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  1. If only the old spammers had followed thru with the private island commune.... By now, we'd be ready to hand it over to the next generation of spammy spammers in their hour of need. :hugs:
  2. Too funny. Classic Lany
  3. Haha. You are an old man. I loved that movie and show when I was a kid.
  4. I'm sorry to hear that. At the same time, I guess it's somewhat endearing how little has changed.
  5. Tried to log in this morning and the board was lagtastic. Tried again and the board was down. Did Ran forget to feed the hamsters on thge wheel again? Now *that* is an authentic 2007 board experience.
  6. I should have come to read the board when it was announced the show would overtake the books. I imagine it was a real shitstorm.
  7. Odie These are not good days, but we can still surround ourselves with good people.
  8. I've met GRRM and he seems a nice enough guy. But I admit having a good deal of resentment about the HBO series getting an ending when we're still waiting for books. I know he doesn't owe us anything, blah, blah, the same shit people have been saying since they were waiting for AFFC. Regardless, this one actually irks me. And I'm glad I haven't watched the show. Now I'll always have the books the way I remember them. That said, I'll always be grateful that the books brought me to this place and the people I met here - both online and IRL.
  9. In those days it was a book forum for real nerds But with so many years between books, we just naturally had to find other things to talk about.
  10. Hello Lany The confusion is that 2011 is the last time I signed in, but I think even that was after a considerable absence. Indeed it was 2007-2008 being the time I was here every day, playing mafia and spamming like a madman. And connecting to with people I still adore to this day. So spam like it's 2007. 2011 was well after the Floob and HBO and the exodus.
  11. Well, I finally read the entire memorial thread for LoB. A lot to process. I was never close with him. He was to me a fixture of this place for the time I was here. After many of us moved on, primarily keeping in touch via FB, he was always still there. Commenting and being himself in the way he always was, unfiltered. I appreciate you all indulging me a bit of old man rambling and nostalgia. If I'm going to ramble on "The Board" then it has to be here in TTTNE. If I start to annoy, just shuffle me off to the old spammers home where I can sip whiskey jello thru a straw
  12. It's tragic and beautiful how people come into and go out of your life and the ways their influence ripples outward. LoB's death has brought many, like me, to return to the wellspring that first brought us together. This thread and the donations made in his name are a wonderful tribute to him and also how special this community is. Rest in Peace.
  13. Aww, thank you @Buckwheat I had a great time racing again. And now that Chrome has my password, maybe I'll stop by more often.
  14. That was fun. Thanks! Keep spamming the good spam.