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  1. Is Tsoronga or whatever the successor-prince's name is still up with the Ordeal? I don't think he was mentioned in TGO, but i could have missed it. So is Malo-demon headed to the follow the ordeal rather than back to Zeum if he needs to end the line as Kellhus commanded?

    Someone is seriously on fire with the thread titles.
  3. College football 2016 - aSECendency

    Random spitballing on the Pac-12: -Washington State is going to throw for an utterly insane amount of yards if Luke Falk stays healthy. This guy might be the best that Leach has ever had Wazzu or Texas Tech. Beware -I do believe that Chris Peterson has the sleeping giant of Washington headed in the right direction, but they don't getthere this year just yeet and disappoint with like a 8-5 type of year. -In case anyone is not aware, Josh Rose at UCLA who can throw a football better than your favorite QB, golfed at a Trump cousrse and ower a "Fuck Trump" shirt. -Oregon State might be really, really bad....bottom dropped out kind of thing, but they did get a kind of nice QB transfer from Utah St. which might help salvage things just a bit
  4. Slug 'em back - Drinking Continues!

    The Black Heaven calls!
  5. Somebody Check On Myshkin

    May I take your trident, Sir?
  6. NFL 2016 Offseason: THIS Is The Year!

    Prescott has looked damn solid in the pre-season, but of course it's just the pre-season. We shall see. Sucks for Dallas since they're probably legit if they have a QB.
  7. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Your beautiful words have moved me to tears. You are a poet. Alex Reyes who was the top Cards prospect gets his first start tonight. He's looked really solid in a few middle-relief appearances. Luke Weaver has also looked pretty good, so St. Louis seems like they may have received a really nice bump almost like they got a great trade deadline deal. I'm kind of surprised they didn't bring these guys up earlier considering how shit the pitching staff has been.
  8. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    Anything is better than watching the Vile.
  9. Is Uwe Boll available to direct?
  10. MLB 2016: Win for Vin

    The threesome of Cano, Cruz, and Seager is pretty fun to watch hit, Felix is still great, and the rest of the team is pretty good. They're the odd team out right now but not too far out. The Rangers are one of the biggest anomalies right now in that their +/- is right around even yet their record is so much better than that. Maybe they'll have a collapse and Seattle can make a late push for the division.
  11. I would argue that it's more transactional than it is adversarial.
  12. @lokisnow I had never had an employer do what my current one does, but they do show us how much they contribute to our healthcare. It's not on a paycheck, but there's like a portal that we can access with all kinds of info about insurance, retirement, etc...and they show it there. My employer is a large entity, so maybe that's why they can pull this off, but I seriously pay like $20 a month for health insurance while my employer pays like $600 or $700. Now the flip side to that I suppose is that maybe my salary is a bit lower since the healthcare benefit is so generous. But it's hard not to see those numbers and not be appreciative.
  13. I'm not saying it's lack of ACA coverage. I don't see the law being repealed even if there are enormous headaches with it beyond what we've already seen. I'm just questioning the logic of glee on the part of the law's detractors when they see news like the Aetna story. But if we were to ever see the ACA repealed it would be quite interesting. On the one hand, you have the argument that even many conservatives have made which is that once the expectation of coverage is given it will be very hard to truly take it away. But then on the other hand you have the history in the US of how difficult it is to get healthcare legislation passed with both Clinton and Obama arguably suffering considerably in the short term by trying to do so, so maybe people wouldn't want to touch for some time. But I think that if the ACA were to to go away there would be an enormous push for single-payer or something like it again. Consider how far left the Dems seem to be moving since the Sanders movement and consider that demographically they are likelier to be the stronger party. Would haters of ObamaCare really be confident that they won't face government healthcare in the future in the place of the ACA?
  14. Maybe we're thinking of skin contact due to what we know happens when it touches those that bear the mark but mistaking it for being the exact same on protecting from sorcery, if that makes sense. So for the marked it's like "don't let that thing touch you" whereas with protection it's like "the best protection is if it's touching you, but if you've got it in your knapsack that's still better protection than nothing."