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  1. Wouldn't say no to that either.
  2. Even if TWOW takes another 2 years until it's completed, having Fire & Blood come out late 2018/early 2019 would be a nice way to pass the time. I wouldn't be very bothered by the wait for Winds if that is the case.
  3. I don't think I have ever hated a novel character as much as I hated Janos Slynt. Something about him and Ser Alester really got on my nerves (in a good way, in that GRRM wrote them well). I was beyond happy to see Janos beheaded. For some reason, I don't even hate Joffrey as much as I hate Janos.
  4. I have really been getting into Crusader Kings 2 lately. Game has been practically eating up my life so I've had to take a short break. Really is an incredibly fun game. Current campaign as the Grand Chief of Saxony in the Charlemagne DLC. Managed to subjugate all of Denmark and some sparse counties around the Baltic, as well as taking over all of Pomerania and taking bits of Poland. I feel like such a god.
  5. Witcher is the perfect word. It's unique in that it gives Geralt, the world, and novels their own identity. Plus Witcher is just a cool word. Wish I had thought of it first
  6. Like this?
  7. Erikson just seems pretentious all around, and not just in the poetry. That's something I didn't like about the Name of the Wind. Felt like Rothfuss kind of shoe-horned the dracchus in at the end because it was close to the end of the book where a climax ought to go and he needed action and thought "hey, what if they see a dragon thing lol"
  8. Damn, excessive use of outer-space kung fu battles is another trope for the list. What do you mean by 'mystery box'?
  9. Is that the story of Geralt's mother and (alleged father) fighting against Vrans? Would love to read that. The story of Geralt's mother healing him is one of my favourites, so it would be great to read more of her.
  10. Thanks for the heads up! Will keep an eye on that.
  11. I'm very interested to try out Kingdom Come: Deliverance, once I read some more reviews. Will be very interesting to see a game that is serious about being historically accurate. It will be a nice change of pace from just another fantasy game (not that there is anything wrong with that - I love fantasy games.)
  12. Just like the title says, what are some common things you come across that just make you roll your eyes when reading a novel? Is it a particular archetype, plot point, theme, phrase, etc? Personally, if I have to read the sentence "his eyes seemed to change colours depending the light" one more time, I am going to gouge my eyes out.
  13. Found this video that in my opinion does a good job expressing why Snoke did not work very well as a character:
  14. I don't think I was perhaps very clear. If a minority/female director was hired, I would have no opposition to it. That's what I meant by I couldn't care--be it a female, a male, a Caucasian, a minority, I would have the same reaction. These factors don't carry much significance to me personally. I am confronting this current topic (people upset or frustrated that D&D ā€“ more white guys ā€“ are being hired) simply because it is the current issue, and I believe it is absurd to have a problem with D&Dā€™s race. If a minority or a woman is hired next week to helm a whole new trilogy, that is just as swell, and I would also take issue with those who have a problem with that directors gender or race as well. Additionally, I can't speak much to Black Panther as I know virtually nothing about it - I'm not much of a superhero movie guy and all I know about it is from YouTube video titles I happened to glance at whilst browsing. I'm not much help in a Black Panther discussion unfortunately haha
  15. "I couldn't care less" as in my expectations, concerns, and hopes for a film would not change based on the ethnic heritage of the director.