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  1. Jimmy Cliff is the definition of criminally underrated. Decent song here.  
  2. I'll echo that I thought this season was just OK. I did not see S1 but loved S2 and thought this was easily weaker than S2. Not that it didn't have any redeeming qualities. Stuhlbarg was hilarious, Varga (sp) was fascinating and menacing. I actually think if this were the debut of a show it would have higher marks but compared to S2 being so great it was meh by comparison.
  3. Yes indeed. Careless mistake on my part. thanks (both from Maine!). ThinkerX - Thanks for clarifying it for me. For what it's worth I lean towards Trump singing it should it reach the desk. He's so erratic that one never knows, but I think the need for a "win" would, if you can excuse the expression, trump the details of the bill. But I am getting hopeful that it will not reach his desk. Which is quite a thing when one considers how un-moderate the most left-leaning GOP senators are.
  4. I can't tell what you guys are arguing about. Staying on healthcare, there are several quotes from Republicans today (Johnson, Cassidy, Snow) suggesting that there shouldn't be a vote this week. It's making me more optimistic that they won't pass this thing. Should that be the case I wonder where we go from there on healthcare as long as Trump is in the White House. I figure no legislation, but do they continue to mess with some of the payments for the exchanges just to be dicks even if repealing Obamacare is no longer on the table. Even if that annoying scenario it seems the Medicaid expansion would still be safe which would be hugely good news for a lot of people. It amazes me how much the Obamacare debate as been focused on the exchanges as if the Medicaid expansion doesn't exist. That is not to say the exchanges aren't a big issue; just that there was a 2nd big part of providing more health coverage in the bill that doesn't get enough credit.
  5. I put down King's Dark Tower III about 300 pages in. I was by no means hating it, but I was not motivated to continue through several more heavy volumes. I just picked up The Laughing Monsters by Denis Johnson because it was the only of his that I saw on the shelf.
  6. Qirri seems more like Adderal.
  7. We're one Dray Green suspension last year's finals away from contemplating if the Warriors are set up for a five-peat.
  8. Haha, nice work.
  9. YES. It has become much harder to stand behind Slippin' Jimmy after that. And the show, I feel, has done a great job of making Jimmy a "grey" character up to this point where you see his flaws but also his humanity, but this was nasty. Taking advantage of the elderly in this exacting way crosses a line.
  10. Your anecdote is of great import, my friend. I am also having some trepidation about the next Arcade Fire album partly because I think they're 4/4 undefeated and so have the burden of high expectations.
  11. Trump has a book called Tenaciously Procrastinate? Maybe I've been wrong about this whole opposition to Trump thing...
  12. Those are good counter-arguments. What they have in common though is "I must win titles at all costs even if giving up my soul." And the Faustian bargain paid off in both cases.
  13. You could kinda say that about LeBron James though...
  14. Is there any player in the league you add to Cleveland where it makes them even a pick 'em with Golden State? It's remarkable how set up Golden State still is for the future.
  15. Another thing that's somewhat forgotten is in the San Antonio series how much changed when GS completed the comeback in game 1 and then Leonard got seriously hurt in game 2, and that's not even to mention Parker also getting hurt. To be clear, I still think GS wins that series even against a full strength Spurs, but I think without those injuries there's a very good chance it's a much more competitive series that brings GS into the finals looking less invincible.