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  1. I think you meant Oberyn's bastards
  2. I heard that it MIGHT BE eight book
  3. The video is called who is the Hooded Man of Winterfell by Northlander on youtube
  4. Quentyn Martell why he is not hero but it is in everyone who trying to prove their worth in world. I hope he is not dead.
  5. Why do you people love Victorian Greyjoy? I hate him But hate Quentyn Martell? By the way I love him and I hope he still alive Cheer on Aegon Targaryen VI maybe Rheagar Targaryen's son I am still fence about him
  6. It is Hallis Mollen
  7. It is Hallis Mollen he charge with bringing Ned's body back to Winterfell. There this great video about on youtube
  8. I thought it was Aeron Greyjoy at first also but the "grey smile" part means greyscale so it Jon Connington.
  9. I will love Val and Jon together raising the Wildling Prince Mance's baby and Little Monster In the Winterfell as warren of the north.
  10. When asking Robert if the rebellion was worth I believe in killing Rheagar yes, but winning crown no!
  11. I am going said that beginning it was Robert, but I heard that she cheat with Jamie on her wedding day. After her and Robert visited his family mother home. House Estermont she find out that he was sleeping with his cousin that when she decide that she going have all her babies with Jamie. Yes I know early in their marriage she got pregnant for Robert, but got rid of it. I think it also Cersi's fault Jamie, Lysa and Littlefinger why this mess happen.
  12. Well there this theory, but only for HBO series that Cersi maybe the mother of Gendry that she send him away because she didn't kill him. She had the servant to get a sick baby to switch her black-haired beauty. LOL We shall if this truth at the end of the show.
  13. Aegon don't know her how can he betray for love?
  14. Tyrion is going try talk the Second Sons in trade side, but the treason already happen.
  15. So what do you that Yunkai's people or masters paid Brown Ben Plumm with?