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  1. I think the Baratheon guardsmen might be part of the City Watch since they are the king's own men? It would at least explain their abscence in the books.
  2. Because it's a detail from almost twenty years ago.
  3. Look, it's canon! In White Habour and Old Town we so far only visited the wealthy parts of the city, while we know about the slums in King's Landing. Different perspectives.
  4. What blood magic? We don't know how exactly Melisandre did it. Plus he arguably did it in self defense, so I'm not sure how the gods would view that one.
  5. They commited worse crimes. Flaying isn't any nicer than burning, much less so considering that Stannis burns people because fire magic is proven to work and the Boltons just flay people because they can. The kinslaying part remains to be seen, it has been hinted that one Bolton may kill the other.
  6. I think the point that GRRM drives home is that all cities are dirty and poor.
  7. Euron: I am the storm. Tyrion: So that's where whores go.
  8. He has a plan, we just don't know it yet. Stannis is confident in his victory, since he is the best general Westeros has to offer, I am confident in his victory too.
  9. You support a king who burns his own subjects alive during a court session for shits and giggles?
  10. Rhaegar was in no position to leave a will. His father was the king, until after Rhaegar died. Rhaegar was only a prince.
  11. Judging by how they ruled their respective lands, their history, customs and prominent members, which one of them do you think should have become kings?
  12. That's not really different ethnicities though, more different degress of intermingling between First Men and Rhoynar.
  13. 1. He would have to accept the fact that his father might be executed and probably have to deliver some hostages, maybe even agree to the marriage between Sansa and Joffrey. 2. It was a decent choice by what standards he had, he defended the allied Riverlands and his family. Of course, his actions led to the deaths of thousands. 3. I don't know. I think he might have still expected a royal pardon rather than a public execution. 4. I think he would have talked things over with Ned before doing anything. Bonus: It wasn't, really, Cersei tore apart Robert's will, which gave Ned legitimacy before he arrested Joffrey. And it was politically extremely stupid because it gave the North a reason to rebel and aid the Riverlands in their war, as well as taint the new rule from day one. Sparing Ned would have been the better choice.
  14. Except for Jon and Davos, they give good advice.
  15. Team Name: Stannis Team: Stannis, Davos, Melisandre, Selys, Shireen, Tycho Nestoris, Suggs, Horpe, Massey, Jon Snow (sort of) Team Objective: Unite the realm under Stannis leadership against the others S: Greatest commander in Westeros, good reputation, loyal veteran troops, unlimited finances (as soon as Tycho arrives). W: Numbers and supplies (until Tycho helps him out). O: The current regime is very unpopular, so he could gain a lot of allies. T: Winter.