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  1. Yes, and Frum's record of being reasonable is not some recent anti-Trump thing. He's been preaching this since like 2009. To say that this guy sucks because he was Bush's speechwriter 14 years ago is a pretty absolutist stance.
  2. Manhole - I saw your response too, thanks.\ rll - this response suggests that you are completely locked into 2003 or 2004. Is that the case?
  3. Why do you guys say that? I get he doesn't tow the line on Islam. is there no middle ground though? He is one of the most articulate destroyers of Trump. Does that mean nothing?
  4. David Frum is as principled a man as there is, and Dennis Prager and Tomi Lehren are human scum. Michael Steele is kinda OK.
  5. There's a theory that Shae was not overthrown based largely on a comment Bakker made about everyone missing a certain boat. It's certainly not confirmed, but there seems to be a lot of believers. I'm leaning against at the moment. Part of the theory is that the Mutilated trade turns talking the same way Shae's wretches did.
  6. Quickly back to one bit from the AMA which is that RSB said that Kell's goal was "to save the world" or something very close to that. I agree that this seems quite unsatisfying with how things played out but might it not be that what he meant was "to save the world from the Consult in the context where it was because he'd found a better situation under Ajokli?" Because that latter explanation fits with the way TUC played out quite well. It's very hard to reconcile Kellhus just wanting "to save the world" without that added context since, you know, he's not a prophet and he'd be the most damned of anyone and all that. I guess my point is that for all of the potential reveals in the AMA I think that there could be some over-analysis of that piece because I can't see how it can be anything other than Kellhus wanted to save the world from the Consult but for his own convoluted reasons. Did RSB really say otherwise?
  7. Man, your cynicism is inspiring. But even if that's the only reason McCain just did it, this is one of the most epic votes in recent US history.
  8. commiedore - with all due respect, I think it's a bit unfair to McCain to say he's a BS maverick. One, this was fucking enormous. Two, he really did do some mavericky things. When all the GOP world was asking for Obama to be attacked as Muslim or whatever, McCain wouldn't do it and defied some of his advisors. These two things along make him stand alone apart from this abominable party. Yes, they all suck. Yes, McCain has often sucked too. But I celebrate McCain tonight for sure. ETA: to add to point 2, remember this shit: It's sad that this makes McCain the best Republican, but it does. Mac is back. ETA2: Isn't it possible that he gave the vote to allow this shit knowing he'd shut it down? No idea, but it has to be a possiblity.
  9. Indeed. And I should amend my last statement to be that it's not just that it took a candidate / President willing to go this route but also a Congress willing to enable it, which they are so far. I really don't know at what point some of the jump ship or do not, but it feels like the possibility that they never jump ship is on the table.
  10. I wasn't speaking of this board or recent months or even the run-up to Trump's election. It was clear he was running as an autocrat which is what prompted things like Sullivan writing before the election that Trump represented an "extinction level event." I meant more generally and further back in time before Trump's candidacy that I don't think most people realized the extent to which some of our system was upheld by norms that could be broken so easily. All it took was a candidate willing to do it.
  11. I hate the iTunes podcast feature with a fury that frightens me when I reflect upon it. I admit I'm not the most tech-savvy, but it's so un-user-friendly to me. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the settings to stay consistent on showing me what I want and not downloading every past episode of things and whatnot. Does anyone else have this problem?
  12. Right, so it would have to be a "massacre" sequence of stuff like NIxon. So it's all going to come down to whether enough Republicans in the Senate will switch sides? I am still in disbelief that we are this close to the United States becoming an autocracy. How naive we were.
  13. At this point is there any chance that Trump doesn't fire Mueller? It seems like Trump knows that firing Mueller would send shockwaves through the system, but compared to allowing the investigation to continue it would seem that firing Mueller is the least bad choice. We are on the threshold of the constitutional crisis.
  14. Great question, Dr. i'm not sure, but also another thought I wanted to add: If Bakker was going, as he's suggested at times, for an utterly EPIC finale, I do think that was achieved here. Most of the book was the battle at the arc, and it was pretty great. I think that if I have any disappointments its that I craved plot rather than imagery, but he did kick ass on the latter. All hail the red ghoul.
  15. Are you sure about it being unreasonable? I love Bakker per my postcount on this board, but as someone said upthread the ambiguity went up rather than down after the first trilogy, and it's very frustrating. There's so much that's good, but it's so freaking ambiguous.