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  1. Actually Martin did put Tyrion in the same position when he has sex with the slave girl compared to when he was told to rape Tysha by his father ,in both cases he rapes the girl. Interesting because you conveniently avoid talking about Tyrion and his slave girl incident in Illyrio's manse in this context and you also reduce that same slave girl as a literary device as seen here Also the same logic can be applied to Tywin's actions against Tysha , the fact that she was a whore trying to marry a Lannister when she had no right to and just shows how much Tywin hates it ,if Tywin had just simply sent her way the effect isn't the same. Plus this - Yeah ,making a poor helpless slave girl fear him by expressing his desire to strangle her is pretty merciful. Tywin's father had tried playing Mr.Nice Guy and it led to rebellions ,even after The Reynes of Castamere Lord Farman of Faircastle had tried to defy the Casterly Rock. So tell me should Tywin have just keep on playing nice and remain in wait for another rebellion to sprung up or show that the Lion of the Rock is not to be mocked anymore,the rule of his father had created an image of the Lannisters which he needed to erase completely if he wanted to have any peace under his rule and by show of force he did it. >"I'm quite wary of passing moral judgment to literary characters without analyzing the proper background and context. Characters, we're supposed to assume, make a big turn once the story starts, as this is the peak of what they are able to do or be because the story demands them to become characters and not just people" Yet you say Just replace Tywin by Tyrion in above para and it is still true.
  2. So do you agree that the rape of Tysha was the high point of Tywin's character development as well and we should analyze his actions taking in account his own childhood and the shame that his family and house had to face when his father took a whore to the high seat of his mother ,plus the constant disrespect and ridicule that his father inflicted upon himself and his family again remembering that Tywin was only 10-14 yrs old.
  3. By that quote you mean the quote in which you explicitly condemned Tyrion's actions against the slaves ,then that quote doesn't exist as all you have to say about the incidents is that he wasn't "taking joy" in it and you so intently refuse to give forward your views for some obscure reason.
  4. So what exactly are your thoughts upon this incident,all you have to say is that he was not happy ,so does that mean you don't find anything wrong with it? Why don'y you clear the air by saying clearly what you think about the incident instead of attacking only a small part of it -"the take joy" part.
  5. Please tell me did you made this thread after reading my "Tyrion is a hypocite." thread.
  6. Never in public indeed just a few instances of him recalling Tysha and the particular form of punishment she was subjected to and demonstrating pure hatred for the person responsible ,surely it was just a random thought really minuscule compared to his father forbidding him to visit the Free Cities or the death of his favorite Uncle Gerion.
  7. So to sum up -"Tyrion was not in a jolly mood throughout the Dance but he still raped some girls and kill his father before it ,but it is alright because the dwarf was experiencing blues during that time and so all the heinous crimes committed during this period are forgiven."
  8. Is that all you can come up with, ignoring the book itself when confronted with quotes from the imp's chapter. You doesn't seem much interested with confronting the questions related to topic. inb4 "I don't have time to waste on character discussion like you do,loser."
  9. Didn't I specifically mentioned the part where the girl was a sex slave not a prostitute, she can't just not come to work the next day,she is considered an object and not in the way the modern feminist prattle about but in a will be killed if loses its shine way. You really are using the word genocidal in a careless manner. First of all you say that things such as forcing women into slavery are common in planetos and should be taken as valid for such times, on the other hand you call Tywin a genocidal monster when all his actions were directed towards settling fear into his enemy's hearts and not because he wanted to kill whole of or some segment of the Riverland population. He didn't mind if they lived or dead, he just wanted to end the war with as few casualties on his side as possible and that mate is one of the most basic principles of war and survival in general and one that is practiced even now in the 21st century. He was a man who saw a way to end the war quickly and went for it. He was no more genocidal than the Starks or Tully who wouldn't mind if each and every one of the lannister soldier drops dead the next minute if it meant winning a war to regain some honor of a dead Lord. So he should follow the rules of chivalry so that the two armies meet on the field of battle and die by thousands or use some shock tactics which is morally reprehensible and inhumane but gives a chance at life for many thousands of soldiers of both sides, who is to decide whether the life of the farmer who ploughs his field is more important than the lives of the soldiers called by their Lord who were farmers themselves but were made to take up spear and stone under the fear of repercussions to them or their families. We can keep on debating whether the ends justify the means but many men of both sides have him to thanks for their life but was the cost that was paid for this peace too high, there people might disagree. It really reflects poorly on anyone who compares slavery with programming and is an insult to the forefathers who shed blood of their own countrymen to extinguish it.
  10. I think it would have been pretty interesting to see how Tywin would deal with the Ironborn Invasion and The Golden Comapany plus the realisation that the Daenerys is alive and has real dragons, plus the Others invasion .He is just the kind of guy you'd want when shit goes down in all directions.
  11. Tyrion hates Tywin for having Tysha raped and kicking her out for marrying him but he himself has no problems raping women.He then goes on to rape Tysha even though he could've refused and if it can be argued that he was forced into raping her by his father then why was he justified in killing Shae .As a lowborn Shae's life was completely at the mercy of lannisters and it is completely plausible that she was forced to commit perjury afterall she doesn't owe any loyalty to Tyrion as whatever Tyrion provided her she had to pay him back with her own body. Then at Illyrio's manse he clearly rapes that sex slave and takes joy in inducing fear in her. and And the girl mentioned here is forced into prostitution and is not like Alayaya who is in it by choice. So he hates his father for being responsible for the rape of Tysha on the other hand he actively participates in acts of rape and exploitation, acts which supports the establishment under which girls like Tysha are being exploited daily or does he thinks that those girls deserve it and Tysha didn't ,that would be another thing that he and Tywin has similar views for.Add to that he kills Shae just because she said some things she was forced to say in the trial by Cersei and then goes on to kill his father who did no worse than him and some might say for explainable reasons.This just proves that Tyrion is a vile human being and deserves no sympathy for the acts he commits while being completely able to understand the effect it might have on the affected person.
  12. Like everyone else he more or less has an order which goes something like this Family/night's watch/realm(he struggles here)>Old Gods.Jon knows Ned was religious but he always kept cool about it,Jon is like that ,silent prayers and respect but other things comes first .Burning the Old Tree at Winterfell would've been hard for him not only because it is weirwood but because it is only living thing now that Winterfell is burnt and cold.Recall how even Theon is brought to tears when he thinks of the godswoods and he has no love for the old gods but because some of his best memories took place there. Once Maester Aemon told him how he left the chance to become the king when once he had taken his vows Jon was very impressed about it.After his father Aemon and Lord Mormont are the two people who have made a deep impression on Jon.But still when Arya is in danger he has to do something because she is the only remaining family to him and the last of the line of Starks .He respects his vows but it is about his family and not only about the Night watch's vows anymore,the vows were there so that The Wall might remain standing till the day the Other or The Wight appears after that it becomes the duty of the realm as well to help support the Walker of the Walls .He knows that a Stannis win is very important if they are to survive ,so he is now thinking more in terms of how he can help Stannis as well as his Little Sis . I just hope he survives and mounts a giant ass ice dragon and give us many and more Stannis/Jon chapters.
  13. Certainly Lord Tywin makes most people shit their pants and Jon Con thinks very highly of Lord Tywin ,so high in fact he uses Lord Tywin's actions as an example for the best possible one. So if Tyrion had given young Griff the same lecture about being a beggar suitor to Dany and his increased chances of being accepted by Dany if he proves himself first would Jon had agreed and gone to Westeros or or is Jon Connington still afraid of Tywin -the Lion (King) after all these years. One of the reasosn I like Robb is because he went to war head on with Lord Tywin and actually gave him quite a challenge something that men like Doran dont have the guts for.
  14. Khaleesi would've given her Bear a nice welcoming hug if Jorah showed up with him.Neither Dany nor Barry has any love for the imp .Jorah could've just as easily given his head to Cersei but the didn't.
  15. Okay read that part again Another quote from Tywin from the same chapter And this It is clear that Tywin gave him a choice and Tyrion gladly took it ,knowing it too well that Sansa had no reason to love him because he was a Lannister and Sansa can't refuse him . He should have refused her hand outright if he cared about her at all ,if he had refused her she would've been married to either Lancel who wasn't able to consummate and was trying to redeem himself unlike Tyrion or Martyn Lannister another son of Kevan who is the same age as Sansa. His other actions after marrying her doesn't matter because he could've refused the marriage proposal itself but he didn't and got selfish and was responsible for giving pain and despair to Sansa knowingly. Him trying to save Sansa from Joffrey and not forcing her aren't anything to give him credit for. They are expected of any decent man . Also you might want to read the Tyrion chapter again cos it looks like you missed this gem-