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  1. Um, no, this is just wrong. Trump lost by 3 million votes. But if you have some evidence for that assertion, I'd love to see it. No doubt some did cross over, but it's nowhere near the overwhelming majority you make it sound like. And only ONE county voted overwhelmingly for both Obama and Trump: Howard County, Iowa.
  2. Hawks, too. Some of them like juvenile Cooper's hawks look like peregrines, only the wing shape is different and the hawks aren't nearly as fast. Peregrines eat live prey--eagles eat mostly fish but they will scavenge if necessary. Last year one of the eagle nests made the national news when the male brought a cat for the eaglets to eat. People flipped out, but this is nature, red in tooth and claw.
  3. I live right on the Ohio River. We're well acquainted with geese, ducks and gulls--I had just never seen that many flying geese overhead at once. I had one chase me once on a fishing trip. I was terrified--the top of the goose's head came up to my chest and it wouldn't leave me alone. I must have gotten too close to its eggs or goslings. I used to be on the board of directors at our rec association. We had a real problem with goose poop on the fields and there's really not much you can do about it. It comes with the territory when you live near large bodies of water, and not just the river, but lakes and creeks as well.
  4. It's kind a weird that the closest living relative to a T. rex is...a chicken.
  5. Years ago, I lived in an area that was almost but not quite rural. We used to get turkey jams on the roads. And there's nothing you can do about it except wait for them to move along. They are HUGE birds.
  6. Crows are jerks. Blue jays are even bigger jerks. They will tag-team dive bomb juvenile crows mercilessly. I've seen them steal peanuts right from the squirrels in my yard and bully their way to the bird feeder. The poor finches and starlings don't stand a chance. About a month ago, I saw literally thousands of Canada geese flying overhead. We must be directly in the flight path. I wish I'd gotten that on video, it was amazing! We just moved to this house last November so I don't know if that's a normal occurrence here or not. It was really something to see, though.
  7. This. They love to be told what to do and how to think. That's how we elected Mango Mussolini--they love their authoritarians because they have no capacity for self-thought, self-reflection or critical thinking. That's also why they're religious nutters.
  8. As someone once said, there is no more gun control debate in this country. If we didn't do anything after Sandy Hook, we never will. Killing children is now acceptable collateral damage.
  9. I love the raptors. We've cleaned up our environment and waterways, and now we have multiple bald eagle nests for the first time in over 200 years. My favorites are the peregrine falcons, though. We have several falcon and eagle cams set up, and both the eagles and the falcons have adapted remarkably well to urban environments. One pair is painful to watch--the last two years have taken their toll on raptor watchers because, well, it's pretty gruesome. That nest has been a soap opera. (See Hope and Terzo at the Cathedral of Learning.) But it's fun to watch the hatchlings grow from white fluffballs to young juveniles in a matter of weeks. There's a local old guy who rehabs birds of prey and is known simply as "The Bird Man"--I have no idea what his real name is! He used to go around to the local schools and the nature center and give presentations to the kids, who got a kick out of it.
  10. I don't care which we'd end up with as long as they pick one and leave it alone. I was fine on Sunday, but I've been wiped out all week. As soon as the sun sets I want to go to bed and sleep. I have a light box that I use every day in the winter and vitamin D is a good friend. Otherwise I'd go into hibernation. It's so gloomy here, especially in January, and we can go weeks without a single sunny day. I actually don't mind going forward and losing an hour of sleep in March--that extra hour of daylight in the evening makes all the difference and doesn't bother me at all. If we stayed on DST it would be dark till around 9 am in winter. But it wouldn't get dark until 5 ish in December.
  11. U2, Syngman Rhee, Payola and Kennedy!
  12. I have three brothers and one sister. As long as no bones were broken and blood wasn't gushing, no one cared. We had to work it out ourselves. Along those lines, bullies have existed in schools and on playgrounds forever and always will. It's how we teach our kids to deal with it that's the difference. I had to literally beat the crap out of my bully in the 8th grade (a boy) before he left me alone. Teaching them to ignore it or go to authority figures is NOT the way to go except as a last resort--schools do NOTHING about it. But that's my opinion. I know I'm probably in the minority for feeling that way, and that's okay. I had to deal with a girl who was bullying my daughter when they were in the 6th grade. After going through all the proper channels, including the girl's parents, nothing happened. So one day I told my daughter, in front of the principal and her parents, to get this girl off school property and kick the sh*t out of her. I wasn't joking and the principal said, "You can't say that!" Well, I just did. And guess what? The bullying stopped that day. It's hard to learn conflict resolution when their idea of doing that is by text message. They have so many more ways to torture each other than we did. It's even easier to be mean and rotten when you're not looking the other person directly in the eye. But you're right, they're not learning that. It doesn't help that we've pumped up their self esteem so much when they've done nothing to earn it and we never let them fail. They need to fail. They need to learn how to handle stress and adversity. My daughter almost didn't march at graduation because she missed 63 days of her first period class senior year. She was under the mistaken impression that once she turned 18 she could do whatever she wanted without consequence. I let it happen and had zero sympathy whatsoever for her tears. She needed to go through that.
  13. I remember sitting in the back seat while waiting to get gas. My dad had a 20 mile drive each way to and from work. I don't know how that boat of a car got good enough gas mileage to make it for a week. (His '72 Polara. We also had a '68 Impala and a '70 Monaco. Got maybe 12 or 13 mpg if you were lucky.) My hair has been every color you can imagine, including rainbow. Kool Aid was cheap! Back then, red hair was NOT the in thing and I did everything I could to hide it. Now I revel in it (before it turns gray). One of my friends was in beauty school and I was her favorite guinea pig. Three months before senior prom she bleached my hair...and fried it. I had to chop it all off, and it took a year or so for it to recover. Never did THAT again. Other than Jaws, the only movie that scared me out of my wits was The Omen. I still can't watch that alone. It's a shame that kids now don't know the pride young kids take in doing things on their own, like walking to school or sitting in a movie theater alone. No wonder they're so helpless well into their 20s. When did that happen and why? I remember the first time my mother let me go to the neighborhood corner store by myself. I was 5. I walked in and Rosie (the owner) asked me if my mother was coming. Nope. Are your brothers with you? Nope! I handed her a $1 bill and asked her for 4 packs of Marlboros. She gave them to me, and on home I went, bursting with pride at being able to do that all by myself.
  14. It floors me that people won't let their 10 year old kids walk half a mile to a friend's house. I remember a few years ago, a woman was arrested for allowing her 12 year old to walk a mile home. It's ridiculous. We rode public transit alone at 10 and had free run of the neighborhood, but if you weren't home by the time the street lights came on, look out Loretta, you were in big trouble.
  15. Born in 1969 so I'll add few to the 70s: Waiting in line at the gas pumps--if you were lucky enough to get gas. The days you could go depended on your license plate. Watching the Watergate Senate hearings because my mother had a crush on John Dean. Nixon's resignation. End of Vietnam War. Viking lands on Mars. Jaws traumatized me for life. Alien Apocalyptic movies like the Planet of the Apes films, Meteor and Airport 74. And then, of course, the Airplane! movies. The Steelers and Pirates, 1979! (The Penguins sucked but they still had their cool blue and white jerseys.) The real beginnings of computers. Riding in open cab pick up trucks. Basically, everything that's illegal now, we did as kids and we survived somehow. 80s: Indiana Jones, ET, Terminator, Aliens, the Brat Pack Miracle on Ice Mohawks (I had one) Space Shuttle (including, sadly, Challenger) Bombing Libya Grenada The 80s were the best decade of my lifetime, period. I don't remember much of the 90s, honestly. I was busy starting a family and missed a lot of the pop culture stuff until my kids were old enough to start paying attention to their own pop culture.
  16. Completely agree! It's far better than The Stand but gets continually overlooked as one of the best horror (and apocalyptic!) novels ever written. Stephen King even acknowledges that in Four Past Midnight. Scared the bejeezus out of me. Here we go round the mulberry bush...
  17. Swan Song, Robert McCammon.
  18. I was a Republican until 2004 so I get it. 16 years as a Republican before they went off the reservation and became bats**t insane. However, then is not now. There are more independents now, that's true. But let's face it, Republicans risk being kicked out of their club and called a RINO or worse if they don't toe the party line. It's way too polarized and us vs. them.
  19. Murdering a woman with a car isn't breaking the law? Terrorizing Jewish people in their own house of worship isn't breaking the law? Nazis are hiding behind the First Amendment in a blatant attempt to normalize their views. There is NOTHING normal about their views and they should never, ever be allowed to bring those views to the mainstream. Millions of people died to eradicate their horrors from the face of the Earth. Are we going to go through that again? My grandfather fought in WWII, just like the fathers and grandfathers of most posters. He always said that the only good Nazi is a dead Nazi. Is it going to come to that?
  20. Neither will ignoring it. Repiblicans who claim this isn't what they signed up for don't get a pass. They knew exactly what they were doing and they will do it again. Don't want to be called a Nazi or Nazi sympathizer? Then start calling out your own party and voting accordingly. Silence only reaffirms the perception that all Republicans actually support what's going on.
  21. Republicans are never going to vote Democrat anyway, and it's high time we called a spade a spade. Their party is made up of and led by out and out Nazis. That's just a fact, and sugar coating it doesn't make that medicine go down any better.
  22. I know this is 4 years old, but I loved Mordant's Need. I found Mirror of Her Dreams at a garage sale in the late 80's and paid 10 cents for it, then scoured every used bookstore in my area until I found A Man Rides Through. I still have them, and I read them at least once a year. I still have a huge crush on Artagel. LOL I always felt it was more like a cross between King Lear and Chronicles of Amber than The Doomsday Book personally. I read The Doomsday Book many years ago when it was first published as part of the Science Fiction Book Club. Wonderful story!
  23. He can't, but the time isn't the only reason. The only way a president can cancel a deal like that is for demonstrable national security reasons.
  24. For STATE legislature seats. If you look at the boundaries for the congressional districts I mentioned upthread, you'll find that they do not respect municipal, town, borough or even street boundaries. I could be in one district and my neighbor in another. It's totally ridiculous. And as for the state districting being fair, I refer you to PA Senate Bill 1200. See Wiki for details. The formatting here is a mess and I'm tired of trying to fix it. The upshot of it is that it was challenged and SCOTUS couldn't agree on any standards to which gerrymandering is judged to violate the Constitution.As a result, the Republicans took control of both houses and pitted incumbent Democrats against each other. I doubt that Wolf will be re-elected. The Republicans in the General Assembly have made sure he takes the blame for their childishness and ridiculousness. And because of most of this state is just Northern Redneck, they buy into it hook, line and sinker. The new budget (overdue, as usual) raises taxes and all kinds of fees, including new taxes on utilities. And yet Wolf takes the blame. Two years ago, the budget was 9 months overdue and he refused to sign it when they finally did come up with one because it was so bad, so it lapsed into law. The intent was to let the Republicans in the Assembly reap what they sowed, but it didn't work out that way. School districts were this close to shutting down and had to borrow heavily to keep their doors open, and the state's credit rating took a huge hit. The General Assembly is in no way being held accountable for any of this. Thanks Republicans. And there's more. Mike Turzai (R-Allegheny) is on the record in 2012 as saying: I don't mean to rant, but to say that gerrymandering is any way fair is being disingenuous at best. And yes, Democrats do it too. Maryland is the perfect example. Sorry for the mess. I tried to clean it up but I can't delete the quote boxes.
  25. Yes, and local governments are starting to rebel now that they're realizing that the state governments want their sticky little fingers in local pies and overreaching on their attempt at controlling those cities.