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  1. I'm a feminist, but whenever I see a portrayal of a mildly assertive female I call them out. If they have no obvious beauty flaws to destroy them with, I will not call them out, comparing them with equivalent male peers but I will nitpick and call them witchy. I will ensure that they are submissive in sexual encounters or I will call their lover deorogatory names. I will excuse any obvious mental and emotional flaws in males, and I will adore violent talk...ooo.. as long as they drink a lot or fight. Females must be perfect and no one can go wrong trash talking girls of any age, no matter what their intentions or actions are, while men can be drenched in blood, violence and lies, because that's so cool. I am for female advancement, but I think feminists go too far. I like being complicit. Scapegoating women is so much fun, because it's not me.
  2. Gosh, some people have no sense of proportion with the crazy idea of women in control, and who have love relationships with men who actually like spirited women. We could have a separate sig for Red State for women hating, with psychological services available.
  3. Stannis did a little man dickery with Mel.
  4. Joncon loved Rhaegar, and loves Young Griff as a son. Many of these comments on love are impressively wise. May we all find different flavors of love, a heart that can deal with the hard stuff, and a brain that can sort out the bull!
  5. I think GRRM may have been influenced by his alcoholic, womanizing, bastard sibling producing, neglectful, strong, wife negecting dad, when he imagined Robert. Write what you know.
  6. Tyrion is promising.
  7. Ygrain, true Tommen appears, sadly, to be dead and done, but in this world, you never know for sure! Also, if Euron has captured Yara, and Cersei does something to her, perhaps Theon could rescue or avenge her with his remaining dexterity. Theon is a little brother. Really it still seems it could be Jaime's job and a response to Brienne or Tyrions death. Arya is still a front runner, as the Nemesis character who can wear a dead persons face, at present.
  8. Very crackpot theory for your enjoyment. Euron brings Cersei undead Tommen who strangles her, as he is the little brother.
  9. I suppose if Cersei found out that the Queen of Thornes killed Joffrey, she might like the head of his killer, too.
  10. Did anyone catch the Samwell line about Valyrian swords decorated with dragon breath, or did I not hear that correctly? Is it breathe or obsidian in the decoration? My theory is that actual dragon breath (that is fire) tempers the Valyrian steel that can kill the Others, but dragon glass, (that is perhaps plentiful on Dragontone because of all those dragons that lived, breathed, melted stone, and died on the island) kills the wights. Also, the dragons can kill pretty much anything.
  11. Ellaria killed Myrcella, in Show. She would make a good gift for Cersei.
  12. Ugh, I came to Westeros and I got an ad staring at me from a local Republican runnning to be a Senator. She loves Trump, works with Ted Cruz, and is quite deceitful in her literature and door to door. I wonder how much money she gets, from where, to run. Now, with that off my chest. I would love it if someone asked GRRM if Ygritte's catchphrase,"You know nothing, Jon Snow!" Is based on a little twist of Socrates. I had a chance to think about this suggestion. Also, Socrates liked spirited women, apparently. He also died to obey the laws and decisions of the state, but for corruption the youth with radical ideas, but in more of a Caesarian fashion. I'm sure there are some scholars out there who could make a better comparison.
  13. I think you have a point in that this society is vaguely based on the Wars of the Roses, so the times are cynical and violent. But I think the characters, many of them being adapted and changed from historical or literary sources are not as simple as you are suggesting. It's possible to be reductive, and those are some basic trends that you have picked out. Most of the characters go through phases of development or devolution. Main characters have motives and traits that are shown, suggested or explained. Tyrion is clever but makes impulsive mistakes. He gets darker with each betrayal and tragic decision. LF is clever, but in very dispassionate way. Tywin is clever in the use of power and position but fails with his family. I wouldn't call them very similar! Many of the choices made in the Wars of the Roses are almost comically bad, except that in the end there is a "solution" made from chance dice flipping events and exhaustion. Evil people profit. Nobler ones are at a loss. Poorer people suffer. Historical figures are so ambiguous, that there are arguments to this day. Perhaps you are on to something with the gen x cynicism, and making your own luck!
  14. Be lucky that you have fought off the disgusting pro Trump Republicans and the American Democtrats.
  15. Joffrey is Bush, Hitler junior and Trump