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  1. (Spoilers) FX The Americans v.3

    Do we believe Gabriel that Stan's new GF is not a spy?
  2. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    I wonder if the goal is to try to pass something in the House even if it's DOA in the Senate just so some of them can claim that they did their part. But I'm not sure they can find something that pleases the Freedom Caucus and the few but essential to pass something moderate Republicans in the House like Freylinghausen. The interests of those two groups appear to be pretty much in direct conflict. At a certain point I would have thought that the House GOP would have figured the least bad way out of this hole they've dug is to stop trying to pass anything and stop talking about it. You know, as this healthcare debate has played out over the years there was something one heard from the left and something one heard from the right: from the left you heard people say some version of "once this bill has been in place for a while people will have a better appreciation of what it does." And people on the right (pretty sure Swordfish was one, but there are many) who said something like "Once this passes it will be very hard to repeal because no one easily gives up an entitlement." Those two thoughts are sort of like different sides of the same coin, and here we are years later, and it appears there was a lot of truth to all of it.
  3. MLB 2017 - if you build it, they will cub

    Hopeless. If you told Jaso his hair wasn't cool he would just wear it as even more of a badge of honor. His kind is not capable of feeling shame.
  4. French politics: houlala!

    There's a lot of sentiment in the US that one of Clinton's mistakes was assuming "I'm not Trump" and pointing out Trump's many shortcomings was sufficient. It ought to have been, but it wasn't. And she didn't do nearly enough to explain why anyone should be for her as opposed to against Trump.
  5. April Reads: What, fool, are you reading?!?

    I've had Caine on my TBR pile for a while and am sort of intrigued by the spectrum of opinions expressed here. I've temporarily shelved The Black Prism which I was not hating but was not loving, and I grabbed a short stories collection by George Saunders.
  6. U.S. Politics: From Russia, With Love

    Pretty sick burn.
  7. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    It turns out there's a big difference between mostly dead and all dead.
  8. College Basketball: Sweet and disappointing

    The internet tells me that all three Oregon players are declaring and hiring agents and also TF Leaf is gone from UCLA, Kobi Simmons is gone from Arizona, and Zach Collins is gone from Gonzaga. Was hoping some of that group would return. It seems like Nigel Williams-Goss might return to Gonzaga for his senior year.
  9. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    Going for a triple-double in the first half today, Shooter? Of course not, you idiot, that's impossible. I beg to differ. Russell Westbrook accomplished that feat not more than an hour ago.
  10. French politics: houlala!

    If Macron were to actually win by a nice margin in the final election what kind of parlimentrary dynamic does that seem likely to create? I understand that he's sort of an outsider in that he's started a new party but he's kind of an insider if one considers the rest of his background. I sure hope the Melanchon folks come out to stick it to Le Pen even if they're not happy about Macron over Melanchon.
  11. French politics: houlala!

    OK, now i'm seeing many places in the US say it's confirmed. Now that this is the contest is there any chance that Macron wins by a large margin? Or is there a real threat that too many Melanchon and Fillon type voters stay home while Le Pen's people are super-motivated?
  12. French politics: houlala!

    Is that confirmed yet? Or are these just the early estimates?
  13. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    Spurs v. Griz was one of the better playoff games you'll see. Cannot believe Memphis survives against that Leonard. Still like SA to win the series but Memphis has impressively tied it up. Man, that was fun. Nurkic is able to go for Portland after all and they're off to a nice start with 37 points in the 1st at home.
  14. NBA 2017: Playoffs? Playoffs?!

    Nurkic remains doubtful for game 3 for Portland tonight. Such a bummer. I still wouldn't have given Portland much of a shot in this series, but after Portland aquired Nurkic they had the 2nd best record in the NBA from 3/1 onward. They had been on the outside of the playoffs looking in before that but stormed back into making it only to lose Nurkic to injury right before the postseason. It would have been fun to see how much the full strength roster might have done and it hopefully would have been more like last year with they messed with GS's world a bit before losing.