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  1. I have it Dvrd . Gonna check it out in a day or two . Looks promising
  2. Eliminate Perrin .!?! I would rather they Elimanate most of the cast then him . He was a Warg long before Bran or Jon and had one of the most epic arc in the series . In the Shadow Rising . My favorite book of Jordan's ..His defense of the Two Rivers was akin to Tolkins Rousing of the Shire
  3. The casting of Eventine is terrible . They cast the actor that Plays Desthstroke on Arrow as Allanon.. I just wish he was taller .. I am interested in how they make the Reaper and the Dagda mor look .
  4. The fellow that played Lews Therin was ok but as usual Billy Zane was terrible .. At least they got the dialogue mostly correct