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  1. i agree she has been.
  2. how long was jon on dragonstone for? weeks? months?
  3. my favs are jon, arya and tyrion. i also really like dany, sam and briann.
  4. no i dont think dany will rule alone.
  5. not anyone hates dany or jon. i like both of them. i sometimes dislike dany because i agree with what she does.
  6. she most likely will.
  7. how could he be the rightful king?
  8. she wont be able to make her claim stronger because jon is rhaegars son which makes him the rightful king. the line didnt pass to the sister it usually to the kid.
  9. hes too good to be king pretty much.
  10. i agree. not the roasting part though
  11. yeah and i dont think dany has ever held a sward.
  12. yeah. i dont think dany is mad at all. i just dont like she is this season.
  13. i agree
  14. jon will only be on the throne unless dany dies or dany marries jon.
  15. i dont like dany right now. all she does is burn people alive. jon might not be the best ruler, but a better person then dany.