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  1. So Dennis Kucinich is running for Governor of Ohio as a Dem but has been acting like a Republican a bit lately and going on Fox a lot. And Rob Cordray of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau fame is also running. And that Sanders group Our Revolution is backing Kucinich. WTF.
  2. I don't have a great explanation for why ASU came back to earth so hard. They actually had some nice wins in their undefeated preseason including Xavier and Kansas. What's baffling though is that Lunardi has them as an 8 while having none of the teams bunched up with them even making it. ASU is 19-7 with those aforementioned wins as their best wins. UCLA is 19-8 with wins over Kentucky and Arizona. And UCLA has a way better record in league. I can see the argument that ASU has a better resume, but it's hard to see how these resumes are so distant that one is an 8 and one isn't even in. Y'all's hate of Louisville is beautiful to behold. Not that I really have anything against them. It's just inspiring how much you hate them.
  3. I went and finished The Black Prism. Is there a thread on this anywhere? I thought this one was largely really bad. There was one central plot element that was intriguing enough but everything else was weak. One of the worst books I can recall reading.
  4. I think that it can mostly be explained by saying that a GOP group was extremely well-prepared for the census opportunity in 2010 and pounced.
  5. Plus I have to think that Austin is on the short list of best places to live. I didn't realize how much Oklahoma is also in danger of possibly missing the tourney. With all the Tre Young hype and all, but they're just 16-10 with a 6-8 league record and not too likely to win tonight in Lawrence it's looking like. ETA: Holy shit, Lunardi right now has only two Pac-12 teams making the tourney. Arizona at a 4 seed and ASU at an 8 seed. I am not too high on the league this year, but that's harsh. ETA2: Three of the first four out are Pac-12.
  6. Perhaps where there is not hope for monkey there is still hope for man...
  7. I died trying...
  8. Here you go.
  9. LA Times has an article about people without legal status that are resentful of the DACA people. I don't present this with any particular take on it, but it's a perspective I've not seen much of in the whole debate.
  10. I did finally catch the first episode. Full disclosure: the fact that it showed a lot of shots of my native Portland is going to make me more inclined to stick with it and hope it's good. One thing that a lot of the negative reviews seemed to harp on was how it was indeed about this uber-progressive PacNW family with adopted kids from several backgrounds. At least in one ep the show at least seemed to be quite self-aware on this point which makes me wonder why it's such an issue; maybe others cringed at the scene you reference. At any rate, I am intrigued enough to continue to give it a chance but also had a feeling while watching the pilot that it wasn't likely to have too broad of an appeal. There was one thing I loved:
  11. Remember though: Sword of Doom has stated "I hate white people" before. In their defense, it was during the legitimately traumatic moment of Trump's win, and possibly wasn't meant to apply to the millions of white people that didn't vote for Trump, but they seem to not really do subtlety.
  12. I only just heard about this one, and it sounds intriguing. To circle back to upthread, the reviews of HBO's Here and Now are pretty terrible for an hour long HBO drama. I haven't caught the first episode yet but am almost intrigued to see if it's really this bad now.
  13. There's so many ways to parse this. What about babies literally born in the US? Aren't they automatically citizens under current law? Couldn't one take either of these arguments above further in one direction or the other? Certainly many feel that babies born in the US should not automatically receive citizenship (the "anchor baby" argument). But couldn't one also argue that the DACA kids are not so different than the babies born in the US and were just here a few years later but also through no control of their own? And around and around we go.
  14. So I'm watching UT @ OU and am reminded that the Shaka Smart time at UT is still a pretty major failure. They're 15-11 bit 5-8 in conference and might easily miss the tourney despite having one of the top pro prospects in Bamba. He and Brad Stevens have sure gone in opposite directions since they were the two most coveted up-and-coming coaches. Must be agonizing for UT fans to have had this happen in hoops just like in football where Charlie Strong similarly seemed like a great hire only to see it just not work out. And Tom Herman with a disappointing first year too. This school has no reason not to be great at sports. Going to attend Oregon @ UCLA tonight, first live game this year for me. Both teams have a path to the tourney but aren't quite guaranteed. At least one site tells me that Oregon's Troy Brown who was a 5 star is still a first round pick even though he's not done much this year. UCLA might lose their top four players. Welsch is a senior and Holiday will almost certainly leave. Their two freshman Wilkes and Hands have not exactly lit it up, but the LA Times thinks there's a solid chance that either of them bolt anyway.