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  1. Yes, Trump made the same argument just last night. And a few hours later, the Lincoln Memorial was vandalized.
  2. They weren't actually erected as monuments to heroes. They've become mythologized over time, but we've chosen to forget the truth. Most of them were erected in the 1920's onward with new Jim Crow laws so those uppity blacks didn't get the idea that their situation was improving, and leaving no doubt as to who was in charge. A new round of statues went up in the 1960's and coincided with the Civil Rights Movement. The Confederacy committed treason against the United States, and no one more than Robert E. Lee. Some Southerners still worship these guys because they still can't get over the fact that they lost. They still regard the US government as an invading and occupying army. They want to continue the fight, not reconcile. Fortunately, those people are dying off, but there is still a hardcore group that really thinks that's a great idea. Yes, we should honor our history, but we need to square with it first.
  3. This was a great story. You might also try Harry Turtledove's In High Places and Robert Silverberg's The Gate of Worlds.
  4. While Kaniggit makes his final car payment (congrats!), I am picking up my brand new car later today. I haven't had a car payment since 2005 and I really don't want to start now...but my old car was totaled in an accident 3 weeks ago and I really didn't have a choice. I figured I might as well get what I like. So I bought a 2017 Chevy Cruze and I'm in a payment for the next three years. My old car was an 02 Honda Accord that had a whopping 66,000 miles on it. I'm going to miss it. We were in a six car accident in a construction zone. I wasn't even in motion at the time. The (old) guy who caused it got cited for speeding, reckless driving and something else (can't remember what), and he was on his phone at the time. I never heard him hit his brakes--just him hitting the woman behind us, then her smacking into us. In PA, both violations in a construction zone are double the fines plus suspension of license.
  5. Didn't Trump say he just found out about the emails a few days ago? Another lie. His lawyers have known about them for weeks.
  6. Unfortunately, this goon is my senator and the sooner we get him out of office the better. There's a group that meets outside his office here every Tuesday. They call it Tuesdays with Toomey and they've gotten zero response from him. He's in hiding from his own constituents. No town halls, no Q & As, nothing. Party over country. What do you expect from a Wall Street banker.
  7. They did. ~ DJT, July 27, 2016
  8. Goldstone is a Brit. The term "Crown prosecutor" would be familiar to him. What would it take for you to at least admit that you're wrong and the Trumps are a bunch of inept, incompetent losers? Mueller has stacked the bullpen with a team experienced in prosecuting organized crime and RICO for a reason.
  9. From Junior per the NYT article: July 22, 2016: First Wikileaks publication of hacked emails from the DNC July 27, 2016: "Russia, if you're listening, I hope you're able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing." ~ Senior October 7, 2016: Wikileaks publishes Podesta's emails
  10. That was pretty good! LOL
  11. And taken Manafort and Kushner with him.
  12. They all did it: Junior, Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, etc. ad nauseum. I do believe that each infraction is worth about 5 years in prison. The question is: are they all willing to fall on their sword for Mango Mussolini? Or are they really so stupid as to just admit collusion and possibly treason?
  13. Because Putin, like Trump, can't let anything go. Clinton condemned the voting results in 2011 and he never forgave her for it. He hates her, and would have done anything to see her lose. He said that she was trying to have him overthrown and accused his opponents of being financed by the US. You really think he wanted her as president?
  14. Apparently the Russians used it as a textbook for the their military. It's not available in English anyway, or at least it wasn't a few years ago. Sorry, I shouldn't have given you that impression. I have a friend who is a native Russian speaker and he translated it for several of us who were interested and I never forgot it. He left Russia about 20 years ago and doesn't pull any punches about his views on Putin. Long story short--Russia is in it for the long haul. They're not messing around and Putin knows exactly what he's doing. He can't wage a direct war against the US and western Europe, so he needed a useful idiot to erode our institutions from within. Mission accomplished. One of the strategies discussed in the book was getting the UK to leave the EU. Mission accomplished. Annexing Crimea and Ukraine was another. Again, mission accomplished. If you read up on Dugin, that'll tell you all you need to know.
  15. Have you ever read Dugin's The Foundations of Geopolitics: The Geopolitical Future of Russia? It really looks like this is Putin's playbook and well worth a read.