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  1. Is jon snow actually religous or loyal to his heritage?

    Like everyone else he more or less has an order which goes something like this Family/night's watch/realm(he struggles here)>Old Gods.Jon knows Ned was religious but he always kept cool about it,Jon is like that ,silent prayers and respect but other things comes first .Burning the Old Tree at Winterfell would've been hard for him not only because it is weirwood but because it is only living thing now that Winterfell is burnt and cold.Recall how even Theon is brought to tears when he thinks of the godswoods and he has no love for the old gods but because some of his best memories took place there. Once Maester Aemon told him how he left the chance to become the king when once he had taken his vows Jon was very impressed about it.After his father Aemon and Lord Mormont are the two people who have made a deep impression on Jon.But still when Arya is in danger he has to do something because she is the only remaining family to him and the last of the line of Starks .He respects his vows but it is about his family and not only about the Night watch's vows anymore,the vows were there so that The Wall might remain standing till the day the Other or The Wight appears after that it becomes the duty of the realm as well to help support the Walker of the Walls .He knows that a Stannis win is very important if they are to survive ,so he is now thinking more in terms of how he can help Stannis as well as his Little Sis . I just hope he survives and mounts a giant ass ice dragon and give us many and more Stannis/Jon chapters.
  2. Certainly Lord Tywin makes most people shit their pants and Jon Con thinks very highly of Lord Tywin ,so high in fact he uses Lord Tywin's actions as an example for the best possible one. So if Tyrion had given young Griff the same lecture about being a beggar suitor to Dany and his increased chances of being accepted by Dany if he proves himself first would Jon had agreed and gone to Westeros or or is Jon Connington still afraid of Tywin -the Lion (King) after all these years. One of the reasosn I like Robb is because he went to war head on with Lord Tywin and actually gave him quite a challenge something that men like Doran dont have the guts for.
  3. Khaleesi would've given her Bear a nice welcoming hug if Jorah showed up with him.Neither Dany nor Barry has any love for the imp .Jorah could've just as easily given his head to Cersei but the didn't.
  4. Okay read that part again Another quote from Tywin from the same chapter And this It is clear that Tywin gave him a choice and Tyrion gladly took it ,knowing it too well that Sansa had no reason to love him because he was a Lannister and Sansa can't refuse him . He should have refused her hand outright if he cared about her at all ,if he had refused her she would've been married to either Lancel who wasn't able to consummate and was trying to redeem himself unlike Tyrion or Martyn Lannister another son of Kevan who is the same age as Sansa. His other actions after marrying her doesn't matter because he could've refused the marriage proposal itself but he didn't and got selfish and was responsible for giving pain and despair to Sansa knowingly. Him trying to save Sansa from Joffrey and not forcing her aren't anything to give him credit for. They are expected of any decent man . Also you might want to read the Tyrion chapter again cos it looks like you missed this gem-
  5. It would have been much more interesting to see what does the mighty Golden Company does with the Golden Lion alive, but alas the dwarf killed him.
  6. Well Dany herself comes to love him and still loves him granted it wasn't perfect match. Also it doesn't matter Drogo is better than him or not Tyrion has no problem forcing women and justify it to himself by telling himself that they are just whores.
  7. top character

    Stannis the Mannis or Lord Tywin.
  8. Tyrion is given undue credit for not forcing Sansa against her will .How is it so hard to understand?
  9. Lets say Jaime forgets to tell Tyrion about Tysha and Tyrion runs straight for the getaway cog leaving Tywin to make gold in peace. Tywin is the guy even Balon was afraid of and that was when he was fighting a war alone.But Euron is said to be even crazier than Balon and cunning as well so what would Euron have done if Lord Tywin was still alive and friends with Tyrells . This would mean that the Lannisters now have Ser Kevan as another competent commander add to that the fear the name of Tywin produces among his enemies. Do you think Euron would be afraid of the Lion or will he still try to bloody the Shields and takeover Oldtown?
  10. What was the best scene from the books in your opinion?

    Ser Jorah finding Tyrion in that brothel.Ser Jorah has to come back and save his queen or die trying. Also everytime Jorah redpills Dany about Ned ,even though he clearly states how honorable Ned is , Dany always goes Blah!Blah!Usurpers's dogs REEEEEEE.
  11. Really,it was Tywin who gave Tyrion the handship in the first place,he was given credit for all he accomplished during that time but his chain was so effective mainly because of Cersei's wildfire. And Casterly Rock is Tywin's to give ,to whoever he deems worthy. Pray tell which books are you reading. Tyrion knew that no girl would ever like him let alone one who has lost her whole family because of the Lannisters even then he married her,poor Sansa would have been better off marrying someone her own age. In this case even Cersei deserve more sympathy than Tyrion for being forced to marry again ,away from her children, a nasty woman she might be but she loves her children. And then people give Tyrion credit for not forcing Sansa. Poor Sansa has to live in fear day and night when he might ask her to do her duty, atleast Dany started to like Drogo and he made her feel safe but Sansa never feels safe .She is the strongest of the characters in whole of ASOIAF just like Arya .The Starks rule .The North remembers.
  12. Ok so I have a theory that the House Lannister is more important in the grand scheme of things than we think . We all know that it was Jaime who killed the last Targaryen king and thus ended almost 300 yrs of rule of the last notable scion of Valyria. The Lannisters also acquired the Valyrian sword Brightroar in the century before the doom . We also know that for some reason the Valyrians shunned Westeros and especially Casterly Rock even though it is the most extensive gold ore system in the whole world and the Valyrians were bonkers for gold. That might mean that Lannister gold is somehow cursed for the Valyrians and might be the reason for the doom. And if Tyrion is son of Aerys and Joanna that would be the first time that a Lannister has coupled with a Valyrian(correct me if not first) and it resulted in a stunted dwarf. I think that the Lannisters are like some kind of Valyria deterrent and like the Starks are destined to play a much greater role in the fight against the Rholler, Other or the dragons.
  13. Because in ASOS Tyrion learns his lesson on playing the GOT ,there are more players than he realizes and he doesn't have Lord Tywin's support to give that extra weight to him. It is here that he realizes how irrelevant he is for any of the vying powers and after getting a reality check he goes to the comfort of Shae's embraces to get some solace.