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  1. Ya that's what I was thinking
  2. You guys probably already figured this out and it's so obvious to you, but I don't trust him with Sansa. Some people have said that they think he's helping her out because she's Catelyn's daughter, but he even said himself the only person he ever loved was Catelyn. So, I'm trying to figure out why he would want to help Sansa, there has to be something that he gains in this, I just don't know what. So, what do you think? Do you trust him? Why? And if you don't trust him why do you think he's helping Sansa?
  3. I liked Arya's chapters the most, there was always something exciting going on in hers, she was also my favorite character so that probably added to it too. I tried to like Dany's but hers were just so boring :stillsick:.