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  1. Rhaegar isn't really absolved from anything, and people who believe that he is are not paying attention or stupid. Because marrying Lyanna pretty much reinforces the idea of him just abandoning his kids and wife and leaving them in the protection of just the king, who hated her. And that's aside of the whole "causing a war by running away without telling anybody" thing. Still makes Rhaegar the asshole and Robert the hero.
  2. The Stormlands used to be a lot bigger since the crownlands were once part of the Stormlands. Dorne is the least densely populated kingdom anyway and the Riverlands are too devided to pose a threat, so the only danger comes from the Reach, which isn't as unified as most other kingdoms either and has the added problem of having Ironborn, dornish, westerman and Riverlanders at their doorsteps, so they can't only focus on one kingdom most of the time. Plus they're just good warriors who can punch beyond their weight.
  3. Stannis has fewer character flaws than Renly.
  4. Tarly supported the Tyrells, not Renly. Brienne fell in love with him and is now on a guilt trip because she let him die, that's hardly an unbiased opinion, furthermore, Renly didn't really give a fuck about her. I think he said he forgave them, but did not forget. And I think that is true. He won't punish them, but he won't treat them quite with the same trust he will treat his more loyal men, like Massey, Horpe, or Davos. I don't think it's in character for him to turn on them after he officially forgave them, but of course, neither of us can prove the other wrong. But that aside, I didn't compare Stannis to Renly. I think Stannis is a lot more able for several reasons, but that doesn't belong in this thread. Damon was hardly a better king than the alternative. More popular, yes, but that doesn't mean better. And we know that Robert didn't turn out to be a great king despite of all his charisma. So the examples you provided don't exactly make Renly look good. Can Aegon trust Duck? I'm not sure. I think Varys has a spy in Aegon's camp and it's completely possible that's Duckfield. The cyvasse thing was still a bit imature for a seventeen year old boy.
  5. Not on the basis of his charisma. Loras loved him, so he got a pretty sweet deal with Mace, who wanted nothing more than a Tyrell queen, that's all. Joff and Tommen got offered the same deal, not because of their legendary charisma.
  6. Banefort isn't worth the hassle. I honor my old obligations with the Marbands and the Lumbas (what a stupid name). I tell my sister that it's my duty to follow my king as well, so I have to send my troops elsewhere. However, I offer her to return to my castle periodically, for her own safety. To not raise suspicions I offer that to other people of Lord Westerling's household too, of course. Should she (or her husband, if her safety is of any concern to him and he doesn't just want to keep her hostage) accept and her husband die in the heavy fighting against the Ironborn, this could make her child the lord of the Crag and my family even more powerful. Maybe I can even hire someone to make sure the Lord of the Crag dies in the fighting. I send my troops to the Golden Tooth, which will no doubt endear me to Lord Marbrand, Lord Lefford and Lady Lannister. And the Golden Tooth is strategically a good position, , so I'm confident in our victory. After we won, I can still count on those lords being grateful enough to help me against any Ironborn raiders that may want to raid my territory. The Smallfolk shall be tax free, but I will help them with all the gold my other endeavours leave me with if need be. Skilled workers will be needed for the rebuilding following the war, and I want them to know that just like the Lannisters, I pay my debts, as I'm no doubt indepted to them for the years they spent fighting for me. Nonetheless l want the best healers possible for my family, and to ensure I get them I use the money I get from Ser Lumba, as it's described as a "generous" dowry, and it has to be to marry above his station, I assume that will be enough.
  7. The Tullys. I could get behind the Mudds getting them if they aren't frauds though. And please stop calling people traitors for rebelling against Aerys, Aerys was a Madman and a terrible king, he provoced the rebellion himself by his unjust and cruel behaviour.
  8. He let bygones be bygones when he forgave the men that had turned to Renly and asked the northern bannermen for help even though they had sided with Robb Stark. But all that doesn't matter, no matter what your stance on Stannis is, looks, charisma and a fancy name don't make a good king. Renly had all of those and he didn't look very promising. Joff had those before it was obvious he was mad. As far as Aegon's ability is concerned, I'm not sure. He did get played by Tyrion and how he threw the chess board wasn't exactly kingly, but him wanting to lead the attack on Storm's End does show that he may not be a complete pushover.
  9. Stannis has the right and ability on his side, Aegon has to go a long way if he wants to be compared to kings like him. But I agree that we should reserve judgment until we see him rule.
  10. And don't forget how Ned caused the war of the five kings by helping Robert gain the throne1
  11. She isn't selfish, she thinks of her family. How to free her daughters, who nobody cares about much because they are female. Her personal tragedies, like her dead husband and Bran's crippling, Bran, who she left when she went south. Her own guilt, because her actions escalated the war, because she left Bran and because she convinced Ned of going south. She might think of herself a lot, but not for selfish reasons.
  12. Every lord of westeros is a tyrant-dictator. That's the system they have in place. That is, unless you support a system in which nobles can have trials (which the better fighters always win), while commoners can not, where there is zero democracy and you can get yourself killed if you do not die or work for your lord as he commands. Ned was a decent guy for his time, but let's not pretend the Starks are some kind of philantropists in Westeros.
  13. Aegon is much better than Daenerys, but still, far from being a perfect ruler.
  14. On top of what OP said, I think the Blackfish should get more credit for Robb's victories. He was a seasoned commander who advised him during the entire war, and without him, I very much doubt Whispering Wood could have happened. His second victory happened only because Stefford was a fool and Robb's wolf managed to find a path previously unknown to anyone. And we never saw Robb command an actual battle, every one of his victories was an ambush.
  15. There is no reason for a large number of stragglers when his host is travelling so slowly and not even Tywin at his rapid pace had more than a few hundred. And why would there be a large number of people not getting a call when literally every major bannermen outside of the Florens and the Redwynes was there? The Hightowers weren't absent, while the Redwyne strength lies mostly in their fleet. But sure, let's give them another 5-10k soldiers without reason, just to make a point, they're still just as close to 50k as they are to 100k. Pure guesswork. As you said, we know men of the Riverlands, Stormlands and Reach were there. They could have easily made up half his army. Indeed.