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  1. KL is similar to London in the Middle Ages as the Agent says. Think about people done out of their lands or occupations by sheep husbandry, or reinventing themselves from poverty, or people down on their luck, low life's, and a large population without birth control, except illness. Imagine a large city without toilets, functioning hospitals or a sewage system. Not as much was known about hygiene and medicine then. I'm. For fun, read Dickens, London by Edward Rutherford, or watch Oliver Twist.
  2. Bran: I can fly Littlefinger: I can't fly
  3. They have both shown their willingness to marry for peace or alliance reasons. They are both favored by R'hllor followers. They both take their responsibilities seriously.
  4. Dreams can shift, and Martin likely knows this. After a wacko experience with her aunt being vocal about pleasure, which was probably unsettling, she almost gets raped by a singer, a favorite of Lysa, who is a nasty guy. (Another reason for letting him be framed later). Her dream contains Marillion who was sincerely trying to coerce her. Tyrion, her wedded husband, was unappealing but was actually trying to help her, protected her, and could have raped her legally, and who was pressured by his father, yet refrained. The Hound actually saved her life, and wanted to run off with her. Three men desired her, but I think this series shows contrasts about her development, not similarity. She correctly realizes that Marillion( a handsome pop star more or less) was not nice, Tyrion was kind and respected her wishes, despite his desire, appearance, family and legal rights, and the Hound was understandable though brutish and a little sexy. She does seem confused, not surprising, given her age, training and experiences. Add to all Sansa's trauma her correct change of heart with Joffrey, her unrequited desire for an appealing gay knight and all the icky weirdness of LF, what the heck will she do next. And yes, she would be a less ordinary girl if she didn't fantasize a bit. She does have a ways to go to connect the dots.
  5. The Hound took great risk to save Sansa from a mob rape and possible death. With limited power, he tried to save her from the worst of Joffrey, and offered to take her away from KL. Sansa grew to understand the talk and the appearance from actions, to some degree. He also served as a contrast from knights in Romances, to the true knight actions. By the end she was empathetic and was confident that he would harm her. Her unkiss is about her age, puberty, as well. I believe she does value protection and strength, doesn't she tell Joffrey that her brother is going to kick his buttocks,or something like that?
  6. Hmm, I am curious and don't recall. It wouldn't be too far fetched, if you were Illyrio, to name a ship "Perfumed Senechal". In that way, the warning could be about Illyrio without actually having him move from his current location. He does have his bejeweled fingers in a lot of places. It could be one of the solutions to the Meerenese Knot.
  7. Who owns the boat?
  8. Under the better leadership, North Am would be a powerhouse. We could reduce pollution, spare the Great Lakes, spare the oceans and waterways, harness recycling, invest in green energy, reduce the threats to minorities, trade more freely, share resources, invest in cures for diseases and not pharmaceutical disease perpetuation, have sunny vacations in the winter, and have breathable air. Future generations will be healthier and happier. Okay, no reason.
  9. Canada can take Vermont, and most parts of New England, most of New York State, select parts of North Carolina, newly governed New Jersey, the Conch republic (with a notwithstanding clause), other parts of Florida, California, Oregon, Washington State and New District of Columbia, Illinois, Austin, New Orleans and Newer France, parts of Pennsylvania and Georgia. Other applicants will be considered on merit, and acceptance of the Canadian Union of Southern Provinces.
  10. Canada could set conditions. Observant States could petition to join the Canadian nation and become provinces. We can do this.
  11. If you just use a word like reality and declare it exists then you haven't said anything. Very safe and yet, useless.
  12. Wooo.
  13. Americans might consider succeeding to Canada.
  14. Let's ask Ellison what he actually believes about morality and the nature of reality and then it would be so easy to criticize. Waiting.
  15. London is one of my favorite cities for all sorts of reasons. As soon as possible, we are going to travel there, spend tourist money in and around London Bridge and tell as many people as possible what we think of the President of the US and his tweets. What else is better?