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  1. The Boatman gave me a River Styx vibe (haven't played the Zelda game).
  2. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    And now fear and doubt are starting to creep in.
  3. MLB Postseason: All Arms on Deck

    When Gonzales got that hit I squeeled with joy and delight. Such a shame about what followed.
  4. Great Ordeal Feedback

    If Bakker did say that was an error I think that should be reliable. Whether it was Mek or not doesn't seem relevant.
  5. Great Ordeal Feedback

    That Nau-Cayuti is the No-God has been theorized before. One line I pointed out in the past is that Mek, in the opening scene with Kellhus, says something like "I have ridden both for and against the no-God" which the reader might at first take as Mek saying he eventually turned to the Consult. But if NC was the No-God that line could work in a different way of NC turning from his father's ordeal to the Consult as the No-God.
  6. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    I will remember who roots for the Cubs and who does not.
  7. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    Game. Blouses.
  8. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    I'm so nervous that it's definitely wrong that medication is not being provided to me.
  9. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    Jansen in the 7th? He just threw to Harper one of the best pitches I've ever seen in my life: a high-and-inside pitch that cut in like a slider but was 94 MPH.
  10. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    Watch your tongue or I'll cut it out of you.
  11. MLB Thread -- Time for the Postseason

    Damn, that was big for the Nats. Very excited 4.5 innings remaining though in this 1 run game. Am I right that they went with Hill on short rest over Urias with tons of rest?
  12. October Reading 2016 - Something Spooky?

    D_P - If you liked the first book I think it's very likely you'll enjoy the series. A lot of folks feel that the first book is the weakest. I finished John Le Carre's A Most Wanted Man which I'd just snagged at the library wanting to try the author. Thought it was OK not great but would certainly try the author again. Now I confess I'm giving Dan Brown a chance for the first time in over a decade with Inferno.
  13. The Man in the High Castle [Spoilers]

    I confess ignorance. I thought it was meant to just be a one season show based off the book and assumed that was it when S1 ended. Nice.