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  1. I fail to see how you could possible have a remotely half-way decent and fair social credit system when literally half the country is stuck in what amounts to the medieval feudal system and a rich (corrupt) minority control all the power. It just looks like utter bollocks if you ask me. How is some poor peasant farmer in the rural districts supposed to be able to get a credit score on par with a rich city dweller, and as a result not open themselves up to all manner of nasty government reprisals.
  2. The one major problem with the existence of such creature(s) is why has nobody found one dead? Or a skeleton of one, or fossil of one? If there is/was a significant population in existence then you'd have thought that someone would have at least come across a dead one at some point. Unless these creatures are advanced enough to follow some sort of primitive burial rites, in which case why have we never found any sign of a primitive civilization. No caves with signs of life, no traces of artificial fires, no sign of habitation of shelters/nesting sites, no tool, no left over waste like animal bones, discarded food etc. And if bigfoot and his kind are developed enough to have such behaviour as hiding/disposing of their dead then i'd find in unlikely they'd exist in total isolation for so long, given they would presumably be capable of other higher level development. And any developing species is bound to come into contact with others such as humans eventually, if not through mere curiosity.
  3. Sad thing is it's not even the NK people who won't bargin and yet they are the ones suffering. It is their political "elite" who are doing all the bargaining and trying to throw their weight around, the general population is just stuck in a blinkered version of hell. I doubt they even know that talks have been suggested, or that reunification is really a thing. They probably only know (or are forced to know) that everywhere else is the enemy. Reunification would be wonderful, but there is a huge mess to sort out were it to happen. SK is prosperous and safe and the people there are unlikely to want to pay for what is practically barely a 3rd world country to be dragged into the 21st Century. And what would China think of all this? Would a unified Korea suddenly loose its US military presence, or would China suddenly find it has a direct land border with a strong US ally, with bases popping up all along the northern border?
  4. Looks to me like reunification is a key thing here, assuming NK is sincere in its wishes to go through with things. The whole point of the nukes seems to have been to push the US into a negotiation of sorts, the only other option being an act of aggression against what amounts to a third world country. It’s worked well if they are able to get sanctions lifted and start working towards some form of normality I’d say. But a lot rests on what Prez Orange Turd does in a the situation. That’s how things get screwed up I’d guess.
  5. That was a very interesting article and explains a great deal about why the current situation is so bad. It was sort of obvious to me the 2A was written in a different time and for a very specific set of circumstances but i had no idea that the NRA some extremist faction of the NRA had twisted its interpretation. That's a poor state of affairs for any country's constitution to be turned on its head by lobbyists like that. You let part of your constitution be bought out and twisted by the gun industry for profit, that's pretty darn sad.
  6. Yeah i suspect based upon re-reads that the info presented points to this sort of event. The Valyrians wanted some resource that was found in the largest quantity in the rocks around the volcanoes, probably obsidian or the components of Valyrian steel. Maybe is was that the rock was good for building in their style as they used dragon-fire and magic to melt it into shapes? So in order to mine deep they needed mages to use spells to control the volcanic conditions. I'm thinking it was a bit like a nuclear reactor with the mage/spell combo being like some sort of arcane control rods to control the fires of the earth to allow mining operations. These mages got killed or lost concentration or something, the volcanoes got out of control and, boom....the whole place goes up.
  7. Important thing about any defense, even a massive wall this big is that you always need a means to get to the other side for whatever reasons occur. Build a defense so good the enemy can't get in and you also build one so good you cannot get out, should the need arise! There's numerous reasons why gateways would be required; repairs, clearing the forest to have a clear "kill-zone" around the base, gathering of resources/food etc. In fact its specifically mentioned that the watch used to clear the trees away from the wall but that has now fallen by the wayside due to lack of numbers. So their view of the base is supposed to be open and clear. As to the ranging, well i'd say that its important because you know there is "something" out there you are defending against and you don't wanna be in the dark about what that something is up to. In the books we are in the dark as much as the watch is really, there's not been any actual proper big threat from the Others as of yet to really give any idea what the danger really looks like.
  8. The one area that always gets more attention is emissions and the link to climate change. Now i do believe we have an affect on global climate, simply because we pour tonnes of crap into the air that simply must affect something, it doesn't just vanish when it goes up the chimney. But even if we are not having a massive affect and mostly this is natural I do still believe that reducing emissions is still a worthy cause. I mean look at India, China etc, places with horrendous air pollution issues. Even if all those emissions don't affect the climate they sure as hell do affect the poor bastards living in those locations. Reducing pollution from industry will safegard human lives, even if it doesn't change the inevitable climate shift. So this is why doing things like going back to coal as Trump wants to is such a bad idea. It just goes against all logic to go back to something we know does harm to something, and is also an energy source we are trying to get developing countries to drop. And the funny thing is that now the whole world seems to be waking up a bit to this, yet the US is going backwards, thanks to your leadership.
  9. One of the worst ones i think I've come across in terms of how insulting i find it is the Sandy Hook conspiracy bollocks. I mean if you actually looks into the events in detail you can see there is nothing funny going on, it was a shitty day that was confusing to all involved and people were confused about exactly what happened. It was a massive tragedy and people need an explanation for it but that doesn't mean you get a blank slate to make up any old bullshit about it to suit your own ridiculous agenda. And worst of all these conspiracy idiots and their ilk are incredibly insulting to the victim's families with their constant bullshit.
  10. That's a really good an well written post right there. The truther movement just avoids or ignores anything they dislike an cherry picks the stuff they can bend to make their ideas fit. WTC7 is a prime example because they simply avoid the fact that the building took a direct hit from a million tonnes of falling steel wreckage and burned for hours on end unchalllenged. It had a 30 storey tear down the side facing T1 & 2 for heaven's sake and people don't think that will affect it's ability to stay upright? Plus the vibration from all that collapsing nearby (as in practically on top of it) probably severely messed up it's integrity too. But the worst aspect of the ideas are those around any of the towers being rigged to blow. How could you rig a building without anyone knowing? Especially one that size? And how could you then fly an airliner into said building (with some degree of randomness about exactly where it hits) and expect the wiring for said explosives to still work?
  11. It's absolutely true. They think that a conspiracy has been hidden from the whole world by the most sneaky, dastardly and cunning governments or plotters imaginable but yet they have stumbled across evidence by watching YouTube videos. They act as if people who study and work in these fields for decades are idiot sheep who are probably in on it all, but yet watching Infowars makes them experts. My friend at work will argue with me until he's blue in the face about evolution or similar subjects, yet even though i have a degree in zoology and he has no higher education to speak of i'm still considered to be close minded and a sheep following the flock.
  12. The biggest issue i take with allowing conspiracy bullshit to persist is that it actually hampers people's critical thinking and allows people a means to hide from complex issues affecting us all by vanishing into some fantasy land bollocks. Flat Earther people may seem harmless but when they pass on their idiot views to their kids or others and people start to question basic geography and physics or our world you're actually giving rise to a generation of idiots, despite the idea seeming to be ridiculous or harmless. Same with anti-science people in general, and that covers a whole range of weird conspiracy ideas (anti-vax, anti-climate change, chemtrails, fake moon landings, HARP etc.). You have people in these groups who are actually not only spreading nonsense that may be harmful but they are spreading the idea that people should follow their crazy ideas and question everything that the larger community is saying. They are in effect spreading a virus of idiocy through the population even if their ideas are not directly harmful. I mean how many anti-vax people now simply don't understand basic immunology, of human biology because they listen to alt ideas so much? How many flat earth people don't even understand basic geometry and physical principles? An idea may seem harmless if it only teaches people some nonsense that is outlandish. But it also teaches people to follow bad critical thinking, and poor understanding of the basics of how the world/universe works.
  13. I have friend at work who literally thinks EVERY conspiracy theory you can name is real. I actually genuinely do worry hat he cannot tell reality from his own fictional world of Info-wars and lizard people, but he's good fun to spar with. Thing with stuff like those Phoenix lights though is that they are not really a conspiracy, they are just something that is hard to explain based on the evidence. Just because something looks a big weird doesn't make it some massive alien conspiracy. I enjoy reading about this sort of stuff but some people are off the chart in terms of crazee. My personal favorites are the Flat Earth guys (they have believers all around the globe!), and Chem-trail idiots. The chem-trail guys are really fun to argue with as they clearly have no idea of basic atmospheric physics or how aircraft even work, yet they still persist.
  14. The UK government need to grow a pair of testicles and revoke the invitation. And do it by Twitter just to beat him at his own game. And whilst we're at it lets slap his name on the list of "people not permitted to enter the country due to inciting hatred/racism/bigotry etc", we shouldn't sully our green and pleasant land with that orange turd face.
  15. Interestingly there has been research into this (cannot for the life of me find the link) and how people react in the face of disasters. I recall a study where they looked at how people reacted in Paris during the terrorist attacks a few years ago and found that the vast majority of people actually try to help each other out. You really do not get the ridiculous Hollywood disaster movie style "every man for himself" crap breaking out as soon as disaster hits. So i suspect that whilst a lot of prepers reckon the world will be full of marauding bands of raiders and zombies the opposite will probably happen. There's always assholes who try to take advantage but even places like PR right now and other Caribbean islands that were almost wiped out people try to come together as communities to survive. Still a good idea to have some spare clean bottled water around though, and probably the basics close to hand like dried food, wind -up torch & radio, matches, warm clothing, basic tools. It's all well and good having knives and guns but i reckon a decent toolkit and some good basic garden tools for digging & harvesting food would be a major plus point. I actually wonder how many people these days wouldn't even have a paper map of their local area? I mean everyone uses Google or iPhone maps so when the power goes off you loose access to any map you may need to find supplies or places of importance. Same goes for reference books i guess, how many people could ID plants or build a shelter without access to the internet these days?