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  1. But how would you square that with Nayu possessed by Ajokli screaming at the Whirlwind? It is confusing because it further implies a total duality with Kellhus and Ajokli and nothing close to a singularity.
  2. Cool. I think a Hobson's Choice (not cheating and googling) is more like a take-it-or-leave-it or choose something or choose nothing scenario. Jay Michaelson had a depressing column today that is not too heavy on data or science but basically makes the point that there ain't no way we're preventing serious warming, so it's all about managing things. I have had similar fears. Bill McKibbon was on Bill Maher recently and said something to the effect of "we still have time to act" and Bill was like "seriously, do we?" And it was clear what Bill M's point was, and it was hard to disagree. It's like the McKibbon's of the world have admirably decided that slowing warming is still a laudable goal, so we need to keep people hopeful even though they know we'll fail in majorly curbing emissions in time.
  3. Yeah, that's wrong. Anyone should be ecstatic about the opportunity to see Hackenberg be exposed in an NFL game.
  4. YES - The textual implication makes sense. The notion that Kellhus was completely played does not. Unless maybe Ajokli is to evil that he's just pretending to be Kellhus for the build-up lines just like the Consult pretended with a hologram that Kellhus had won.
  5. Gods, what a night. So exciting. I love that Bannon last night was telling all of the GOP voters that the GOP would kick them to the curb the moment Roy Moore lost this election. Let's see...
  6. So let me make sure that I understand: If someone actually gets through the task of writing a publishable book in this genre and they (usually) need to sign with a publisher for a chance at commercial success there's a very solid chance that they could have to go with something like that as the cover and, if they want to get published, there's almost fuck all that they can do? Do people understand this when they set out to write?
  7. I think you're describing a choice between two bad options? If so, I think that's a Morton's Fork.
  8. Pardon my ignorance, but do authors ever get a say on cover art and/or fight against a publishing company's choice on cover art? If I'd labored over a book and they produced that as the cover I would be despondent at best.
  9. What do people think of the cynical view that there's a silver lining for the left if Moore wins because then the GOP has to go through with the indignity of having him in the Senate? I don't have a take on this that I feel too strongly about, but I have a hard time signing on. It feels like there's been this never-ending parade of "if the GOP goes this far, it will come back to bite them" commentary for years, and yet here we are with the GOP owning the US government and starting to pack the courts.
  10. I did a little bit of rereading last night and really only did the whole scene in the golden room. I still love the Dunsult reveal and think that scene was pretty great overall and had the potential to be a great penultimate scene. I think even the Kellhus/Ajokli "Becuase this place, more than any other, is my place" (paraphrase) is a great line. It's just that then how Kellhus goes down but then especially the unsatisfying and ambiguous the explanations of what the fuck actually happened turned out to be...killed the momentum. For me at least though this was a good little reminder of why I've loved this series in the past and what could have been.
  11. Yeah, when Erin Andrews reported after Wentz went into the locker room she said there was no diagnosis yet but that everyone in there was shaking their heads like they knew it was bad, and I swear if it's an ACL they almost always know before it's official. Brutal to lose Wentz and Watson to injuries this year. Two incredible exciting young QB's. But maybe just maybe Rodgers is going to make it back? Jimmy G is 2-0 for a team that had been 1-10!
  12. Philip is unstoppable now. ETA: Especially now that Wentz might be done for the year, holy shit.