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  1. Kind of like the whole Brady thing, don't think the totality of the publicly available evidence warrants concluding he did it (although unlike the Brady thing, I actually think it's possible he did do it). The victim's friend's police statement for the one incident (where she shows texts where Zeke's GF asks her to lie and say Zeke drug her out of car and hit her) really don't sit right with me, and automatically discredits anything the girlfriend is saying. While I haven't looked at it too deeply, I'm not aware of any other evidence beyond the girlfriend's interviews. Also unlike Brady, he's a little shithead that needed a major wake up call and deserved something for the incident on St. Patrick's day, so I'm not upset.
  2. I have a hard time believing Seattle wouldn't have signed him if he was willing to settle for $5M a year. That's perfectly legitimate backup money, and a fairly good fit behind Wilson. I think he's a premium backup for the mobile QBs though (much less so for the Staffords of the world)
  3. Already said he'd consider postponing it for Dolphins. Had one of his better years under Gase in the past.
  4. Given the OC, I think Cutler is probably the best option if he's anywhere remotely near in shape. Kaep is probably number 2 on the list though (1 if Cutler not remotely near in shape).
  5. Not to be crass, but think of it like the fertilization of an egg rather than a coinflip. There's a whole lot of people trying to get in, but only so many can be successful in any given amount of time.
  6. Should be the refresh. At that point, you're having to ping the server to request the new information. If you log in now, you only connect to the server while you're downloading it (ie, now) and then your computer stops the connection. Every now and then, it should reping for simple updates for the notifications (but it doesn't redownload the website when that happens). You need to reconnect to the server (either via refreshing or clicking the link in the notification) to download the updated webpage. So when everyone and their former roommate's dogwalker is trying to ping the server and download the webpage at the same time, your ping gets lost among the crowd, even if you already have a previous version downloaded in your browser.
  7. Thanks, I like you too. I might be misunderstanding you (probably the case in my experience), but I think you're reading to much into the wildlings are not the true enemy. Much of their attacks are mythicised in a hyperbolic manner (your drinking blood, possibly a willing umber lady), but the attacks exist, and enough for a dozen wildlings to have near universal notoriety in the north. For our storyline, we focus on highborn characters, with the only northern (at least geographically) povs being children, which doesn't give us a good lense into the attacks on the small folk. The watch had dealt with enough wildling violence to have specific procedures in place to defend against it. So downplaying it to the point where a reader can think you're saying wildling attacks are exceedingly rare as to be an almost nonexistent event is the only part I took any issue with. Martin is absolutely clear that nothing about the wildlings is fundamentally different from the northerners. But they (watch included here) were humans that legitimately fought and skirmished for the last several centuries (if not longer.)
  8. Know I'm way late to the party, but catching up after a long week. I can't agree with the first part. Marsh's last act in the books was to engage in an almost guaranteed suicidal assassination to allow the Watch to continue to operate. That is not a move a man solely concerned with his own skin makes. Is he a bigot and coward? Yes, but that doesn't mean he's purely self motivated. Now, all of this doesn't mean I believe Jon deserved to die. But there is a very clear, legal/traditional reasoning for Marsh & Co to think Jon deserved to die. While there aren't any directly, the mentions of climbing the wall frequently (ASOS is packed up right now or I'd provide the direct quotes), and the plethora of infamous raiders suggests that it is a fairly common occurrence. [ETA: There's at least 13 recent raids]
  9. I'm a big Jon lover, but denying he acted against at least the spirit of his Night's Watch vows cheapens the dilemma he found himself in. In GRRM fashion, he had to choose between 2 conflicting desires (his family/his duty). While I think he made the right choice, it is blatantly involving himself (and thus the Watch, as he is its most senior officer) in the affairs of the realm, directly planning to kidnap the wife of the reigning Lord Paramount of the North. So from the perspective of a law abiding Watchmen, Jon deserves to be executed. But really, do we want a story where Jon is always 100% morally in the right (or whoever your favorite character is). That moral complexity is one of the defining traits that I think made many of us fall in love with the series.
  10. Hey now. Maybe they just needed a secretary. Sorry, administrative assistant.
  11. Can I just say what the ^*)% other drivers?!? The main highway in town has a 70 mph speed limit (previously 75), and is only a couple years old. It's well built, and with the students gone for the summer, traffic is extra light, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I got stuck behind 2 people going 50 mph side by side today. I realized when I got to my exit that I could have exited onto the feeder (speed limit 55) and passed them without speeding. How the %@&%$ can you stand to drive like that?
  12. Hard to imagine it doesn't. While I don't think he's a quality starter (assuming that he has regressed when I say that. If you think it's purely team/injury, you may feel differently), I think he's a PREMIUM backup, especially for a team with a mobile QB.
  13. I get that completely Sperry. In an environment where the primary attraction is based pm pictures, I don't have a realistic chance with someone that looks like Emma Watson unless they have a thing for fat guys. In an environment where they can get to know me, that's a different possibility, but online dating isn't necessarily that environment. I know the perception of Tindr is much more sex app. I am on the more conservative side, so that's not something I'm really looking to do all that quickly. Looking at bumble, it seems to be largely the same thing.
  14. Does anyone have any experiences with the big online dating sites? Finally got off my lazy butt and got a job, so no where I'm going to be long-term now, so I'm ready to start trying. Wondering which one should be the first try? I'm a younger guy (26) and looking for something that has the potential to develop long-term rather than purely casual. Haven't had a ton of success on my own, so I think that's probably the obvious path to branch out to.
  15. I mean, you run into the same issue you have with trying to definitely claim Brady is the GOAT in football. It's already almost impossible to objectively compare across eras due to the progression of talent, progression of offenses, evolution of rules, etc. To do it across sports is even more ridiculous. If someone thinks Brady is the best athlete to ever sport, whatever. I don't know enough about Jordan or [insert Baseball GOAT] or whatever other sports matter to have an opinion I'd even want to make known on the matter.