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  1. I want Arya Stark to rescue me from a burning building, to come back for me while I’m at risk of torture, to encourage me to eat when I’m shellshocked, and to fight for me when I’m under attack from my enemies.
  2. If progressives and moderates vote together...yes we can! Let the bells ring!
  3. I suppose there could be an effect vaguely like Rh factor associated with dragon rider inheritance
  4. I like Widowmakers suggestion. The Count suffers quite a lot before he sets upon implacable revenge. Tyrion suffers quite a lot more than for just being a dwarf. His mother died at his birth. His father is frightful to him. His sister abuses him before he is cognizant. He loses his first love in a horrible traumatic way. He cannot marry an acceptable woman, and only marries because he and Sansa are forced to. Numerous people, including his father, try to get him killed. He is tortured by Lysa, and Catelyn too, really. He is hand, but for a loathsome nephew, in a family that idealizes revenge, in a society that admires brutality. He is betrayed by his one protector...his brother, and numerous other people. He is framed for crimes that he did not commit, and has been hunted, and kidknapped. Oh, and he is enslaved and owned by a perv. I can forgive him defensive asshat language, and even his despicable rape, when he descended to his rock bottom. We will see if he redeems himself. I’d say that he has quite the back story. Robb would kill people who broke an honor code, but he wouldn’t brick them up, torture them, gloat, or humiliate them unnecessarily.
  5. Perhaps the presence of dragons acts as if it were an epigenetic switch to those who have the “right” qualities. ( or vice versa) The presence of potential dragon riders allows the eggs to develop and hatch. Or maybe it is pherophantasmonal;)
  6. Lady Dacey knows her stuff.
  7. It turns out that making eye glasses with magenta lenses turns the wights into their pre dead selves. Once you capture the wight, and strap the goggles on, the wavelengths of Walker powered mind control starts reversing, and through the animation energy, the brain regains it’s former functionality and memory network. The sales of the lenses will follow a geometric progression. Willas will be elected the new Chief Technology Officer of Westeros Incorporated, as he will bring corporate structure to the governing body of the survivors of the hostile takeover;)
  8. In real life history, it was possible to make it up the ranks if you were good with money. Thomas Cromwell and William Cecil come to mind. But mostly, the gig was having a rich merchants daughter or son marry a noble who needed the cash. By the way, is “Alayne” Littlefinger’s monetary heir whether or not she marries Harry?
  9. Julius Caesar reformed the calendar and look what happened to him.
  10. Sorry wrong thread. Elizabeth Tudor had a difficult childhood after three, when her mother was killed by her father, and was also slimed on by a guardian and had to pretend a lot to change her beliefs in order not to be killed for religious reasons. She also had to pretend to wish to marry to keep her Throne.
  11. I hate Donald trump’s lies and blaming
  12. Oh yes, we’ve seen Trump go after journalists, too.
  13. Now I thought it was smart that the dems did not have as many televised debates while the republicans were conducting shooting circles. But in the end Clinton did not have as much charisma as she needed in a post fact World. Yes, that Hillary did a lot of the fundraising for the dems and that Sanders could win anyway was awkward. That a lot of the complaints about Hillary were exaggerated or invented by bots and amplified for reasons that are also possibly deep seated makes repairs difficult. I would force George Clooney to run, because a minority friendly, media savvy and charismatic male, has the best shot to win in our world. People like that probably don’t want to run because they wouldn’t want their whole family subjected to smear campaigns, and whole cloth BS to hurt their reputations unless they have something to prove, or need a foreign country to settle their debts. I would love for Colbert to run! Half the country wouldn’t get his jokes, though. Splitting the vote on the left is fatal. Justin Trudeau got elected when the “two lefts” compromised. Come on, let’s vote out the orange menace and his ilk. Trump as a leader terrorizes women, jurists and people who like a due legal process, minorities, South Koreans, Iranians, the military who don’t want a stupid war or nukes, fact positive people, scientists and academics, truth tellers, gays who want to keep their rights, transgendered people by caving to haters, anti White supremiscists, anyone who wants to have a future without tainted food and water, anyone living in low lying land or who doesn’t want devestation by hurricanes and droughts, non fascists in the intelligence community, people who want cheaper and affordable health care, security for the elderly those who want fact based harm reduction programs for those dying of addictions, prison reform, reproductive rights, those who notice the clueless toadies that he has appointed... I’m sure I’ve missed important points!
  14. Sapphires.
  15. We were discussing anti feminism and white supremacy. I notice that Ormond is not a moderator, so I can continue. Yes, Mormon males are supposed to attain their own planet by some sort of spiritual credit. I do believe that the function of their spiritual wives, who they may choose outside Earthly marriage is to populate the planet that they are the God of with spirit babies. Maybe they wash up as well? Brigham Young instigated the Meadows Massacre. There were a lot of descendants or "spiritual" descendants of Joseph Smith in that murderous group. They also were unfriendly towards First Nations peoples, and Feds with fire arms. Mormons were big on the idea of the mark of Cain on "colored" people, although they changed their racist policy in the seventies, probably because recruitment numbers are a factor in the planet allotment. I've witnessed some very dodgy treatment of women in that group. Strange, that the women have a very high use of anti depressants. Also, practicing gay people can be shunned, and it is very upsetting for them and their supposedly eternal family. I know of one patriarch who was suicidal over a gay son. I don't think these issues should be silenced or pushed off, do you? Yes there is some discussion about whether Joseph Smith (poor, ill, and the son of an alcoholic of no special heritage)was a prophet who improved on Christianity, while an angel told him the secrets of the universe in the Reformed Egyptian (sic) language. If interested one might look up the hat that revealed his information. Or one might be curious about the ancient submarine that ferried a tribe of Israel? To North America. People got upset about him spiritually marrying teenagers and married women. It's relevant because of the religious issues involved in American politics and the money that is now allowed to flow with dodgy checks and balances into politics, so people should know about the anti gay, propagandist and ant feminist agendas of people influencing policy.