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  1. Hey now. Maybe they just needed a secretary. Sorry, administrative assistant.
  2. Can I just say what the ^*)% other drivers?!? The main highway in town has a 70 mph speed limit (previously 75), and is only a couple years old. It's well built, and with the students gone for the summer, traffic is extra light, and the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I got stuck behind 2 people going 50 mph side by side today. I realized when I got to my exit that I could have exited onto the feeder (speed limit 55) and passed them without speeding. How the %@&%$ can you stand to drive like that?
  3. Hard to imagine it doesn't. While I don't think he's a quality starter (assuming that he has regressed when I say that. If you think it's purely team/injury, you may feel differently), I think he's a PREMIUM backup, especially for a team with a mobile QB.
  4. I get that completely Sperry. In an environment where the primary attraction is based pm pictures, I don't have a realistic chance with someone that looks like Emma Watson unless they have a thing for fat guys. In an environment where they can get to know me, that's a different possibility, but online dating isn't necessarily that environment. I know the perception of Tindr is much more sex app. I am on the more conservative side, so that's not something I'm really looking to do all that quickly. Looking at bumble, it seems to be largely the same thing.
  5. Does anyone have any experiences with the big online dating sites? Finally got off my lazy butt and got a job, so no where I'm going to be long-term now, so I'm ready to start trying. Wondering which one should be the first try? I'm a younger guy (26) and looking for something that has the potential to develop long-term rather than purely casual. Haven't had a ton of success on my own, so I think that's probably the obvious path to branch out to.
  6. I mean, you run into the same issue you have with trying to definitely claim Brady is the GOAT in football. It's already almost impossible to objectively compare across eras due to the progression of talent, progression of offenses, evolution of rules, etc. To do it across sports is even more ridiculous. If someone thinks Brady is the best athlete to ever sport, whatever. I don't know enough about Jordan or [insert Baseball GOAT] or whatever other sports matter to have an opinion I'd even want to make known on the matter.
  7. So you're saying every NFL city should have a rodeo, right? That's normal.....
  8. That's why I was shocked to learn that wasn't true. But realistically, there's 256 games every season (32*16/2). If we add playoff games, there's another 11 playoff games for 267. If they're making 7.24 billion per year, that's $28 million per game. That honestly seems high for adds during the game to justify networks paying that much.
  9. You know, I can understand giving them certain benefits as long as it truly is a net positive for the city, but it's gotten out of hand. A University of Houston economics professor did an estimate for one event (particularly large) event alone will bring to the City in direct revenue (fees for the rodeo, and sales taxes on items sold at the rodeo) over the 30 year lease between the event and the city. Discounted to present value, that was $800M+ of revenue for the city. So Houston at least could justify spending a few hundred million and legitimately expect a return without praying for the much harder to quantify benefits that allegedly come from an NFL stadium. I'm also not aware of anything quite like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo that any other NFL stadium has (roughly 2.5 million people attend every year, and I'm not sure if that includes the 1M+ concertgoers), so it's also not something you can really apply to other cities. If the city gets legitimate use out of the stadium, I actually agree with the argument that they should foot some of the bill. But it certainly shouldn't exceed the (discounted), clear cut use the stadium is going to get. Once you start going into the realm of this will cause this much revenue from people staying overnight and eating out, you've gone off the track though. On a slightly related note, I was actually surprised to learn how little the Packers make ($40 something million profit in 2015 on $400M revenue). Don't know how indicative they are of a regular NFL team on the financial front, but it's the only one with publicly released data (that I can't find outside 1,000,000 foot view news articles).
  10. Hernandez had his conviction overturned today. Maybe one of you law types can answer me this. If the actual trial is insufficient to warrant maintaining his conviction upon his death before mandatory appeals are resolved, why is it sufficient to imprison him while those same appeals are open?
  11. So you want him to watch Jaguars games?
  12. I expect just about every 3rd round pick (QB excepted) to be capable starters at worst after a couple years. If they're not, I consider them busts (short of being taken as a specific type of specialist like a 3rd down only pass rushing demon or a reliable backup QB). Given that Williams is directly responsible for stopping comeback attempts in multiple losses over the past few years. His upside is bigger than slightly above JAG depth, but he doesn't really provide anything to the team.
  13. Damn near every Cowboys fan hates Terrance Williams and is disappointed the Cowboys resigned him. Wright's been meh. Gordon was elite but had off field problems. Coleman is still an unknown thanks to injuries.
  14. It's more the misrepresentation caused by "when the male wouldn't fight Mixon was amped up and looking for a fight so he chose to hit the woman" as if it was a premediated, planned act. Shooting a man because he stole your girl is different than shooting a man because he's actively stealing (ie kidnapping) your daughter. Or for something where there's less of a right and wrong, breaking a guy's jaw climbing out of bed after sleeping with your wife is different from breaking a guy's jaw 12 hours after he slept with your wife. While circumstances don't necessarily excuse otherwise bad behavior, they do change the moral severity (for lack of my ability to remember a better term).
  15. That's kind of required for something to be reflexive. If you're in my face hitting me, I'm sure as hell not going to think about swinging at you back if we're already to that point (Although we're both men and probably mature/smart enough to avoid the situation entirely). This is attributed to an anonymous NFL coach, but it pretty accurately reflects my take on it.