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  1. I'm just hoping we get to see Borch Three Jackdaws On that note: what part of the books is everyone most excited to see on-screen?
  2. I think Nikolai could pull off the Geralt look and portray him pretty well. And Michael Fassbender could work too, IMO.
  3. It seems most likely to me that they will base the show off of the short stories. That is unless they signed up for a 5-season deal for them to successfully cover the main series, though I am not sure exactly how common a 5-season deal for something of this sort is. Also, count me in as one of the people that doesn't want Madds Mikkelson as Geralt... I don't know, he just doesn't seem very Geralty.
  4. But from the interviews I have seen, Rothfuss seems pretty adamant that he wants it to finish with book 3.
  5. He's probably just writing Inheritance Cycle fan fiction instead.
  6. Great to get an update from GRRM. Even if it doesn't reveal much, it is quite nice to hear some news from him. Interested to see what these successor shows might be, if not Dunk & Egg or Robert's Rebellion... Maybe Aegon's Conquest? The Andal Invasions?
  7. I have all softcovers as well, but I couldn't care less. I NEED to get this book the moment it comes out. Even if it was on 11 x 17 paper. I just want to read it
  8. I think it would be awesome to have Travis Fimmel have a cameo of Rhaegar.
  9. Perhaps the game has influenced my vision of the character, but those pictures just made me laugh. Looks like quite the ladies man.
  10. That is a bit of an over-generalization. Both are two extreme ideologies. And well, reading the reviews, it seems this book is "ableist." Well I'll be. Never thought I'd hear that about a fantasy novel. Wow.
  11. Yeah, I'm not quite sure about him being a Velaryon. There isn't a lot of evidence to point towards it, and it seems a bit convoluted to me, and it's just kind of like... why? The Velaryons are clearly meant to be tertiary characters.
  12. I tend to believe he is a Blackfyre, due to the substantial and obvious clues everyone usually talks about. I think it is quite fitting that he is a Blackfyre and not a Targaryen, as it seems to be the reason why we keep hearing about the Blackfyre's so often, to foreshadow Young Griff.
  13. Didn't Ciri shave her head, or something like that, during her time with the Rats? I always had pictured game-Ciri in my mind, but I want to say in the books her appearance is quite different... Not sure if I'm confusing some details or what.
  14. English as in UK? This is what we have here in North America... Pretty bad... Admittedly, though, I do really like cover of Lady of the Lake. It is different from the others however in its use of Witcher 3 art, and not concept are but just a promotional photo from the game. What's nice about it is that it depicts both of the major characters, not in some cartoonish version of them, without some ridiculous event going on in the background.,204,203,200_.jpg
  15. Dullest POV characters? Danaerys, Brienne, Sansa, Arya, Arianne.