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  1. I hope it stands although yeah, it would look even worse for them. And it is petty and vindictive, but what do you expect from a bunch of morons who take their cue from the guy polluting the Oval Office?
  2. Oh, it's punitive all right. They're throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions.
  3. What? With no trial and no debate? That's fucking crazy. We duly elected those judges and they have no right to do that without OUR say so just because they're throwing a two year old hissy fit. There are no Republicans with a shred of decency. Not one to be found anywhere, especially not in Pennsylvania. They're all a bunch of crooks and liars, so desperate to stay in power they'll screw over a state of 13 million people.
  4. And then what? This is fucking insanity.
  5. I already contacted my state reps. My rep is a Democrat, my senator is a Republican. Northern Alabama at its finest.
  6. Hillary would have been toast, too, because of course the wife is always responsible for the behavior of her man. Trump even paraded Bill's accusers at a debate and his base ate it up.
  7. Waiting for the bald eaglets to hatch. Any day now!
  8. I can appreciate that although the laws need to catch up with reality. Pretty soon we won't need to send people to war. It will all be done by drones--and computers. IMO a country infiltrating another country's energy grid is a borderline act of war. They could shut down our entire infrastructure and leave us helpless without firing a shot. Trump telling the Russians on national TV to go ahead and hack Hillary's emails is a national security threat at the very least. Giving the Russians classified information in the Oval Office is treason. Anyone else would be arrested on the spot.
  9. I don't know about that. Russia has certainly declared cyberwar against us.
  10. This is exactly why drugs should be legalized. Legalized, regulated and taxed just like alcohol, cigarettes and now marijuana. Two things will happen: the overdose rate will drop, and gun deaths in the inner cities will drop because there will be no reason to kill each other over it. Essentially, you take an illicit black market and turn it into a respectable business that employs people and gives them a chance to earn a living. While people may still become addicted, they'll be less likely to resort to stealing and all their other means of getting their hands on drugs because they know they'll be able to walk down the street to a dispensary and get their fix, at a much more reasonable price than the black market. Just my two cents. I've worked in public health for almost 25 years and making drugs illegal has been nothing short of a disaster.
  11. The other night around dusk there were hundreds of chirping birds in my giant northern oak. What a racket! I also have the biggest, fattest robin I have ever seen hanging out in one of my azaleas. I'll try to get a picture of him. It's a wonder he can fly, he's so fat!
  12. Did you see the national Republican guy (I forget who) that said Saccone will win after all the legal votes are counted? He's obviously never been here. This district is whitey white. There probably aren't enough illegals to fill the stands at a Little League baseball game.
  13. Wolf: Allegheny is counting theirs [absentee ballots] tonight. Election guy: They have a huger staff than we do. Yes, he said that. We really are just northern Alabama. That's when I went to bed.
  14. Margin is now 95 votes.
  15. Yes I do. LOL I live in the suburbs too. :)) Washington County just said they're not counting their absentee ballots till tomorrow.
  16. Ha! We threw a St. Patrick's Day parade during a blizzard. A few snowflakes won't stop us! We won't know till tomorrow and I'm sure there will be a recount.
  17. They won't be added as they're counted. They wait until they're ALL counted before adding to the total.
  18. They still have the absentee ballots to count. Leave it to Moon to mess things up, but they are Allegheny.
  19. Gen X here. I've been following this subthread with interest. I couldn't agree more with your statement. Boomers need to get out of the way. There is an interesting dynamic in my home. I have two kids, born in 1995 and 1996. I guess my younger one is still a millennial and not Gen Z. My mother, born 1946, moved in with us last year and IMO she's the poster child for everything that's messed up about the boomers. For a generation that had everything handed to them on a plate (Vietnam notwithstanding), they are the biggest bunch of whiners and spoiled brats ever. They are selfish and self-centered. And they have the nerve to complain about millennials the same way they complained about us, the most educated generation in history. Listening to my mother interact with my kids makes it clear that they have no concept of how the modern world works, or how the recession has impacted these kids. They think it's still the 1950s. Hell, they don't understand us, either, or the impact FOUR recessions in our prime earning years has had on our ability to accumulate wealth and to pass that on to our kids. The boomers accumulated wealth...and pissed it away. I'm siding with the kids for a whole lot of reasons. With sheer numbers, they're going to give the old folks a run for their money. And good riddance. Maybe we'll actually progress as a society instead of wishing for a return to a mythical Golden Age.
  20. Lamb is out-raising Saccone by a significant margin and Saccone's ads are pathetic. However even if Lamb wins, he still will have to primary for the new district in May, and that might not be easy. He's pissed off a lot of Dems by saying he is not, repeat NOT, in favor of gun control or regulations. Most Dems will vote for him next week because at the moment getting a Democrat in that seat is the first order of business. In November, unseating Keith Rothfus is the priority. After that, however, if a challenger comes along whose views on gun regulation is more in line with the locals, he will lose.
  21. Yay for Pennsylvania! That church is NUTS.
  22. Wonderful. Armed teacher arrested after shooting in Georgia high school.
  23. That explains the Twitter hissy fit this morning.
  24. Real estate and money laundering usually go hand in hand. Just saying.
  25. Rothfus was on the local news whining that he'll probably lose his seat. LOL