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  1. So what you're saying is that if a person can't be a monarch, then their life is pointless and they might as well kill themselves? Interesting. Dany can live a perfectly full life without becoming Queen of the Seven Kingdoms and without having children. She wouldn't be giving up her rights - she has no right to the Iron Throne, she only has a claim. She does not have to pursue that claim. Stannis is currently the rightful king, so if Shireen were to accidentally get burned, then he would have to name an heir but naming an heir is a risky business with no guarantee of a smooth transition. Dany could name an heir, yes, but she does not have to take that risk, she does not have to put herself (and Westeros) in that position. And what a satisfying end to her story arc that would be. 'And Dany thought, 'nah screw the iron throne. I'll stay in the grass sea with my dragon eating horses for the rest of my days. It's not as if Westeros might need a huge black fire breathing dragon in the immediate future. Now. Where did I put that grass hat...' '
  2. Thread to incite flame war? Check. At least be subtle about it.
  3. To everyone 'aghast' at the folks getting frustrated with this delay, most of us have been waiting for an end to this series for well over 10 years now. Hell I first read it 13 years ago while I was in high school....and now I'm still waiting. So yes. Frustration ensues, and sometimes boils over at the repeated broken promises and excuses. He isn't our bitch, but I'm beginning to feel like a silly one for hoping to see an end to this story. There is no way he can finish this in two books in my opinion, and that puts us near 2025 before any resolution is written down. With such sadness, ( I actually wept reading those familiar words...) I'm putting the books down. I'll have to end this story on the tv screen, which feels like being promised Eye Fillet Steak, and getting a cold maccas cheeseburger instead. But food is food. If the series ever finishes, I'll pick up the tomes again and revel in the carefully thought out words and descriptions, but I'm just too tired to hold out until then. This isn't excusing the rudeness and petulance either. It's a simple rule in life - don't be a dick, but I can understand why the lifers sometimes lose their minds over delays. Anyway, look at me rambling on. Point being, I'll have to watch the show for the conclusion, and that makes me pretty sad.
  4. Nope that was to you. 'No it is not true' - your previous response. Say hi to George for me! My bad purple-eyes, I mis-read your response to me.
  5. George? That you? My god man why are you here and not finishing the next book!! But seriously, massive pet peeve of mine is talking in abdolutes and certainties. Unless you on the phone to G-Man, super annoying. Nothing can be known certainly until the last page of A Dream of Spring. (by the way if you are on the phone, can you please ask him what was in the letter to Aegon I from Dorne?? Driving me nuts!) Also, if I remember correctly (don't have le books on me I'm afraid, it's on the bookshelf and I'm on the fluffy couch) Didn't Bloodraven specifically tell Bran that he can look backwards, but he can't change anything? If that's not the case, why Bloodraven didn't save his entire family using these powers is beyond me. I will find the quote if people insist... But I would like to reiterate how fluffy this couch is..... Like SOO much fluffiness up in this bitch.
  6. "lol" Clearly.
  7. Hilarious. Seriously what a fucking dick move. Some of us have been waiting for over 10 years.
  8. There is a reason Aegon let them be. The Dornish letter.
  9. The biggest has been mentioned (Red Wedding)....a close second would be Jamie meeting Cercei again in sept in front of dead Joff. Wowzers guys. And for third place, the entire 'Mercy' Chapter.
  10. Oh my lord yes! Someone who gets it! [emoji1]
  11. How dare you.