrey Dustin sincerely thinks that the destruction and deaths of innocent people at Winterfell were justified by the fact that Theon was a hostage and that Ghost needs an arrow through his throat. Or it's a joke meant to be upsetting. Whatever.
  8. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    I forgot to factor in the trolls.
  9. How not to handle a meeting with Tywin.

    Tell him how much Johanna complained about his prowess in bed, but that she was a vixen when you and Aerys were banging her in a threesome. And, by the way your last name is Reyne.
  10. Sansas ending

    Agreed Prof. Cecily. Elizabeth of York was a bargain chip, as were most noble/royal girls and women. Elizabeth of York also was bastardized for shady reasons, in sanctuary for years, had two younger brothers who would have been Kings vanish into thin air, was creeped on by an uncle who got her out of sanctuary, and was married to the victor of battle whose bloodlines were weaker by far. She had no choice in any of it. Sansa is likely a much better representative of the historical times than Arya (much I I like the character). Do you think that she will be married to Aegon?
  11. Sansas ending

    Yes, I think Westeros is a terrible place for women in general, and most people in war time:) if it weren't war time, it would probably have been best to be someone like Lady Smallwood, a wealthy vintners daughter in the Arbor, or a craftmans wife. In these wars nobody is safe. But I think the queens in Westeros, have more than there fair share of beatings, rape, deaths or near deaths in childbirth, imprisonment, sewing as the height of a good time, cheating husbands, crazy husbands, husbands who hate them, killings, and assassination attempts. The Kings don't usually have such a swell time either. Martin takes a lot of his example from real life, too. Sansa could be modeled on Elizabeth of York to some extent, who has a troubled, but more traditional passive life with an early death, or Elizabeth l, who doesn't break out of constant threat till she is 25, and actually never, because Catholic powers were trying to get her assassinated, married to a dominating husband, or deposed and killed. Since this is a fantasy novel, the options are open to authors choice, but it does seem like she will have a big role to play, or why bother with her POV and development?
  12. Sansas ending

    The Dany chapters make it clear that ruling may be glamorous, but is not often easy or fun (as do the chapter with Robert). The Cersei chapters also show int can suck to be a queen consort. Life is not a fairytale, even if you are the queen or king, maybe especially so, as people watch, criticize, force you on a walk of shame, make you marry someone you dislike, even try to kill you in the game of thrones. If Sansa is a queen consort, she may be treated as a pawn, a breeding sow, a councilor, a diplomatic tool, or a hostess for events. She may be better at absolute ruling than you think, if she has decent support. It really depends on who survives the battle for the dawn, doesn't it?
  13. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    I think Reek/Theon will have a very difficult and damaged future, no matter what. He has descended to rock bottom. What would be an ultra interesting character would be a redemption and survival, especially since his horrendous screw ups were not coming from as malign a place as Ramsey's for example. He had a a Gollum like split in identity after crises and torture. He has a chance at developing into a mature and better man in spirit, and has already rescued Jayne, with help. He has skills shown in his audacious but ultimately doomed capture of Winterfell, and his first rescue of Bran. He still has some lasting effects also from being Ned's son, and part of the Stark family. It could be noted that he is the one person that Bran actually spoke to through the weirwood, other than ( someone) so there may be a link for the future. He has it in him to do some heroic deeds, with battle strategy, and possibly using his bow. GRRM spent a lot of time on his character descent. Now George may still do a Bambi stomp or sacrifice him. Theon still an heir to the Ironborn, although he could support Asha. It seems possible that after all his suffering, it would be more interesting to make him(instead of Gollum who succumbs to an irresistible evil force) survive and break good, perhaps redeeming himself by heroic or sacrificial deeds, saving Winterfell, or influencing the fate of the Ironborn or having an important role in battle of the dawn. His deeds would be even more amazing, given the depths of his fall, his guilt and handicaps. The question is: Why did Martin spend so much time on him? I suppose he could have been merely POV, but I would be disappointed if there is no fitting end for this character. who is more interesting? Arthur Dayne as the superhero white knight who follows orders and dies futilely, or Theon, the ultra messed up broken fellow who may have grown enough to make partial amends? The idea of Theon using a bow in a heroic event seems possible to me!
  14. Is Revolution The Only Viable Solution?

    It's just a matter of time, Australia.
  15. Theon, Archery and Redemption?

    If someone gets a chance to ask GRRM a question, please ask him if Theon is the anti-Gollum, and if you can get his reaction on video, well, amazeballs!