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  1. Glad someone else mentioned this. It was ridiculous.Davos could have had a galley full of "crab viaga" and it wouldn't have fetched him 30 gold Stags.
  2. That was the problem with the people of King's Landing. Too fickle. Always caring about who slept with who, who walked around with the dead, who was nice to them, who had them killed for no reason, whom they saw naked and hurled feces at, and about getting food and all sorts of unimportant things like that. Thus, they were replaced with Hollywood tour groups so they cheer for whoever the applause sign tells them to.
  3. Got a good laugh off of Sam leaving the citadel and grabbing random scrolls on his way out. The last one, was him literally reaching up on a shelf beyond his sight and just grabbing whatever one his hand touched. Arhcmaester Haverforwinkle's turnip quiche recipe may come in real handy.... Next. Since this happened two weeks in a row, I have to mention it. Apparently, you can tell someone has a really well crafted dagger or sword solely by the hilt. As now, both Arya and Jon's blades have been regarded while sheathed. Lastly, for now, I didn't realize that getting hit repeatedly with a stick enabled one to become an expert lock-pick. Those faceless men got it goin' on!!
  4. I agree. They should not have cut that. It really wouldn't have been out of place for the show ... it's not like they haven't already thrown in quite a few out of place pop culture references.
  5. Outpost? WF has been the center of the Northern kingdom for 1000's of years. The prior commenter had a point. Yes, it should be more rugged but hey've got it looking like Castle Black. Have you seen the schematics with the Solar and the glass gardens?
  6. Dick On! Get it? Uh-huh-huh-uh-huh-huh-huh! Never mind that the reference doesn't play time-wise, "dick" meaning penis, hisotrically, is rather modern ... but, I'm sure the average viewer won't consider that. Oh, reminds me, another nitcpick. Ballistas, unless mounted behind a wall, are essentially one or two shot weapons. They take way too long to reload. Bran got off 3 shots in like 4 minutes. Nah! Oh, and not related to above comment, but to seeral comments in here ... why are people bothering to come in here to nitpick the nitpicks? Aren't there enough threads for mindless idolatry to engage them?
  7. The last 10 minutes was OK. Solely, because we've been waiting for seven seasons to finally see a dragon in action. Special effects were excellent. Regardless, the entire episode was pretty stupid. Why does Dany hate horses so much? Why does she hate food? Guess 100,000 Dothraki can be fed on turnips and cake, which I'm sure dragonstone has plenty of. Sorry to tell the fans, but Bronn and Jamie are dead. They may be replace with lookalikes like Arya was last season (after dying from wounds and infection), but the are DEAD. Jaime has drowned, like all who fall into deep water in armour. Bronn is BBQ. Jumping off a platform at the last second wouldn't save you from the fire, which as we saw in each prior instance, hits the ground and spreads out everywhere. Last episode we were told Sansa was "smart." So, she watches the exchange between Arya and Brianne and doesn't figure out they've met before and this information has been kept from her. NOT so smart. Armies DO NOT send gold in wagon trains ahead of the army. The point of having an ARMY is to defend your gold. The attempt to humanize Dickon before they probably kill him next episode fell flat because of plot holes. "You had to fight those (Reach) men because their lady betrayed the Iron Throne." Um, you mean like after the crazy Iron Throne lady killed off half their heirs? Umm, no!
  8. He didn't. In every other scene, the dragonfire would hit the ground and spread out in a 30 foot radius. This one time, it decided to contain itself to the scorpion platform. Sorry to you Bronn fans, but he is dead. As far as I'm concerned Bronn, due to death by fire, has now joined Dead Arya in the list of characters who died for obvious reasons and have now been replaced by lookalikes from Comic Con.
  9. Funny. THAT line of dialogue would have made the scene a lot more believable than Sansa who knows nothing of armor, correcting a trained blacksmith on how to make armor.
  10. When they introduced the Power Ranger girls, they let us know one was Spear Girl, one was Whip Girl and the other was Dagger Girl. No further character developent necessary. Thus, they thought they were telegraphing who was dead at the end pretty well by having one impaled with a Spear and the other hanging by a Whip. Yea, pretty cheesy and stupid, probably why so many were confused at the end. Obviously, Euron watches the show, so he remembered their intros and took the time to arrange them in said manner. And, I get the feeling Cersei watches the show too, as otherwise, neither she, or Euron would have any way of knowing exactly who killed Myrcella, or in what specific manner they did so.
  11. It's funny to see the show try and make an effort at a bit of sense. Tyrion's explanation of why they can't user their army to take King's landing was logical. We know it was an excuse for the writers to get the Sandsnakes and Dorne out their way ... but it was, at least, an attempt at sense. Of course it falls apart cause it neglects that the people of King's Landing would welcome ANY invading army at this point. Their only qualification would be a promise not to blow them up during church service. Blowing up the Sept was bigger than 9/11 (there). Odds are everyone around King's Landing lost someone they knew that day. Odds are Tarly lost a few close friends. The fact that anyone even entertained listening to Jamie or the illegitimate terrorist Queen in this episode was ludicrous. But, like everyone else on the show, I"m sure Tarly forgot his friends, just like he forgot his invaluable sword, or where his son told him he was going ... just like everyone on the show forgets everything that happened the day before. Game of Thrones: Groundhog Day.
  12. Oh, but Little Finger is a genius. He has left the largest and most intact army of the seven kingdoms parked in the North. Armies consume mass resources. Soon, the North will have no more food and they'll die come winter. Just kidding. We know the show writers never bother with logistics, or anything that makes sense. Thus, we have Little Finger walking around undefended like he's some seedy loner and being threatened by everyone he scurries into. He better watch out or the Mormont girl may sass him up.
  13. It was truly lousy. No redeeming qualities whatsoever. Most of my obvious gripes have been pointed out already. They've dumbed the show down to such a point, its easier to watch it as a mockery of itself. Hence, why I"m tuning in again, and rather than face bringing up any of the stupidity to the masses of raging fanbois, I come in here and laugh along with you guys. My biggest chuckles came from: - the mask making Aria a foot and half taller - the now slimmed down Euron telling the character formerly known as Cersei she is the most beautiful woman in the seven kingdoms as she sits there in her Prince Valiant bowl cut - the Mormont girl NOT getting thrown out of the hall, or not getting smacked for her insolence - apparently, Clegane is a time-traveler and ran into modern hipsters, so knew the "top bun" term, and that the look was now prissy and annoying - of course, the old enough to drink comment - Sansa who spent her whole life learning etiquette, having the worst possible manners - the gaping memory hole disease striking so many characters, leading them to forget their major life events and even people they know well. I've watched cartoons with more plot consistency from week to week. Until George finishes the books, which may be never, I will continue watching and LAUGHING.
  14. Two fingers up one arse. How else? You ask a simple question, you get a simple answer. Then again, the so called show-runners are simpletons.
  15. If only Jaquen knew the truth. Training assassins like the Waif for years and years is pointless. All you need is street kids, and a bit of candy. Ugh. So stupid. Had been wanting to comment on that in the "Criticize Without Repercussion" thread, but it's been taken over by fanboys.