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  1. no one is
  2. didnt the dragons only hatch because of magic and three people died?
  3. how do you jon is going to act when he finds out who is parents are?
  4. i agree dany is far from perfect. i always thought her husband killed viserys because of his son not her.
  5. when do you think jon will ride a dragon?
  6. 1. i dont remember her making him kill her brother. didnt he just do it because her brotherwas going to kill his son?
  7. do you think sansa and arya are going to like dany?
  8. i think he might love her.
  9. you think sansa will be on the throne?
  10. it makes since that rhaegar will look like visery. i pictured him more like chris hemsworth.
  11. i like them together. him calling her dany was a little odd though.
  12. outlander is then a female empowerment show then got
  13. was he drunk a lot in the books? he didnt seem that way in the show.
  14. i agree she has been.