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  1. Who Are We Anyway: Tracing Our History

    Partly off-topic, but that is not, scientifically speaking, universally accepted. Outbreeding depression is a legitimate drawback, and many studies suggest that populations tend to prefer to produce offspring with those that are genetically similar to them, though evolving cultural factors can play a part in swaying this genetic preference one way or the other for various different reasons from one population to the next.
  2. Worst names in aSoIaF

    Aenys is not pronounced "Anus", its pronounced "Ay-knees"
  3. Aegon the Conqueror and Tywin Lannister

    Not sure if trolling, or... On the off chance that you're not, what makes you believe these things?
  4. prequel novellas

    The order they were published is the order in which the events depicted actually happen. I definitely recommend checking them out. The characters really come to life and it lets you explore the ancestors of many characters in ASOIAF, which is quite interesting.
  5. Jon Snow and Religion

    Not a problem! Sounded a little bit fishy, and the "about" section of the website specified that it was a satirical news site. Would be nice if there was some real info out there something, and not all this parody nonsense for once.
  6. Beheading Bran

    I highly doubt ANYONE is going to convince Daenerys to kill one of her dragons. If you want to theorize that they might fall in battle, I can understand, but willingly kill? No. That would not happen. They are children too her.
  7. In a few interviews, GRRM has stated that he refrains from doing so. He does not want any outside influence on his series, and fears that perhaps subconsciously some of what he reads might work its way into the books, and he does not want that.
  8. Jon Snow and Religion

    That article is completely fabricated. Martin never said any of that. (If you already knew that, and I sound like that guy I apologize )
  9. Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)

    Nah, I have been reading it for quite a while. Which is why I find some of the reading order discussions silly at times, unless an author's body of work is comprised of like 15 different stand-alone novels all set in the same world, or something along those lines.
  10. Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)

    What kind of silly person would pick up a book clearly titled Book 1, and honestly expect it to be the first/introductory novel in a series? I'm over a quarter of the way through it now. Seems a little pretentious, though it isn't really difficult to follow along with like you are all making it out to be. Kind of distracting how every single cultural group ends with an "i", though... Shigeki, Tydonni, Ainoni, Nilnameshi, Khirgwi, etc, etc, etc. Where's the Realmians? The Realmese? The Realmish? A little variety couldn't hurt.
  11. Kings in the North vs. Kings of Winter

    Robb is still as much a Northmen as anyone else. Catelyn giving birth at Riverrun does not disqualify him from being King in the North.
  12. Bakker XLV: Optimal Tip-to-Tip Damnation (no TGO Spoilers)

    I'll survive, I am sure. Besides, the front cover says Book One on it, so that one's on Bakker.
  13. need help with my Fantasy series and setting

    Eh, it'll be out before the Winds of Winter at least. Something to do in the meantime while we wait I guess.
  14. need help with my Fantasy series and setting

    So when is the book coming out???
  15. Will the Dragons be relevant?

    They would likely be relevant, otherwise there would be no sense including them in the story at all.