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  1. Silly Jace. You're just a girl like Malibu Stacy! UCLA's defensive performance today was historically terrible. Fuck. Rosen belongs in the NFL already, but he's on a team that is so much shit.
  2. And it wasn't like it wasn't already 4-2 LA. Very excited about where we are right now. The Vile have a tall task with Kenley getting going. I mean the colloquial "we." All decent folks are united against The Vile.
  3. Holy shit, you could tell Joe was trying to get tossed from the get-go there.
  4. ManBearPuig!!!!
  5. It's sort of the usual suspects: Homer William Shakespeare Vivian St. Black
  6. I wouldn't leave that...rum sitting around out here with this group...
  7. On that Vice video from Charlotseville one of the "motherfuckers" was saying "I cannot believe he let a Jew marry that beautiful girl."
  8. Let's go Doyers.
  9. What you guys are saying about the candidates makes me think that there was yet another factor about Obama that was special. It wasn't just that he was the the 1st black POTUS and generated so much energy on the campaign trail and all of that well-documented stuff. It was also that he ended up being completely acceptable to both the progressive wing and centrist wing of the party. Sure, that was almost certainly easier coming off of the Bush years, but the divisions we see now really drive this point home. It is so crucial to beat the next Republican whether that's Trump or anyone else, and it's going to require someone that gets the progressive left and the moderate/centrist wing too. One would think just running against a Republican would accomplish that, but perhaps not. I am totally torn at this very early stage on who the Dems should nominate.
  10. As well as Smith is playing and as much as I like him I wonder how much he'd command on the free agent market. For one, this is like his best season as opposed to someone like Peyton who was like this every year. And I think Smith gets dinged a bit for being with Reid and lots of weapons.
  11. Dallas fans must be pretty traumatized by Rodgers after this, last year, and the Dez play game in Green Bay.
  12. Where did this RB for Green Bay come from? He looks pretty sick.
  13. If that's the case, it seems like you're the one that should think before they post. Hell, the VP exists in part because of the understanding that something could happen to POTUS. Since we have one of the oldest and most unhealthy POTUS of all time it seems like the most logical time to consider what the contingency plan is. After all, why is there so much talk about the contingency plan should something about the Russia investigation see Trump removed from office? Because the odds are higher than usual that it could happen.
  14. And if I refuse?
  15. Why is that an absurd hypothetical? Trump is indeed overweight, eats a terrible diet, thinks exercise is unhealthy, and is 70 years old. Actuarial science would put the odds of him dying in the next few years as a reasonable possibility.