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  1. Andrzej Sapkowski II

  2. Preferred format of reading

    Do you ever get paranoid with one at all? I'm not quite sure how much one of those would cost but I would always feel paranoid of it getting lost and stolen when carrying it around, say to the beach or something.
  3. Andrzej Sapkowski II

    Finally finished The Lady of the Lake. What a great ending. And I was very pleased when it arrived to see it was twice as big as any of the other books. Now we wait for Season of Storms...
  4. Preferred format of reading

    This. Technology has its uses, but in this case technology isn't necessary. We have books, we don't need other devices to emulate books. At least not for me, I'm constantly frustrated at technology and any chance to be free of it is something I enjoy. Fair enough point, but if you just buy paperbacks, or even standard hardcovers in some case, they are cheap and easy to replace. I'm also not much of a "collector" so it isn't too hard for me to get another copy of books I absolutely must own - grabbing another The Lord of the Rings isn't too hard for me. Amazon is also a great tool if you can't find the particular book you want in your local Chapters, or so. Just my opinion. Besides, does house damage like that occur that often that it should be a concern?
  5. Preferred format of reading

    Print. Audiobooks are great too if you just want to lay in bed, close your eyes, and just experience the story.
  6. Boarders Writing a Novel Part 15

    Decided to essentially step away from the story I have been working on for four years now. Really needed to start fresh with something new. On the bright side, I found a way to include some of the same characters and a lot of the POV chapters into the new story, so its not like I wasted all that effort on something I've abandoned, and it's kind of liked a jump start on a whole new book.
  7. Official Season 7 Promo Released

    So is Jon technically Jon Stark now?
  8. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    Different cultures have different general tastes that have developed over centuries. Simple question, easily debunked.
  9. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    Attractiveness is not always completely subjective. It's why hundreds of thousands of women swoon over Ryan Gosling and men over Scarlett Johansson or Jessica Alba for example. Everybody does have their own particular taste, but there are quite clearly near-universal truths about what is attractive or not. And assertiveness, charisma, confidence, (all the things I have listed above) as well as attractiveness all go into the sexual success or failure of any given person.
  10. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    Like every other animal that exists, human females, when searching for a mate, tend to prefer males who exhibit "dominant" characteristics; namely charisma, confidence, assertiveness, strength, the potential for healthy children and the ability to protect and provide for them. Submissive males generally do not exhibit these same characteristics to the same extent that dominant males do. The same way other mammals look for the most optimal mate to give the best offspring. This is common sense. Any documentary you would watch as a child would tell you this. Scot, you being married despite being submissive does not mean there are no such thing as dominant or submissive guys. Reasons why a woman would chose a more submissive male can be anything from individual variation, to a more dominant woman wanting to be in control over her mate, a lack of potential dominant mates, perhaps a more generally submissive male may posses one or two more appealing or satisfactory qualities. I am not claiming it is a black and white division. There is some overlap. But it is quite obvious if you have ever spent any time around human beings that more assertive men tend to do better with women than submissive guys. For a crude, stereotypical example, it is why there are outgoing and popular kids in highschool and the "losers" who hangout in the library. It's not that a loser is never going to get a girl, its that the popular kids are going to get a lot more.
  11. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    Dominant and submissive in a social context. I thought that was quite obvious. These two personality traits do often bleed over into other contexts in an individual's life as well, but in particular for this conversation I am mainly referring to a social context.
  12. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    In the context in which I'm speaking it may have been better for me to use the terms dominant and submissive instead of alpha and beta.
  13. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    "Beta male" was the first term that popped into my head to describe the type of man I was speaking of. If you have a better term I'd love to hear it. If you are, however, implying that there is no difference between so called alpha and beta personalities in men, or that women don't see a difference or have a preference for the former, then I would have to disagree with you based on all of the scientific evidence compiled on every single species which has ever existed on our planet. The year was brought up because those issues were raised and then overwhelmingly disproven in 2015. I'm not sure what you are referring to about thousands of men jumping over a woman for having sex with who she pleases. Can I get a link to an article or something about this to look into it?
  14. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    If you have to wind through that twisted road to get to that outcome, the term rape is still very inappropriate. "If this, this this this this this and this happen, and then happens in this certain context, its rape" then just brushing over everything with the magical term of "rape culture" is very sloppy. If you do that, then everything is associated with rape, and everything is given that same reaction as rape is. I think its very scary how much people generalize and label things. It's 2017, well past time to leave this sort of nonsense behind. Videogames aren't sexist, rape culture isn't a thing, and so on and so forth. 2015 is over.
  15. "Friend Zone" memes and whining are silly (Rape Culture discussion)

    "Beta males" as in men lacking confidence, charisma, skill (whether physical or mental), those who would rather others take charge so they don't have to really do anything. I'm sure you can remember some people who fall into this category from your highschool or college days. Many of them remain this way into adulthood. I'm not sure how you associate complaining about being "friendzoned" as "coercing women into sex". It seems to virtually always be the case of these boys/men whining because they cannot admit they do not meet their desired partner's standards. Again, the use of the word rape in any sense is not appropriate and in my opinion leads to the desensitization of the word. And if that is the meaning of the term "rape culture" then perhaps you should opt for a name less misleading or downright wrong.