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  1. Best character on TV

    So little Oz love! (hurrah for a couple O'Reilly and Adebisi mentions!) My favorites were O'Reilly, Beecher, Said, and Adebisi. Oh, here's the gang in one of the best scenes ever. I still crack up at Adebisi with the party horn.
  2. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    So far, most interesting choice difference for me is
  3. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    It's set in Westeros and not one lassie or laddie's been skeeved on? Someone's definitely thinking of the children :laugh:
  4. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    EEE! SO GOOD! Fuck, the tension was way higher in this one...or maybe it was my cold apartment. I've only played through once, so have yet to continue my second save slot. This one's my Middle Road one, Save Slot 2 is my Unfettered playthrough.
  5. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    Eee! Can't wait! Gah, I didn't see Ep. 2 up in the PS store. Do you have to buy the season pass? I figured it wouldn't make any savings since I'd already purchased the first episode.
  6. Game of Thrones Episodic Game Released

    *emerges from hibernation* Eeee, I loved Episode 1, can't wait for the second. Cracked up at how Asher's this angry badass but speaks with a quizzical tenor. The Boars, Gore, and Swords podcast did a great review of the first episode. One of their comments was "Such idiots, thinking we were smarter than the canon characters. We actually thought we could negotiate with Ramsay!" I love the VA work the show actors are doing. Playing as Mira, Cersei is terrifying. It was really fun getting hope the thrills continue.
  7. Prince of Fools (Spoilers)

    A bit over halfway through and loving it! The storylines intersecting at the Fallen Angel was hilarious. It was super fun to see the same characters from Jal's point of view instead of Jorg's. It's a fun take on the buddy roadtrip narrative, as well as the match-up of barbarian and nobleman. At first I wasn't sure how I liked Jal's "mistaken for heroism," but the locket mini-twist really sold it for me. I'm also picturing an AU where Jal attempts to smack Jorg around at the queen's behest and Jorg's wondering if this is some very thespian "hiding in plain sight" assassin...likely before stabbing him in the liver. As a history geek I love picking out the references. It was really amusing seeing how some historical rivalries still seem to exist a thousand years from now.
  8. Heh, my Unsullied father called me up after. He's only done that for the Hannibal season 2 finale and the Red Wedding.
  9. If War Horse got Oscar noms, this scene can get some epic kudos.
  10. Yarp! I suspect it will involve Ser Gregor finding out Ser Pounce stole away in his backpack after he heard Margaery say she liked corgis.
  11. I was bored senseless by Jon until ADWD. Subsequent rereads I like him more because I can see the buildup better, but he's a character I've found more entertaining in forbidden and notably fecking immoral castaway...stuff. I sure hope so! If it's a toss-up between Foucault introspection and Angela Carter joie de vivre, I'll go with the latter every time! It's going to be a million kinds of epic when Gregor comes across Ramsay in a snowy evil place, the Bastard having cornered Jeyne, and yanks him off with a velvety baritone "Why is it I'm always rescuing Starks?" Of course he understood the true deception, but in a zenith of lemming-incomprehensible moral complexity he saw the need to keep Jeyne's secret safe.
  12. Those Final Cut fucks! They royally massacred the part where Ser Gregor sits Tormund down for a serious discussion about safe sex and responsibility. Moon Tea isn't cheap!