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  1. RT @1BernieCA: Ok, #BirdsTheWord @People4Bernie https://t.co/ibGDXE8z4k

  2. Project Spark is a totally free, educational video game making engine. It is available on Windows 10 and Xbox One for free to play and create. For the past few years I have been helming a movement of bringing A Song of Ice and Fire lore and creations into Project Spark. So far I've created or co-authored around 20 worlds. All these worlds are connected through two hubs, a Westeros and Essos Hub. Over the past week, I've been working hard to bring Essos into this and I'm proud to say it's arrived and in beta! If you want to explore the world of Ice and Fire through different eyes, and experience all kinds of adventure and content, some canon, some semi-canon and some downright wacky fan-fiction, this is the place to do it! I warn you, you could spend all day here and not see the end of it. I've done my best to create a totally immersive experience. Most games are best played with an Xbox Controller, and some may be too difficult with Mouse and Keyboard, so enter at own risk! For more info, search "Game of Thrones" in Project Spark. Or contact me on Twitter, @Breakspear_ Link: http://www.projectspark.com/#player?gamertag=Modern07
  3. RT @io9: We have a few more questions for #TheForceAwakens https://t.co/QSzvBFNi7s https://t.co/LcAGa0QtbX

  4. RT @jk_rowling: How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad. https://t.co/hFO0XmOpPH

  5. RT @telltalegames: Season Finale trailer for @GameOfThrones arrives Monday Nov.16. Episode available on ALL platforms Nov.17 WORLDWIDE http…

  6. Best episode this year. I was getting chils from head to toe with Littlefinger's speech, and Barriston and Grey Worm were amazing. Double cliff hanger.. I guess.... I think the show could kill one or both, and not bat an eyelash, so we'll see what happens.