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  1. there is no kinslayer in the show version
  2. ps I don't think you have to be a male to be dragon rider.
  3. I don't think they were Dragon's Lords, I think the Velaryons were ship merchants or sailors.
  4. There is article that states that the Lannisters have ancestor a Corwen Baratheon. That 200 years ago one his children marry a Lannister. http://www this is the-iron-throne-after-the-game-of-thrones-finale-2016-6
  5. I like AFFOC it my favorite book series I don't understand why people diss so much?
  6. I believe that Aegon is real too with all war going around them would be smart move to take the next heir that is Elia Martell and Rhaegar Targaryen's baby out of harm way is Varys is smart person.
  7. ps I don't disagree with you the fact is in the books it is R+L=D and people don't want to see the evidence point to this fact. All they want to see Jon is King of all Westeros but he is not (He is the King of North) because he is son of Brandon Stark and Ashara Dayne end of story.
  8. I believe that Nissa Nissa is the Maid Warrior Brienne Jamie is going is stab her maybe out of Mercy (kill) when she turns into Wight. Because Jamie is Lightbringer..
  9. There is article that explain that a Corwen Baratheon is the great, great, great, great Grandfather of Robert Barathron that one of his daughter marry a Lannister (That about 200 years ago) I have look every where for this family connected and I can't find it. here the article _rightful_king/ https://winter is crafting-who-becomes-king-if-tommen-dies/
  10. I think you meant Oberyn's bastards
  11. I heard that it MIGHT BE eight book
  12. The video is called who is the Hooded Man of Winterfell by Northlander on youtube
  13. Quentyn Martell why he is not hero but it is in everyone who trying to prove their worth in world. I hope he is not dead.
  14. Why do you people love Victorian Greyjoy? I hate him But hate Quentyn Martell? By the way I love him and I hope he still alive Cheer on Aegon Targaryen VI maybe Rheagar Targaryen's son I am still fence about him
  15. It is Hallis Mollen