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  1. I might not get a hotel at all! I live about 40 minutes away by train and might just have to suck it up...
  2. I got one too. Only 2 years to go
  3. Pod slipped it into my pocket... I'll never let it go again As for me, I had a tremendous time. Too many wonderful conversations to count. New friends made. New food discovered. How wonderful to see you all! We should do all of that again.
  4. It was amazing to see everybody arriving in and voting like complete bosses. There were some sour expressions thrown our way.
  5. They're watching this thread to see who responds
  6. This too is most welcome Thanks, Winterfella!
  7. Much appreciated, unJon!
  8. It would be a shame not to mention The Invasion by Peadar O'Guilin. I hear it's great. Cover art by Jeffrey Alan Love.
  9. I hear this is brilliant. He'll be there too, which means you could get it signed. Or maybe have it tattooed?
  10. I'm about to start The Dark Portal by Robin Jarvis.
  11. I think one of my friends is on the same flight I'm on, although I'm not sure where she's staying. If we're doing taxis, it might make sense to figure out who is near whom and divide the taxis up accordingly... I'll see if I can find out... Where are you staying?
  12. I think I'm in at 23:00? I think at that stage I'd get a taxi rather than a bus! What are you thinking of?
  13. I'm arriving late Tuesday evening and leaving early Monday morning. Staying with Mormont at Hotelli Cumulus in Kallio.
  14. Does anybody still need a membership? I know somebody who has one for sale. US$100... Cheaper than the $200+ on the door... Let me know.
  15. Starting Showstopper by Haley Barker. YA adventure.