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  1. fhanks, needed a laugh
  2. Good question. WHERE are the tits people keep talking about? And the actress who plays Dany announced she wouldn't do any more nude scenes after Season 2. Her acting range seems to be stuck between "I'm experiencing intestinal discomfort" and "I'm experiencing severe intestinal discomfort." At least, without clothes, we didn't notice her limited range of emoting too much. Speaking of porn, those old porn's of the seventies had more character development than the past few seasons of Game of Thrones.
  3. Don't worry. Justice is coming for them. At a snail's pace. The punisher of the wicked, the Night King comes to bring the coquettish Stark girls justice for the cold-blooded murder of a guest within their own hall. Go Team White Walker! In fairness, that is probably exactly what it would look like to anyone who was there to witness the slaying of Little Finger. No trial. No evidence. Just spurious accusations. The only thing anyone present "knew" was that LF's army saved the North. The rest was all new and completely random (to any observer).
  4. You're not supposed to "get it." D&D sure as hell don't. They even had Cersei say "he's already sailing to Essos as we speak." Not like Dany won't notice 1000 or so ships, which she will fly directly over when she leaves King's Landing. Not like she won't notice them sailing East instead of South.
  5. Great thread! Go Team White Walker! The Night King is the only one who would "break the wheel." Dany just wants to be the next Vanna White,
  6. Probably exactly how the "creative process" came together. The only thing you may have left out is Writer 3 pointing out that not having a dick would not stop one from experiencing intense pain from a kick to the groin, and then getting fired.
  7. Wow. What a waste of screen time the entire first 40 minutes was. Can't even process how dumb. Could have been wrapped up in less than 5 minutes. "No one would have dared murder Tonmen while father was alive." Huh? Do these guys even watch the shit show they create? The Mercy killing of Little Finger was a shame. But, they killed his character completely by depriving him of his brain in Season 4. So, basically, they just killed undead unLittleFinger. So, just for show, Daenerys takes her entier army and dragons to King's Landing for the negotiation. Um, why not just take King's landing and the thone at that point? They probably could have taken it in half a day, which seems like less time than they wasted talking. I would be impossible for this show to get ANY dumber.
  8. ... great insight! GO TEAM WHITE WALKER!!!!
  9. Think you're the first I"ve seen mention this in here. It was bugging me too. Basically, half a dozen guys held back 100's of wights.If only they had 14 more good men, they could have probably taken out the whole wight army. Maybe that's why they're taking the wight all the way to Cersei. Aside from the Gold Cloaks, that's probably about the number of Lannister men she has left.
  10. Glad someone else mentioned this. It was ridiculous.Davos could have had a galley full of "crab viaga" and it wouldn't have fetched him 30 gold Stags.
  11. That was the problem with the people of King's Landing. Too fickle. Always caring about who slept with who, who walked around with the dead, who was nice to them, who had them killed for no reason, whom they saw naked and hurled feces at, and about getting food and all sorts of unimportant things like that. Thus, they were replaced with Hollywood tour groups so they cheer for whoever the applause sign tells them to.
  12. Got a good laugh off of Sam leaving the citadel and grabbing random scrolls on his way out. The last one, was him literally reaching up on a shelf beyond his sight and just grabbing whatever one his hand touched. Arhcmaester Haverforwinkle's turnip quiche recipe may come in real handy.... Next. Since this happened two weeks in a row, I have to mention it. Apparently, you can tell someone has a really well crafted dagger or sword solely by the hilt. As now, both Arya and Jon's blades have been regarded while sheathed. Lastly, for now, I didn't realize that getting hit repeatedly with a stick enabled one to become an expert lock-pick. Those faceless men got it goin' on!!
  13. I agree. They should not have cut that. It really wouldn't have been out of place for the show ... it's not like they haven't already thrown in quite a few out of place pop culture references.
  14. Outpost? WF has been the center of the Northern kingdom for 1000's of years. The prior commenter had a point. Yes, it should be more rugged but hey've got it looking like Castle Black. Have you seen the schematics with the Solar and the glass gardens?
  15. Dick On! Get it? Uh-huh-huh-uh-huh-huh-huh! Never mind that the reference doesn't play time-wise, "dick" meaning penis, hisotrically, is rather modern ... but, I'm sure the average viewer won't consider that. Oh, reminds me, another nitcpick. Ballistas, unless mounted behind a wall, are essentially one or two shot weapons. They take way too long to reload. Bran got off 3 shots in like 4 minutes. Nah! Oh, and not related to above comment, but to seeral comments in here ... why are people bothering to come in here to nitpick the nitpicks? Aren't there enough threads for mindless idolatry to engage them?