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  1. Playing devil's advocate here: 1. You can't judge every Other by the dozen or so who laughed as they killed Waymar Royce just as you can't judge every human by what the Brave Companions are doing. 2. Do something productive by human standards. You don't know what the Others are doing in the icy wastelands of the North and what is productive to them. 3. They do use corpses as their soldiers, but lords you could say use living people. Though of course we don't know much about the animated corpses and how they are made. 4. The Others may not even have war among each other, and we don't even know how and why they invade the south. Maybe the humans broke their contract, maybe they are migrating to survive, maybe they just want to expand their lands like the First Men did when they originally invaded Westeros.
  2. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    Jaime is his golden son. He looks good, he's a great fighter, he isn't stupid (even though he seems like it sometimes), and men like to follow him, according to Tyrion. Especially if you consider that Tywin's only other children are a woman and a stunted dwarf as well as the fact that he is very concerned about his reputation it makes sense for him to like Jaime.
  3. Truly good characters

    Only Septon Meribald. Seriously, there is no morally superior character in the series. Not one. Septon Meribald is basically Santa with badass stories.
  4. Biggest Thing you missed in the books?

    Ned Stark.
  5. Valyria and Gender

    Isn't men just a dated way to say humans, as in mankind? The term First Men is pretty old, so I'm not sure if it's fair to say the Maesters or whoever coined the term didn't think about women when they first used it.
  6. What 'needed to be done'?

    Without him it wouldn't have happened though, that's what I'm saying. They would still have to slaughter his army to end the war, and Robb would have to be executed anyway.
  7. Baratheon - I pick the just and able ruler Stannis over the ambitious and younger Renly Martell - Tristane (sorry, Quentyn and Arianne, but you're both too impulsive) Tyrell - Garlan. Sure, most people are going to say Olenna, but she's better behind the scenes. And he can lead troops, Willas can't Tully - Blackfish, big surprise Stark - Robb, I don't want an underaged ruler for them and the rest isn't too competent anyway Lannister - Jaime, I wouldn't want a schemer like Tyrion in charge of the wealthiest house Greyjoy - Vicky is capable and yet, he should be comparatively easy to control. Euron is insane, Theon is stupid and Asha is dangerous. Arryn - Harry the Heir. Sweetrobin is utterly incompetent
  8. What 'needed to be done'?

    Tywin - how he handled the rebellion, the wotfk and the red wedding.
  9. Most cowardly deed in ASOIAF.

    Robert Baratheon > Dany.
  10. The problem is, we don't know what Reed did during Robert's rebellion. Maybe he did have a commanding position, maybe he didn't.
  11. Let's speculate wildly about Lady Dustin

    Lady Dustin and Olenna Tyrell were switched at birth.
  12. I'm at Moat Cailin, right? The Crannogmen are practically next door. And an army on foot takes a while, longer than a few men on horseback. Worst case, Reed would join the army on their way south. At least we know Reed's a veteran. Plus he isn't supposed to engage Tywin in a pitched battle anyway.
  13. Howland Reed. I'd immediately send for him, and I don't see him refusing to obey my order as he doesn't seem like a traitor. at all. I think he is the only northener in my service who has the right temperament for a feint attack, but without the treacherous nature of the Boltons. Rickard seems to honor-obsessed and hot-headed, so I can't take him for the same reasons I can't take the Greatjon.
  14. Second strongest houses in each kingdom?

    You know that two people can come to the same conclusion, right? And that there aren't so many ways to word it? I could accuse you of copying Bright Blue Eyes arguments. Do you think this will get us anywhere? Okay, let's say Manderly has 6000 men in total. He sent 1500 of them to the South, where they died. So he has 4500 men left. Bolton sent 4000 men south, most of them survived. He also has his garrison with Ramsay, another 600 men. That alone would put him above Manderly. Some Manderly men (probably a few hundred) were sent to Rodrick, where pretty much every one of them died or fled. That's another 200-500 Manderly men dead.