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  1. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    I'm so nervous I'm about to have a heart attack.

    Man, I'm watching one version of the Scissor Sisters version of Comfortably Numb at the T Fest or something, and it is totally different from the SNL version that they did to say nothing of the original. ETA: Love The Maker covered by Dave Matthews Band
  3. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    And aren't they the only team to beat GSW two games in a row all season by themselves, something the rest of the league collectively failed to do all year regular season and playoffs? ETA: Another thing that's kind of amazing about what OKC has done is that Durant has not been lighting the world on fire, and yet.
  4. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    Has she by any chance accused you of cheating "with your internet whores" yet?
  5. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Just thinking of what to expect about the book in July... I am really excited to see Ishterebinth though I have virtually no idea what to expect. It's kind of crazy to think about. on the one hand, what a big part of the story the Nonmen are. And on the other hand they've had so little screen time. The brief encounter in the prologue and Quya on the horizon with the ten yoke legion, and the emissaries to the Ordeal are all I can think of other than Cleric who is our only real on screen character so far. Curious about how legit the offer to join the Ordeal was, how many Intact there still are, to what extent the whole race has gone over to the Consult, reveals about the real history of the race, etc...
  6. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Obviously I've not read the book yet, but I feel like the split will be tolerable as long as it's not a protracted wait for the next book. I cannot do another five years though or I will start murdering all of you for the sake of atrocity and memory despite the love I feel for you. Please let it just be like 18 months.
  7. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Obama's appearance at Hiroshima was pitch-perfect. I doubt many Presidents could pull such a thing off. I am intensely proud of this man as President of the United States, and I expect that I may never see his equal again, and I implore all decent Americans to oppose the possibility of a Trump White House with all their being. Whether you are for Clinton, Sanders, Johnson, anyone else....Trump cannot be allowed to be our President. Please look inside yourself. Consider the enormity in human history of Hiroshima and President Obama's visit today, consider how fragile our world is, and say no to Trump. Please.
  8. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    So excited that GS v. OKS is getting to this game 6. But from what we've seen so far it seems like OKC ought to be considered the heavy favorite. Unless Steph recalls that he is Steph.
  9. NBA PLAYOFFS cont'd - Riders on the Storm

    It is quite unbelievable when one thinks about it. Am I right that it's his 7th overall 'cause 1st stint Cavs made it once with LeBron before Boston and Orlando made it a few times?
  10. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Sounds like something a Republican would do. Lose an election and still claim that they should get everything that they want otherwise it's an outrage.
  11. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    I had also wondered about the possibility that the boy was more special than Koringus, but I"m not necessarily sold. Koringus would presumably, as the survivor, be pretty physically disfigured as he'd undoubtedly survived countless encounters. I think it's difficult to speculate on whether any Quya survived down there without knowing how many Quya were involved in the attack in the first place. The passage makes it sound to me like once they were down there the Dunyain were on much better terrain to fight and probably had no problem exterminating the ones that didn't bring the roofs down on themselves. If there were 10 Quya in the attack it seems a safe assuption that they're all dead. If there were 500, who knows.
  12. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    Random question of geekdom: How many Quya did the Consult lose attacking Ishual? They must have a finite number; can't make new ones. That could have been quite a costly attack.
  13. Bakker's TGO Excerpts II: Mining our Merest Fractions

    We've been over this before (not necessarily you and me, the global "we"), but I don't read that scene that way, and it seems like it's a clue that the boy is collecting salt at the scene of a sorcerer battle. Or at least that's the way the scene reads unless someone can come up with an explanation of why the Synthese was telling him a secret and why that was the whole cause for the scene.
  14. US Election: Saint Bernard the obstinant

    Trump pledged $1 million to veterans then tried to get out of giving the money then attacked reporters who dared report it. How many Republicans who had those ribbons on their cars will care? A few, I hope.