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  1. Since this has apparently already derailed into a discussion about PJ, let me just say a few things about him. He has a quality that I haven't seen in other asoiaf theorists, which is the research and use of the GRRM's previous work and even personal life/beliefs to develop his theories. My favorite series of his is "The Minds of Wolves and Robins", which I really recommend to see what I mean. However, specifically about the "Deeper Dorne" videos, I think he goes on some speculations because he really likes the Dornish and "secretly" roots for them. He gives too much credit for the Oberyn/Doran conspiracy, with little help from text evidence, but heavy on deductions previously established by himself. Of course, all he suggests is possible, and much of what he says might be true, but even he knows he is "probably wrong about half of this". I'd take this series with a grain of salt, and much more of an entertainment value than a hard-evidence-based theory.