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  1. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Safe Zone

    Daniel Murphy, according to ESPN, leads the NL in batting average at .391 which is not bad. Thing is Aledmys Diaz for the Cards was hitting .466 before blasting his 4th home run just now. Yet ESPN doesn't list him as leader. Has played in 18 games and has 58 at bats. Not very classy at all.
  2. Bakker XLIV: The Goddess of Negative Theology

    At last we shall have our merest fraction. At last we shall reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
  3. MLB 2016: Chia Pet Safe Zone

    This start that the Cubs are off to is distressing. Most distressing. St. Louis is looking OK, but Wainwright has been awful in four starts. Somehow he keeps it classy though.
  4. Chareerchat II: Production of Means

    Just wanted to briefly share that I did end up getting the increase I mentioned in the last thread. Asked the boss about, and it happened. Thanks to the folks that gave feedback. Uncertain, but it does seem like the asking might have been a necessary catalyst to get it over the line.
  5. NBA 2016 Playoffs Edition: Farewell, Kobe!

    Portland getting 5th in the West is a crazy accomplishment this year. They were predicted to be more like 5th worst team in the entire league. I would love it if they could beat the Clips, but I can live with losing as long as they are competitive. They'll get annihilated by Golden State if they advance.
  6. The Kingkiller Chronicles Finds Its Writer

    Rothfuss's delay is actually the most mystifying of all. Martin's I get even if I don't like it. Bakker's can be explained. WTF is PR's deal, and do these Transformers people know it?
  7. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    What's even more joyous about the news on the merest fraction is that it seems to end speculation about the validity of 7/5.
  8. MLB, Spring has sprung.

    McCarver speculated during the Cards broadcast that part of the reason that Yadi is such a popular player is that his name is easy to say.
  9. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    At last we shall have our merest fraction.
  10. April 2016 Reads

    Quite a different book than the rest of the Mitchellverse, but quite good all the same. Finished Inherent Vice by Pynchon. Getting started on Stephenson's System of the World.
  11. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    Inchies kept thinking they had followed the shortest path until pmanet after planet were in fact dead ends. Finally trying to transcend on Earwa.
  12. Bakker XLIII - the prattle of unnumbered years

    You'll pay for this, Lockesnow.
  13. Dorsey, who was a pretty nice freshman at Oregon this year, says he might go pro. Chad Ford has him like the 49th prospect. Don McClean says that Lonzo Ball, heading to UCLA, is the best passing guard to come out in a decade. Alford had better not fuck with him for the sake of playing Bryce.
  14. Syracuse, after struggling to score all game, scored on at least nine straight possessions.
  15. Virginia's D is just too tough. I wonder who gets Tony Bennett to leave assuming it eventually happens. Shit, as I type this Syracuse finds life.