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  1. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    Jaime will gladly give Tyrion Casterly Rock,only reason Tyrion and Jaime hate each other a bit right now is because both thinks that they were deceived by each other .I'm sure a talk over lunch is all they need to get cosy again.
  2. Who will kill Jaime Lannister

    No, Jaime will rule the Iron throne with Dany and Tyrion will be their hand.It will be the best ending possible with Dany forced to make peace with the Kingslayer after Jaime tells her about her father's plans .Jaime will prove his loyalty by killing Cersei.
  3. Why did Tywin liked Jaime so much?

    Tywin wasn't the kind of person who gave his approval easily but still from every POV we can see that Jaime was someone whom Tywin loved or say prized more than anyone in the world. That's not to say that Jaime being extraordinarily gifted in arms and god-tier handsome was nothing to be proud of ,but I always saw Tywin who valued shrewdness over battle prowess as we can see when he talks of Robert and Jaime does shows a bit hot-headedness time to time ,then why does he loves Jaime exceedingly so as compared to his other children