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  1. Could immortal Ford have been speaking to William through adolescent Ford host before William shot it?
  2. Thanks. That actually makes perfect sense. Silly Jace is silly. Intrigued by the line after finding the Bengal about other Parks. I'm sure we'd been given hints of that before, but that seemed like it might have given some more specificity to number and distance. ETA: Westworld might be located in the South China Sea.
  3. I feel like a fool on the storyline with Bernard in that episode. His escape with Hale presumably was after Ford got shot and everything went to shit, right? But then where did he end up on the beach found by the special ops folks? Not following how the one went to the other.
  4. I finished Van Der Meer's Annihilation and thought it was great. Going to try to pick up the next two books today. Annoyed that I hadn't read this before the film was in theaters.
  5. Definitely did not like it, and don't think anyone's missing out.
  6. This is where I'm at too. Assuming we get any more Second Apocalypse books, I'll still be curious enough to check them out, but I won't have the same glutenous anticipation. But in a weird way maybe it's a nice chance for a reset of sorts. We've heard that Bakker didn't really have much planned beyond this point in the series, but also, for all the talk about what to trust about the text versus authorial commentary outside the text, it doesn't seem like there's any reason to doubt that this was that envisioned ending going all the way back to Bakker's 17 year old vision as you said. So maybe now he can ponder what a post-Apocalypse story can be.
  7. I actually finished HBO's Here and Now. I saw a stat that it got half the live viewership of Vinyl which is quite a terrible sign. It seems like HBO followed up one of their biggest hour-long drama flops with another one. Hard to see it getting renewed but who knows with HBO. It definitely had something of a mysterious, supernatural-ish subplot where you wondered where Ball was going with it kind of like with John from Cincinnati where you wondered where Milch was going with it.
  8. Yep, agree with all of this. There is comedy there, but it's nothing like Veep. If you weren't paying really close attention you'd miss that it was a comedy at all.
  9. That's very true, and it highlights what has been Portland's problem for the last couple years which is no scorers after those two. No one else can even really create their own shot.
  10. It's hard to reach any conclusion other than that Portland overachieved in the regular season and is still a long way from being a contender.
  11. Is this not crazy? I assume there's some follow-up story on how this isn't that weird.
  12. Let me ask you something, if you had to go into battle, would you want him with you?
  13. Neuropuncture is noting to be trifled with.
  14. There were some stats on how much good things happened for New Orleans whenever Hoilday drove. Not just finishing but hitting fools for open J's that they stuck. But what he's done to Lillard might be even more impressive. CJ was actually pretty solid last night and wasn't as off as Lillard in game 1. Lillard really has had a rough two games. As much as I love Lillard he is very wont to go hero ball at any time and just take a ridiculously tough shot after no passes early in the possession. Last night he did that on three straight possessions if I remember correctly. Sure, he's good enough that this often actually works out, but maybe in the playoffs that stuff doesn't fly as much and comes back to haunt you. Hopefully I'm reverse-jinxing and he just goes off game 3.
  15. Is that confirmed? I want to believe it's true, but please don't mess with my emotions that way. I must know. Saw that stuff about Rosen falling and Pats moving up too. No idea about that, but I swear that Rosen has the skills of an obvious 1st pick overall, and somehow everyone's allowed a narrative to develop that he's got an authority or curiosity problem or something. I can't say that he's not a bit different, but are teams really convinced that it's such a problem? People question Rosen's love for football, but one thing he does love is being superior, so dominating the NFL holds a lot of appeal.