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  1. Oh fucking please. The Democrats clearly have some issues here but plenty of Republicans voted for Trump and continue to support him. If Trump is so bad and unpalatable then why is 100% of the onus on the Democrats as opposed to the people and the party that continue to prop up and support him directly?
  2. No, if Democrats take the Senate, it will either be because they are cheaters or the Republicans are losers. Only those with the Trump name can be winners and will be treated accordingly.
  3. And please report back. I smelled some asparagus. It kinda reminded me of a urinal.
  4. Some Bowie. I'm woefully unfamiliar with much of his music so I'm making an effort to rectify that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=bvzytGH4Aq8
  5. No to both. I may be a coward, but at least I'm right!
  6. Ted Cruz is still waaaaay more punchable.
  7. Jesus Christ might as well tell us to stare into the sun too while we're at it.
  8. You could literally only change a few names in this post and it perfectly apply to conservatives during the Obama years. Methinks the conservatives are not so clean of this radical, eliminationist rhetoric that you so dislike.
  9. Please don't quote me on this but one of the reasons hospitals overcharge so much on services and materials is because insurance companies fight them on every single charge. So, in order to maximize their ability to make money on their services, they charge astronomical prices on everything and itemize all the bills thus making the insurance companies question and fight every single line on the bill. It's basically a giant game between the insurers, providers, and manufacturers and no matter who wins, the customer gets fucked. So yeah, while staff salaries may be AN issue WRT medical costs, I don't think it is THE issue.
  10. I'm not Dante but the cynical part of me says not much changes really. The true believers will continue to MAGA, most republicans will hold their noses and vote for him, and some small minority might not show up. Probably the same minority that didn't support him in 2016. I have absolutely no data to back this up, but I'm guessing a majority of Trump supporters either really don't care about the MeToo movement or only care when it affects liberals or liberal media.
  11. Duh. Those people were all godless, atheist, commie, Muslim heathens, of course. Those prayers were all fraudulent. Some people were seen praying twice, probably even three times!
  12. Holy shit. I had entirely resigned myself to a Moore win, but holy shit, go Alabama. You (barely) didn't vote in a religious extremist, far right, alleged predator into the Senate. Well, that looks much less congratulatory than it did in my head, but whatever, go Alabama. Hopefully, these recent wins are a sign of things to come next year.
  13. Because smaller guvmint *something something* drain the swamp *something something* winning!
  14. And in true, Trumpian fashion, the "warhead" will be nothing more than a defective smoke grenade with a sticky note on it.
  15. Well, I assume that's because Marvel doesn't have the rights... The trailer was alright, pretty standard Marvel/comic trailer. Shots of fighting, hordes of things running at each other, a vaguely spoilerish/zomg moment, and lots of snazzy special effects. Nothing too surprising, but of course I'll still see it. I am a shill after all.