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  1. Rothfus was on the local news whining that he'll probably lose his seat. LOL
  2. Great, thank you. I missed that part in the Politico article--I paid more attention to the WaPo one. And what does Kevin McCarthy say about Rohrabacher? "“There's two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump."
  3. Who's the congressman? Rohrbacher?
  4. These kids might be young, but they will be old enough to vote soon...and now they have adults behind them. They did what we lacked the will to do. They made it okay for people to come out and call the NRA and the politicians for what they are. As Sheriff Israel said, vote them out if they don't do what we want. What they need to do is sustain the momentum. Rubio was right about one thing: our attention spans are very short, so they need to keep hammering the point home day after day after day.
  5. Well, look at it this way. The NRA is the marketing arm of the gun manufacturers. A few deaths are worth the profits. All I can see are armed fortress out of our worst dystopian nightmares instead of schools where kids can learn and feel safe. It's insanity. Background checks will stop some people from getting these weapons, but there's a problem with that. Most of them have never committed a crime before their shooting spree, so they might not show up in the system at all. What then? The only way to be sure is a total ban on assault weapons and all the accessories that come with them.
  6. I have been since it happened.
  7. So, the NRA is just his fan club. Got it. It didn't go unnoticed by anyone who watched it. He seemed genuinely surprised at the thunderous reaction when he said that in order to be effective, there would have to be a ban on ALL assault weapons. He obviously didn't expect that.
  8. Yeah, calling them crazy and monsters is why the stigma of mental illness still exists. I liked the sheriff. He wasn't putting up with her bullshit. And watching Rubio getting his butt handed to him by a teenager was priceless.
  9. It's going to be glorious.
  10. A real Canadian wouldn't have had to edit to add "eh"! But I don't get the joke?
  11. Okay, good. I missed that. That's a place to start. If you say you're not pro-gun around here you won't get elected, period. It's perfectly normal for people here to actively shoot their rifles. You have to understand that this is just northern Appalachia. There are some very, very poor people here. If they didn't hunt for food, they would starve. The first day of hunting season is a de facto holiday--and people live off of what they take for an entire year. Most hunters here won't use an AR 15 for hunting. And yet, I'm seeing a shift in thinking here. Even some Republicans are not against gun control and regulation.
  12. Wait, what's that about?
  13. Bingo.We're not ready for that in these here parts. At this juncture I'm voting for him regardless, but I'd really like to know what his views are on gun regulation.
  14. I used to live right down the street from Keith Rothfus in PA 12. I moved two miles down the road and into PA 18. But be that as it may...Rothfus is a Grade A idiot, honest to God. Typical tea party: anti-abortion, anti-LGBT, the whole works. He even voted against renewing the Violence Against Women Act. You can look him up. You will not find a bigger dork anywhere. I can't believe some woman had sex with him to produce the 6 kids he has. Ick! With the redistricting, he could be in some trouble. He marches lockstep with Trump--every single time. PA 12 was heavily Democratic for a long time and guess what? It was gerrymandered that way by the Republicans prior to 2011! The problem is that Dems here are more conservative than those in Philadelphia and even in Pittsburgh. Lamb is trying to appeal to that kind of Democrat--he is no liberal but more of a centrist.
  15. I was watching short track at the beginning of the Games and couldn't believe I'd never really watched it before. I was hooked! Why couldn't they have had that when I was a kid? I would have loved to do that. Instead I was stuck with figure skating.