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  1. Having a small clear out and have decided to list my matching limited Game of Thrones and Clash of Kings. They also come with the bonus 'Sketches' chapbook and are listed at a price a little below what the last pair went for.
  2. I just received an email to say this is now open for order to owners of GOT. Still undecided though!
  3. Here is a summary of the limited: All of the art from the trade hardcover;Printed on 80# Finch;The full color endsheets as a wraparound dust jacket;A completely new set of endsheets;8-10 of the full-page interior illustrations (b&w in the trade) rendered in color in our edition;Plus its signed, numbered and in a slipcase. I am yet to make up my mind on this one.
  4. Back on 8 April, Bill commented on a facebook post: Game of Thrones should ship next week. Rogues is a bit deeper into the year, as we're waiting for the art to be complete. (and a further comment confirmed the remarqued copies will be later still)
  5. Hi Becca Could you update the list to show me wanting SOS/FOC/DWD #224 please? thanks! Paul
  6. A bit of a half-hearted 'wanted' really....I have SubPress COK and GOT number 224. (or will have when GOT is delivered!) I would be interested if any of the other subpress books of this number were around, but I probably couldn't justify the cost they seem to go for just now. But I'll put it out there that this is the number I have :-)