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  1. US Politics: Sioux suing suits

    Another awesome thread title. Fuck Trump.
  2. Great Ordeal Feedback

    Puts the odds that this is actually Pierce Inverarity at about 0.5%.
  3. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    That's quite fortunate for Michigan. Harbaugh, as insane as he is, is an amazing coach. Hell, Michigan and Ohio State feel like they are both restored to being serious perennial powers again with Meyer at tOSU. The Big 10 took some deserved hate in the last decade, but they seem to be really moving in the right direction at least at the top (sorry, Purdue). The LSU opening is obviously terrifying for the rest of the world. Someone on the radio threw out "why wouldn't they go after Petrino?" to which another person said Petrino would be crazy to leave Louisville while he's got Lamar Jackson.
  4. Why would you consider Koringhus out of curiosity? That vision drives me crazy because it feels like it must be so significant but I can't make any sense of it, and I also feel like the many iterations of these threads haven't much done that either. You shot me! You shot me right in the arm!
  5. US elections 2016 - "Go ahead, throw your vote away"

    I thought Trump had a very good start but then came apart and looked terrible and Clinton was very solid. Hardcore Trumpers won't be swayed, of course, but for that small % of undecideds I would be shocked if this didn't move things in Clinton's direction.
  6. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    I've only heard about the Dee Gordon thing but it sounds amazing and I will be sure to look for highlights of it later. AD - I kind of enjoy your rant on Matheny. I agree he seems shaky much of the time. But he's made the playoffs so consistently that it's not hard to see why he doesn't face too much criticism. That said, Mattingly was in a similar situation and much of Dodger world wanted him gone. Cards fans are more docile, perhaps. And yes, Jonathan Broxton has been cartoonishly bad like no business in the bigs bad. Does anyone have a theory as to why the Giants, whether they limp into the postseason or not, have been so dramatically different from the first half to the second? It doesn't seem like they had a rash of injuries or anything.
  7. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Incredibly I think it's 9-9 but the Vile won 3 of 4 this weekend. But that's crazy because every Cub start has an ERA in the 2's and every Cards starter has an ERA in the 4's (more or less).
  8. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    If the Dodgers play the Vile in the playoffs I will be rooting for the Dodgers with all my heart. I can't believe St. Louis is still in the hunt. Worst Cards team in a while. But if we did make it it would feel like playing with house money.
  9. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Undoubtedly so that they can use their savvy to draft the next Carson Wentz.
  10. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Potentially season-saving win for Washington. Had to have it.
  11. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    Yeah, I think Minnesota all of the sudden looks so good on D that they might be fine even with a weird QB situation, but they might not even have a weird QB situation. This might be the situation Bradford was looking for all along. OH CLEVELAND NO
  12. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    I was about to come on here and talk about how Webb, the new Cal QB, is lighting it up and it's like Goff never left, and then he threw an absolutely atrocious pick-6 with the game on the line. He has been great this year though, but he just made his biggest mistake. Rosen and UCLA's offense have sucked this year. Their D has been very get us just 21 points and we probably win good. Stansbury beats UCLA for the 9th straight time.
  13. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    I got to attend Colorado @ Oregon today which was a very entertaining game but a disappointing result for the home team. What was amazing was that Colorado had to go with their backup QB who was shit @ Michigan and proceeded to get like 29 first downs and over 600 yards of offence. It's a bummer for the Oregon QB Prukop that he through a tough pick at the end so some idiot Duck fans will trash him, but this was on the D big time. That said, there were already signs this year that Colorado is improved and not the doormat that they'd been. But they shouldn't be winning @ Oregon yet. That locker room must have been so fired up post-game. There was one catch by a CU player that could be an ESPY type of catch, and it was a huge play in the game as well. I'm quite ignorant about what else has happened in the college football world today but am excited to catch up. Props to the UK folks on their cockslaying!
  14. NFL 2016 Week 2: extending the mustache ride in LA

    The thing is Bro that he really did suck everywhere but when he had Hoody. The end.
  15. I don't have my books handy, but I do believe there's an actual "bios" that appears somewhere. Probably not in one of the earlier books.